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Tania, knowing her friend only too well, smiles at Talliree and grips her hand tightly, saying, "I know you will, Tal, I know you will.". Then with some effort to maintain her own smile, tucked into the food herself.

Volo answers Hob, "Indeed Mr opportunity. Now while the edifice is definitely in need of some repair, it is it's history and centrality to rumor that made me acquire it !"

For a short time, it is quiet except for the smacking of lips, the sips of drink and the murmurs of appreciation from the diners, when Tania brightens again, "Oh, there she is." pointing with a forked sausage out into the festive hall.

There at a table, Ellena was in animated discussion with one of the member of last night's band.

"Seen who?" Tania says as she enters the dining room, rubbing her eyes, her hair a wild halo around her head.

With really waiting for an answer, she sits next to Taliree, bumps her shoulder with her own and digs in....then around a mouthful of food, "When do we go see this dump? I gotta get on the road..."

Volo bustles in , catching Mitchell and Himo's question, "Indeed, we shall introduce our heroes to their new property. But first we eat, and then we take care of the legalities!" he declares, sampling a plump , greasy sausage. Finding it to his liking, he piles another half dozen on a plate and begins to noisily consume them, grinning at everyone, seeming very pleased with himself.

@Talliree Not really my thing, but good luck with your crazy Dinner adventure !

@Ellena I was in your situation almost 1 year ago. I was in about a dozen campaigns, all of which I enjoyed , but logging in a posting felt , as you say, like a chore...a job. I started to feel quite guilty if I was late posting, and it actually started to make me anxious. So I got out, said my apologies and took a break from the boards until last fall.... Now it's fun again, I'm making sure I don't overload, trying to give back to the community by running some games that lost their GMs... Take a break, there'll be a spot here for you when you return.


Yup!! :)

With gentle bump, the Shrike comes to rest in her berth, surrounded by the cacophony of a busy port...sailors calling insults and greetings alike, stevedores and their bosses shouting and groaning under loads of plunder and trade, the shrieking calls of the busy sea birds , tradesmen arguing with Captains and 1st Mates over prices...Music to a crew new to port!

The Shrike's sailors get busy replacing sails and rigging, hauling up the cook's wagon for his foraging, generally getting the ship ready for it's next foray out
into the sea.

The Cook, satisfied his small wagon was ship-shape for his trip into town, gathers a few stout sailors to accompany him and supervises the lifting of the wagon out onto the busy dock, "All ready to re-provision, Cap'n" he declares to Isaac, patting his pouch where he's holding the small bit of the treasury accorded him for that

With a lackadaisical salute, the Cook sets out on his hunt for victuals.

Satisfied that the crew was occupied, the senior staff can take their leave of the Shrike and look to finding the Temple of Calistria...

Diplomacy DC 10 check to find out where the Temple is... Also, who's going off and working on increasing Infamy with tales of your exploits
and who's going recruiting? Remember each takes a full day...

Also a decent time for Alabaster and Gareth to make their introductions...

A ribald night, followed by a mostly peaceful slumber, most of you are each woken by a discreet knock at the door and the porter outside calling , "Breakfast served in 30 minutes. Same location as last night. "

Mitchell's companion's eye open and take in his routine, smiling and stretching, her body beautiful in the morning light. She glances at the light coming in
the window and guages the time. With a curse, she leaps out of bed and quickly dresses, catching the look on Mitchell's face, pacing over and
planting a quick kiss on his lips, "My name is Mel...your's is Mitchell. See you around!" she says happily, spinning around and slipping out the door.

Each of you finds any clothing or equipment you requested to be cleaned, either hanging or neatly folded on a nearby table.

Talliree finds that at some point during the night, Talia managed to enter her room and curl up with her in her bed, holding her tight for part of the
night and morning.

Indeed, both congrats and sorry to hear.
Take care of what you need to...we're not going anywhere :)

Keeping one eye on the water and the other on Lucius, Isaac expertly guides the Shrike into the churning waters around the reefs, feeling the water push and pull at the ship.

