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Looking to start up a Rise of the Runelords campaign. It will be the anniversary edition of the campaign using Pathfinder Rules. Looking for five players who are consistent and looking to complete the entire adventure path. Will probably be around one year from start to finish.

I'm going to use Roll20 Virtual Tabletop and voice chat to run the campaign. So a mic is required. I'm looking at bi-weekly game on Sunday Nights from 7pm to 11pm EST. Looking to start the campaign on 9/9/12

If you are not committed to playing in an online game and aren't mature enough to show up each session please don't respond. If you are serious about making the campaign and want to a fun experience then shoot me an e-mail at lastgrasp@yahoo.com

The game will be a standard 15 point buy. Looking for a well balance group. Races from Pathfinder Core Rulebook allowed. All classes allowed except Gunslingers. Power gamers and munchkins please look elsewhere.

This sounds like a lot of fun. Wish you luck.

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Robbgobb wrote:
This sounds like a lot of fun. Wish you luck.


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Still looking for a couple more players. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.

Bummer. I spend time with my fiancé on Sunday evenings. If it was on Monday or even Tuesday evenings I could do it.

Yeah I get off work @ 8 at the latest Sundays or I'd be in.

Good luck!

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Are you still looking for more? I have myself and another buddy looking to find a group we can join, and the time is perfect for this campaign.

You may want to look at the date of this. It was 1 year ago (last post September 7, 2012). I doubt he is looking for more.

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