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This advice is really dependent on what type of game you're playing.

I hate my characters dying. Hate it. I put a lot of investment into my characters, from history to personality to who their families are. I really don't like seeing them die and have no desire to ply in a game where permanent death is common. I've lost characters and this attitude has never changed even a little bit.

ME to i hate when my PC dies, but that why i make sure they are optimized (not minmax) in doing their thing,

the guy that hit things with a big stick hits things like he's be best one that ever hit things with a stick, the stealther makes sure he is never notice.

because i believe if i do my job right, that greatly decrease the chance of me/the groups' death.

by cowarding and not doing anything actually increases the chance your own death in an advanterering world.


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if he don't learn and adapt to know play style, and only plays the same thing everytime, ditch him

try to have your bad guys immune to sneak attack or just have high preception. repeatedly crush his hopes and dream, make him learn.

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first of all this is not cheesay, second of all its a rogue. still lost.
how are you planning on getting to level 20 with all those high level monsters that are simple immune to sneak attack.
sorry i sound harsh, but this build is not new, never one had fantasized about it.

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if you have multiple spell storing weapons, you could quick draw them out and droping them as you full attack.

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with natural attack its a bit harder, we would wnat to get pounce, then dragon style would still work

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I got a fun build for you. be a non-combatant face that can standard action diplomacy people.

get a muelback core or just cast ant haul

we are going to be a wizrad for this build
take the trait that lets you use int for diplomacy,
be wizard of the necromancy school so you can channel energy.
there's a channel focus chest piece, (sorry i forgot its name, look it up) that lest you channel into it and make a diplomacy check to change attitude as a swift action. since channeling is standard this takes your standard and swift.
take honeyed tongue so you can change them from hostile to freindly

ah, lets use your high strength score to carry all your ally on your back. and on the second turn make a reasonable request to your newly met friend that your friends are hurt and that's why you are carrying them and you just want to pass by :)

don't forget to take feral speech as your 5th level discovery,

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#spoiler alert

not trying to spoil you, but you are in a frozen waste land of nothing but frozen, doing fire damage is probably really good.
I played through with a fire themed character, cleansing fire/cult of the dawnflower Dex based cleric, pretty much soloed the AP after reaching level 7

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Now we just need to combine dragon style and pummeling charge. To get two times strength on all our attcks. Thats some good damage yo.

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Ring of ferocious action. Lowers you iny by 2 more. Clould also take some
Int damaging poison if ypu are feeling dangerous. Lol

The other word for one trick pony is optimized as hell. Also we still have most of our feast to choose. When we readies a punch, our muscles are so dense it creates its own fravitational pull thus making enemy ipossible to escape the mini black hole. Thata how we land our hits. GG

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Dont forget to lower the hulking guy's int to 1. So u dont have to worry about will save durin the fight

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Have Heard Of The fighter way of quickenimg spells?
allow m e to enlighten you. Grab those 3 feats. Equipment trick(potion) , quick draw, potion glutton. This lets ypu quick draw a potion and drink ot as swift action. There you go. Moment of greatness every turn.

Want someone to cast those OP person buff spells on you? No problem. Allow me

Have a wizard/cleric theurge as you magic buddy. Uave him cast marieanute possesion on you. Viola he can now cast personal spells on you as he is in ypu body.

Also i just realised we could get out strengtu even higher pishingbit towards 80. Or even 90
have another guy be the druid ranger archtype. With animal as their favored enemy. Have him cast intant enemy on you. Treating you as a animal for all purpose. Ans have him "awaken animal" and animal growth you. O f#~+ing P

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you also for got the tome of phyiscal might +5. high 70s

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you guys are forgeting the spell Blood Rage, which gives you 10 strength,
Also the the spell Mighty Strength with 10 level wizard discovery Idealize, this also gives you +10 enhancement bonus ( no need to buy a belt)

since blood rage is morale, which means it can be doubled wiht momenet of greatness

And with 3 level of imperious Sorerecr blood line, it gives you +1 morale bonus when you recieve one. this gets doubled by moment of g reatness, which means you actually get +22 strength from it

Since morale bonus do not stack, this will be greater than any kind of barbarian rage.

Wizard: " Yo barbarian, you mad bro?"

With this and the things from above, we could easily get our strength up towards the 70s.

fun fact, with effects that increase/multiply our carrying capacity, we could literally put the world on our shoulder.

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LOL, silly "mr. i don't read instructions" its about vital strike.

everyone knows spell is more powerful than mundane.
its not about doing most damage, its about doing most vital strike damage,

Although I have to say, besides not following instructions, well done sir, well done that's some handsome damage.

