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Thanks to Malhavoc's current 30% off sale, I picked up the pdf's for Ptolus and all the accompanying support material at a great price. I already owned the Ptolus book ... but lets be honest ... the book is a hernia just waiting to happen.

My plan is to start a PFRPG / Ptolus game via Skype and Maptools, and run it straight through to epic levels. I'm not really worried about converting the low or mid level CR's, but a few of the epic lv BBEG's have some classic "Monte-isms" that require some additional work.

So I was wondering if anyone else has already run a Ptolus game using Pathfinder and what pitfalls or tips they would be willing to share.

Thanks in advance, and Game On.

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Thanks for the info!

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I just sent you an email. So if you could please take a look and let me know. Thanks!

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As the Dire Mongoose said, I'd suggest waiting until the start of the next campaign rather than switching in mid story. Thats not to say a "switch" can't be done, but if there is any reluctance to make the change this will help smooth things over.

In my case I started a new game, and my players loved it. It was familiar enough that it was easy to play and run, but different enough that my players were encouraged to read the book. Actually, that also helped us out, since we had picked up a few (mis)interpretations of the rules that we fixed.

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Otm-Shank wrote:

I am starting a new campaign this week and one of my players had the rather unique idea of playing a neutral cleric of Sarenrea who uses Animate Dead and nercomancy in an attempt to "redeem" evil creatures by allowing them to serve a greater purpose after their death.

Personally I love this idea for it's flavor potential, the only problem is that worshipping a good aligned deity prevents him from even using raise dead at all. Not to mention that he can't take Command Undead if he wants to channel positive energy.

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how I can allow him to play the character he desires? Should I simply house rule him as an exception to the spell alignment rules and say he has come to some sort of arrangement with his deity? Is it viable to use undead without having Command Undead? Or should we simply sit down and make an entirely new character idea that is less of a headache to implement?

Any advice would be appreciated.

If you and your player like the idea, go for it. Don't let the rules stand in the way of a good game.

Having said that, I'm thinking that this is definitely a departure from the standard teaching of the Dawnflower's. And as such there are most likely some more traditional worshipers who see your player as misguided if not a dangerous heratic. Even if Sarenrae is showing her support by granting access to her divine magic, I can see some followers acting against the player. There are some good story hooks there.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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Email sent. Let me know if you need anything else.

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I'm a longtime GM who is new to the area and interested in running a Pathfinder game set in either Golarion (AP's), Iron Kingdoms (Steampunk-Full Metal Fantasy) or my own homebrew if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

I'm also open to almost any other rpg you might prefer, so let me know if you're in the area and lets roll some dice, kill a few monsters and take their stuff.

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Rolemaster is a game that many players have challenges with due to its detailed & modular rules, extensive use of charts and the need to quickly add and subtract numbers that may go beyond 100. (its a % based system) But personally I've always found it both intuitive and easy to play. How this pertains to the OP is that the RM Standard System's skill mechanic was brilliant, IMHO.

When a character advanced from one level to the next he received DP's (Development Points) that he could use to increase his skills, spells, combat etc etc. The best part of the system is that the players has 3 options to chose from. He can increase the Skill "Category", the Skill itself or both.

An example of skill Categories and skills would be the following

Category - Lore - Magical
Skills - Spell Lore, Artifact Lore etc

Category - 1 Handed Edged Wpns
Skills - Dagger, Short Sword, Broadsword etc

The "Category" bonus can be used by all the skills which are under its umbrella, while any specific Skill bonus is added on top of the Category bonus. This division of skills enables a player to really customize his character. He can be a true jack-of-all-trades in some areas and specialized in others.

There are numerous versions of the basic system (HARP, Express, Classic, Standard System etc) but if it sounds interesting check out the Iron Crown site. The system has a steep learning curve, but once you and your players know it, it is a real blast to play.

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Thanks Andy, both from the response here and the email.

I can certainly understand how plans can change, and I do appreciate that some of the critical rules that would be needed to run the game (character advancement) were made available as an inexpensive pdf.

The more I'm delving into the Playersbook, the more I'm understanding just how modular it is. Its really an outstanding toolkit for gamers who are looking for a detailed system that can be customized without "breaking" the game.

As I mentioned above, I've already started to create a new homebrew setting for MML that I hope to run later this summer. I'm lucky in that my players are pretty open to trying new games.

