DMPCs (Get in four games for the price of running one!)


Hey folks, I'm trying to get a project off the ground where five of us run a game and play in the other fours games. We have four current participants, but need a fifth member. We are not currently interested in anyone who is not prepared to run a game.

Its a fairly big commitment, we were looking to maintain a one post a day schedule in all games - honestly that looks a little unlikely, but I'll be pushing for it as much as possible.

Most of the games are ready to go, or have already kicked off, but are in the very early stages where introducing a new character will be simple. The games currently in the offing are...

Fanguar's Age of Worms: The Paizo AP, renowned for being hard as nails! Current PCs, Half Orc Paladin (tank), Half Orc Sorcerer, Dwarf Cleric, Dwarf Alchemist - we allowed a player who was unable to keep up with the rest of the project to continue in this.

DM Carpe's A Legacy of Hatred: A Golarion homebrew Campaign set in the country of Nex, and sticking as closely as possible to Paizo's information about the region - which is vague enough for me to have a pretty free hand, while making use of some great hooks. Current PCs a Human Cleric, a Dhampir Sorcerer, and a Human Wizard.

A Legacy of Hatred Blurb:
The Archmage Nex, founder and ruler of the country named for him, has been missing for thousands of years. Nex's archrival, the dread necromancer Geb, still rules his own evil land - a ghost who cannot rest until he knows his ancient foes fate, and is assured of his victory.

For centuries now the countries of Nex and Geb have enjoyed peace, and been able to recover from some of the horrors caused by their master's apocalyptic spell battles. But within Nex many factions stir and the Council of Three and Nine are gathering any with the Archmage's blood, "for their own protection". A single phrase has stolen into the countries consciousness, seemingly from the ether; "Hand of descent extended, I shall return to deliver my people." Rumors speak of the warp storms of the Mana Wastes waxing in violence, of the twisted monstrosities that dwell there growing more frenzied, and of the undead legions of Geb massing for war!

Doomed Hero's Black Sands: A homebrew game set in an Egyptian themed setting in the midst of a vast desert.

Almagafor's What Lurks Beneath: A homebrew game with a gritty dark feel. Current PCs are a Half Elf Witch, a Halfling Magus, and a Halfling Inquisitor/Fighter.

Ideally we would want a new participant to get their PCs ready ASAP and take a few weeks to get their game ready. Personally I would prefer someone to run an AP, but its certainly not a requirement.

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Has anyone in this group played in the Carrion Crown AP?

I'd be more than willing to try this and I am already prepaired to run the following adventure paths: Serpent's Skull,Carrion crown,Jade Regent, or Raise of the Runelords.

I also have all 6 books of Legacy of fire, curse of the crimson thrown, and kingmaker but would need a little time to do some prep.

My apologies should have included that info in my post. We have one player who has run Carrion Crown, one player who has played Curse of the Crimson Throne, the majority Rise of the Runelords, and I'm currently running a Serpent's Skull game here on the forums.

Personally I'd be very keen to play in any of the other APs, I've played a little Kingmaker, but not enough that I'd be put of playing again.

I'd be all for a Jade Regent game.

If I wanted to run a game, would I have to play in ALL of them?

I want to run a pbp but am always looking for a good, dedicated group and it sounds like this could be it.

Haven't run Skull N Shackles yet...

Honestly I think you would be better off just recruiting in that case Ghastlee, we would really be looking for a PC in all the games, we already have 4 for Age of Worms, but its a tough AP and an extra man/woman is probably needed.

I know if you recruit I'd apply, I've been dying to run Skulls and Shackles. One of the guys that ended up not running was going to run Skulls and Shackles so several of us already have characters made up for the AP, so I expect you would get at least a couple of the group applying. I guarantee that if you recruit you'll have dozens of applicants - including myself!

I'm interested. I currently have Carrion Crown, Skull and Shackles, Rise of the Runelords, and Kingmaker. I'm most familiar with Carrion Crown and Kingmaker but it sounds like you guys are interested in Skull and Shackles. I have so little time for games in person this semester with school 3 nights a week. That's why I'm looking more at PbP games.

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Thanks for the info, Carpe. I have been of the mind to run a Carrion Crown game, as it is the only one I have read in entirety, but only for players who haven't had the experience.

Well I would be more than happy to run Jade regent for your group as well as create characters for the other games. I have tried running 3 jade regent games here and they've all fizzled out as well as my one rl attempt so I would like to see if I can get this off the ground again.

Let me know.

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Yossarin wrote:
I have been of the mind to run a Carrion Crown game, as it is the only one I have read in entirety, but only for players who haven't had the experience.

At risk of going too off topic on this thread, I'd be interested in playing in a Carrion Crown game if you wanted to run it, Yossarin.


Regardless of if you join this endeavor, I'd love to be in a Jade Regent game. I know two other reliable posters who would probably jump at the opportunity.

I would be up for running a game, let me know what ap you guys would like to play in the most, as a vote or something, also i can easily make or alter some of the characters i have made so far to find into the other games. given a day or so.

the only thing that slows down my posting is when others dont post, otherwise i can easily post every day, but dont want to be annoying with them.

also I would have a rule that if you dont post with in one week then if in combat i would dmpc you, and if out of combat you just had nothing to say at the time and went along with the group. I like to keep a game moving when i can.

Thank you all for your interest, we'll be asking Mathpro to join, but I'll happily apply for most of the proposed games, and I'm sure you will have no shortage of applicants.

Thanks for the selection Carpe. I've responded to your PM and will get posts made in the threads shortly. I will also get a Jade Regent game thread thrown up as well...

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is en one up for council of thieves?
i wood like to play in black sand and jade regent so far.

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