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Weeks of interviews followed by months of training and finally 11 weeks of Space travel aboard the Idono Farigo brings you to Thompson's system, a binary system far beyond the spin-ward rim. You and the nearly 150 personnel are to do a detailed survey of Question, the third moon of Thompson A3. The flight was mostly uneventful only the occasional fight breaking out between the Yazirian and the Humma members of the expedition. The Idono Farigo is awash with activity as the various expedition teams begin their landing preparations. Tec teams begin the deployment of survey satellites. Mil-spec teams prepare for first landing and everyone else prepping their gear for their turn on a shuttle planetside. Suddenly the alarm claxons go off and the captain begins an announcement before being cut off by a massive explosion that rocks the ship throwing you to the deck. As you try to rise a second then a third explosion rocks the ship. The ships computer begins to broadcast over the ships comms as well as your personal comm, "CATASTROPHIC SYSTEM FAILURE, PROTOCOL 11C ENACTED, ALL PERSONNEL TO ABANDON SHIP, PLEASE CALMLY MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE NEAREST ESCAPE POD." you make it to an escape pod with 4 others when a fourth explosion blows the ship in half and your escape pod auto seals and launches you towards Question. Once clear of the wreckage of the Idono Farigo you can finally see the source of the explosions, a frigate and a dozen fighters. The fighters zip to and fro targeting the helpless escape pods as they descend and only by the purest luck your pod goes unnoticed. Unguided your pod crashed down in a heavily forested area and springs open the door.

Current roster:
Vrog Skyreaver - Mcluntz, Enforcer
fnord72 - Mentalist
Caro Cogitatus - Kara Saint-Germaine, SciSpec

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A few years ago I started a Star Frontiers game, unfortunately I was suffering from RPG burnout at the time and I canceled the game (all the games I was running) so after a few years recovery I want to start again. I'm offering a guaranteed spot to the players I left in the lurch, if they still around and want to play, but I an also opening recruitment for around 6 new players. has all the rule books and supplements for free if you need them. I will be using their updated Zebulon's Guide as the main rule book. All supplements are usable if you want, including Gamma Dawn. If you do use Gamma Dawn for character creation I get last word and approval before play.

The basic premise of the game is you are a member of a survey team heading to a newly discovered blue moon when stuff happens.

In my RL D&D game my players are heading down into the last dwarven city (Hig Toduhr) to try to find some military help to overthrow a coup in that's threading their city/state. I'm drawing a blank as what to plot complications to throw at them. Any idea you could give would be most appreciated.

Background of the world; The city Genera (port city inhabiting a naturally fortified fjord) is the last remnant of a collapsed human empire, it's widely viewed as the last civilized outpost. The rest of the world is ruled over by warlords or feuding minor barons. Hig Toduhr is bellow and off to the side of Genera. Genera was also once the open sky portion of Hig Toduhr until it was conquered by the Human empire. Barbarian tribes to the north, wild elves to the south, impassable mountains to the west and pirate kingdoms in the seas to the east.

Can the two weapon fighting feat be used for unarmed combat? I say yes, you have two hands why couldn't you hit twice with them?
DM says no because the rules say TWF is only for weapons.

The last light of Manhattanhenge fads and the gathered crowds begins to disperse when screams of terror erupt in the distance. making your way through the now running and panicking mob. When you get to the source of disturbance you take in the scene of large armored 4 legged things using silvery guns to shoot globs of green goo at the fleeing men and women. The sticky goo glues the victims in place allowing other 4 legged creatures collect them and carry them into a large hole in the street.



Welcome to you're DOOM!!!

I'm going to be adding some history and background stuff as soon as I finalize it.

Speak up and let me know if you have any ideas or themes added to the game world.

Thinking about starting a pbp M&M3 game, it would not be set in either Marvel , DC or any other pre-existing superhero world.
I'm thinking of a world were super-heroes are relativity new but with a history of adventurers fighting rouge despots, mad geniuses and warlords.
The first appearance of masked heroes would be during WWI & WWII and disappearing afterward. The second appearance of masked heroes would be in the "troubled 60's" again fading away until modern times.

Standard starting level (PPL10) unless group decides differently.

Because it takes a lot to keep a good agent dead.

