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Note that understand that the healing option would be with wood, but is a stable in Xianxia that fire purify the body of his impurity and i see in this document .

A healing wave splashes across creatures in a 30-foot cone,
its cleansing water chasing afflictions from the body. Each
creature in the area regains 3d6 HP and can attempt a new
save against one poison or disease affliction affecting it; on a
failed save, the condition doesn’t worsen.
Each creature in the area then becomes temporarily immune
to Torrent in the Blood for 10 minutes.
Level (+2) The healing increases by 1d6.


CIRCULATE QI [two-actions] FEAT 12
The pure air of your inner gate is rich in qi that you can
use to invigorate and restore an ailing creature. Target an
adjacent living creature. It regains 30 HP, and Circulate Qi
then attempts to counteract one of the following conditions
of your choice: blinded, clumsy, deafened, drained, enfeebled,
paralyzed, sickened, or stupefied. Counteracting a condition
with a condition value reduces the value by 1 instead of
entirely removing it. The target is then temporarily immune to
Circulate Qi for 1 hour.
You can try to remove an instance of a condition from a
given creature only once using this impulse, though you can
try to remove the same condition from a different source. For
instance, if you failed to remove the drained condition from
a jiang-shi vampire’s Drain Qi ability, you couldn’t attempt to
remove it again, but 1 hour later, you could still try to remove
the drained condition from a poison.

as such I would like that fire would have somme similar like torrent in the blood but for only himself (no healing also.). It would be Great. (and if there would be a higher feat for curse. That would fantastic)

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I am confused about the hazard. (I am always confused by hazard)

It has a reaction to create the hands. Does it lose it reactions after this? Because having 3 hands that appear each round can be dangerous. I also think it has 3 actions? which he can use for the area effect action?

After 7 round, does the hazard disappear? Because one sentence says that it can be bypass... How? It is blocking each exit!

Looking at others complex hazard on the core rulebook make things clearer. Normally, After routine, you have [x action], but it has been replace by the symbol of one action. So i suppose that the routine is one action.

And the reaction seems to be the only here for the start.

Methodology: First glance and than doing the step-by-step creation. I will construct my only gunsligner in PF. Le fleurist, an amensiac that who is happed by mysterious fogs and being thrown into a new world each time with no memory of the last worlds except for his journal.

Limits: This is the first time i do this, this methodology is from my own idea. I don't have experience has a game developper.

First glance : hey!, It has the same structure has the fighter! At level three your will upgrade and you have something! Probably fear.

Resumé: Stubborn extra ability is very circonstantial and for high level and should be changed for something brooder. The proficiency for melee should be upgraded for the grifter. The Gunslinger does not have access to firearms. And by the rule, Firearm are too easy to produce since you can reverse-engineer any item.

Step-by-step. Ancestry

Le fleuriste is a human. He has a skilled heritage. Even if he doesn't remember, he learns to do a few things. He hates being controlled (maybe he was a slave in the past?) So he has haugthy ego. (It was a coïncidence really! See lower)

Background. Le fleuriste could have been amnesiac or was even teacher in one place! But now, he is mostly nomad and since he is transported by magical fogs to an world to an another. His terrain is fog!


Key Characteristic Dex--) I am not surprised to say the least, but a gunslinger is also charismatic.

Hit point:8 --) Now, i am surprised. That hit points is used for versatile class normally and the gunsligner is a martial character. Could the reason be be that he is a ranged character?

ST and perception: Expert: Perception, fortitude, reflex. Trained: will --)The analogy to the fighter.

Weapon: Expert in simple and martial crossbow and firearm. trained: advanced fire arm and crossbow and simple and martial weapon--) I am sure there is a specialisation ranged-melee. But having a trained to a melee weapon and an expert in other weapon feel weird a little. I wonder if there will be something to mitigate the "-2" on melee weapon.

Defenses and Class DC Standard.