"Steady..." Lucius cautions, holding a hand up as waves crash on reef heads to starboard and port, then cutting down with his hand and shouting, "Hard to port!"

With confidence, Isaac spins the wheel to port, knowing his sailors aloft and on deck would respond correctly. Indeed, yells and shouts come from aloft as sails were dropped and raised to assist with the maneuver.

A shudder runs through the ship as it grazes some underwater obstacle, "No worries, Cap'n! That was well done, we're passed the worst of it! Keep straight on, two points south, if you'd please!"

And with a final push from the surf, the Shrike floats free and clear into the calm bay of Quent.

Rolling his shoulders and extending his hand, Lucius comments, "Very good for a first try, Cap'n, it's be child's play the next time. Head on over to the Southernmost dock, there's a berth open there!"

And the with a wave to the crew, he clambers overboard into the waiting skiff, the men inside rowing him swiftly away from the Shrike

Much is eaten, and much more is drunk. Volo's voluminous vocabulary is incessant but always entertaining. Renaer and Floon partake with gusto, telling tall tales about each other to all who will listen.

At various times, Tania takes each of her friends aside and rather drunkenly and at times tearily, apologies for attempting to run of quickly. Her decision to stay is the best she's ever made, she'll even stay tomorrow to see the deed signed and transferred...maybe even have a look at the place before departing for Baldur's Gate.

As the night progresses, the party out in the festive hall and yours bleed into each other , as Volo is quite a popular person; as are the party for saving Floon.

Finally, as the band once again plays a version of Ellena's song, beds beckon and Renaer and Floon make their excuses and stagger back to their rooms, Floon arm and arm with a pretty red head.

Volo shakes his head, "Can't stay out of trouble, that one! Nara will have his head! " he chuckles.

Mitchell finds his flirting returned with interest by a number of maidens, but one that caught his eye was a lass from Neverwinter, a winsome brunette that sang with the band a number of times.

"Will do, Cap'n, will do. Firstly tho, we need a bit o'justments to the sails.." Lucius drawls, before shouting up at the crew up in the sails to trim a number of them down.

The satisfied, Lucius looks at the sky, nodding, "A bit of a blow coming out of the east....we should be docked by the time it gets here, tho!"

"OK, boyos! Heave anchor!" he bellows, before leaning over to Issac, "Now Cap'n, our first maneuver.. see that pointy rock on the shore there....head straight for it! Then get ready to heave over to port! I'll tell ya when! "

The pirate pilot looks like he's really enjoying himself.

Issac, give me a Sailor check...

What I meant to type was that there's alot of people wearing the robes over street clothes as well....

Whatever Talliree is comfortable with!!! :)

All clean smelling and rid of any air of sewer-delving, the group enters the festive hall, seeing many other guests sporting the Rebuke's wonderfully comfy bathrobes.

A cheer and clapping erupts as the other guests see the heroes enter, word travels fast, and Floon is a popluar fellow.

Waving to the other guests, Volo smiles and ushers you all into an adjoining room...where a feast awaits.

Enough food to feed a company of soldiers lines the center line of a long table. Delicacies from all corner of the Realms are arrayed before you, and drink aplenty along sideboards to the left and right. Against the back wall, another array, this time of sweets and fancies tempt the palate.

"Come, eat, drink...let us celebrate!" Volo exclaims, waving around an meaty rib of some sort, waving you all in to sit and partake.

As the food is eaten and the drink drunk, Volo maintains a constant stream of commentary and opinion, having himself traveled most of the Realms himself. But , his most frequent subject is Waterdeep herself, his home.

I've added a link to the Gameplay tab to a document that contains all of the info that Volo has on Waterdeep...have a read, lots of interesting facts etc...

Indeed, it's very worries, hope all is well.

