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So with an upcoming campaign, we have a player that would like to play a ghost, we often use the rules for creating new races and we often build advanced races (20 RP, or race points)

The question I have, is how many RP would the incorporeal trait be worth?

It's obviously strong, but when they won't be able to interact with most physical objects, so it has some downsides

Any thoughts?

There are faction feats, master performer and Grand Master performer, each feat gives a bonus, and it applies to everyone

I find myself more in the why not camp, trapfinding has never been a super exciting ability (in my opinion)

It's not like other players will be crying OP! When they slot a trap, I say let them have their fun :D

It is of course up to you, but as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, and it doesn't prove disruptive to your campaign, why not :)

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Or, pick a Pathfinder diety, like abadar, but personally insist on using sidewalks only, as a show of faith. Then find ways to conjure sidewalks, (or even the spell fabricate, just carry lime in a bag of holding, cast create water, and fabricate, poof! instant sidewalk)

But when you simply cannot use a sidewalk, you strap some cement slabs to your feat, or just carry a slab of cement, to show your piety.

Then it leaves it open to your gm, if he ever wants your diety to reward the... obedience :D

Also, if you specialize in a school, you get one extra spell per slot for that school (but opposition's school spells take up two slots to prepare)

That's definitely the wise route, sorry about how the current game turned out :(

But good luck with future endeavors :D

Wotdcasting can let you combine multiple buffs into 1 spell.

Also, if you cast timestop, you can get multiple rounds to self buff, or summon, you can't really attack enemies (unless you use delayed blast fireball)

Which you can get up to 5 rounds, each round you could cast 2 spells if one is quickened, drop 5 delayed blast fireballs, and quicken some smons, and you can turn the tide of a battle in the blink of an eye :D

I wouldn't be to scared of stacking bleed damage, it isn't nearly as strong as it sounds, especially when combat is over quickly, and if this is an assain style, it shouldn't last long :D

You may want to Ben consider working with your gm to make this an archtype rather then a fighting style :)

And if you want to have a little fun before you ghost them, get a cheap replacement, and pvp the rogue to death in the middle of combat

Oh? You wanted healing? I'm sorry, I thought you wanted and inflict wounds, seeing as your full of negative energy


It's better to just leave though, no game is better then a bad game, and on Roll20 you can find another group

Some other healing options for sorcerer, instead of unicorn are solar bloodline, or pheonix, pheonix allows you to heal with fire spells, dealing half there "Damage" in healing instead. This allows ranged and AOE healing. Even a cantrip can be used to heal, unlimitedly, just slowly. You can do this with a stormborn crossblooded, and you'd be fine

But if you can't stomach crossblooded, you could play a samsaran sorcerer (not ideal, as they don't get a racial bonus to charisma, and a penalty to con, could work with empyreal or sage bloodline though, as they get bonuses to wish and int)

But they do get an alternate racial trait, mystic past life, which allows you to learn a limited number if spells from other class lists, so you could steal healing from bard or witch

There is variant multiclassing as a wizard, or there is the feat

Familiar bond, it needs iron will as a pre-req, and unfortunately it doesn't give you everything...

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While undead created by any sort of spawn ability lose themselves, liches are transforming themselves, and retain their old, evil personality, I wouldn't make them into an NPC. It defeats the point

Also, while there is no standard way to become a lich, it's not forbidden by the rules, it's definitely in "work with your gm" territory, but there are rules for playing as a monster

They are going to be spending a LOT of their gold.on this.

If your still worried about the lich being too powerful, you can give the other party members some Homebrew artifacts or abilities to compensate for any disparity. And up the difficulty of encounters

And if your really wanting to pack in the damage, it helps to specialize, take the "additional traits" feat, and grab wayang spell Hunter, and magical lineage for say, fireball, now you can get 2 levels of metamagic for free, so you can grab


And even if you throw all three onto fireball, it's still. A level 7 spell :D

And then you have a 15d6 fireball, where all the dice autonrill a 6, and you add 50% more damage

Now if you grab flumefire rage, you can add another 15 damage on top of that (you could also use a rage spell, and the furious spell metamagic to make that a 30 point increase in damage)

You can also grab things like spell specialization,.varison tattoo, bloatmage initiate, spell perfection to help out your big damage spell (or spell school)

Some other tricks

Blazing robes, boost CL for fire spells by 1

(They also have similar robes for lightning and cold)

Fire fragment, for roughly 300gp you get a focus (sonit isn't consumed) and you can increase you fire CL by another 1

Having cleric spell, you can also use flame strike, as half the damage is divine, and can't be resisted

You can also take selective spells, so you don't hurt you melee, or.use fire snake, so you can avoid them

Finally take freedom of movement, and those greater black tentacles won't effect your melee pals :D

(I would like to recognize LordKailas for helping me find most of this stuff)

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And while these answers may seem unhelpful, there is a lot of truth to them.