Gray Warden wrote:

LOL, silly mundanes...

Pyromaniac Gnome (+1 to CL of [fire] spells), 1 Sorcerer / 6 Arcanist

Sorcerer: Crossblooded Orc/Draconic[Fire]: +2 damage per dice of [fire] spells

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hm also can't have divine favor i guess, so that's 8 less damage, we swape fate's favored for killer? i think that's what its called. when you crit you do extra damage equal to the crit modifier, in this case 4 .
Bring our total down for another 4 to 186

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I guess is we are mathcing the original thread, i could level to level 7 and invest in UMD or just take a level in ranger to have the abilty to use that want (starting with the wand in our hand so its stardad action use, free action drop it)

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hm. mistake on my part.

could simply ignore that and we are doing 4d6 less damage, which is 24 when maxed. 190 damage? I still take that.

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later turn we could quick draw a better weapon, increasing our damge for a bit fomr 3d6 to 4d8, but losing out on the +3 furious bonus.
Still more "average damage"

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This is very long but i Vital Striked for 214 damgae at level 6
214 damgae at level 6!!!!214 damgae at level 6!!!!
214 damgae at level 6!!!!214 damgae at level 6!!!!

Here is how i did it

5 levels of fighter 1 level of bloodrager.
quick draw
equipment trick potion
potion glutton
vital strike
furious finish

Accelerated drinker trait. and fate's favored.

always hold a potion of enlarge person in hand. and have a potion of invigorate and lead blades and divine favor in you bag.
potion of bull strength
and potion of moments of greatness

First round of combat
Accelerated drinker > move action drinks enlarge person,
Thanks to equipment trick potion and quick draw, we are quicking drawing potions> so we quick draw a potion of invigorate and drink it with potion glutton as a swift action
Now we draw a potion of lead blade and drink it as a standard action.
and then quick drawn our +1 furious Scythe. now rage and thanks to our buffing we now threaten 35 feets around us. trip any retards that tries to walk in. don't forget to draw one last potion of moment of greatness out. ( to trigger our accelerated drinker next turn)

second round of combat,
Acclerated drinker triggers and we drink that moment of greatness,
do the thing from above and drink two more buff spells (bull strength and divine favor.

With our wealth by level we had enough money to purchase a Cyclops helm

Out Vital strike looks like this :
enlarge person + lead blade our scythe is now 3d6
20 base strength +2 from enlarge +4 from bull strength +4 from raging +4 from moement of greatness giving us 34: which is a +12 bonus 18 two handed
3d6+ 18(two hand) +2(divine favor) +3(furious) +1 figther bonus
+6 (power attack) : 3d6 + 31

we make our god forsaken vital strike! and we use our cyclopy helm to "roll a 20" = times 4 damage, hope we confirm and use furious finish to auto max damage.
comes down to maxed 12d6+124 +3d6(vital)
which is 15x6+124
!!!!!! a whooooping 214 damage.
and we can rage cycle.

!!! 214 vital strike damage

and after that we rage cycle and furious finish every turn while chugging potion of cure light wounds for the 1d8+1 fast healing.

and our damage would be 18(3d6)+31 = 49 from now on.

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its a fantasy game, spells are always op, no matter what level you are in, the most optmized level one figher/barbarian two handed power attack. kills a bandit at a rate of 1 per round. mean while the color spray took out 3.

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I am a level 20 wizard, which means i obviously have the immortality discovery,
1st round starndard action, empower maximize summon monster to sommon
9 angels and have them follow me and say to ppl to get in the gate.

2nd round i teleport me and the angels to some major city (using a scroll of it that i obvioulsy have saved from my infinite down time)

3rd round I would gate using my scroll and the angels would say their lines, k, one city saved

4th and 5th round. repeat 2 and 3.

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Avoron wrote:

Rule 1: Wizards Cheat

The optimized 20th level wizard looks at this situation and laughs. Then they plane shift to one of their private demiplanes, give a command to a simulacrum a great wyrm time dragon, and travel back in time to whenever they please, preventing the nuclear apocalypse before it even begins.

Yup Wizard would know better, no need to panic, there's a great wyrm time dragon in Glorian, ah! 3 minutes? just enough to make myself a cup of tea.

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I love this guide, and thank the guy who did it.
but the real problem with ppl stuck in low level play is that they refuse to learn.
people who are bad, stays bad, Newtons Law of Physic. And the biggest thing that separates them is the fact that they don't read guide.

I just wish there as a better way to execute this. maybe 1980 Brainwash them. lol

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Ssyvan wrote:

Here's another way to never miss at level one.

