Advice on killing it...killing it with fire


So I'm putting together a fire based blaster sorcerer, not because it's effective, but because it's fun :D

I'm already aware blasting is often sub-optimal, and fire is the most often resisted element, but that's what the rest of the spell list is for :D

To keep it brief, I already have most of what I need, but I am currently scrounging for every possible source of extra spell damage (whether I use them all or not is another story, but we are playing a Homebrew, up to level 20, with a lot of feats,nits chaos, but it's fun)

What I have so far

Cross blooded sorcerer (yeah yeah, I know)

i will be using word casting, so delayed spells known is not as big an issue

1st level bloodline power replaced for blood havoc

At level 20 we take the alternate capstone for primal elemental bloodline and arcana (assuming gm is fine with it) if not I'll take Phoenix bloodline, and be a decent healer ;D

So far every dice adds 4 damage, but we are not done yet

We play a half orc, and our favored class bonus adds 1/2 our level to fire spells
+10 at level 20

We VMC as an admixture wizard, adding 1/2 our wizard level to spells damage

And we get a familiar, a school familiar (evocation) adds the spell's level to damage

Beyond the regular caster level, and metamagic traits, additional traits could be taken, including

(Adopted) pyromancer(aasimar) +1 on fire spells

Elemental pupil +1 on fire spells at least level 1 and above

Havoc of the society +1 damage on all spells

Goblin fire drums +1 damage on fire spells

Alchemical power components like alchemist fire

Salt Peter +1 fire damage
Black powder +1 damage evocation

Have my familiar throw an incindiary catalyst to give them vulnerability

At level 20, This gives us +4 damage per die +26 static damage

Even a cantrip will do 1d4+30 fire damage :D

A tripped out level 9 word spell, will be able to throw 30d6 fairly easily be level 20 (it's not hard to get caster level that high

Then we're talking 30d6+159, without metamagic :)

Phew...did I miss anything :D

any other obscure damage buffs?

Compatible class features?
Other spells that can buff damage?
Other useful tricks in general?

The community usually surprises me :)

It's worth noting, that the goblin fire drums will set your alchemical items on fire, you know the blackpowder, saltpeter and incendiary catalyst. The following are useful (IMO) to a fire mage type. Though some of this is useful to any blaster type.

Magical Lineage: Pick a spell, reduces total metamagic cost by 1 for that spell.
Wayang Spellhunter: same as magical lineage
Varisian Tattoo (evocation): +1 Caster Level for evocation spells
Flumefire Rage: +1 damage per die for fire spells (in theory can be used with a cord of stubborn resolve, to keep failed fort saves from turning off the feat)
Spell Specialization: +2 to Caster Level of chosen spell.
Spell Perfection: doubles the effects of other feats that apply to the selected spell (iow doubles the effect of every other feat in this list)
Bloatmage Initiate (evocation):+1 Caster Level for evocation spells
--------------Useful Metamagics--------------
Intensified spell: Raises the damage cap of a spell by 5
Selective spell: exclude a number of creatures from being affected by the spell
Fire Fragment: can be used as a focus or component to increase your caster level by 1 for fire spells
Blazing Robe: increases your caster level by 1 for fire spells
Elemental augmentation-Blazing eyes: It adds the silent and still spell metamagics to all spells you cast with the fire descriptor for free.
Gnome Racial Trait Pryomanic: replaces gnome magic with fire based spells, gives you +1 caster level to fire spells and +1 effective level to fire based abilities.
--------------Other Bloodlines to Consider----------------

Thanks for the head sup on the fire drums, this would have been a short lived character xD maybe if I keep the rest in a bag of holding...

I love the flumefire rage fear, very cool :D

Also thanks for pointing out the sloar bloodline, I don't know how I missed that :D

Really thanks for the whole post, these are great :D

I would dd empower to the list of useful metamagic. I'd argue it was the most useful.

Don't pick Crossblooded. Losing one spell of EACH level is terrible. You need to have more spells to do things that aren't just fire damage. You'll have to be level 9 before you get a second 3rd level spell. Level 9 before you have something other than Fireball as your highest spell. Think about that. Other Sorcs will be able to Fly and drop Fireballs and Scorching Rays at level 7. At level 8, they'll be able to do that WHILE Invisible, and you won't be able to even Fly yet.

When you encounter things with Fire Resistance, you're going to miss that extra spell of EACH level. Crossblooded kills your versatility. Feat wise don't ignore Spell Penetration. The higher you get SR will become very common. I also like Persistent Spell for metamagic, if you can fit it in. Making things have to save twice is huge. I love saying, o they saved against that Fireball, I'd like to see you do that again! It doesn't have to be used with damage spells, imagine a bad guy casting Slow on your melee classes, and when they manage to make it despite their bad Will save, the DM tells them to make it again. That could be you doing that instead! Muahahaahaha

The thing is, I'll only miss spells known, I'll still have the higher level spell slots, and word casting allows me to combine lower level spells, to fill the higher level spells slots

I haven't built all my word spells yet, but take my level 6 spell slot, when I get it, I won't be able to learn a level 6 word, but u will be able to combine a level 3 fire burst, a level 3 shocking arc word, a level 2 frost fingers, and a level 0 wrack.

This creates a level 6 spell that can deal 10d6 fire, 10d6 electric, and 5d6 cold (total d6s capped by caster level)
While staggering and halving the speed of anyone who fails their save.

