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I backed the KS and did the print pack add on. I thought I had gone through the pledge claiming and account transfer to Goblinworks. But I may have missed a step or a deadline.

This morning the Emerald Spire print edition is showing up (I didn't add it) in my shopping cart with a $30 charge.

Did I mess up with the pledge somehow?


Customer Service Representative


It looks like your Pledge has been finalized and ported over to Goblinworks correctly. So you should be good to go there.

I'm not sure why the Emerald Spire Print Edition is in your shopping cart. I'm not seeing anything that would have occurred on our side of the system that would have generated that. You should be good to remove it from your shopping cart.

You may want to double check who may have access to your computer. Perhaps someone else added it accidentally?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


Great! Thanks.

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