Enemys usually wear something like +3 AC armor bonus armors at level one, which mean if you are only going against touched, you only need a +12 to hit to ensure your 95% chance to hit
Here's a build that focuses that and can also do a good amount of damage:

Wayang Alchemist, With mutagion and Reduce Person
Throw bomb: +8 (dex) +1(Point-Blank) +1(throw Anything) +2(Size):
+12 to hit touch at level one. boom
and we will have +4 int, so the bomb does 1d6+1+4 damage. enough to kill anything at level one

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Jayson MF Kip wrote:
Threads like this?

Ohh My God..

Oggg My Gooodddddd. Jayson may I marry you? please?
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Everyone is just a whining immature baby on this thread. "omg this thing is op, we sould ban it." blah blah blah....

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

Quoting this since it got lost on the last page.

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Game Master wrote:
I consider it the GM's right to know, who will be informed in secret if I'm playing one of my weird characters. But my fellow players can just wonder...

And if they accept "I want you to wonder" that's great. If they don't, telling them to prevent table strife is worth more than any mystery you might engender. (Which will probably be drowned out by the frustration of the other player.)

I have a 10th level kitsune who has only revealed herself in two scenarios. I know where you are coming from, and I know the problems it can cause.

I personally love mysteries, to me the greatest joy is when the table can't figure out what class/classes I am while being the/one of the most competent party member.

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James McTeague wrote:
Game Master wrote:
I disagree. You are under no obligation to tell others what class you are. It's often very fun to keep them in the dark.
You have an obligation to tell people what role you are. That way people know what to expect of you when problems come up. Depending on your character, this may or may not involve what class you are. (I have one character where telling you his class is misleading - it's better that I just tell you his role and a couple abilities and leave it there. Otherwise you might expect him to do damage.)

Totally agreeing with with James here, I hate it when people put stereotypes on what classes you are playing and assumes you are the role.

player A: Yo! what is your class?
Player B: um.. well, Arron is a cleric of...////// get cut off by the rude player A.
Player A: ah! yes, a healer! here's my wand. me big human fighter, you heal me.
Player B: but.. but.. but I worship Gorum and have higher chance to hit, and do more damage than you.
Player B: (stopped listening already)


Or in another real world situation:

My PC: (in my character's voice): XXX what do you do? as we just left the mission breifing.
Player A: I am a human occultist.
My PC: wow? what is an occulist, that sounds cool! (this character have not played with a occult playtest classes yet before)
Player A: (get irritated) yells back: i already told you my class, what do you want more?
Me: um well, there's like 200 ways to build an occultist. which one are you.

Player A:(very impatiently) I have a stick, and i hit stuff.
ME: Finally, thank you. for telling me what your character does rather than just tell me his class.
Player A: grumble....grumble...

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Wow, This guide is soooooo goood, Exguardi I adoor you

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Two years ago, me and my buddys played Rappen Athuk. Through out the year we played, I i have died more times than the entire rest of the party:

Death Note:

Kissed a Statue that I was inlove with in my back story, turns out the statue was cursed by a god.I got turned into dust, no save.

Super optimized Zen archer, Rolled a 6 against a insanity effect, went insane, got break enchanted by teammate, goes to open a door, rolled a 6 on my initiative, and then rolled a 6 to a flesh to stone. got turned into a statue. turns out a wizard was f$!&ing reading an action to "disintegrate" a statue. so I got comboed...

An old tactical human fighter in his retirement, walks into the room with the other two fighter, the two other fighters failed a trap of lust, and "violated" him, and then suicides because of pride.

Strength Drunken monk looking for the "best" alcohol in the world, got sent 10,000year in the past and met the first ever group of mountain-man that discovered died of old age.

An optimized stealth Ninja, first time showed up to the party, decided to roll play a ninja, party evil wizard had scent.(i didn't know the feat that blocks scent at this time), found me, and fireballed for no reason; refused to heal me after we met, So i started our first real encounter with only 1/3 of my HP, died to splash damage.

Optimized Life oracle with blackend cursed worshiping an Fire god, went into an volcano, and didn't want to cast first resist on himself, because it goes against his believes, also he gets healed when ever he take fire damage. The whole dungeon was dark, so with dark vision everything is black and white, the floors of the dungeon was glass, and beneath it is some "black liquid" GM described as acidic. we activated a trap and i feel into it with a cursed stone of heavyload..turns out its lava.. lol I returned to my god.

Murfolk archer, opening an door that we knew the boos is behind, forgot about it because there was a puzzel on the door. opened the door and then went: "wait a minute, isn't there's a "blah-blah" behind the door?" Died in the surprised round.