Currently, seems to be de rigeur up here on the 2nd floor, just as many in bathrobes as in street all don't feel out of place at all :)

Lucius nods sagely, "Aye, them be a scurvy plague in these waters ...but better than wyverns any day!" he says with a laugh.

"By your leave, Cap'n?" he inquires, before making his way up to the wheel and having a chat with the sailor there.

Looking back at Issac, "This one gonna be steering, Cap'n?"

Everyone seems to think getting clean is a good idea and make their way to the baths. Mitchell's chiseled physique attracts the admiring glances of a few female staff members, and even one of the male.

Ten tubs line the two walls of this stone walled room, silken privacy curtains tied off .

All of the waters send wafts of steam up into the air, all at a steady temperature of....ahhhhh, that feels wonderful

The others find Talliree and Tania...and Mr Whiskers already enjoying themselves.

As the heroes soak, music from the nearby festive hall reaches them through the walls, and you're positive that you hear a rendition of Ellena's song being performed.

After a period of soaking and scrubbing, one of the porters arrives with fresh towels and robes, addressing Volo's red cheeked face as it peeks just above the steaming water, "Your private room in the festive hall is ready, Sir"

"Excellent!" Volo exclaims, standing up and clapping his sudsy hands together, sending soap bubbles here and there, "Come everyone...vittles awaits!" he says, sending Himo a wink.

With out any modestly, he steps out and grabs a robe, hurrying out and, presumably, off the his room.

Well, you'd have to level up to 7.

Easy you're in Quent for some reason that can be up to you, you and Gareth can work out some relationship for the last 3 levels so when you meet up with your old comrades, he'll come along for the ride :)

i figure your gear at about 4100 , so like Gareth you can spend up to 21167 - 4100 = 17167 to get to WBL.


A porter stops on the way to Talliree's room, overhearing Mitchell's plans, "Sir, the locks on your room have some magical properties, your possessions will be quite safe."

He then enters Talliree's room, and says to her, "Of course, I'll be right back. You can leave your soiled clothing the the basket by the door and they'll be laundered over night. "

He leaves Talliree's room and repeats that option to those still talking in the hall as well as the option for complimentary robes and sleep wear, should the be desired.

"I don't mind at all!" the voice responds, as the pilot climbs the rope net lowered by the crew.

After a moment, a tall man springs over the gunwale, to stand before Issac, sweeping his hat from his head in a low sweeping bow, "Lucius Nerro, Pilot First Class, at your service, Captain Silvermane! "

He looks about at the Shrike, as if checking it's seaworthiness, before turning his gaze back to Isaac, "No trouble from me, Cap'n, I'm here to make sure you get through that unscathed..." he says pointing to where the surf cuts itself to pieces on the sharp corral, pieces of unfortunate ships jutting out here and there.

"Let's get you into port, now, the Missus let us know you'd be made good time from Port Peril!" he declares, rubbing his hands together.

Gareth, as I said before, edward took the rapier , so you're WBL target is 21167

Certainly, if you wish to return, welcome.

The crew cheers from the rigging as Diana dispatches the leader of the skum raiders, but quickly begin shouting back and forth to each other in an attempt to get the ship back on tack.

The Silver Shrike surges through the seas, as if invigorated by the thrill of victory of the skum!

The ship makes excellent time, good winds behind and soon the protected bay guarding Quent is spied by the lookout.

Much shouting and jostling ensues as the Shrike heaves to and drops anchor to await the pilot, who will guide them past the dangerous reefs guarding the bay.

After a short time, a swift skiff navigates the surf and slides up close to the Shrike, the pilot calling out, "Ho! Shrike! Permission to come aboard?!"

Going to assume all are healed up, with Sandara's help.

Hey guys....sorry I lied!! :)

Basically I've picked up two side contracts, and have had to spend the last week or so sorting out my schedule.

Now that that's done, I'll be getting back in to the swing of things.

All geared up, Gareth? Same as before or any changes?

