It is weird, but I started to like the actual resonnance system.

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I started to like this.

It is weird. I first felt constrained by it and now. I only itch about healing potions. I feel I can spend them without any fear this is like a little + in the game.

The only fear I have is having enough money for all the consumable i will use. But i suppose i will just buy the lowest level before I am confortable to buy higher.

After a few fixes (I'm looking at you bag of holding) that where done to resonnance, I also found that I was liking it, even with an alchemist (although I think the alchemist needed be something like Cha + int + level for resonnance. Other things like treat wounds also helped to offset the original perceived problems with the system.

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I enjoy it as well. I haven't been able to look at the Resonance Test but while it sounds good I'm not sure I'd use it as-is.

I honestly have enjoyed Resonance entirely as it came, I actually found it versatile as opposed to limiting in a similar way to how I prefer spontaneous casting over prepared (You can use magic items 10 times per day, not you can use your cloak of elvenkind once, your invisibility rune 3 times, your horn of blasting twice, and your slippers of spider climbing 5 times, just to give inaccurate examples). My only real problem was it making it hard for Alchemists to use magic items without feeling it as a heavy cost but 1.6 fixed that HARD. When running my homebrew games I plan to run with Resonance but with a few tweaks.

Potions don't cost, may allow Resonance to boost them because I like that idea.

Scrolls don't cost, but you can spend Resonance to remove the spell roll/DC cap for that scroll.

Wands don't have limited charges, they just let you cast their spell as long as you have Resonance (May need tweaking). Will probably allow Wands of different spells to be made into Spell Duelist's Wands.

Staves, I may toy with the number of charges and maybe remove the resonance cost when converting spell slots to staff spells.

Trinkets are no longer consumable, they are a reusable affixed charm that you can use for as long as you have resonance.

Magic items, with rare exception, have daily use limits removed. You can now cast for as long as you have Resonance. Only exception I can think of is Invisibility armor rune, 1 action Invisibility is a bit too strong to not have a limit beyond Resonance.

I hate it for one reason:

There is no way I could ever even come close to spending all of my resonance after about level 8 or 9, especially as a Charisma based class.

Chapter 4 I went in as a sorcerer (because I'd built a sorcerer for chap 1, who knew?) and brought along 2 necklaces of fireball (which did not get the bag-of-holding fix and have their own problems: how much resonance does it take to toss one of the orbs? 1 or 2? Why are they also invested?) because I literally couldn't find any magic item worth owning.

And I was right about not having magic items worth owning.

I never activated a single one.

Draco: Sounds like it's not resonance that's the problem for you, it's the actual effectiveness of magic items themselves.

Resonance is growing on me. I came from Basic D&D and AD&D where magic items were quite abundant once you got to exploring out into the danger, so my default mode at first was - more magic = more fun! Then I shifted into more gritty, low-magic worlds where enchanted items were rare, often from ages past, and hard to manufacture (think Middle Earth-ish, though maybe not to that extreme). I've come a little back from this, but still like magic items, especially the permanent items, to feel special over commonplace. It's also why I prefer an even tighter control of magic items than even the current rarity system allows. I see a lot of comments where players here bristle at the idea that not everything is available.

Because of that, Resonance is starting to be okay for me. The ability to try to overspend RP even adds a little flavor to the game. That said, we haven't tested deep into the game, so I am not sure how it affects gameplay later on.

ShadeRaven wrote:
Draco: Sounds like it's not resonance that's the problem for you, it's the actual effectiveness of magic items themselves.


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