If anyone is interested, I can let you know how things work out.

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AndyMML wrote:

Hi Folks. My name is Andrew Kozak, and I am one of the Metal Magic and Lore’s co-authors. I’m happy to chat with you in this forum and answer all of your questions about the game. Sorry for the slow response, but I didn’t spot this thread until I read Khairn’s email to our info account.

You’ve read some reviews already so I think you know the basics about the system: skills based, percentile, no character classes, realistic immersive feel, etc.

Are there any specific questions I could answer?

Hey Andy, thanks for the reply.

Based on the reviews I bought the MML Basic Players pdf and am going through it now. Being a fan of some rather detailed systems (RM, TRoS, Aftermath, Harnmaster etc) I found the MML character generation and combat system to be relatively easy to follow.

I appreciate the extensive list of skills, weapons and armor, and like its overall feel. The "universal" formula for skills is solid, the flexibility is easy to see, and I'm already brainstorming the creation of different races, cultures and a setting for a game. The font is easy on the eyes, the pictures are well done and appropriate for where they are placed, and I really didn't have a problem with the alternating page format. So far so good.

I know that this is the "Players" book, but after reading it for a few hours I do have a couple of questions and comments.

-As a GM, the book made me scratch my head a few times. As an example even though the time and cost for learning new magic spells is listed, I haven't been able to find how (or even if) you can improve existing skills (including weapons). Am I missing something? Never mind, I found it in the GM Starter Kit. Is there a reason it wasn't included in the Playerbook?

-Despite a good Index in the back (and errata) I found the lack of bookmarks, pages #'s in the Table of Contents and the overall numbering system to be a challenge at times. I had flashbacks to my days playing Advanced Squad Leader.

-The generic fantasy setting included in the book is skeletal to an extreme, and the map was less than inspiring. Even though I'm a setting junkie, I'd rather see the system devoid of any details about the continent. By the way, does the world have a name? I couldn't find it if it does.

-I've read the information regarding the upcoming releases, but I'm still a bit confused. What product would I need to buy to get information regarding such things as traps, poisons, falling damage, magic items etc etc. I see that a couple of monster pdf's are available, but at a cost of $5 for 5 monsters, the price seems kind of steep.

-Are there any pre-gen characters or monsters that I can use to show my players how combat and the game would play? I know I can (and am )slowly creating different characters as practice, but having something fast and easy for newbies to try might be worthwhile.

That's all I have right now. I'm sure there will be more as I dig into it.

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According to MML's own site, the Paizo boards are where we should go if we have questions. So here we are. Anyone able to give us a little insight?

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I saw the ad on the Paizo Store Blog, and like a good gamer (lemming?) with highly developed case of system ADHD I checked it out. I found a positive review over on RPGNet that mde me want to learn more, but haven't found much of anything else. So I'm turning to you guys.

Has anyone played MML, and if so what were your thoughts on the game?

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Interested and email sent.

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I'm in.

Depending on the different levels of patronage I'm interested in contributing more than the $50 mentioned.

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AionicElf wrote:

Hey all!

I have a new campaign starting up tonight. I'm preparing my GM reference cards, and I'm looking for ideas of good stuff to have my players put on them. Beyond the essentials and obvious of name, HP, Armor, and saves, what do you guys find helpful on your reference cards?

In addition to what you already included, I have them list their movement, vision, and those skills that could have a direct impact on either combat or interaction with NPC's. This would be Perception, Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Stealth.

The reason why I like to have these totals is that I'll often ask the players to make a roll but not tell them what its for. Since I do this at random times for no reason at all, as well as when I don't want to give away whats taking place (like when an NPC is lying)this makes the players nervous and keeps them on their toes.

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I think an elemental energy ability can work into the mix nicely. Thanks. I'm also thinking of a Stone-Wall or a limited healing ability that can be drawn from natural stone.

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When GM'ing I encourage my players to look at level advancements and PrC's as story elements first and only afterward as crunchy new abilities and powers. I also like to justify any changes in a PC's class by introducing experienced NPC's or story elements that will help in the transition. This doesn't work all the time, but when all the story elements come together the PC and adventure become very memorable.

So in my current campaign, one of my players has created a dwarven fighter, and is looking to eventually develop his birthright as a descendant of one of the ancient scouts (pathfinders?) who lead the dwarves out of the Darklands during their Quest for Sky. Its a concept that I really like, especially given the link to this pivotal moment in dwarven history.

