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(Note: I am a fan and just passing on info!) iberia-para-ars-magica-5a-edicion/description

Holocubierta, the licensed translator/publisher for Ars Magica in Spanish, is hosting a kickstarter for a new fifth edition Tribunal book for Iberia! I personally do not speak spanish, but am supporting this all the same (at the PDF level) just so that Atlas Games will make a English translation.

So did this every get finished? I backed a couple of the smaller supplements but missed the original kickstarter.

HighLordNiteshade wrote:
Heaven's Thunder Hammer wrote:

I am going to be running a PF1 Kingdom building campaign in the Forgotten Realms.
Wishing you great success! (snip)

Awesome, thank you.

Thedmstrikes wrote:

There was a second thread started for this which got a good answer:

Other thread

At least Chemlak found that one...

Yes, and thanks for linking to it in this one. Thanks again everyone for the helpful feedback! :D

Chemlak wrote:

It partly depends on what is being meant by a "6-mile hex" or a "20-mile hex" (though my calculations make that second map closer to 15 miles per hex, which is rather amusing since the legend says it's 10).

If we assume that both mean "corner to corner", then a 12-mile hex has an area of 93.6 m^2, a 6-mile hex has an area of 23.4 m^2 and a 15-mile hex has an area of 146.1 m^2.

The only change you'd actually need to make would be to hex population densities - the UCam rules assume 250 people per 93.6 mile-squared hex, so a 6-miler would have 62.5 people per hex, and a 15-miler would have 390. Everything else can be run as written without any impact on the balance of the subsystem.

Thank you for the clarification! :)

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be running a PF1 Kingdom building campaign in the Forgotten Realms. Since I am not making a map myself, I have to rely on what I can find online for the realms. I have found some really good maps using 6 mile hexes or 20 mile, which are about a third smaller or 3 times larger than 12 mile hexes used in the Ultimate Campaign rules.

So, when adjusting the size of the hex, how should I change the UC rules? OR should I even bother?

6 mile hex map &p=493717&viewfull=1#post493717

20 mile hex map (I think)

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be running a PF1 Kingdom building campaign in the Forgotten Realms. Since I am not making a map myself, I have to rely on what I can find online for the realms. I have found some really good maps using 6 mile hexes or 20 mile, which are about a third smaller or 3 times larger than 12 mile hexes used in the Ultimate Campaign rules.

So, when adjusting the size of the hex, how should I change the UC rules? OR should I even bother?

6 mile hex map &p=493717&viewfull=1#post493717

20 mile hex map (I think)

Anyone have a copy of this?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! If people have more I'm all ears. :)

LordKailas those are both good suggestions. The Ranger as a Rogue for trap finding is a quite useful Archtype. I

"Tank" just means melee character to distract enemies and keep the direct pressure of squishier characters, and can take some direct melee hits without too much trouble. Fighters and Barbarians work just fine for that, but I wasn't sure if there was some new class or build that did it better or something.

So, with Corona here, I'm making an Xcrawl game for my teenaged son who has found my old Xcrawl books and just loves them. I have Maximum Xcrawl, which is a substantially better version of the game for Pathfinder 1e. Xcrawl is an older 3pp setting in an alt/modern/fantasy world where they do artificial dungeons for TV audiences.... You can't just kill the monster, you have to make it look good for the camera!

For the game We're going to start at Level 1. The idea would be we make a team of 4 to 6 players, where I'd GM the monsters, and play a GMPC or two, and he'd play the rest. He'd have one PC be his "star" PC and the others as supports. In this game you really do need the 4 main roles, a trap specialist, a tank, a healer, and a utility class like the wizard.

The question I have is -- I haven't played PF in 3 years, and I'm not wanting super complex builds, but I want to have some simple straight forward builds that don't require piles of accounting and memorization. At the same time, I don't want to accidentally design gimped characters, what are some suggestions? I'm open to any kind of ideas (or links to builds) here, thank you.

The likely classes are:


Just bumping this thread to say that the kickstarter has been funded, and there are 3 days left to go, in case anyone is interested in backing this project and getting the game. :)

Hi Everyone, I'm posting this on behalf of a couple friends of who made the game. I helped playtest the game myself and can say it's a lot of fun to play.

Zebulon: Galactic Control

Battle, Trap and Outsmart your Enemy to Control the Galaxy!