Many apologies for the delay. Just took on two side contracts and it's taken me a few extra days to sort out scheduling my free time around them. Should be good to go from now on.

Volo leads the party, Renear and Floon out into the chill night, your cloaks and hair whipped about by the biting wind.

As he walks, he smiles as you all talk about the possibilites the Manor provides you, satisfied he's made a good deal for his friend Floon's life.

You're lead to and fro, through the late evening streets, across courtyards and down dark alleys, the star filled night revealed by a narrow gaps between the tall
building on either side. He talks as he walks, detailing events and rumors about seemingly every rock and corner of his beloved city.
Presently, after going on and on about a wizards's duel that occured 50 years ago in the last plaza crossed, he comes to the mouth of an alley. On either side, semi-respectable tenements and a few shops, now closed.

Holding up a finger, he warns, "Quiet now! I'm not supposed to know about this entrance." he says with a smile then disappears into the dark.
With a roll of his eyes, Renear follows, motioning you to accompany him.

As you enter, the darkness is lessened by a number of softly glowing motes of light that float here and there, revealing a small courtyard, bordered on all sides by brick walls, now covered by leafless vines. The walls ascend , revealing no windows or balconies that usually decorate such enclosed spaces in the city.

Humming Ellena's song, Volo taps a number of different brick, then sharply raps one in particular , causing it to pivot revealing a cavity. Reaching within, Volo causes a concealed door to open partially, spilling hot steamy air into the cold night.

"Come, this opens into the kitchen !" Volo exclaims excitedly, pulling the door open revealing a busy kitchen, cooks working feverishly, chopping and stirring. Helpers scurries to and fro carrying dishes, dirty and clean. All of this overseen by a short, spare woman standing on a box in the corner, her eye seeing every detail, her tongue lashing the lazy , scouring the incompetent.

Then her eyes settle on Yolo, "Yolo, close that door , you buffoon!" she cries, nodding to a waiting elf, who takes up her position...and scolding.

"Come in, Come in!" the woman commands, ushering you all in, clasping Renear's arms fondly, but giving Floon a cool look before moving on to Yolo ( you think there might be history there)

"You fool! she admonishes the writer fiercely but fondly, "That entrance is for deliveries only!"

Yolo leans in and whispers in her ear, talking excitedly, gesturing towards you and finally towards Floon.

Pushing him away, she looks to Renaer for comfirmation. At his nod, she clasps her hands together, tears welling up in her eyes, "You've done a great thing! I thank you. Come, anything you want on the house!" she declares, wiping away at her moist cheeks, her gaze going again to Floon, but a gaze that is much softer and warmer than before ( Yes, definitely some history there! )

Yolo, rubbing his hands together with glee, comes to escort you all out of the kitchen, when he's brought up short by the woman, "Not you , vagabond. You pay like the others!" she says laughing, as Renaer pulls out a small bag of coins and tosses it to the woman, "Always the bag man, Renaer?!!" she excaims, laughing some more.

As she moves to take up her place on the box again, she turns back and says, "Be welcome and partake! I am Nara...and this is my Rebuke!!!" she says, holding her hands up with a smile, turning slowly.

Then with a motion of her hand, the elf drops down from her box and listens carefully to Nara as she give him instructions , pointing at your group.

Nodding, he smiles and advances towards you. With a slight bow, he says, "I am Nevinn, I hear you are Nara's guests tonight, please let me show you to your rooms..."

Without waiting, he takes you from the kitchen and up a narrow staircase, entering into a well appointed hallway with several door, "I will place you in adjacent rooms." he says indicating a number along one wall. Passing out keys to each of you, he says, "On the main floor you will find the tavern, a private dining room can be made available if you desire. "

Then he indicates and other wider stair case, "Up stairs you will find music and the baths. On this floor , through those doors is the gambling room if such a diversion suits you."

He then pauses, "In each room there is a rope. If you need anything tug once and a porter will come shortly. Tug thrice if there is an emergency."