Agents of Sheild

I'm ending my sabbatical from PBP's and now looking for games.

Interested in playing/DMing;

Mutants and Masterminds 3e

D&D 4e

oWoD Ware-wolf

Star Frontiers

PS if the majority of my players from my 4e Ebberon game "A Road Home" want I will Re-start that game.

Arizona secretary of state joins the Birther movement.

Whether its a racially or politically motivated move by the SOS of Arizona it is just so full of stupid it actually hurts.


2)......? ...... ;p

Enough of what the Hulk doesn't say let here what Conan wouldn't say.

Instead of fighting lets talk out our differences over a nice glass of Zinfandel.

Away busty wench I'm saving my virginity for marriage.

That sorcerer is too powerful let's pillage elsewhere.

Internationally famous comic book artist Moebius passes at the age of 73.

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Find out who beats who with this link.

Conan vs Godzilla = Godzill wins 2,150,000 to 1,600,000

Far West

Anyone else waiting for this Wuxia/Western mash-up RPG?

Movie promo

Anyone ever see this bazaar Monkees movie?
It was co-written by Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper.

Disney's version of Joy Division's album cover for Unknown Pleasures.

Edited: Comment was deleted because someone was offended.

Hi, I’m checking to see if anyone is interested in playing this Game concept of mine. Inspired by DM Deathslinger’s Guns of the wastes.

Game Idea – Cowboys vs. Monsters
Just after the Union defeat of the CSA Reverend Mordecai Chambliss sacrifices 1000 slaves to enact an ancient and horrific ritual that “Will forever keep the rightful lands of the great dominion of Texas from the unclean hands of the Northern aggressors.”
The ritual rips the US southwest and northern Mexico from our world and slams it onto a world filled with magic and monstrous evil. The former earth lands are quickly divided between the CSA, USA and Mexican armies. Free and runaway slaves head west and join up with the native Indian tribes, the Pueblo, Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache.
The surrounding lands are filled with monsters and their evil overlords, all of whom descend on the new lands looking to conquer its great riches.

The player characters class choices are a variant of the Gunslinger class or a variant of cleric or witch.
Gunslinger Variants include;
USA/CSA/Mexican infantryman
Buffalo soldier
Indian scout
Indian Brave

Once again I’m just checking for interest. Most of the variants need to made and the setting needs some more work also.

Who is the Leach? Is it the shadow of Lash doing her slow seduction demon thing in Harry's head? Is it the outsider that his mentor set loose on him or is it the cat?

Well we know that it's not Mister otherwise Mouse would have bitten him in half.

Just sayin.

Nativity scene made out of pork. link

The EU has declared that bottled water cannot make the claim that consumption of water can prevent or treat dehydration. Link to article

Sign this petition to ban threads that are overtly political, hate based or that are pro or anti somthing.

Or you can use the ignore function thats been recently added to the website.

The guy who played Austin Powers villain Random Task, the guy who threw a shoe at Austin, has been convicted for the rape and torture of a California woman. Link

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Seriously if guns were magical weapons called Boomsticks & powered by alchemical dust and only useable by Boomslingers would people hate them less?

If you transform the gun into a magical weapon that produced a ray like damaging effect would you hate guns less?

If the Gunslinger could only fire 5+ level of these ray like effects per day would you hate them less?

If the Gunslinger had all weaknesses of a wizard and none of the benifets of an archer would you hate them less?

If you stopped thinking of the wild west when someone mentions a gun would you hate gunslingers less?

Wannabe's smelled of rancid fish, unwashed bodies and the stink of despair.

I starting a new pbp and have used your new campaign page linking recruitment, discussion, game, etc.

The problem I'm having is whenever I post something or click the new posts link I am shunted to the Paizo store homepage. If I click the header I'm taken to the right place though.

As no likes to be shunted I though you should know.

Ok folks we need to nail down the style of play you want and also decide on which city you'll be based in.

You also need to decide on the moral compass of the group, i.e. are you willing to do wet-work, kidnap children, bomb hospitals etc. or are you the type to help the downtrodden or a good cause for little or no pay.

Other decisions to be made are does the group know each other? Have you done runs before or are you newbs? Is the group affiliated with any gangs or underworld elements?