Introducing Zebulon Galactic Control: the exciting new board game experience from Apocto Games launching on Kickstarter March 6th, 2017.

Brandon Monahan & Jacob Hardin present the opportunity to crowdfund an exciting development in the space-themed strategic gaming space: Zebulon: Galactic Control. Strategic bidding, reward cards and a modular board that makes every new game a unique experience will appeal to board game veterans and newcomers alike.

Zebulon: Galactic Control has been play tested rigorously and has elegant controls that take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Zebulon: Galactic control launches on Kickstarter with 40 unique planets spread across twenty modular tiles. The modular tiles can be combined in over hundreds of different configurations so every game is a new experience. The Kickstarter campaign features a first-run copy of Zebulon: Galactic Control for $40. Pledgers also have the opportunity to back at pledge levels for embroidered faction patches or a digital poster at the smaller levels.

About the game:

Zebulon is ruled over by the Vraniks. Four warring factions fight over the outskirts, completing missions and scrounging together resources. As the captain of your own ship, you will do whatever it takes to gain acceptance into Vranik society, including cunning piloting, clever bidding, and more than a few dirty tricks.

In Zebulon: Galactic Control you are the captain of your own spaceship traveling through space completing missions that you bid on and receive at the Dyson Sphere at the center of the galaxy. After successfully outbidding your opponents you will travel to the destination listed on your mission brief. Along the way you will lay traps to hinder your enemy’s progress and potentially thwart their mission. If you cross paths with an enemy a battle occurs and you may get to force that enemy to flee a space or two. Once you reach your mission, roll to complete it. If you are successful receive a reward card and bonuses – CREDIT (money), FUEL (instant movement), TRAPS (for future use), MISSIONS (remove missions from bidding). Use your reward to help you, or use it to attack an enemy, but be careful because sometimes the galactic police might be notified and arrive at your sector of the galaxy.

Will you out-maneuver, out-trap, outbid, and outsmart your opponents en route to victory or taste the bitter pill of defeat?

Become a backer on Kickstarter to find out.

Zebulon: Galactic Control – Launch date March 6th 2017. Last day of the campaign is April 5th 2017.

Arriving to your galaxy and into your hands November 2017.

Number of players: 2-4 (5th player stretch goal)

Time Required: 60-90 minutes

Recommended ages: 12+

Kickstarter Preview Link:

Kickstarter video –

Full Playthrough - -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Instagram -

Apocto Games website:
Contact information

Thank you for taking the time to read through our public service announcement.

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The Core Rule book and the Bestiary are all you really need. So long as you have wifi and a laptop or smartphone, you can look things up on or the archives of Nethis.

There are so many books that you can bankrupt yourself trying to by them all.

I saw a deal via craigslist on some pathfinder books, so I bought Ultimate Combat, Magic, the Advanced Players Guide... They have never once been useful to me as a player. Mind you, I do play a barbarian. Anything I've needed to know has been from reading barbarian build guides on the internet.

Ultimate Equipment does come up a lot in the game I play in, as well as on the boards and internet, and seems like a good buy.

Trekkie90909 wrote:

So I'm always looking to see which parts of the game I can improve upon for people, and while I know there are a lot of opinions on a lot of different aspects of the game, I'm most interested in the answer to this question:

If you were a player, in someone else's home-game, and you were allowed to make any one, single house-rule what would it be?

A why would be nice as well.

For example I'd like to have a feat at every level, I always feel super feat-starved no matter what I'm playing, so even-numbered levels tend to feel 'dead' to me.

Anywho, fire away!

Critical hits are always confirmed, no second roll necessary. Saves time during combats.

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I have a complete SAGA edition collection that I meticulously found a deal on that expensive as hell KOTOR book. ;)

Never played though, but read all of the books. I would be curious to see if anyone has a write up for non battlemap space combat?

Werthead wrote:

Yeah, I'd go much further and say that reading THE FIRST LAW is pretty much mandatory before reading the stand-alones. There are so many nuances, storylines and characters in the stand-alones that appeared or were set up in the trilogy that it adds a lot more to the reading experience.

Also, the stand-alones will form the bridge between the first trilogy and the second trilogy (which Joe has just started writing).

Thinking about this a second time - I agree. That first trilogy really sets up for the rest of the books.