I haven't made a final decision on how this came about, but his suggestion is that his ancestor was in someway linked (half breed? gensai-like? etc)with the elemental earth and that this long lost "bloodline" has re-awakened within him. The obvious cultural / social implications of this will be worked out later. But my question is what abilities or powers do you think are appropriate to a melee/skill focused PrC with this kind of background?

So far I'm looking at possibly including ...
Natural Armor
Elemental Movement (Burrowing)
Blind-Fight (Sight?)
Stone Shaping (Shape stone with hands)
Stone Melding (Travel through stone)

Any suggestions?

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I'm working on Scotty and will have him completed later tonight.

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Well Shisumo ... you're up to 8 players expressing interest, so far. How many are you planning for?

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I agree with Hogarth. Don't sweat the language issue in the least, unless you're driving, in which case make certain to get a good GPS or set of directions. And remember you can't turn right on a red light in the city.

Since you're going to be in the downtown core, might I recommend an hour or 2 at Chez Paree. It might not be the gaming center you're hoping to find, but as my old stomping ground, I never regretted a single visit.

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Shisumo wrote:
Whoa. This game just went from looking as moribund as the IN/M&M game to possibly being ready to go. Catman, you still interested? JZ? If we have 4 players with the book (or some reasonable facsimile thereof), we can actually do this!

If you have a slot available, I have a Scion of Heimdall in mind that I'm interested in playing. I have all the books and could send you a character sheet if you would like to see it.

Here is a readers digest version of his concept.
Scotty is a determined and passionate conspiracy theorist geek (Mulder without the FBI connection) who's intuitive ability to connect vague and seemingly obscure events has led many to think of him as not just a great investigator, but a slightly unhinged, and potentially dangerous kook. But ever since his visitation, he now knows that its his connection to the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge that is enabling him to see the plans of the titans as they unfold.

Let me know.

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I'll be there along with a few buddies from Cols GA.

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DragonBelow wrote:
Khairn wrote:
A few of us are coming in on Thursday night, and with the Con only starting at 12, that leaves us with free time on Friday morning. Idle time combined with idle hands and a brain in neutral are certain to get me into trouble. So do you think that we can sneak into one of the open rooms on Friday morning to get in some early gaming?

Ahem, you mean like this


Thanks DB !

So no open gaming rooms for Friday morning ... but there will be tables and chairs in the lobby that can be used. Great!

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A few of us are coming in on Thursday night, and with the Con only starting at 12, that leaves us with free time on Friday morning. Idle time combined with idle hands and a brain in neutral are certain to get me into trouble. So do you think that we can sneak into one of the open rooms on Friday morning to get in some early gaming?

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Email sent.

I'm happy to help out in anyway I can. Just let me know how.

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fliprushman wrote:
I was wondering if you guys were any closer to a posting up a schedule for the convention? I'm bouncing off the walls thinking about what is going to happen at this event. So you have to help me before I end up all bruised and post that schedule soon. ;)

Having a schedule would be a definite help. I have been working on a Pathfinder version of Monte Cook's Dark Space that I would love to run at Paizocon. But before committing I want to have an idea what my schedule will be like.

For those that don't know Dark Space, its a "Sci Fi - Fantasy - Horror Adventure in a realm of Softech and Sorcery" setting that Monte wrote during his days at ICE.

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I'll definitely be GM'ing something, but before committing to a particular game (s) I'd like to see what "official" events are planned and when they'll be starting.

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Timitius wrote:

One note here....along with these great ideas for games and conversions, we do need volunteer GMs to DO said conversions, and to RUN said converted games during sessions.

Sign me up.

I love working on conversions and love GM'ing them. Maybe we could put up a poll of some classic modules and see which ones those attending the Con want to play?

Maybe Dead Gods, Nightmare Keep, Ruins of Undermountain etc etc

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Charles Evans 25 wrote:

To save the work of levelling, time spent on feat and spell selection choices, etc, you could just use preprinted character sheets for the iconics, and switch in the ones for the next level at the stage in the adventure where they would advance. (I think this may have been suggested before on a previous thread considering marathon sessions).

I think they all have detailed biographies somewhere on the Paizo blog, don't they, for those players who like to have a feel for a character's background?

I think that's a great idea. I'll see what I can find.