I would also add, "good spells" depend a lot in what type of encounters your gm throws at you too, does he favor ambushes or direct combat? Many weaklings, or a few tough enemies? Or is there a decent balance? Do you usually know what your getting into? What kind of party do you have? Mostly melee? Ranged? Other casters?

That being said, as a wizard, you usually don't need the money for armor or weapons, feel free to splurge on scrolls, and expand your repertoire

And while going through the spell list is a lot, here are some tips for evaluating spells in no particular order of priority

1. Does it need a save? Or is there an effect that works, even if they pass their save? If you can get a mean debuffs, without a chance for a save, your in good shape, look at black tentacles, greater black tentacles, and sirocco. Sirocco makes them fatigued even on a passed save, so with a rod of quicken, you can cast it twice in a round, and everyone in a nice big radius is exhausted, it's a brutal debuffs

2.castng time, some spells take longer to cast then just a standard.action, but some can be cast as a swift or even an immediate action! This is part of what makes emergency force sphere so good! But enlarge person takes 1 round, so while still a decent buff, it's one you need to be careful with

3. Who benefits? And how many? In a party full of front line fighter and/or archers haste is an incredible spell, you buff multiple people with extra attacks, accuracy, and ac, and you can do it as a standard action, which is awesome. But, if you have a party full of casters, it's kind of a meh spell.

4.versitiliy, as a wizard, you have to prepare your spells ahead of time, so it's very beneficial to have some spells that can handle multiple situations, this is why grease and summon monster are so good. Grease can help you or an ally escape a grapple, put an enemy prone, temporarily half someone's speed, make them flat-footed or even disarm an enemy, depend on the gm, you can find other creative uses, that's a lot of options you have prepared, and it only took a level 1 spell slot. Summon monster is an excellent choice for the same reason, it may take a while round, but you can summon monsters to tank some heavy hitting enemies, chase down a flying enemy, carry you over a large gap, some even have spells of there own, and you can use a spell slot to have access to any of them within 6 seconds :D

5.howndoes it compare to other spells of similar level. Unpopular opinion, I don't like wall of fire, it's a level 4 spell, that does fairly meh damage, for some enemies, it's not even a deterrent. They run through for a maximum of 1d4+2d4+2d6+20, that may look impressive, and you can deal that damage to multiple enemies (IF they choose to run through the wall, or IF you can force them through it) could have just thrown a fireball as a level 3 spell for 10d6 (seriously average damage is the same, unless they pass there save for fireball, bit it's a level 3 spell, not a level 4) and done similar damage to a group. If you really need to keep enemies from crossing a line, your better off using a level 5 spell slot for wall of force

6.lastly see a need, fill a need. If your party is consistently struggling with a similar problem, find a spell to fix it. If you keep getting shot at, try mirror image, if the party rogue can't get there sneak attack, give them greater invisibility etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit, maybe others can add to this, or I'll think of some other random criteria to rant about, but it helps to really dig through the spells yourself, not just find a list oh, this is good, find out WHY it's good.

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I can't speak for everyone, but when I said it was a nice boon, I was referring to the gradual change, and getting some of the lich abilities early, so rather then a sudden and complete change at the end of a lot of investment, some aspects would be received gradually as they work towards the end :)

But if your going to dip classes...

There are a few I think could be very interesting, but it's hard to say without knowing the build, I'm assuming high intelligence, but did you focus more strength? Or Dex? Did you dump charisma?

Both vanilla wizard, and vanilla fighter should suit you regardless, but if you didn't dump Dex, a paladin could synergize amazingly well. You may even be able to pull off a rogue or go into some prestige classes like dragon disciple

Also What kind of weapon do you use?