Class feature

Gunslinger ways (see below)

Gunsligner feats (see below)

Skill feat and Skill increase Standard

3rd Stubborn So that was the feat that make me thing the class was like a fighter. You upgrade your will to expert and if you fail a will save that give you the controlled condition, you can attempt a new save for the next round.

There a lot of problem with this. First. At level three, you shouldn't be able to meet creatures or spells that give you the controlled condition.
Dominate is a level 6 spell and you have a will save at the end of turn each turn if you fail, Possession is a level 7 and you need a crit fail to be controlled, You are mine is a level 5 and need a crit fail to have the controlled condition and rare are the monsters that have a way to control you on a fail.

In fact, my ancestry feat is better because "mental effect that attempts to directly control your actions" is a larger definition and can include the spell suggestion for exemple.

5 Gunsligner weapon mastery. All upgrade. Standard

7. Vigilant sense. perception master.

11. first save to master. That weird. I have looked and normally this is at most level 9. (The fighter is like this.)

Gunslinger Ways (Perhaps it is me, but i would put this in the class feature section before the class feat since it has an effect)

Way of the drifter (The name could be for Le fleuriste)
This is the shoot and swipe i was talking about. I don't want to talk about it. The proficiency problem is the only thing that bug me.

Way of the pistelero-) Nothing to say excempt that initial deed and advanced deed can be a taking for any type of firearm.

Way of the sniper. -) Yes, I love that. Yes, It will only be the first shot. (and will all know how swingny our dices are. But yes.

As for the advanced, i wonder how i will make this enemy flat-footed (you need that your foe is flat-footed)

And the last is like the first but you can use it once by turn.


Cover fire is a debuff. The foe is warned against your shot and can take cover for a -2 to ranged attack for one round. Circonstancial, but a untype malus is great.

Firearm ace. This is like crossbow ace but with firearm. This is what i will take.

Hit the dirt. You evade a ranged attack against you (well a +2), you leap... and you are prone. (so flat-footed). Not great. the rogue has a better feat.

Sword and pistol. This is the way to mitigate the proficiency. you shoot the enemy is flat-footed for your melee. You attack melee (as trained) and you can shoot without reaction that is cause by a ranged attack. OK... but we are close to a feat tax.

And now equipement, So the gun for the gunslinger!

Holey Molly they are pricey! I cannot buy an arquebus without using all my money. I will take a flintlock musket, and adventure kit and a dagger.

Also, i have realised that even if the gunslinger is trained to firearm. Nothing is written that he has access to it. I suppose he has. Also, it will be great to have the home region or culture writing in the final book so we can have... an access. They should be rare. If not, one day, they're will be a feat to make you access to uncommon weapon like the naginata.

Also "Simple" fire arm as everyone can use them and this is just there rarety that stop even monk to wield them? Cool!

Firearm rules.

You need to have alchemical crafting to create your ammunition. I know what my second skill feat will be! (and craft magic items for magical ammunition)

I need to disgress. There is nothing that stop someone in the rules to reverse-engineer the guns and create a formula for it. You need to write, you can't do it, unless you are okay to fit an entire settlement of firearm when you have a formula.

Anyway Le fleuriste is done now. Time to play it!

Map and handout aid Token.


Map and handout aid Token.

Hi! I hope you will have fun!

Map and handout aid Token.

Hi! I hope you will have fun!

Map and handout aid Token.

Hi! I hope you will have fun!

Map and handout aid Token.

Hi! I hope you will have fun!


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I have still 12 playtest points left but the store disappeared.

Did i lose the opportunity to Buy something?

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Minor, major, extrême curse.

I feel that from the description curse is not the right Word. Burden would be better and as you level up you became familiar at the border between using the power and being overwhelm by it.

I do not see a lose-lose situation but this is a wrong one.