Optimized CN gunslinger, picked up an Choatic Demon Artifact sword, that had spell turning against spells casted from an lawful caster that we didn't know of. I was dieing to the guardian and our Lawful N witch tried to save me by casting teleport on my, my sword turned it back on my, left me there to die.

Optimized Stealther, went into the boss room, failed the constant aoe paralyze, and then got pulled underground by the ground!? died.

Optimized Natural attacker alchmist that does about 15 bleed damage a round along with good real damage, first encounter: 6 creatures that are immune to bleed.. ... party wizard didn't roll a knowledge check and just casts lightning bolt at those thing. Those things gets hasted and also gains temp from the electricity spell.... He died

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Dexion1619 wrote:
Not sure if this has been brought up before, But the Transmutation Focus Power - Sudden Speed doesn't list what type of bonus it is. Currently it stacks with Haste, and just about everything else.

yes, you are right, it does stack with hate at the moment,

however it will probly get errated soon.
Even if it stacks, its whatever.. cost a point to use and it only lasts for 1 minutes just like the warpirest's bless.
but the biggest difference is taht a warpreist can use their blessing all day everyday. an occultist can't. try and use class ability more than 3 times, nope.. you lose all your other class abilities

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chbgraphicarts wrote:

I've said this elsewhere, but considering it's concerning the class, it would help to add it here:

I REALLY don't like "psychic" magic; it just seems like an unnecessary addition that actually weakens these classes' usefulness; and it's not like Extracts, where there's a noticeable mechanical difference than the normal Arcane/Divine dynamic ("emotion" isn't a tremendously impactful or noticeable quality to the system).

That said, I really like the general design of the class; it's a really cool idea that hearkens to The Dresden Files, Hellblazer, Doctor Fate, etc.

Wouldn't this class be better served as either an Arcane class, given its focus on Schools?

Even better, since the Divine vs Arcane Half-Casters comparison has Divine having 1 less half-caster than Arcane, wouldn't it be good as a school-based Divine caster?

Or, again, even beyond that, since the Occultist shares many similarities in theme to the Alchemist (requiring external instruments to "cast" spells), couldn't the Occultist simply be a "neutral" caster like the Alchemist and Investigator, who's spells aren't either Arcane OR Divine?

The last option would be to mesh the two and have it cast as either Arcane or Divine, depending on the Focus Items used - an Amulet allows the Occulstic to cast Abjuration-school spells as Arcane spells, while a Bell allows him to cast Abjuration-school spells as Divine.


Anyway, that's just my two cents - everything else seems pretty darn solid.

They have already printed some uniquie psychic spell, but in the interst of the play test, and cutting the deadline, they had to just let us use some existing spells.

spells should do similiar things, generaly because people ususaly wnat to same things, want to be rich, want to be strong, smart.. etc.

so ofcourse there will be some similiarities to spells.

and no..plz don't compare occulist to alchimists, which is one of the strongest classes to play in society. they do everything else better in any way.

better blaster - using bomb, better skill monkey - better skill sets.
and better melee: i have a pfs lvl 7 alchmist with 45 str and 100hp.
a occulist can't even come half toward that...

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Excaliburproxy wrote:
Rerednaw wrote:
Doghion Abyndon Harbourne, Esq. wrote:
Third Mind wrote:

Edit #2:

That being known. Does that mean I could have a keen agile scimitar if I put 6 points of mental focus into the weapon at lv. 5?
You can do it at level 4.

*whack* *whack*

I'm sorry what was that? Oh, the nerf hammer :)

I love the idea for this class. I just think the rules needs to be a bit more streamlined. Perhaps have one set of implements/spells/foci as universal that everyone gets as a baseline? In my opinion that the various schools are all over the place in terms of relative power and effectiveness.

It gets bonuses to attack one level earlier than the fighter. I don't think that needs a nerf. And regardless: I think these guys have a bad interpretation of the rules anyways. I gotta think you need a +1 on the base weapon before you add any other special abilities.

I agree that the schools are all over the place power-wise, though.

lol, sir, I respect you as a person, and all your opinions, but that is the worst arguement i have ever heard in my life!

"it has higher to hit than a fighter"
lololol, everything single class, but the rogue. i can make it to have higher to hit than a fighter.
that is just not a thing to say,

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My big questions about this Class is that, with so little points of mental focuses to spare, it is almost encouraging people to max out intelligence. Otherwise the Occultist simply do not have enough points to use past level 7 with thier 4 implements.
Even taking a feat to get 3 more still is not enough, they should really get it 2 points per level.