I read an old discussion about this. Since there were no options, the thought was that only one race "bred true", so a half dwarf would throw to the human side or the dwarven side. Though, cosmetically, the half human dwarf might be a little taller and have a more oval shaped face vs a half dwarf human might be a little shorter and stockier.

Thanks for the help guys. I should have been more clear, I really meant *adult* children of adventurers or teenagers. What I think is a good point is the motivation for doing so - why leave the house if you're fabulously rich?

Why do children of the wealthy excel in life - what gives them ambition? It's often comes down to how they were raised, and the personalities involved. They can be driven to perform to impress parents, to prove to the world they're their own person, to show that they can meet and exceed their parents accomplishments. There's probably a lot more nuances to it then I know, I'm not one of the 0.01%.

Things like - they defeat some powerful bandit lord. Villagers say "well, that's great, but we were expecting something more like the stories about your father where he did X".

I think another motivation can be quite simple - they're off on a "trial" adventure of sorts and find out one of the parents has died. While investigating, or trying to assist the investigation, another parent of a different PC dies. Having their support network slowly eroded as they desperately try to piece together the clues... :P

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Hi guys.

I have an idea rolling around in my head for some time now, about a group of children of adventurers go adventuring. The idea is that they are "trust fund kids" in the sense that the game would start out with them having powerful magic items from the get go. Of course, that is part of the problem since motivation in many a game is predicated on killing monsters, selling the loot, and then upgrading gear.

The idea from a GM point of view - I want to remove that motivation, but I'm not sure what to replace it with. I'm guessing emphasizing role playing and building characters with goals and things that they want to accomplish.

Any other ideas?

I think that level of information is pretty sensitive, though I do have it pretty well figured out in my head and verify on paper once in a while.

As for actual ideas - one that has always pulled at me, but I have no idea how to balance it or what the goals of the players would be, but a "trust fund" children of adventurers.

Tehy would start with generous point buy - after all, mommy and daddy have +5 bonuses to all of their stats, and they would start with fantastic gear and loot.

Of course, in most D&D campaigns, getting loot and gear is a big goal/draw. So if they already have lots of gear and riches.... What would be the goal or object of the campaign?

Trigger Loaded wrote:

I had a few ideas...

One I think could work very well is a gladiator-themed campaign. The world is safe, all the ancient buried evils are destroyed, all the supervillainous wizards have been eliminated, so the only career left for combat-focused PCs is as gladiators in arenas.

Pretty much from that point, the plots are based on wrestling-themed plotlines of skullduggery and manipulation, as well as putting on a good show in the arena. Maybe mix in a bit of X-Crawl and have staged dungeon crawls as events as well.

I was going to say X Crawl!! But you already said it. Poo.

I tried starting that book but didn't get into it and quit. :(

I did with my PC. His strength is now 24 before raging (Barbarian 10 now). It's fun and well worth having his hand cut off.

I'm just finishing up book 3 as a player. Honestly.... Run a universal school wizard. Anything that requires a reflex save or a ranged touch attack is a good idea - most critters we've fought so far suck for reflex saves and touch AC.

Ah ok - this is making more sense here guys. Thanks for all the help. :)

Wow, not one, but two murder stories - s~~+ you guys don't play fair. Not only that, but the married GM getting one of his female players pregnant? O.O wow.

My group had a dysfunctional player who grew worse over time. This woman apparently had been ruthlessly bullied by her own family and all through high school so in her 20's was just an emotional mess. She was obsessed with the fact that everyone she ever met would turn against her, and was hyper vigilant and oversensitive to any of this ever happening again. Unfortunately,

Of course - I find this out after dealing with her s%&$ for years.

The first I saw of it was when we played a CHAMPIONS super hero game after the first X-men movie. The GM wanted us to make super powered versions of ourselves. Fine. We all had various powers. During the second session my friend decided that if he had powers, he would become evil. He started passing notes back and forth with the GM, and roleplaying in game his descent into darkness. It was fairly obvious what was happening, but it was being done well so I, and almost everyone else didn't mind.

At a critical moment fighting a bad guy, my friend switches sides to join the bad guy.

This player - at this point 32, shouts how this is is just awful, and goes and cries under a desk in another room in the house for HOURS. Refused to come out until people went home.

FYI - It wasn't her house.

She pulled other kinds of various s%%# over the years, but man that one really took the cake.