You follow a code of conduct, beginning with tenets shared by all champions of an alignment (such as good), and continuing with tenets of your cause. Deities often add additional strictures (for instance, Torag’s champions can’t show mercy to enemies of their people, making it almost impossible for them to follow the redeemer cause). Only rules for good champions appear in this book. Tenets are listed in order of importance, starting with the most important. If a situation places two tenets in conflict, you aren’t in a no-win situation; instead, follow the more important tenet. For instance, as a paladin, if an evil king asked you if you’re hiding refugees so he could execute them, you could lie to him, since the tenet against lying is less important than preventing harm to innocents. Trying to subvert your code by creating a situation that forces a higher tenet to override a lower tenet (for example, promising not to respect authorities and then, to keep your word, disrespecting authorities) is a violation of the champion code.

Which is okay... but?


All champions of good alignment follow these tenets.

You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn’t force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them.

If a champion has a anathema to not lie and he is in the same situation as the exemple... This mean he still need to say the truth. Because breaking an anethema is higher priority that knowingly harm an innocent.

Map and handout aid Token.


Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Number:
Slotted Faction:

Information for this specific chronicle sheet:

Number of this Chronicle:
Starting XP:
Initial Fame:
Fame Spent:

Reputation with slotted faction:

Day Job

Map and handout aid Token.


Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Number:
Slotted Faction:

Information for this specific chronicle sheet:

Number of this Chronicle:
Starting XP:
Initial Fame:
Fame Spent:

Reputation with slotted faction:

Day Job

Map and handout aid Token.

Just dot and delete.

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I started to like this.

It is weird. I first felt constrained by it and now. I only itch about healing potions. I feel I can spend them without any fear this is like a little + in the game.

The only fear I have is having enough money for all the consumable i will use. But i suppose i will just buy the lowest level before I am confortable to buy higher.

With the new DC... I don't know how I will be able to use the feat unless if i use dubious knowledge or we are against a lot of little easy creatures.

Can someone shows me how it can be used?

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Well, i have now my goblin cleric with 18 wisdom. I Heard it couldn't be possible. I wonder why. The flaw and bonuses for the ancestry are the first step in the processus.. So you can use all the other boosts for Wisdom.


When I try to buy 1-13 in sfs there a big orange button there say" place your orders" When I click it, the page refresh and there no confirmation send. Also, even if the button is still here, there no link inside when I right-click it.

Can someone help me?

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While I was reading the magic section in the core. I noticed that you can only wear two magical items (like a ring or a headband) hybrid item included.

Is it true?

And if this is true, why is the reason for this?

Does the staff of the mystic count as a wearing item?

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My character Antoine Désilet have played all the scenarios since the start. As a result, he is now level 3. (Yeah) His last adventure was the first mandate.

After I read the boons for this adventure, there something that concern me.

The journey to the scoured stars segment 1

I fear that if I continue to play each adventure I will miss one or two adventures related to this boon because Antoine will be above thoses tiers.

I know the solution is to just create a new character but I really like Antoine.

Can I know what will be the next tier of thoses related adventures?

Do they work together?

Reading the constructed racial trait, it seem that android shouldn't be able to being affect by it.

(Get'em don't work on construct and the android is part construct. The constructed says that you must take the worst effect between humanoid or construct)

Map and handout aid Token.


Map and handout aid Token.

Character name:
Player Name

option: A descripton of your character.

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The title says.

I am the organiser of an event. The form was submitted by my venture-captain who could not organised it because of free time.

The event is now finished. I have the numbers to report. My VC says I can now report it... but i can't see the event.

Do I need to enter the number on the search engine?

Map and handout aid Token.


Map and handout aid Token.


Hi. I am searching for a deity in the pf setting that would approch the social work.

Change: this is the goal of all intervation.


Dignity of people.


(Sorry for the vocabulary, English is not my first language.)

I am playing a varisian pilgrim of Desna with travel and fate domain.
My DM and I have an argument about one of the feature of the archetype. I know that DM has every calls but he is the one who has guide me here.