The comparison is that, if a character has such high intelligence why wouldn't he just be a wizard instead? Sure the occultist brings some cool flavor, but there is not not enough juice to back them up to be effective through out the whole adventurist day.
I personally have posted a play test and in there it explained my build: HEAR.
almost at every level a wizard archer is just superior in any way, higher damage, higher to-hit, higher defense. etc.. I really want to play the occultist, but seeing as it, there's almost no reason to do so...

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I am the other Occultist Player that was playing it as an Party Face and side archer.
Overall I think the Occultist Class is a cool concept, it gives a good amount of customization. however it falls behind in power after level 7 when other classes starts getting more stuff, but the Occultist is barely able to manage its key resources: "mental power point"
Just through confirmation my character had no trouble since it was quite optimized for level one:

April Female Human CN

Str 13
Dex 16
Con 8
Int 20
Wis 7
cha 7

FEATS: Point blank shot, precise shot

Mental Power: level + int + 3 = 9
Necromancy - soulbond puppet (1pt)
Transmutation - Legacy Weapon (8pt)

After casting Magic weapon and using Transmutation's base mental power
I was at +5 to hit and doing 1d8+1d6(acid)+1(str)+2(magic) points of damage.
This is obviously good at level one. However if we bring the build to level 7 the character stops to function as well since we simply will not have enough mental focuses to distribute but also use them.

For example

We probably have a +2 int headband at level 7. so our intelligence would be +6. meaning we will have 7(level)+6(int)+3 mental points = giving us 16.
following the same build, we need to have 4 points in our puppet so that we will have a improved familiar(spending a feat)
we then allocate 6 points into our bow, to give it +2 equivalent bonus: Holy preferred.
We can then pick up Divination Implement and put 4 points into Third Eye(SU), this will give us both constant Darkvision and See Invisibility; which is very important on an archer.

This leaves us with only 2 points to spend. without losing any of our existing bonuses. Even in Pathfinder Society, where there's usually 3 combats a day. 2 uses of "ALL" our class abilities is just not enough.

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wohh. wohh. wohh... Sir, just because the Druid was first time playing.
does not mean he is a noob, in fact he was quite good. He prepared good spells, he had good stats, and he had a clear build and know what hes character was going to be like at level 7.
I was the archer player.

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what is the point of this post? this is your not personal diary.

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The reason ppl thing grease can burn is always a result of players or GMs trying to cheese into doing more damage.
From the things Grease can do, it is clearly that it's more like slime goo rather than oil grease.
IF you have ever been in a kitchen, you would know oil grease is not sillpery, in fact they are quite sticky

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let's ban everything! we are can play lvl 1 commoner now, hooray~~

Keht wrote:
Ban, ban ban... What can we ban today? Hey!

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I do not think "im losing because my player are going too fast" so we should make them not go as fast. is a good idea. if used with same logic, should we also cap damage on fire ball sorcerers, gunslingers, zen archers, or even more, cap bards because we can always success on deplomacy? then why don't we all just play lvl 1 commoners?

like, this is a fantasy game and pathfinders should be superheros, they should be stronger than an average person. this is their story, their tale, their adventure.
also there are totally mod where going first meant nothing, or they a readied action go off and now the BBEG is going before the 40+ initiative roll because he is smart.

Tarma wrote:

While I know that this could be a part of the general system as well, I'm posting it in PFS because in a home game a GM can control the characters more.

The initiatives I'm starting to see in PFS games are starting to get really out of a control. Last night in a game I ran there were two characters that had 15+ initiative modifiers and totals that were pushing 27-38.

Not only is this not fun for the GM, but its not fun for the players either. One of the players at my table didn't get to act in three combats for the scenario because everyone else's numbers completely blew them out of the water. If they had rolled a 20, they still would have gone after those characters.

While future scenarios could possibly introduce creatures with higher initiatives, there's no way that PFS staff could try to fix this problem for all of the previous scenarios. A hard cap of initiative would help control this problem a little bit, while also helping players explore other parts of their characters.

Example: If the hard cap on initiative modifiers were set to 10, players who wanted to have a character go first would still have a higher chance of going first, but turn order would be a little more random giving slower initiative characters more of a chance to participate in the game.

While this is a little long of a post, I've already witnessed one game that potentially last two players due to incredibly high initiative characters. Both players eventually returned, but it was a month after that game, leaving our venue to wonder if we had inadvertently chased away two players.

I do welcome any thoughts on the subject, as this isn't the first time the issue of high initiatives has come up, but this is one of the first potential solutions that I'm aware of.

EDIT: There has been some confusion as to my original intention for the cap. The intention was to cap initiative modifiers at 10, meaning that the max initiative would be 30. Max initiative of 30 would still be enough for anyone who wanted to go...