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I tried to order a couple of pdfs this afternoon and wasn't able to. It sounds similar to the problem described here:

I also tried to add a payment independent of the ordering process, but even though it said "payment added", it wasn't.

(Also, there's a UI issue: when I tried to add the payment on my MacBook, the address selecting popup didn't scroll down, so I could only choose my default address as the payment address -- which is the right address, modulo preferred vs real name)

Thanks for you help!

Please cancel my comics subscription, but keep everything else intact.



I backed the KS and did the print pack add on. I thought I had gone through the pledge claiming and account transfer to Goblinworks. But I may have missed a step or a deadline.

This morning the Emerald Spire print edition is showing up (I didn't add it) in my shopping cart with a $30 charge.

Did I mess up with the pledge somehow?


I just put The Gamers DVD in my side cart, and it has the ominous looking description "This item will ship with a future subscription shipment:".

My other side cart item says it'll ship with my next subscription.

Is it likely to go out with my June sub? It's a gift, so I want to make sure I get it in time.


I'm a pretty new GM running Rise of the Runelords. We aren't very far into it (They're still cleaning out the Catacombs).

The party bard took the "Eager Performer" trait (he came to Sandpoint because he heard the theatre was very good and wanted to audition).

We went through the typical "Audition for Cyrdak" encounter, and he did very well, so now he's on Cyrdak's radar.

Has anyone come up with really nice scenes (either encounters or just RP story moments) to keep a Bard's performance career on track? All I have so far is an open invitation from Cyrdak to come to the Theatre and sing songs of his (the Bard's) harrowing adventures.


All this talk of the Shory got me thinking about a question that I've been meaning to ask:

Is there a relationship between the Thassilonians and the Shory?

It's a real question, with a silly rationale:

I think Karzoug and Yithdul have the same tailor.

I've updated the bad CC information.

Can you please re run it? It should work now.