Honestly just post the build, it will be easier to give good advice :D

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I like the idea of a gradual change, it will help it not feel so jarring when your designing encounters, and it's a decent boon for the player too :)

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I also just realized that the phylactery Costa 120,000 gp to make alone

This does not include the Costa for any other rituals he may need...

But in the end your gm, it's up to you

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Mostly agree, I would say that having a bar 1 always be a failure is fine, becoming a lich is supposed to be dangerous, if high skill was a garuntee, you would see more liches.

But rather then immediately killing the player, I would make them a "forsaken lich" they get to be very scary for a short time (1d10 days) before their soul is inevitably consumed...

As far as 9 goes, why bother having a save? If a paladin meets a lich, they would be nearly obligated to fight it to keep their oath, unless some other duty is pressing, role play what makes sense, but a paladin shouldn't tolerate a lich.

That doesn't mean he has to be stupid, but maybe call for back up, then crusade

My 2 cents :)

Also if you, or someone else can take experimental wordcaster the "soar" word grants flight, but also gives an insight bonus on fly checks equal to have the caster level of the caster.

In ultimate equipment their is griffon mane, it's a special material that can be made into say, a scarf, or incorporated into a cloak or shirt, this gives a +2 competence bonus to fly for relatively little cost

Though I will say you usually don't need a super high fly skill or manueverability, dragon get by just fine as "clumsy"

unless you plan on flying in tornados, if weather is an issue there is a trait "storm pilot" that can refuse the effect of wind by one

Maybe check with your gm, if casting the fly spell on you can work to upgrade your manueverability, and maybe even give a boost to speed (see slipstream for a possible reference) or maybe a bonus on the fly skill checks, that's the great thing, is GM's can make rules, and honestly it would make sense, for something that has wings to fly better, when aided by magic, and that they would be able to fly better then someone who relies completley on magic

My 2 cents :D

Yeah, sneak attack isn't the most optimal thing, I just think the imagery of hitting someone's vitals with a book is hilarious, but seeing as there isn't any real way besides multiclassing, or if the gm would allow a druid domain ;D

I will very likely go with shikigami style, and vital strike ;D

Thanks everyone :)

So this is just a theory craft for now, but our group has decided that living grimoire can still treat the holy book as an improvised weapon (despite the faq)

The cathc off guard feat allows sneak attack when the for is unarmed. So if we go for a disarm build, we may be able to sneak attack with a book! xD

So my question, is there any good way to get sneak attack on the living grimoire? There are no compatible archetypes, and the variant multiclassn into rogue is...meh
And I would like to avoid multiclassing in general

Are there any items? Feats? Abilities?

So far I have sense vitals spell, which could be grabbed with mystic past life on a samsaran, but that's it

So this is just a theory craft for now, but our group has decided that living grimoire can still treat the holy book as an improvised weapon (despite the faq)

The cathc off guard feat allows sneak attack when the for is unarmed. So if we go for a disarm build, we may be able to sneak attack with a book! xD

So my question, is there any good way to get sneak attack on the living grimoire? There are no compatible archetypes, and the variant multiclassn into rogue is...meh
And I would like to avoid multiclassing in general

Are there any items? Feats? Abilities?

So far I have sense vitals spell, which could be grabbed with mystic past life on a samsaran, but that's it

If you really want, you can play CONAN THE LIBRARIAN

Aka inquisitor with the living grimoire archetypes

You literally get to beat down your enemies, with a giant metal plated book :D

Add knowledge as you see fit, but this has always amused me :)

I've played one before, it's actually a lot of fun :D especially if you combine battle dancer with outslug style

Maybe 1 action can yield 2 swift actions? Or make certain abilities that were swift actions, free actions, such as magus spending arcana, they won't usually spend more then 1 or 2 points a round anyway

Hmmm, it would be a little difficult to transfer over, and if you add swift actions on top of up to three standards, your spell casters could throw 4 spells a round.

If your going to switch to three actions, I would leave it as 3 actions, b it they can be move standard or swift, this will still be a spike in power, spellcasters could get 3 spells a round,
Fighters could move, then full attack (with last 2 actions)

But if your group enjoys it, there is nothing wrong with giving it a shot :D

They just need to be aware that monsters can do it too, and the game will likely be a lot more lethal, you may want to implement another rule to help people stay alive, like when a hit would drop you to 0 or below, health stops at 0, or negative 1
Anyway, that's my 2 cents :)

So a lot of people like the concept of word spells, but we can probably agree there are some issues with execution, I'm wants ng to tweak the system, to make it a bit more balanced.