My versatility will already be awful as a word caster, but cross blooded doesn't hurt me as much as a regular sorcerer

For must-have utility spells, I will need to get pages of spell knowledge anyway :)

Word spells don't do more damage than their Caster Level or what the Word allows, it doesn't matter what Words you use, you're only doing 10d6 with those lower Words.
-"Multiple Effect Words and Damage: If more than one effect word causes the wordspell to deal damage, the total number of dice of damage the wordspell can deal can be no greater than the wordspell’s caster level. The caster can decide which dice belong to which effect word, in any combination, so long as the total number does not exceed his wordcaster level and the number of dice allocated to a specific effect word does not exceed its maximum."

I know, but getting caster level higher then current character level is easy

4-otherworldly kimono
1-ornge prism ioun stone
1-trait, gifted adept (fire burst word)
4-karma prayer beads with UMD
2-varison tattoo, doubled by spell perfection
1-fire fragment
1-burning robes
4-spell specialization, doubled by spell perfection

We are already at +18 (once you can afford them) and we haven't dug out every possible bonus yet :D bloatmage initiate, alter of nethys, deific obedience nethys, moon circlet, Arcane subdomain Etc.

The level 6 wordspell above, would cap at 25d6, but intensify spell would raise each words limit by five, up to 40! (still to a maximum of caster level)

meaning at level 20 we can get a spell that throws 38d6 as a level 6 spell (7 if you have no way to get intensify for free)

And if you count all the bonuses from above, using flume fire rage, with the furious spell metamagic (cast while using the rage spell from the orc bloodline) we can get

37d6+277 (+38 orc bloodline +38 draconic +38 solar, +38 blood havoc, +76 flumefire +10 half orc FCB +10 evocation school +6 evocation school familiar +12 furious spell, +3traits +2 alchemical components)

and we can still empower it :D
(as long as you have metamagic reducing traits)

Use the boost meta word on the burst target word, and we can make this a 40ft radius, thankfully wordspells can actually make you immune to elements...

Anyway long story short, cross blooded has draw backs, but I'm willing to take them :)

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If you're going cross blooded, make sure you're Human. Those bonus spells known every level will make up for your lost spells known. You will still be a full spell level behind a wizard, but as you mentioned, with metamagics (especially Intensify) it really won't hurt all that much.

Geruverrda, you aren't using Word Spells correctly. That Fire Burst Word effect has a max of 10d6, it doesn't matter if you have a 20 Caster Level. You can raise the total damage dice only to 15d6 with Intensify Spell. If you have more than one damaging Word in the spell, you don't add another 10d6, or 5d6. Word casters at level 11 don't do 25d6 with one 6th level spell, while other level 11 casters that aren't Word Casters are only doing 11d6 with a 6th level spell like Chain Lightning. Ask your GM and even ask the other players you're with if your base damage is over double what any other caster can do (with no build involved) sounds reasonable to them.

Is the DM going to give you exactly all these specific magic items, whenever you get the gold to afford them? That ioun stone is 30k, the Prayer Beads are 45k. I hope your DM gives you tons of gold/treasure as you level.

The Otherwordly Kimono adds to Caster Level checks, not to the Caster Level of all your spells. That doesn't add to your damage, it helps you get past things like Spell Resistance, or when someone tries to Dispel your spells.

You also need to check with the GM if you can use Word Casting with feats/traits that say you have to pick a specific spell, like Spell Specialization and Spell Perfection. A Word like Fire Burst can be seen as a specific spell, but when you combine it with other Words it changes to a different spell. A specific combination of Words can probably be used as one specific spell.

I had made a mistake on otherworldly kimono, but not on wordspells,

If you read the word spells page, it is very clear, you can combine effect words, and by combining effect words, you can boost the damage of the spell, up to caster level,

So flame burst, shocking arc, frost fingers and wrack, can be combined into 1 level 6 spell, that deals up to 10d6 fire, 10d6 electric, and 5d6 cold damage, this spell will also have the fire, electric, cold, and pain descriptors, for the entire spell, so each die gains the bonus damage that applies to each die of a fire spell

All told the spell has a max damage of 25d6, and while that won't happen at level 11, it will by level 20, when even without the extra gold we get, you should have 800,000 or so by level 20 and, when you use metamagic on a word spell, it applies to each word, raising each cap by 5d6, again, limited by caster level

However even at level 11 karma prayer beads and an orange prism ioun stone are affordable, stack on +1 cl from a trait, and +1 variaon tatto and even at level 11, I can throw 18d6 without too much trouble, better yet, I can do so with just the fire and electric words, so this would be a level 5 spell that deals up to 20d6, but my caster level would leave it at 18d6

And as far as the words counting as spells, for traits and feats, already cleared by the gm.

And yes a word spell can do higher base damage then regular spell, by combining words, otherwise no one would use it, as wordspells have next to no utility.

Word spells Don't even get a light cantrip, they get an equivalent level 1 spell, their version of vanish can only ever last 1 round, no feather fall, no true dispel magic, by using word casting, you significantly limit your options as a caster, unless your blasting, then you can design an AOE damage spell, that needs a will save for have damage, and means evasion doesn't apply :)

Long story short, I do understand the mechanics, I am simply looking for other possible bonuses for a fire blaster sorcerer

*cramp, not wrack*

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