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Eldritch Archer

Say I am a Spellslinger 1/ Eldritch Archer 7 with a +1 gun, and I use Spell Combat and Ranged Spellstrike to cast Gloomblind Bolts at a foe, shoot one of my bolts through my gun, and I roll a natural 20 and confirm the crit.

Does my +1 gun give a +1 to the save DC?

Does the bolt have a x2 crit, like Eldritch Archer says, or x3, like Spellslinger says?

The vitalist begins with the Collective Healing ability:

Vitalist wrote:

Whenever a willing member of the vitalist's collective could regain lost hit points or ability damage, the vitalist may choose to redirect any or all of that healing to one or more other willing members of the collective as a free action. This can transfer instantaneous healing (such as a body adjustment power), healing from ongoing healing effects, such as fast healing, and even hit points gained from rest (in which case, a member of the collective would rest for a period of time as normal, and the amount of hit points and ability damage healed would go to another).

In any case, the original recipient of the healing effect chooses whether to allow the diverted healing, and does not gain the benefits of any healing he grants to another. The type of healing (positive energy, negative energy, construct repair, etc.) is unchanged from the original source for determining who or what can be healed.

Example: Darius the soulknife is a willing member of Jorus the vitalist's collective. He drinks a potion of cure light wounds that would normally heal him for 6 hit points, but Jorus decides to redirect 4 of those points to himself. Darius agrees and, as a result, Darius is healed for 2 hit points, and Jorus is healed for 4. If there were more members in Jorus's collective, Jorus could spread the healing from that potion out even more as long as the sum of hit points healed was no greater than 6.

A vitalist may even heal wounds through collective healing if at full health. This may only be used with healing effects such as potions, powers, or other such effects. [Healing] from long term care or natural healing cannot be transferred in this way.

Say that I am missing 4 hit points and get a Cure Light Wounds cast on me that rolls 8 hit points worth of healing. Can I send the extra 4 hit points to another party member?

The Spiritualist's Devoted Servant Ability for the Dedication Emotional Focus reads thus:

PRD wrote:
Devoted Servant (Su): When the spiritualist reaches 12th level and is caught unawares by an attack (such as an attack made in a surprise round or while the spiritualist is asleep or an attack by a creature using Stealth), if the phantom is not fully manifested, it automatically fully manifests from the spiritualist's consciousness to protect its master. The phantom stays manifested as long as the spiritualist is unaware and in danger. This ability requires no action from the spiritualist.

The way I'm reading it is that if the Spiritualist is walking around without the Phantom summoned and gets jumped by enemies, the Phantom will manifest itself for the Surprise Round and then dismiss itself as soon as combat proper starts. Or, for another example, that if the Spiritualist gets attacked while asleep the Phantom manifests so long as she's asleep but disappears as soon as she wakes up.

I just wanted to double check with the community before I rule one way or the other on this for my player if I'm reading it correctly.

On a related note, if the effect is that the Phantom dismisses itself as soon as the Spiritualist wakes up or starts getting regular combat turns, would houseruling it so that it doesn't dismiss itself upset some balance with the class I'm unaware of? I haven't yet played with the Spiritualist in a game so I don't know how big of a deal that would be.

I've been GMing for a couple years, but I've only just started bugging my players for in-depth goals and the like and am really attempting to incorporate them into the story. Having never run a game that's primarily driven by the *player's* stories (been mostly running APs for the past few years), what I'm wondering is, when you design these sorts of campaigns, how do you let the players progress their personal stories without resolving them too quickly?

For example, one of my players wants to find and kill the man who killed his father. How do you suggest letting the player progress that story in a meaningful way without essentially having just one adventure where the bad guy is located and another adventure where they kill him?
Or the one who's being hunted by a certain villain, after I have the villain send some goons to attack the player how do I make the resulting story more complex than "Interrogate goons, go to villain's hideout, stab villain"?

I'm asking because it seems like, if I let the goals be resolved this quickly and easily, the resolutions will be somewhat anticlimactic but I can't think of how to logically extend the resolution process beyond maybe 1-2 sessions.

Thanks a bunch.

Hello, all. I have a few of the Pathfinder Pawns boxes, and they're great. So good, in fact, that I would love to have something similar for modern and sci-fi games. Does anybody know of a similar product for those genres?

Is there any idea when this'll be back in stock?

Do effects like Fire Storm that let you create multiple areas with the spell, can you overlap them and have the spell hit the same area multiple times?

Similarly, would something like the

Rapustin Must Die:
troops' Fusillade ability, that lets them create four lines that each require a save and do 6d10+6 damage
work the same way (whether the answer is yes or no that they can overlap), or would it be different? If it is different, why?

My players are going to be starting on Kingmaker soon, and I was hoping to run Way of the Wicked as a sort of sequel to it, where we jump forward in time and have their new PCs tearing down the kingdom they spent so much time building. There's a few big issues I'm having on figuring out how to change Way of the Wicked to have Talingarde be the PCs future kingdom.

The first, and biggest, is the geography. From what I can tell, the Kingmaker kingdom is pretty landlocked, while Talingarde is a huge island. Any advice on either A) Converting the Way of the Wicked story to work in a land-locked environment or B) Coming up with a good explanation for why the kingdom got moved out to sea?

Other things, like location names and history, should be fairly easy to rejigger, but, from what I've gathered, Talingarde being an island is fairly important to the plot of the AP.

A friend of mine is playing a Titan Mauler and saw the "Titanic Rage" feature they get at level 14.

PRD wrote:
At 14th level, a titan mauler may choose to gain the benefits of enlarge person when she enters a rage.

