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I've spoken to the GM about it, and I can't put up too much information. Seb has my sheet and can answer any queries you have

The spoiler from Slaavathras to Devapala doesn't open :/

Sorry, had a bit of busyness last few days

Where did the creature move? We've got people on both sides of it?

Is there a rule that every character's first grand entrance HAS to have a nat 1? :p

Is the golem on the map? I can't see it. Also can I post Devapala into th3 fight now?

I was more asking because

Secret stuff:
Mahu's Apostle of the Xxyth (Apostle Kyton) template grants SR=11+CR, not HD as is normal.

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Psst! In case you hadn't noticed, Seb is kinda *insane* :P in the best way heh

Question tho actually: for CR based things from our Templates, do we count as CR=Character Level or do we add the CR from the templayes as well?

Seb, there's nothing in your most recent IC post :p

Because a Fighter gets a "Fighter Bonus Feat" at level 1 and level 2.

Level 1) 1 Normal Feat, 1 Fighter Feat [x2 for each Gestalt side] =4
Level 2) 1 Fighter Feat, 1 'Getting a Normal Feat Every Level' [x2] =4
Level 3) 1 Normal Feat [x2]

And so on.

Again, this is what was in the Giantitp game anr we had the same discussion there. If you decide its 4-2-4-2-4-2, amd just stick with that, that is fine.

Just confirming that difference to ensure no wires got crossed

In the giant itp game it was

1- 4 Feats
2- 4 Feats
3- 2 Feats
4- 4 feats
5- 2 Feats
6- 4 feats

The idea being that you gained feats as if Both sides of the Gestalt were fighters (Feat at 1, 2, 4, 6), who also gained a normal feat every level, instead of every odd level

Alright, blurb for Devapala, Seb, she's slightly changed from the Giant game, to fit better into Dark Sun. I think her focusing on 'Ending' the Sorcerers - perhaps even their source of power itself, is a better catch than her original one. Makes her NG as well, which fits a *little* better. Though TBH, she's on the Neutral side of NG

Hailing from Raam, Devapala is a "Scholar of Endings", part-historian, part-sage, and, under Abalach-Re, part-revolutionary. Among the Desi, she was born into a family of historians, the idea being for each scion to be able to guide others thanks to the knowledge of history. This knowledge is more than just memorized, it is a part of her, informing her actions through the whispers of her ancestors in her blood. Her 'magic', such as it is, comes from her own body, from understanding the lines of power that exist to link her flesh and soul - chakras, essentially. This knowledge and power was, however, a potential threat to the Sorcerer-Queen, Abalach-Re, and not long ago, her family and home were wiped out, leaving the elf to roam afar, searching for what might give her the power to bring an ending to a sorcerer-queen...

Also, I'm new to the Paizo forums - how do I add me character to the Aliases?

Heya, just checking something as I bring my character Devapala up to your level, when you added the bonus HP from Mythic ranks, did you add it to vigor or wounds?

Yo, Im one of the new people joining (Genth from Giantitp). Just saying hello here, and getting my chara ready for this one. Looking forward to it!