Ah ha - command word activated. This makes so much more sense now, thanks guys!

Edit - wait:

So... Boots of Speed CL10 - 3*10*1800/(5/10)=108,000 , not 12,000. ??? peed

And as others have mentioned, Mage:the Ascension and Ars Magica are all interesting games in their own way and have wide ranging powers with very different feels and limitations to them.

In the old 3.5 Unearthed Arcana there are rules for getting rid of Vancian magic.

Basically - from what I recall - it boiled down to being able to cast spells of a certain level followed by downtime.

i.e. All spells per level require 6 rounds of downtime. An 11th level wizard casts his 6th level spell - has to wait 6 rounds until casting another 6th level spell. On his next round, he casts a 3rd level spell, and has to wait 6 rounds until casting another 3rd level spell, and has to wait another 5 rounds until casting a 6th level spell again.

1.) All critical hits are automatic, no confirming. This speeds up play for us.

2.) Precise Shot and Point Blank Shot are merged.

3.) Vital Strike is extra damage the PC moves to attack and can be combined with charges.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Dirk Moider wrote:
As far as giving the rogue help, I can imagine a good flanking buddy would be helpful, but what else?

For a solo rogue I'd recommend going full in on sniping; Greater Sniping Goggles, Expert Sniper feat, Master Sniper feat, Stealthy Sniper talent (and/or Swift as Shadows if a halfling), Greater Sniping weapon enchantment, high bluff to create a distraction to hide, dimension door to get away if spotted, et cetera.

Why sniping? Because a good sniper rogue can wipe out entire groups without ever being spotted. Doesn't really work when you are part of a group because the rest of the party might get wiped out while you are sneaking around taking pot shots, but for a solo character it's the strongest play.

I like this idea - i'm sure there's some broken ranger-rogue combinations out there for stealthing while shooting people with a bow.

So, under the "special" section, for charges per day, it says for the base price "Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)" with the example of the boots of teleportation -> eleportation .

Boots of Teleportation are 49000gp, or 24500 to make. The spell CL is 9, the spell level is 5. Something gets divided by "5/3" to get 49000. This number is 81667 gp. I haven't the faintest clue where 81667 gp would come from.

Am I doing something wrong, or are these numbers just borked?

GM Rednal wrote:

Yes, I do.

(It's in the Universal Monster Rules, under 'Natural Attacks')

Perfect - thankyou!

GM Rednal wrote:
Creatures with natural attacks and attacks made with weapons can use both as part of a full attack action (although often a creature must forgo one natural attack for each weapon clutched in that limb, be it a claw, tentacle, or slam). Such creatures attack with their weapons normally but treat all of their available natural attacks as secondary attacks during that attack, regardless of the attack’s original type.

Do you have a link to this from the SRD or the core rulebook or something else?

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I think these criticisms have been around since the days of AD&D. Mutants and Masterminds 3E moved to using just the attribute bonuses.

A lot of it is the nostolgia factor and keeping things like "D&D" for various marketing reasons.

i.e. In the APG a barbarian can gain the rage powers from the Beast totem tree, or in Unchained there is Abyssal blood etc.

These give "two primary claw attacks of 1d6 damage". My character uses a one handed hammer and a shield. Can he use both weapon attacks and the primary natural attacks?

I realized that I had to scroll up to see the names. Oops!

Issue 1: I've statted up Trunau from the Giant Slayer AP, and now have the city law, society, crime etc stats not adding to the kingdom stats. I've hosted my file at

Issue 2: It thinks I have two cities. I'm not sure what I did, but you can see a law and lore + 2 in the second city, even though there's not a building in it.

Thoughts on how I can fix it?

So I'm a barbarian in the game and we're just about done book 3.
I'm playing a moody and sulky teenager (16) with something to prove and an axe to grind with his home town of Truneau.

The GM was asking if we wanted to continue with book 4, and there definitely is some interest. However, I've noted that my PC wants to take over Truneau and mentioned the UCam book. That got the group engaged. And the GM has green lighted the plan.

So, since I'm the person most interested and the one who likes spreadsheets, I get to Stat out Truneau. So looking at the players guide and remembering stuff from the earlier books, so far as buildings (from the ultimate camapaign book) go we have:

Hall of some type
Council building
Two layers of walls
The spring and small lake
Druid grove
Market place

What else?