Another idea to consider is giant dungeon adventure using Monte Cook's new Dungeon a Day. I've been enjoying everything that he's done so far, and think it would be a great option. Either way I'd be stoked to run a late night game if there is enough interested players.

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Timitius wrote:

Therefore, I am calling for volunteers that would be interested in taking this on and running it. If several people are interested, then there is no reason we can't have more than one Streamlined AP going on.

Do you already have a streamlined AP in mind? If there are players available on Thursday night could we run Thurs & Fri?

Depending on the schedule of events on Sat and Sun morning, I would be willing to take this on.

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Playing a session in a 4 hour slot is fun ... but a multi-slot adventure would be even better.

Maybe starting on Thursday night for those arriving early?

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Let's see ...

-Game Auction where the proceeds are donated to charity?

-Since many of us are only able to interact together online, how about a panel on running Pathfinder (or other RPG's) in a Play-by-Post or Virtual Table Top format?

-Backwards Combatibility? A panel to discuss the challenges of using Paathfinder as system of choice when playing in other D20 settings / modules.

-Old Skool! Playing a classic D&D adventure using Pathfinder

-I am Actually Interested in your Character and/or Setting - Bring your GM or player notes, step up on the stage, and explain in 5 minutes how/why your material is great!

-PaizoCon Adventure Brainstorm - We gather to brainstorm ideas and concepts for a new adventure or setting. We then get one of the great Paizo writers / designers to put that baby into print.

There are some more idea's perkolating around, but I'm worried that it might be gas from last nights pizza, so I'll wait a little longer before adding to the list.

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Ticket for the Con and the Banquet bought.

Now all I have to deal with is the mounting anticipation.


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I've thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 AP's but I now need to cancel my subscription due to some changing priorities. I hope to join again in August with the release of the Pathfinder RPG.

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Scott, I just wanted to start off by saying thanks. Your conversion has been a great help in my quest to find adventures and a setting that I enjoy for a 4E game that I am starting this month.

I've played 4E a number of times but with only a "'meh" view of the game. But now my goal is to delve into the heart of 4E by GMing it and your work with RotRL has helped out a lot.

Kudo's !

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I've playtested PFRPG and Pathfinder Society) a few times at my FLGS, and along with some other GM's have worked diligently to keep the buzz and interest in the game at a high level.

Last night the owner of my FLGS shared with me some of the troubles he's having with the game. Apparently the interest that we've helped to generate in our area continues to bring in a flood of requests for the book that he can't support. His distributor has also removed it from their catalog.

I explained that the pdf was available for free, that only a limited number of copies of the book were printed because its a play-test, and that the Beta book was at a price point where Paizo covered little more than cost.

He understood all that but was adamant that a number of players (20-30 in his estimate)just don't want to play from a pdf. In his opinion, the dis-satisfaction that he is seeing from some 4E players is making them look elsewhere for their gaming fix, and that their first choice appears to be Pathfinder. But without a book to sell, that interest is dampened, and he is now pushing them towards White Wolf and other games.

I'm a little bummed out that our efforts to push Pathfinder are being hurt by the lack of books, but I don't see any easy solution.

Has anyone seen or experienced this? With another 8 months to go before the game is published, do you think the lack of books is hurting interest in the game?

Any chance of a short re-print? i doubt it but I promised that I would ask the question.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to One and All.

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There are more than a few location gems like Isgar in the setting. Its description may only be 2 pages, but it contains enough plot hooks for an entire adventure path.


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Sure .... Isgar is the Thrall of Cheliax. Damn that has to suck. But this blood soaked land is quickly becoming one of my favorite nations in all Golarion.

From the impossible alliance between Hellknights, Mercs and Eagle Knights, to its own Steward abandoning all but but Conerica Straits to the Goblin hordes of the Chitterwood, the nation is practically screaming for heroes to come to the rescue!

Has anyone done any work to flesh out this fantastic spot?

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Jack FM in Seattle.

I know its canned music, but its mix of older and new rock just hits a sweet spot.

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Taurren wrote:

The fly skill in PFRPG has intrigued me enough to take another look at introducing a favored race of mine that can fly. But balancing a flying race can be a bit of a problem. Especially when you don't want to introduce a race with a Lv penalty.

I've used flying races in the past, namely Monte's Spryte's from AE, but never included a race that could fly from the start. So here are some of the crunchy parts of the race I am trying to work on.

