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ahhhhh....thanks for the tips,makes a lot of sense, I also always forget about same location benefits. thanks!

Hey all,
Been playing through Runelords using 2, Valeros & Sajan. I was just trying to find the best strategy as far as which locations to hit first. I always split the characters but I haven't found the best strategy yet. Is it better to hit locations with more monsters first, or hit the ones that are easier/harder to close? Or other logic? Just curious to see what the pros thought. This noob will appreciate any help. Thanks!!!

My cat ate a d20 and pooped a d8 and 3d4....

Still having fun with RotR after a year and a half. Just curious, any long time players still running through RotR or do you mostly play the newer base sets?

If you are looking to not spend a lot...Wal-Mart sells ultra-pro sleeves. I think they are a cheaper version, they don't have the hologram and you get a 100 pack for around a buck. I don't know how long they will hold up but they look good and are a cheap alternative, even if you have to replace them sooner. I did break down and buy a Broken Token insert which is totally worth the money! It looks awesome and works incredibly well.

Nope....not digging that case... I'll take my sweet Broken Token for the amazing organization !!!

Sweet...I didn't even look at that yet!!!

Wow....that stinks!!! I'll buy one and ship it to you!

Ahhh....I was missing that point....thanks Eliandra!!! of Valeros' abilities is to recharge a weapon instead of discarding it after playing it. It seems like most of the weapons I use say "reveal"....when those get "played/revealed" they stay in my hand. Am I missing something???

A piece of colored felt on bottom under the insert looks really awesome if your box isn't full yet!!!

Lol...I have to remember that the Paizo Police won't kick in the door if I stray from the standard methods!

Dang, Brother T! You have that sucker jammed! Lol. It's good to see that they all fit while sleeved!

I defeated a henchman and wanted to close the location. It said summon a henchman and defeat to close location. I failed to defeat, so henchman goes back in box. On next turn can I try to close location again or do I have to turn all cards in that location to be able to attempt closing again ? Thanks.

Thank you Skizzerz!!! That definitely clears it up for me. I wasn't quite seeing the difference at first but I get it. Thank you for your massive explanation.

Ok....thanks! I think I am still confused. Lol

Awesome, thanks! I found the post, the person said they used the luckstone card for magic trait but the follow-up posts said it doesn't count.?!?

So...Valeros confronts a ghost of some sort. It says "must have magic for your check" or ghost is undefeated. I assumed that my +1 sword with magic trait would count for this check. I read on another site that this does not count!? So I am wrong again?!? So many little quirks!!!! Lol

Ok...How do you guys play a dead character. I know if he dies he loses everything. Do you clear all skill checkmarks he earned. Can he jump back in the current scenario with a new deck, or does he start from the beginning? Or is he not allowed to play and knocked out for the rest of the adventure? I guess there are different options but I just wanted to know how the pros do it. :)

Wow! Thank you guys for the awesome quick responses!

Hi, I have read in the forums that there were quite a few errors in the Runelords set...I have the second edition. Were the errors corrected by the second edition? What about the adventure decks?


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ART!!! I put this thing, very nice! Beats my last three efforts of making an insert...well worth the money!!!

I am still a newb working my way through the 1st adventure deck. I am obsessed with reading the forums as much as possible!lol. I was looking through the snapshot s discussion where a few people said they went through all six decks with no deaths and no failed scenarios!!! Isn't this pretty unlikely? I can't see how you could win every time!?!?! Maybe I am missing something. Just curious.

Hey All,
I just wanted to pass it on to you guys. Right now you can get the Broken Token insert for PACG for $21.59! I just found it on the BT website. I don't know how long the sale is on for, but if you want one a little cheaper, check it out. I have been looking at these for months....early Christmas present!!!

Wow...thanks,that room is awesome!!!

Ok friends,
I want to make a game room in my basement. Anyone got any pics of their awesome game room or area? I need ideas!!!

Thanks, missed that in the rules...thanks Hawkmoon!

Hey all,
Quick question ....I'm at a location, and a card tells me to summon and defeat "x" henchmen. I know I pull him from the box but do I also follow what it says on the henchman card as before the encounter "x" happens or when defeated "you may attempt to close". Or do I just ignore that?

Thanks! do they compare to the other pathfinder mini's as far as quality an especially paint jobs/details???

Other then cost being an obvious factor, I think I am holding back because of the pirate theme. My geekness has always loved the traditional RPG...too scared to try something love RoR though!!!!

I am still undecided about sleeving...I know some people say their cards showed "wear" after x amount of play time. I am new to rpg card games. Can someone show a pic of common "wear" after x amount of time.

Ok....I thought it would be fun to show your "battle scars" or a pic of your card wear and tear...maybe general wear...maybe your kool-aid stains(or other beverage).... maybe your favorite hero after your dog had a taste. I am too new so my set still looks nice but I am curious as to how some "used" cards look. Maybe a quick note also telling about how much time(or games) your cards have been through.

I saw these but I saw reviews that say they don't work with sleeves??? Isn't that why you need a custom insert?

Awesome, thanks for all the feedback!

Oops....sorry...posted this in the wrong forum.

Ok...I know this is a never-ending discussion...just curious, I would like to hear from anyone that has not sleeved their cards. Are the cards holding up ok? I have first card game paranoia! Lol. There seems to be alot of of shuffling etc... I realize they are not collectible cards but I want to be able to play for a long time. I hear people talk about the cards chipping, etc.
Just me worrying....Thanks.

1 person marked this as a favorite. daughter asked me what these "weird" dice are called that were pictured in her math book. I told her they were called strength and wisdom dice....

Thanks Andrew !

Hey All,
I apologize, I am sure this has probably been asked many times but I can't seem to find a sure answer. If I don't sleeve my cards, will the base set and all six adventure decks fit in the box tray?

Phooey.....I bought this game to get me and my daughter away from electronics ....

Noooooooooooooo!!!! Thanks Hawkmoon.....RIP

Hey All,
just a few questions.... If I encounter a character that says I must have magic trait to defeat (ghost was one that comes to mind) and I don't, he goes undefeated. Do I take any damage or does he just get shuffled back into the deck.

Also, at the end of a turn, I had to lose my hand to take damage, I only had 2 cards left to draw but I needed to draw 4. Does that mean death or not because I was able to draw some.



Hey All,
Strange do Pathfinder cards compare to Magic The Gathering as far as size...length x width?
Thanks... guys are way over my head! Lol

Hey All,
Just curious, I am new to the current rpg world. Are their any rpg magazines that I can subscribe to? I know "Dragon" does not exist anymore. Is there anything like that?

Hey All,
Just curious, I am new to the current rpg world. Are their any rpg magazines that I can subscribe to? I know "Dragon" does not exist anymore. Is there anything like that?

Yes,ok...I get it. Thanks for the help!

Hey All, quick question.... If Merisel chooses to evade a monster,does that count as a monster be undefeated? One of the locations said "undefeated monsters get banished". Thanks.

Hey Amigos,
I have decided to sleeve up my cards. I have some ultra pro standard sleeves ( I think 2 1/2 x 3 1/2). They seem a little big. Just curious what y'all use. I want something snugger but not too tight that the cards start bending. Any suggestions?

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