The first, and most glaring aspect I want to address is meta-words

To give a brief rundown, meta words generally mimic metamagic feats, the difference is they count as words you learn, like spells, and rather then increasing spell level, they draw from a limited pool of points equal to half your caster level.

Generally, this aspect of the system feels fine, except 1 notable exception, Boost.

The boost meta word is essential for many spells, do you want to cast an effect like greater invisibility? You need to boost invisibility, do you want your level 3 fireball to cover a 20ft radius? You need to boost you Burst, do you want your buff spell to effect multiple party members? You need to boost the target word, do you want your shocking grasp equivalent to roll d6s instead of d4s, boost it, you want a cure that can heal with d8s instead of d6s? Boost again

Boost is essential, and, at level 10, you can likely use it 5 times a day...assuming you don't want to use any other meta words.

I would like feedback on the following change.

You get a scaling number if free boosts in a round, based in caster level (you can end up boosting more then one word in a spell)

You get 1 free boost, +1 for every 5 caster levels you possess.

However, scaling boostable effects, will require multiple boost words, for example the burst target word, will cost 1 boost to make it a 20ft radius (level 3 spell slot minimum still applies) and 2 boosts to do a 40ft radius (level 5 spell slot minimum still applies)

Players would still be allowed to spend meta word uses, to use extra boosts, on top of there free allotment, if they so choose

What do you think?

So Im not going to cover every spell possible, there are a ton of choices :D

Plenty of defense options, spell turning, antimagic field, plenty of buffs (greater heroism is level 6, and it's fantastic)

But if your looking for offensive power without the save DCs look for Rays, anything with a ranged touch attack usually doesn't have a save

That said, here are some that stand out to me :)

Sirocco-level 6, its an AOE, and has the expected save for half damage, and to avoid being knocked prone, but if they take damage, they are fatigued with no save, that doesn't sound like much, until you use a rod of quicken to hit them again, then they are exhausted, and if they did fail either save, they are also prone :D

Greater black tentacles...this one is brutal, and no save, they can grapple goes, deal damage, and really are just a pain in the neck, best part, they have a +13 strength modifier, get a size bonus for being gargantuan, and use your caster level, as their Base attack can grapple full BAB classes with this thing

Arcane cannon- it's not the best, but it is fun, essentially, turn a toy cannon, into a real boy, that starts firing every other round and reloading itself, does decent damage, and it has the conductive property, for you to use your supernatural and spell like abilities through as it fires, it's effectiveness depends a little on your bloodline, but nothing stops you from carrying multiple toy cannons, and casting this, every round, until you have a full contingent if artillery, again, not the best, but it is fun :D

If all else fails, grab limited wish, for 1,500 gold, you can cast any spell on your class list, level 6 or lower, or any spell NOT on your class list at level 4 or lower this allows you to have anything you need ready if you really need it.

That's just a skim, let me know if your looking for anything in particular

(Damage, control, buffs, debuffs etc.)

Right, this build is more for fighting groups, or, if your big bad has combat reflexes, but nothing stops you from spring attacking, and then moving back in, and out of threatened range to provoke an AoO :D

Oh! And then bloodrager would net you spells like cheetah Sprint, for when you really need to haul tail, and the best part is, with the way this build works, you can still get all your attacks off of their AoO :D

I may also recommend Panther style feat chain, with high Dex and combat reflexes

Essentially, as you move, you provoke AoO, bit with Panther style, you get to strike them first, and if you hit, they get a penalty to attack.

Of course you could play a bloodrager, take Urban bloodrager, and your rage can boost Dex, while allowing you to still use skills and focus, stack that with the archtyoe that allows you to trade bloodline powers for rage powers, and grab

Come and get me

With both, Everytime someone tries to hit you, you get to strike them twice, once as a free action from Panther claw, and once as an AoO from come and get me.

