James' Carrion Crown

Game Master Ghastlee

A scream in the night, a claw in your back..

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(Send them so they can be put on the site, unless anyone wants to keep their sheet secret... Yknow for any nefarious reason)

Well besides the obvious hatred of gnomes I dont see why i would want to keep my character hidden. Sorry for the delay :)

No Gnome hatred at all. After all, everyone needs a decent, well-mannered, travelling foot-stool from time to time...


Hmm well traveling foot stool perhaps. Well mannered may be stretch though for Xabbu ;)

OK, website has been updated and PCs posted.

Carrion Crown Campaign Website

O yeah sorry - he IS evil

Did that last photobucket link work!? I may have to change hosting sites...

worked fine as long as you take out the space in the url at the end between the n and the g.

I tried that in my browsers and still messed up... hell.

Relinked it...


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