And he was thinking that meant that he only got the benefits of Enlarge Person, not the penalties. I feel that when the ability says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" that basically means "enlarge person is auto-cast on you," but he says it means "I get the +2 to strength and reach, but not the -2 to dexterity or the -1 to AC and attack."

I can kinda see his side, as it says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" rather than "be affected as if by enlarge person" or something similar.

Which is correct?

I don't know how many people here are fans of his, but I felt somebody should post something regardless. Even if I'm the only one who would recognize him here, I feel the need to talk about it and says something. I dunno, I'm rambling, and have never been good at writing things involving feelings.

Justin was an incredibly entertaining, positive, and upbeat producer of videos showing import games that people can play without knowing any Japanese. I didn't know him personally, but everybody who did calls him one of the most friendly, lovable people they'd ever met. Nobody had a bad thing to say about him.

Tragically, he took his own life Thursday, January 23rd. He's left behind a wife and many loving friends and family.

Justin's wife, Jenny, making the announcement wrote:

It is with a very sad heart that I must confirm my husband, Justin Carmical, sometimes known as the Jew Wario died on Thursday, January 23rd.

I also have to confirm he shot himself, but he was not alone, he locked himself in the bathroom and I was on the other side of the door talking with him. He knew I loved him, HE KNEW ALL OF YOU LOVED HIM. You all made him so happy, every time he was recognized from his videos, it made him giddy with joy.

His last recording was a song with Johnathan Mann, I don't know if Johnathan knows. He recorded it the night before.

I am surrounded by family and friends, and am taking this one moment at a time, remembering to breathe. I want to share with you what the Chaplain said to me, it was a momentary mistake, hold on to the good memories. I will post an update once a decision has been made about funeral arrangements.

If I need anything I will let you know, just hold on to each other and love each other, and thank you all so much for loving him so much.

URL added by me, to the video in question.

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, here's an introduction to his work.

For those of you unfamiliar with him, here's an introduction to who he was.

I don't know if this post will fall on deaf ears, but I felt I should mention it. I didn't know him, but the world became a little less awesome the moment he left it.

Peace be with you, J-Dub. And all my best wishes go out to your friends and family. I hope you've found peace.

PRD wrote:

Greater Grapple (Combat)

Maintaining a grapple is second nature to you.
Prerequisites: Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +6, Dex 13.
Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on checks made to grapple a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Grapple. Once you have grappled a creature, maintaining the grapple is a move action. This feat allows you to make two grapple checks each round (to move, harm, or pin your opponent), but you are not required to make two checks. You only need to succeed at one of these checks to maintain the grapple.
Normal: Maintaining a grapple is a standard action.

A player of mine is playing a grappling Barbarian guy, and we're having a little debate about how it works. I've bolded the main bit that we're talking about, and hoping to have it resolved before he hits the level where he starts using it.

Let's assume that he rolled his Move action grapple and decided to Damage the monster. Now, he wants to Damage the monster again. Does he

A) Have to make another roll to do the second Damage. This is my opinion, since it says that it allows for two grapple checks to be made.

B) Automatically does the second Damage. This is his opinion, since it says that you aren't to make required to make two checks and only need to roll one to maintain.

Thanks for helping clear this up, in advance. :)

My party's part-way through Sins of the Saviors, and I plan to bring Nualia and Tsuto back. I have two main questions:

1) What class arrangement would you recommend for the pair? I plan to put them somewhere in the Pinnacle of Avarice, and I plan to make Nualia into a Half-Fiend, just for reference.

2) Related to #1 above, does anybody know of any pictures of half-fiends women that I could possibly pass off as being Nualia? I run my game via MapTools so having pictures for everybody is pretty important.

Thanks a million, Paizo boards!

The group that I'm currently in consists of about 8 people, including myself. Myself and another member of the group tend to rotate GMing duties, but I have a bit of a problem. 7 people is way too many for me to handle. As such, I want to try and trim the group down to a more manageable size (at least for the sessions I GM, the other guy seems okay with running for that many people). This is where things get tricky. You see, all of these people enjoy the game and are either good players or are noobs trying to become good players, but there's just too many of them.

So, my question to you is this: How do I trim down the size of the group, without hurting anybody's feelings? How do I tactfully tell people that I honestly enjoy playing with and GMing for that I don't want them to come to our weekly sessions when I GM?

I'm planning for my next character an Unarmed Fighter who's like a professional wrestler. You know, grapples, trips, and unarmed combat. I know I should take Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Power Attack, and the prerequisites for those. Any other feats I should be looking into to improve my Combat Maneuvers or ability to fight unarmed? Specific magic items I should be keeping an eye out for? Since we roll for our stats, a general order I should place my rolls?

Thanks for any assistance you guys can give, and let me know if there's any more information you might need to help me out.

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I'm planning on running the Rise of the Runelords hardcover when it gets released in June, and I need to something to run to fill in the meantime. I'm hoping that the AP would start sometime early December but possibly as late as early January, and want an AP that can be finished somewhere between May and August.

A little extra info:
I haven't played or run any APs up to this point, but I have been gaming for a few years so a complex AP won't be a problem.
We plan on playing weekly for about 3-6 hours (depending on schedules and time spent socializing during the session).
My players are generally very plot driven (in that they will spend time roleplaying when the mood strikes them, but are usually focused on moving the story forward) and can get through an average Pathfinder module in a fair amount of time (for reference, they got through Tomb of the Iron Medusa and Academy of Secrets in 1 or 2 8 hour sessions each.