If you take the fire elemental bloodline, you can get a +30ft boost to your speed, on top of +10 from fast movement. And if you play a half elf, you can add 1 ft to movement with their FCB, so every 5 levels you get a +5 boost to speed

If you didn't dump charisma, or can boost it with items I recommend an orc bloodline sorcerer, and even if you did dump charisma, you can go cross blooded and pick up the empyreal bloodline to cast with wisdom. Finally and grab the feat additional traits for

Community minded
Opportunistic gambler

The first level bloodline power gives you a morale bonus to melee attacks, damage, and will saves, equal to half your sorcerer level, minimum 1 it only last one round, but community minded will make it last 2 rounds longer, and opportunistic gambler will make it last 1d4 rounds longer, when you use it on yourself, pick up robes of arcane heritage, and the pre-errata courageous enchantment on a weapon (if gm let's you) and you can eventually rock a +14 morale bonus to attack damage and will saves

The next bloodline power gets you natural armor, and immunity to fear, after that an inherit bonus to strength, eventually +6

At level 15, you can grow large, and gain +6 size bonus to strength, and I think constitution, and at level 20, some damage reduction, immunity to fire, and a spell that lets you treat your level as your base attack bonus.

Probably not the most optimal, but it's fun :D

So did a quick look around, on the building and modifying constructs page, under the construct modifications header, it says a construct must be inanimate or nonfunctioning to be modified, so you won't be able to work on yourself sadly :(

I were to use a simulacrum of yourself :D maybe buying them items to boost the relevant skills, that or find someone you trust, and is capable of performing the modification

As far as how many constructs you can control, that would be between you and the gm, giving an order is a free action (look at druids and animal companions)

While their is no hard limit to how many free actions you can take, the gm is free to cut you off when he feels like it, however, your being a mental link, he hopefully won't limit you to what you could say in a 6 second span, more what you can think...maybe work out a mechanic with him, that lets you issue a number of orders based on intelligence, like 2 per modifier, or some such

That being said, you should be able to control your body while giving said orders.

Also golems do not have will, but that doesn't make them dumb, they will seek to perform your orders "to the best of their ability" so if you tell them to kill something, they should use the tools at their disposal to get the job done, this will be up to your gm (being NPCs, you give an order, then he controls the specific action)

But if your golem has a mega-death cannon arm of Doom, he will use it, unless perhaps he also has a mega-death sword of doom- and the target is in melee range.

Same goes for special abilities, if you tell a mithril golem to chase someone down, and they lock themselves in a room, it won't bother breaking down the door, it will just use it's ability to turn liquid, and slip underneath.

Goloms can do a lot without constant orders too, a simple order like "protect me" and that golem will follow you around, and lash out at anyone who sells to do you harm, without any need for further orders

Or, if you know your in enemy territory, you can order them to attack on sight, be careful though, or your mega-death cannon may blast an innocent NPC...

The main time you will need to give new orders, is if you need them to focus on a certain target, or perhaps you need to order them to stand down.

Anyway hope this was helpful :)

*cramp, not wrack*

I had made a mistake on otherworldly kimono, but not on wordspells,

If you read the word spells page, it is very clear, you can combine effect words, and by combining effect words, you can boost the damage of the spell, up to caster level,

So flame burst, shocking arc, frost fingers and wrack, can be combined into 1 level 6 spell, that deals up to 10d6 fire, 10d6 electric, and 5d6 cold damage, this spell will also have the fire, electric, cold, and pain descriptors, for the entire spell, so each die gains the bonus damage that applies to each die of a fire spell

All told the spell has a max damage of 25d6, and while that won't happen at level 11, it will by level 20, when even without the extra gold we get, you should have 800,000 or so by level 20 and, when you use metamagic on a word spell, it applies to each word, raising each cap by 5d6, again, limited by caster level

However even at level 11 karma prayer beads and an orange prism ioun stone are affordable, stack on +1 cl from a trait, and +1 variaon tatto and even at level 11, I can throw 18d6 without too much trouble, better yet, I can do so with just the fire and electric words, so this would be a level 5 spell that deals up to 20d6, but my caster level would leave it at 18d6

And as far as the words counting as spells, for traits and feats, already cleared by the gm.

And yes a word spell can do higher base damage then regular spell, by combining words, otherwise no one would use it, as wordspells have next to no utility.