A Varisian pilgrim has the following class features.
Fortunate Road
: At 1st level, a Varisian pilgrim must
select the Chaos, Community, Liberation, Luck, Travel,
or Weather domain (or the Exploration, Fate, Freedom,
Trade, or Seasons subdomains from the
Advanced Player’s
, if available in the campaign) as one of her domains.
If the cleric worships a deity that doesn’t normally grant
one of these domains, she gains access to this domain
but can only pick this one domain—she effectively loses
the option to pick a second domain. As a result, very few
clerics who worship deities who don’t grant access to one
of the domains or subdomains listed above opt to become
Varisian pilgrims. In all other respects, this works like
and replaces the standard cleric’s domain ability.

It said that you need one of your domains to be that and the other one could be anything. I wonder if the first is really important for the next ability.

Caravan Bond (Su)
: At 1st level, by leading a group
prayer for 1 minute, a Varisian pilgrim can select a
number of traveling companions equal to her cleric level
+ her Wisdom bonus. She may use her domain-granted
on any of these traveling companions as if they
were her. She can use these abilities on her traveling
companions at a range of up to 30 feet, even if the ability
normally requires her touch. This ability replaces the
cleric’s prof iciency with medium armor and shields—
she retains prof iciency with light armor only.

That is the center of my problem. By how this power is spelled, it seem that it's could all of the domains granted power. (so in my case fate and travel) But my DM argue that it could be only for the first domain I chose. So which one is the good version?

Also does that also mean that my companions will also +10 foot? or that I could ''cast'' agile foot on all my companions in my turn?

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This spark the subject.

Ryan Dancey wrote:

There's an interesting assumption I've seen in this thread that I wanted to mention.

The assumption is that a character can gain X ability while a member of one Settlement, and then keep using it when they change Settlements to one that doesn't have the necessary perquisites to provide and/or sustain that ability so that a character's total available abilities are disassociated from thier Settlement affiliation.

That's an assumption, not a fact.

How powerful you would be the link character-settlement?

Just a training center and a market?

Or they will be benefits and disadvantages with affiliation (something more close)?

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I just have a idea.

Miner with adamatium pick.

The production will double!!!!!!

This CAN be a Way to invest money in your job. Tavern with a heroes's feast permanent .

All those thing that item who are more not combat focused and more ecnomic driven could be give the NPc. Of course the deterioration would continue but the gain will surpast the cost.

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I just wondering. What will be the difference between a plain and a forest hexes? Does will have a bonus on certain activity like agriculture or forestry or maybe it will a change in the proportion of the type of camps.

I writting that because of the guild land rush.

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I have been reviewing goblinworks's blog and I have seen a subject that have been less talking about. The middlemen or, like i understand, the refiner. He's a very important part of the economy, but we haven't talk much about it. He will be the dealer and one of the most rich person in the game. But, how will be the evolution of the type? I mean, he have to be better if he boost his skills on that right. So how it will fonction?

1. The Player character (PC) have a refinery. He does contracts to buy the components at the best price, transport (maybe will transport himself), refine, transport and sell at the best price.

At this point, The (PC)don't have the information on the price in the market or who has the lowest cost components or who gonna buy at high price the refine material. It will be by experience. The skill will only be at the performance (time, cost and type)of the refinery that HE will supervise.

2. Same as above but we have a marketplace for components and rafined material. It will be easier to know the price of the market. The refinery will also a product's quality for better craft. (for durability)

3. Same as above, but some of the refinery's capability will not be exclusive for the PC. If someone stole the refinery,it could work like if it was the pc (maybe a little less for management difficulty.) That will separate the middleman in two: the charioteer (for transport) and the refiner (because the risk of losing your refinery will be to great.)

4. Same as above, but the charioteer will have skills in this domain. That will be the mark that separate the middlemen in two.

So what is your idea?