The Nevinn inclines his head, "Enjoy your stay at the Rebuke" and departs, allowing you to invesitgate your rooms.

Now, up to you if you want to roleplay any events etc here, or just hand wave on to the next day's events...

Hey hey

Busy finishing up my prep...hope to get this back track this weekend.

Edward...are u taking that Gareth can finalize his gear

Though she wanted to make a quick departure to avoid tears and...well, feelings, Tania's friends made that impossible.

She gives Himo a smile at his blessing, a wider smile at Mitchell's clumsy but heartfelt offering, helping him to place the token securely in her belt pouch.

She nods to Hob, accepting his invitation and grateful for whatever prayers he offers.

But, it's Talliree's farewell that breaks her. She turns to leave after embracing the wild half-elf, and turning her head back sees Talliree unhappily plop back into her chair.

With a snort and a shake of her head, Tania rushes back to the table, tossing her pack to the side and declaring, "The old man can wait one night! " smiling at Talliree, then slapping her hand on the table, looking pointedly at Yolo and the deed.

"Oh, yes!" Yolo stammers, picking up his stylus and quickly inscribing Himo's name on the deed.

Renaer grins and says, "Most excellent! Talliree mentioned a desire to be entertained at one of Waterdeeps finer establishments...Yolo , any ideas?"

The writer ponders for a moment, tapping his stylus on his chin, not noticing the ink being deposited there, before thrusting the writing implement into the air, "Yes! I think Nara's Rebuke will do! I know the owner quite well...good food, drink and music.. and wonderful baths ! "

He gathers up the deed and his writing gear, "We can make this official tomorrow ! But first, let us celebrate! Shall we?"

Edward Irmington wrote:
Ah, i have a Besmara's Tricorne.

That's it? :)

Looks like there's an unclaimed magical rapier in the loot tracker, Brine's Sting...

Gareth, I'm fine with Culling, but after I adjust the WBL you might not be able to afford it right away.

Thanks, Diana....missed it.

So the average WBL changes to : 18596....21167 if Edward takes up Brine's Sting.

I've also copied the previous GMs campaign docs over to my Google Drive. Try them out , make sure you can use them.


Hi guys,
sorry for the wait...some RL stuff delayed my efforts.

Here's the WBLs according to Herolab (:
Diana Seamist 13608
Issac 27632
Jaina 12151

Edward, your profile doesn't show any magic you need to update?

Diana and Jaina are a bit low...I checked the loot tracker and saw that Jaina was listed as having Zul...but its not on your profile.

Archlich, I'm going to take the average of WBL of the current players and that'll be your starting point. Once I clarify Jaina's and Edward's equipment status :)


Tania's eyes light up at Ellena's musical rendering of the group's efforts to find Floon, and a wide smile crosses her face as the reality of what the deed represents occurs to her.

Himo's entrance further buoys her spirits, but his mention of her father causes a scowl to form on her face, "My Aunt you say told you this? " she asks, her frown easing a bit as Himo confirms his tale.

All know that within Tania's extended family, only her Aunt has been one that could be trusted. If the bad news came from was most likely to be true.

Tania thinks for a moment, then her mind is made up, "I hate the man....but he's my Pa, I have to see him before he dies. So I'm off to Baldur's Gate....alone! You all have a new tavern to see to! " she says forcefully, a hand up , forestalling any objection, especially from Talliree.

She gathers her wild friend up in a giant hug, and kisses her gently, "You have to take care of our friends, Tal." she says simply, the grabs Himo by his shirt and pulls him close, "You watch Tal's back as good as I it?" she says seriously.

Then, grabbing her pack, she points at Yolo, "Get him," pointing at Himo, "on that deed...he's one of us."

Then looking each of her friends in the eye, she blinks back some tears, smiles and departs the inn in a rush...

Indeed, feel better Decimus

The journey back through the sewers is uneventful, the party follows the same markings that led them to the hideout. They do notice that the markings are starting to fade, so it's a good thing they're leaving now.