Word spells Don't even get a light cantrip, they get an equivalent level 1 spell, their version of vanish can only ever last 1 round, no feather fall, no true dispel magic, by using word casting, you significantly limit your options as a caster, unless your blasting, then you can design an AOE damage spell, that needs a will save for have damage, and means evasion doesn't apply :)

Long story short, I do understand the mechanics, I am simply looking for other possible bonuses for a fire blaster sorcerer

I know, but getting caster level higher then current character level is easy

4-otherworldly kimono
1-ornge prism ioun stone
1-trait, gifted adept (fire burst word)
4-karma prayer beads with UMD
2-varison tattoo, doubled by spell perfection
1-fire fragment
1-burning robes
4-spell specialization, doubled by spell perfection

We are already at +18 (once you can afford them) and we haven't dug out every possible bonus yet :D bloatmage initiate, alter of nethys, deific obedience nethys, moon circlet, Arcane subdomain Etc.

The level 6 wordspell above, would cap at 25d6, but intensify spell would raise each words limit by five, up to 40! (still to a maximum of caster level)

meaning at level 20 we can get a spell that throws 38d6 as a level 6 spell (7 if you have no way to get intensify for free)

And if you count all the bonuses from above, using flume fire rage, with the furious spell metamagic (cast while using the rage spell from the orc bloodline) we can get

37d6+277 (+38 orc bloodline +38 draconic +38 solar, +38 blood havoc, +76 flumefire +10 half orc FCB +10 evocation school +6 evocation school familiar +12 furious spell, +3traits +2 alchemical components)

and we can still empower it :D
(as long as you have metamagic reducing traits)

Use the boost meta word on the burst target word, and we can make this a 40ft radius, thankfully wordspells can actually make you immune to elements...

Anyway long story short, cross blooded has draw backs, but I'm willing to take them :)

The thing is, I'll only miss spells known, I'll still have the higher level spell slots, and word casting allows me to combine lower level spells, to fill the higher level spells slots

I haven't built all my word spells yet, but take my level 6 spell slot, when I get it, I won't be able to learn a level 6 word, but u will be able to combine a level 3 fire burst, a level 3 shocking arc word, a level 2 frost fingers, and a level 0 wrack.

This creates a level 6 spell that can deal 10d6 fire, 10d6 electric, and 5d6 cold (total d6s capped by caster level)
While staggering and halving the speed of anyone who fails their save.

My versatility will already be awful as a word caster, but cross blooded doesn't hurt me as much as a regular sorcerer

For must-have utility spells, I will need to get pages of spell knowledge anyway :)

Thanks for the head sup on the fire drums, this would have been a short lived character xD maybe if I keep the rest in a bag of holding...

I love the flumefire rage fear, very cool :D

Also thanks for pointing out the sloar bloodline, I don't know how I missed that :D

Really thanks for the whole post, these are great :D

So I'm putting together a fire based blaster sorcerer, not because it's effective, but because it's fun :D

I'm already aware blasting is often sub-optimal, and fire is the most often resisted element, but that's what the rest of the spell list is for :D

To keep it brief, I already have most of what I need, but I am currently scrounging for every possible source of extra spell damage (whether I use them all or not is another story, but we are playing a Homebrew, up to level 20, with a lot of feats,nits chaos, but it's fun)

What I have so far

Cross blooded sorcerer (yeah yeah, I know)

i will be using word casting, so delayed spells known is not as big an issue

1st level bloodline power replaced for blood havoc

At level 20 we take the alternate capstone for primal elemental bloodline and arcana (assuming gm is fine with it) if not I'll take Phoenix bloodline, and be a decent healer ;D

So far every dice adds 4 damage, but we are not done yet

We play a half orc, and our favored class bonus adds 1/2 our level to fire spells
+10 at level 20

We VMC as an admixture wizard, adding 1/2 our wizard level to spells damage

And we get a familiar, a school familiar (evocation) adds the spell's level to damage

Beyond the regular caster level, and metamagic traits, additional traits could be taken, including

(Adopted) pyromancer(aasimar) +1 on fire spells

Elemental pupil +1 on fire spells at least level 1 and above

Havoc of the society +1 damage on all spells

Goblin fire drums +1 damage on fire spells

Alchemical power components like alchemist fire

Salt Peter +1 fire damage
Black powder +1 damage evocation

Have my familiar throw an incindiary catalyst to give them vulnerability

At level 20, This gives us +4 damage per die +26 static damage

Even a cantrip will do 1d4+30 fire damage :D

A tripped out level 9 word spell, will be able to throw 30d6 fairly easily be level 20 (it's not hard to get caster level that high

Then we're talking 30d6+159, without metamagic :)

Phew...did I miss anything :D

any other obscure damage buffs?