Any other ideas for making a king maker version of giantslayer?

I'm sort of getting them to showup now, though I have no idea what I did.

As a request for the ruler titles in the overall tab, could they please be ordered alphabetically?

Question - how do I assign PCs or NPCs to positions in the character sheet? I've filled in our 4 PCs in the "rulers" tab, but no names show up in the "overall" tab to select from. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Anyone able to make a suggestion?

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for this update. For some reason I haven't been getting KS updates in my emails lately.

Chemlak wrote:

Update time!

5.6 Update.

Settlement attributes are introduced. A settlement may have any number of attributes (up to 6), though a recommended number is displayed based upon settlement size.

Open Office

And for the curious, I've finally done most of the work for festival edicts, just need to get the details pushed to the correct places.

This is great. I've always been a big fan of your spreadsheet. :)

shadowkras wrote:
The Players Guide is pretty good too.

No, not really. I read that and as someone ignorant of Golarion found it fairly confusing, given that there is no local map of the area given, and i had no know what the kingdom of lastwall is all about either.

Thanks for the help guys. This is better than "well. uh, nothing." :/

1.) Belkzen: Hold of the Orc Hordes
2.) Towns of the Inner Sea
3.) Inner Sea Primer
4.) Inner Sea World Guide
5.) Campaign Setting Book

As a player in a GS game, currently working our way through #3, I was curious to do some reading about the general area in Golarion that the world is set in. I currently only own the core rule book and don't know much about the rest of the setting.

Which books Should I get to read about the nearby kingdoms and general regional history?

As a player - we're in the 3rd book. Now my GM is new, so perhaps the fights are not as deadly as they could be with a seasoned GM.

We have a Wizard, Druid, Barbarian, Alchemist and Ranger (Archer). At first some of the combats were scary and dangerous because we were so weak. However now, by lvl 9... For the most, nah. We cream encounters as written and our group is not even optimized.

While I realize any monster manual technically has creatures that could be summoned... I am curious to get a list of books that contain creatures/beings/spirits that are to be *intentionally* summoned.

Jinn are of particular interest.

I'm currently aware of:

1.) M:tAw - Summoners
2.) Exalted 2E - Malfeas, Games of Divinity,
3.) Sorcerors of Ur-Turuk
4.) M:tAsc - Dreamspeakers, Book of Worlds
5.) Ars Magica - (Realm of Power series, The Cradle and Crescent)
6.) ??

Any suggestions would be fantastic, and please note, D20 products are fine too, I put this in the Other RPG section since I know there has got to be more stuff out there. :)

Hi All, I'm selling the remainder of my D&D 3rd edition collection, mostly 3.5 books, a few 3.0 for auction on ebay.

Mods, if this is the wrong forum please let me know where to move it to. t-of-20-books-/330799607710?pt=Games_US&hash=item4d05316f9e

The books are:

Book of Iron Might (3rd Party by Mike Mearls)
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Warrior
DMG (Acceptable)
Epic Level Handbook
Hero Builder's Guidebook (barely Acceptable)
Magical item compendium
Manual of the planes
MM 1, 3.5 (Acceptable)
MM 2
Red hand of doom
Rules compendium
Savage species
Unearthed Arcana (It's got a good dent on the bottom from a bad fall, otherwise in decent shape)
Weapons of Legacy

If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me.

@stroVal wrote:
Heaven's Thunder Hammer wrote:
@stroVal wrote:
Interesting.So only order printing
Pretty much. I know the cost is high, but this contains information that now would cost hundreds of $$ from the secondary market. I sold my small V:tM collection over the summer, in part because I actually wanted more if I was going to have a "collectors" set, and this satisfies that need.


If it suits you that's fine.I am against selling books actually.(rpg books too)
I keep every one I've ever owned. Firstly because I rarely buy a book I didn't want to and lastly because, even if I don't like a gift or a book turns out differently than I expected, I still like to keep my collection..

Off course one can never know.I might become so poor in the future that ll have to sell my books to survive.I just hope that day never comes...

Ah. I have a monthly budget (now that I'm married and have kids) so if I want to go beyond that, I need to sell my old stuff. I also got too depressed looking at all of my Exalted and D&D 3.5 books that I was never going to use. I had so many ideas... And just looking at the books upset me that I didn't have players for the games I wanted to run. Or the time.

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