You all wash up with the clean water and brushes courteously left by Xanathar's lackeys and ascend the ladder into the secret room.

Hefting the box of landscapes, you open the secret door to see a transformed warehouse,not a box or crate hasn't been opened and emptied, the detritus of a hasty pillaging scattered across the floor.

An urchin leaning over a nearby box, looks up with alarm when you emerge. With a squawk he sprints out of the warehouse, arms filled with last summer's foot fashion.

Renaer laughs at Mr. Whisker's antics and Talliree's enthusiastic desire to taste the finer establishments Waterdeep has to offer, "Volo is the expert on such places, let us hasten back, he must be sick with worry!"

The victorious party leaves the warehouse, a cutting north wind whipping the meager snow fall here and there, and makes their way to the Yawning Portal...

...Entering the tavern, accompanied by a strong gust of wind, the party, Renaer and Floon are immediately seen by a worried looking Yolo, who jumps up with a yell and runs over to congratulate you on a deed well done!

"Ah , my friends " he pratically yells, gathering each into a strong hug, the gathering his friend Floon into a closer embrace, his elation at his safe return more than evident.

"Drings on me!" he does yell, to the happiness of the assorted adventurers scattered about the 'Portal, "Come...Come and sit and tell me of your adventure." he demands , laughing,and arm slung aroung Renaer's shoulders.

He's very serious about hearing details about finding Floon, his ever present notebook beside his flagon.

Feel free to RP telling your tale...

As he jots down notes, Renaer leans over and whispers into Yolo's ear. Yolo's eyes widen and he sheepishly smiles at the party, "Ah, Ren has reminded my of my obligation to you!"

His sheephish smile becomes even more sheepish,as you realize he may have stretched the facts of his ability to pay the reward a little, as he says, "I confess that I have but few coins to spare. But never let it be said that Volo reneges on a promise. Allow me to present something much more valuable ." He holds out a scroll tube. The deed to a remarkable property here in Waterdeep! We'll need a magistrate to witness the transfer of ownership. I'll arrange a meeting with one after you've inspected the estate and deemed it satisfactory"

The Deed

He lays the scroll tube on the table, waiting for your reaction to his offer...

Happy New Year guys,

My apologies for not getting back to this, the holidays were a whirl wind of visiting and visitors, much more so than previous years.

Was just getting my wind back around new years when I got sick again... will get a post up soon.


Well after 3-4 days of misery, and about 8 lbs , I recovered...only to step into the maelstrom of christmas activities I need to get caught up on....finally calmed down, will get back to regular posting...sorry for the absence..

Yesterday had to deal with pukey I'm a pukey will come when I'm able....sorry. still with us?
Make sure to make your cleric 2nd level as well.

Bone wearying kind of day...will get that post up tomorrow.

I'm always a fan of you can roll here if u want to, but must take the result....or take the average rounded up for your class.

Renaer smiles and declares, "Have no worries tonight, your libations and lodging are my honor to pay tonight! Come let us not tarry here , our objective has been met!"

He clasps his friend , Floon, about the shoulders then waits for you all to lead them out of the sewers.

Seems majority are for getting while the getting is good....bigger post to come...You can all work on leveling up to 2nd in the meantime!

The door Talliree opens, swivels silently on hidden hinges, revealing....the sewer. The smell, for a while just a drying memory on your boots, assails you once again.

Leaning out, Talliree can see the original platform they found directly in front of her, and then looking back , she can see that the door was obviously designed to fit flush against the
sewer wall, hidden from view.

Renaer smiles at Mitchell and motions with his hand as if to say, "Lead on!"

Map updated

Hmm..I seem to have lost a post from a day or so ago...I'll get it up again a bit later..

Talliree finds two of the other doors lead to non-descript rooms with old straw pallets on the floor and rust manacles bolted to the walls.