The most important question is how easy you want me to be on you guys. Do you want a lot, some, or very little suggestions from me and how tough do you want the bad guys to be.

I recently gave up both PF and 4e but still want to roleplay so I'm checking to see if anyone is interested in a Shadowrun 4ed pbp?

I'm looking for 4-6 players.
Once enough players chose to join we can determine what style and setting of the game. The setting of the game will depend on the style of play the group decides on.

Setting possibilities for game style;
Seattle, Manhattan or Hong Kong for your basic corporate/underworld runs.
Albuquerque, Bogotá or Manila for smuggling and spy-game runs.
Moscow, Cape Town or Perth for spirit/critter bounty hunting.

This list is no ways comprehensive and there will of course be crossover run opportunities no matter what style and setting of game play.

Book material for player use;
Shadowrun 4 core rules
Runners Companion
Street Magic
I will add the Runners Black Book as soon as I get and read a copy.

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Miss you Jim, still wish you where still here with us.

Muppet rhapsody.

Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game Coming In Spring 2012 From Adamant Entertainment, Link

A very promising RPG for playing in the 80's pulp sci-fi adventure mash up of Buckaroo Banzai.

Hopefully they can translate all the over the top campyness of the movie into a table top setting.

This is being produced by the same company that produces Icons, a superhero RPG nomanated for 3 Ennies, and the amazing awesome upcoming Far West Steampunk/Wuxia RPG.

Awesome blues in the style of Howlin' Wolf.

link to BJL wedsite

Vevo Sucks, just saying.

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Velveeta and a spicy sausage patty on an onion bagel...Mmmmmm Mmmmmm.

Anyone pick up this web only comic?

For anyone who is a fan of Mike Mignola and his Hellboy series should definitely check this one out. It has very similar art and feel as Mignola's Hellboy. The story is very intriguing making you want more.

You can get it at Android and apple app stores.

Not really but I made you look.

Link to Go the f*&! to sleep read by Samuel L. Jackson

Disscuss how badass ma Kent is here.

Ma Kent is the only person to spank Superman and getaway with it.

Never mind, It's still in bad taste.


Godzilla vs Bambi

Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazie

Sebastian vs the frisky farrier

Spanky vs the English language

Kobold Cleaver vs ? (I'll get back to this one)

CourtFool vs a tube sock

Paizo staff vs WotC staff

Which spoof of the superhero genre is the spoofiest.

Full article.

If I didn't realize it was comedy my head would have exploded.

I vote for Belkar because it would too funny to watch Drizzit being given an atomic wedgie with his own ball-sack.

Don't look it ain't pretty

Anyone have any recommendations for good J-horror movies.

Have seen Ju-on (The Grudge) and Ringu (the ring) anything else out there that's as good.

This thread is moot. Unless a decision is made and facts come to light this thread has no meaning and is just wild speculation. It doesn’t matter how much proof is presented, until some in authority determines yes or no and verified and certified by public opinion, it is all moot.

Balic fades ever distant behind the caravan, soon the caravan will be beyond the tenant farms and military outposts, beyond the relative safety of civilization.
Hunger, thirst and death await you as crawl your way from village to town to city bringing the trade that will support life for another few months under the burning sun.
Every year's journey there are deaths among the caravan, disease, accidents are as much to blame as raiders and wasteland predators.
Unfortunately this year’s first death is caused by a small band of elven scouts. The caravan’s outriders were ambushed and one was killed before they were able to escape and report back to Qaqalil. Furiously Qaqalil orders a contingent of guards to track down the elves and extract revenge upon them. Preventing the elves from reporting back to their camp was also mentioned in Qaqalil's curse ridden orders.
Qaqaqa the first of Chajaj’s Lieutenants promptly dispatches a band of his men to find the scouts and “Let the sand feast on elven blood.”
With Qaqaqa’s band gone the rest of the guards have larger areas patrol to prevent gaps in the parameter from forming. On the second night after the attacks as you’re patrolling you catch sight of a small pack of lizard dogs sneaking into camp.

There are 5 lizard dogs in the pack. The pack leader is obviously the largest of the pack.

Everyone roll Inititative.

M Mul Barbarian/Warlord Hybrid 1

Whoops, double post! I choose this one.

Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21. Everyone who can see me get's +2 to initiative as well.

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