A Legend—Back in the Saddle Again!


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New Pathfinder RPG Compatible PDFs from Legendary Games!

You've been eagerly awaiting the return of Legendary Games, and today, you'll get a one-two-three punch to your campaign!

There are things that go bump in the night. Windows are tightly shuttered, doors barred, votives against evil set in their place, yet there are those that will stride into the night to take the fight to those very forces that would threaten the safety of those unable to defend themselves. Legendary Games has set out to give you content to make your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game even better, written by some of your favorite authors! With five releases designed to put the horror back into your gothic-themed campaign, you'll get notorious artifacts like the Sarkulis Shards in Tomes of Knowledge, or if your party isn't quite ready for such heady and forbidden secrets, check out items like the beyonder's veil and seance candle in Treasury of the Macabre!

Of course, sometimes your character doesn't make it. Turned into a feast for the hungry dead or consumed by the call of the wild, you might need an emergency replacement character, and you'll be able to get back in the game quickly with Gothic Heroes! Complete with portrait and backstory, these characters are a great addition to your game, and also include the designer's notes on level progression, giving you a path to take you to a campaign's conclusion! Of course, with easy to drop-in side trek adventures like "The Fiddler's Lament" and "The Murmuring Fountain", you may have to refer back to Gothic Heroes more than you intended...

Make your game something you'll remember for years with all of Legendary Games's releases here!

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Make your game legendary spooky!

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Back in the saddle again? Aw man, now I wish we had done a headless horseman adventure! :)

I'll just have to be satisfied with five great products to support horror-themed campaigns and APs, with one more still on the way to help you get your fill of fright and things that go bump in the night.

After that, well let's just say our next product line will be taking us on a much longer journey toward an imperial destiny...

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Back in the saddle again? Aw man, now I wish we had done a headless horseman adventure! :)

It's still not to late. :)

I am very intrigued by all these products. I have been reading through the Carrion Crown AP for the last couple of months. I am hoping to find enough gamers (and time) to run Carrion Crown while I am away at the NCO academy.

I have set them aside until I find out if I am acutally going to have the time to run a Carrion Crown campaign. If so, then I will pick them up. If/when I get them, I'll also try to get reviews written ASAP.


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Really they could be run with any AP, they are just gothic horror themed is all. So while they work best with Carrion Crown they would work with any campaign if you wanted to inject a little gothic horror into it.

I clicked on this thread thinking it would have something to do with the Headless Horseman. :(

I bought a Lego "boardgame" just get the pumpkin design heads for my Headless Horseman mini after spending about four hours looking for the Headless Horseman's ghost in Skyrim (that doesn't do anything).

Not sure why I've been on the kick, but the Horseman is definitely a point of interest for me as of late.

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