Compatible class features?
Other spells that can buff damage?
Other useful tricks in general?

The community usually surprises me :)

Also, as long as your doing dirty fighting look at quick dirty trick, dirty trick master, and superior dirty trick ;D

With brawlers you can pick up feats on the fly, so with my brawler I focused on getting pre-reqs, like combate expertise, that alone allows me to take most combat manuever feats on the fly, as far as combat styles sadly o ly one...UNLESS

Martial focus-close weapons
Weapon style mastery
This allows you to use 2 at a time, as long as one of the fighting styles has weapon focus as a pre-req

One of which is outslug style
I recommend it :)

But you can always switch between styles if you want, and even pick up niche styles when you need them :)

But for the rest focus on basic combat feats, and pre-requisites :)

So the kinetisict wild talent spark of life allows a kinetisict to create elementals, witht the mindless trait, taking a move action to direct them.

What happens if he directs an elemental to a place out of sight? Can he no longer direct the elemental? Is he aware of anything the elemental is?

What about when he puts some of his sentience into it? Removing the mindless trait and causing it to last one round/level?

You also can take blades of Mercy trait for non-lethal damage (if you go for the knockout, and are using claws, or a sword if you go with another class)

If not weaponnof peace is a catch all trait, but not as good

Also look at the enforcer feat, extra debuff :D

Play a druid, you get access to some great area control/denial spells (wall of thorns can end fights on it's own...)

On top of that, you can wild shape into something like a giant octopus, and grab all sorts of people, you will need a container, but then you can also have your animal companion to help out, at least with watching the prisoners

Arcanist with counter spell exploits, only .an immediate action to run. Their day, dimensional slide, with dimensional seal, means you can blip in and lock them down from teleporting too :D

The easiest way to break the game, is to play an arcanist, buy a scroll of simulacrum, suffiecent to make a level 10 copy of a level 20 wizard, you will need to purchase the following scrolls, and a spell book for your new friend (who hopefully has crafting feats)

Summon monster level 4
Athropomorphic animal
Blood money

The wizard summons a bison, casts anthropomorphic animal, the bison has hand and can talk, now only if it could cast spells...the wizard casts possession, he now has the strength if that bison, next he casts blood money (it allows you to sacrifice strength for costly materiel components)

He then casts fabricate to produce gold coins, the materiel components if the spell, is the raw material, gold, which you created with blood money, but being fabricate, the coins are real, and permanent, and this can be done once a day, that's infinite gold, use that gold to make more simulacrum, rinse repeat, and heck, but scrolls to make permanaet double time demiplanes to speed up production

With infinite money, options open up, being an arcansit, you can buy 100s of runestones so all the spell slots, being an arcansit, holding pages of spell knowledge means you have more spells prepared, buy all of them, have all the spells prepared all the time, counter spelling becomes all sorts of fun :D

Buy what you want, dump out a bag of holding with 5,000 alluting golden apples

Designn a siege engine turnstile, run by golems, and magically enhanced, construct this in a bag of holding and enjoy your machine gun bag

Build an are ship with permanent levitate cast in adamantine hull plates,

Warning, it's a lot of book keeping, but it's a ton of fun (speaking from experience)

The key is to make sure it's still fun for the party, while you can craft staves of wish, don't use them constantly, have fun with the quirky stuff :D

Alchemist, you go for dex, get a dex based mutagen, ironskin/ magearmor/shield as extracts, as well as invisibility etc.
Not to mention displacement, healing and debuffs with bombs
(If the enemy can't hurt you, your a tank :D)

Using overwatch style, I would recommend fighter, gives you all the feats you will need, archery is often featbstarved, and those combat feats will be huge, that being said,look at snap shot, improved snap shot, and greater snap shot, with overwatch style, you will have your ready action goodness, but throw combat reflexes, and the ability to take attacks of opportunity within 15 ft with a bow?

That's just awesome :D

Also, if you take the Archer archtype for fighter, and you caould trip/disarm with those shots

Ready action disarm the first weapon raised against an ally, trip those that try to get close, all sorts of fun options :D

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