The other door beside the one leading to the now dead goblin guard leads to a short corridor ending in a small door with a metal handle.

Tania nods at Talliree's observation, "That's right, it just up and vanished!!! I bet if it was still here...we'd be pretty dead."

Sorry guys, got caught up in some RL stuff

The goblin lets out a startled, "Urk!! before it's breath leaves it for the last time.

Mitchell eavesdrops on Renaer's conversation with Floon, hearing Renaer reiterate what he's already told the party: his father while Open Lord of Waterdeep, supposedly embezzeled a large sum of gold. The Stone of Golorr is the Zhent's means of finding the gold. The Xanathar had this artifact , but someone stole it. The Zhent's though Renaer had it or knew where it was...which is why they kidnapped Floon....thinking it was Renaer.

Floon is quite understanding about the whole thing, "Let's get back to the Yawning Portal...I could use a drink!"

The snoring goblin snorts a bit when the door squeaks as Talliree eases it opens, but begins to buzz again almost immediately.

Talliree sees a room much like the other , the goblin sentry is ensconced in the very arrow niche it should have been guarding.

It is unaware of its pending fate...does anyone prevent Talliree from delivering it's doom upon it's sleeping head?

Talliree sneaks about listening at each door...

Door 1:

Nothing is heard.

Door 2:

Snoring , definitely goblin snoring, can be heard.

Door 3:

Nothing is heard.

Door 4:

Nothing is heard.

Hob is absolutely certain that the mosaic and the wall markings, and the tattoos on Baldy are all trying to represent the same thing.

Talliree Yndercook wrote:
Okay, I'm confused. I thought we were going back to where we ran into Baldilocks and then your post made it seem like we were in the room the illithid went into then disappeared from, but it doesn't look like you've added that room yet. I'm guessing that there are three other doors in the room we found our rescuee in?'re confused! :) You and Ellena just went into the room where the flayer vanished...through the double doors from the room you found Grum'shar and Floon. On the map that is the long narrow room with the two the left is the room you're in now, with the 4 doors.

Check the map, Talliree....there are four doors visible...

Ellena and Talliree move into the next room, seeing an empty room with only one thing of note. On the floor is a mosaic...a perfect circle with ten equidistant spokes radiating outward from its circumference. In the middle is a tile that bears a passing resemblance to a lidless eye.

Tanis enters after, saying "That's where the thingy as standing..." pointing at the mosaic.

Renaer looks at Mitchell, then nods, kneeling down with his friend, talking quietly with him about why he had to go through with his ordeal.

Map updated

Floon slowly sits up and pushes his friend Renaer's hands away with a low laugh, "I'm sore fer sure, but not dyin' quite yet! I felt worse after that brawl at the Scutter's Oar! You remember that one, Ren?" he chuckles, then winces at a pain in his side.

Talliree arrives to clean some of the cuts on his face and wrap a bandage around his forehead, Floon grows quiet watching Talliree's face as she works, despite her obvious fatigue. "Thank you, m'lady " he says seriously.

Standing, he rolls his shoulders a bit, wincing some more, "He, " he says, indicating the body of Grum'shar, " had a weak punch, all of this was done by that grey skinned dwarf and his buddy, Mr Eyes-all-over."

He puts a hand on Renaer's shoulder, "Thanks my friend, " then turning to the party, "And thanks to you as well, that orcy might have been weak, but he had some I might have been a gonner if you hadn't shown up. "

He gives Renaer a look and asks, "He kept asking me about some Stone of Golorr...but then again, he thought I was you. You know anything about that?"

Renaer shares a looks with the party and says, "Let's talk about that later, let's get you out of here."

He then looks expectantly at the party...

Sorry if I wasn't completely clear, Talliree...Tania killed the half-orc....I thought "... cutting him down with brutal efficiency." was enough to convey that. Sorry for any confusion. Nice post, though :)

Renaer looks up from tending to his friend , "Do any of you know any or possess any healing magic?

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