-2 Str -2 Con +2 Dex
-2 Str -2 Con +2 Cha

Size - Medium

Move - 30'
Fly - 50' The character needs a 15' of open area to fly and 20' to hover. He cannot fly while under a Med or Heavy Load.

Keen Vision - +2 bonus on sight Perception Checks

I am looking at this race having rogue as a favored class but also having a sub-section of the race that is blessed with enchanted blood (sorcerer).

So I guess my question is whether in your opinion the stat penalty and flying restrictions are balanced against the benefit that a flying PC gains.


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The fly skill in PFRPG has encouraged me enough to take another look at introducing a favored race of mine that can fly, but balancing a flying race can be a bit of a problem. Especially when you don't want to introduce a race with a Lv penalty.

I've used flying races in the past, namely Monte's Spryte's from AE, but never included a race that could fly from the start. So here are some of the crunchy parts of the race I am trying to work on.

-2 Str -2 Con +2 Dex
-2 Str -2 Con +2 Cha

Size - Medium

Move - 30'
Fly - 50' The character needs a 15' of open area to fly and 20' to hover. He cannot fly while under a Med or Heavy Load.

Keen Vision - +2 bonus on sight Perception Checks

I am looking at this race having rogue as a favored class but also having a sub-section of the race that is blessed with enchanted blood (sorcerer).

So I guess my question is whether in your opinion the stat penalty and flying restrictions are balanced against the benefit that a flying PC gains.


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So are there any Pathfinders going to Dragon-Con in Atlanta?

I never got the chance to sign up to run a PFRPG session which was a shame. So, anyone interested in some late night play-testing of PF Beta?

Or beer.

Beta or beer ... whichever sounds more enticing?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Pygon, I'll make certain to check it out !

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Hey gang!

I was wondering if anyone is playing in a group that uses a virtual table top? Examples would be Fantasy Grounds II, KloOge Werks, Open RPG, Screen Monkey etc. If so, which have you used, what has been your experience, the good, the bad and the ugly?

There is a chance that my old group may want to give Pathfinder a try, and since we're spread out across the country a VTT would be our only choice.

The DDI will not be a choice for us as none of us are interested in a subscription payment model. A one time purchase is fine, but ongoing payments just aren't going to fly.

Thanks for the help.

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I know this has been said before, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but I wanted to send out a heart-felt "Thank You" to Erik, Jason, Nick and EVERYONE else at Paizo. Over the past year, despite many challenges, you have been able to not just stay afloat, but have been able to increase your reputation as gamers, game designers, publishers, and astute business people who have an ability to see an opportunity in almost any situation.

Over the last few weeks and especially days, I've been disappointed with much of what I have seen being published in the RPG industry. Yet when I look at the work you've completed, see the direction you've chosen for the future, and know that you are truly interested in the opinions of my gaming group ... I can see that there is indeed a very bright future for this hobby that I truly love.

So thanks once again, and keep up the good work!

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Excellent job KaeYoss!

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Privateer Press has made no public decision regarding the future system for IK as of yet, nor do I personally think that they will anytime soon.

The IK fans have been very vocal about their opinions, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The 3 main camps appear to be 1- leave it as is, 2- switch to 4E or 3- make a new system all their own, possibly based on the Warmachine / Horde mechanics. Time will tell.

I just think that a number of the Pathfinder rule changes would work with IK. I'm particularly excited about what changes to make for the IK specific core classes to bring them more in line with Pathfinder's model.

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Trent, those wallpapers are outstanding!

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One of the very best results of the OGL were the many outstanding settings and rules variations that sprang from it. My favorite such variant (along with AE, IH, GT and GoT) is Iron Kingdoms by Privateer Press. Now even though the rules for IK can be a little "wonky" at times, I really enjoyed the games and how the races, classes, spells and monsters were tweaked in a way that really captured the IK flavor.

My favorite design goal of Pathfinder is the backwards compatibility. So with a new IK campaign on the horizon, I've decided to use the Pathfinder rules for IK. I'm not certain how much effort is needed to create Pathfinder Gun Mages, Arcane Mechanics, Ogrun, Bodgers, Trollkin and of course 'jacks, but I think the results could be very interesting.

So has anyone given Pathfinder and IK a try?

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Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 7
Charisma 12