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Elemental lord Ateira is now named "The Lambert King" (p.80); whereas in PF1 he was "The Lamberg Prince".

Intention or errata?

Core Rulebook, p.57, Adaptive Adept (Feat 5):

just like the cantrip from Adapted Spell.

Adapted Spell shall be changed to Adapted Cantrib, as the named Feat 1 on same page is meant.

Bestiary 5, p.127, Lead Golem.

Why is the construction price given in lbs. and not in gp?

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Next question to Burnt Offerings (anniversary edition):

Is it a bug or a feature that all "standard" goblins in the RotRL AE are listed with 5 hp, but in the Bestiary given with 6 hp?

Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone help me with the height of Lamashtus Chapel on Thistletop...

Thistletop cliffs are 80 feet high according to Thistletop introdcution (room C1), and there are in between two levels located.

If every level is distributed equally then they are found at every 40 feet (assumption), and as conclusion a max height of a bit less than 40 feet for every room is possible. Only for rough estimation later given...

In the chapel of Lamashtu (level one) a statue of 10 feet height is found. A clue that this room has to be taller than 8 feet average of rooms in this level, and assuming the ceiling is at 10 feet - or more?

The yeth hounds can reach the ceiling of the chapel. And I'll place them there in round 1, with the idea of a surprise attack.

My question is: what's the height of the room?

If detected successfully, are the character able to hit the yeth hounds at the ceiling with their melee attacks, or not?

Thanks in advance.


In the APG spell list is spell Desecrate listed in the Antipaladin Spell section (L2), but not in the Cleric Spell section.

I need some advice understanding the rules, please.

The rules are mostly balanced. This balance can be detected in many cases very easily and traceable.

But at the moment the following "rule" confuses me a bit, and I'm searching for advice:

In the Summon Monster II list, nearly all monsters have a CR1.

The exception is the Giant centipede with CR1/2.

How can this be explained?

Thanks in advance.

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