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If a PC is killed, how does that affect the timeline considering the time travel aspect of the AP?

Paizo Order #7468196

I ordered the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (5E) Hardcover

I received the same book, for for the Pathfinder system.

What do I need to do to resolve this and get the correct book?

My party for this AP looks like this:

Human Sister in Arms Cavalier
Ratfolk Vexing Dodger Rogue
Changeling Invoker Witch

For the fourth spot, my player wants to run a Druid.
She's interested in focusing on Wildshape, because she loves Druids, but has always been more of a caster focused player in the past.

Any advice on something that would be thematically appropriate for this AP?

Thank you.

We are given the Militia Tracking Sheet and some notes regarding its use, but we have to buy another book to use it?
Or, will the rules for militias be added to one of the AP books?

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I am very excited to run CotCT when the hardcover edition is released.

I am assessing my library of Pathfinder books and would like advice as to what books would be most useful to have when preparing and running a CotCT campaign.

I assume the Guide to Korvosa is helpful (I have that and am reading it over now)

Thanks - and if this has been covered in another thread, please point me in that direction.

My Pathfinder group has been together for a while, and we have never played CotCT. Now that the hardcover is announced, I'm excited.
Based on what I've read on the boards here, this is an amazing AP an I really want to run it for my group.

Question: with all the new classes / options available, what do those of you who have run this (as a GM or player) believe would be the most fun or thematic?

I realize that without the Player's Guide, and an understanding of the amnesia in the first book (why do they not remember, what caused it, etc.), that character design at this time is not possible.

I have been brainstorming classes and archetypes that may be thematically appropriate for the AP - just for fun (and because I'm way too excited to run this).

So far, I have the following:

Investigator -anyone who's played Call of Cthulhu can relate

Oracle w/ Dark Tapestry domain

Cartomancer Witch - the "gypsy Harrowcard reader" - and witches have may appropriate choices for Patrons

Deepwalker Ranger - the abberation hunter

Again - just kicking ideas around.
Please share your ideas with the community. This AP feels like it needs some unique characters, and I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.

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I am planning to renew my AP subscription for Strange Aeons and I wanted to get some feedback from the community.

Is this AP meant to utilize Occult Adventures (psychic magic, etc) or Horror Adventures, or both?
I read the synopsis of Horror Adventures and it mentions new archetypes, but not new classes. It also seems to be more traditional horror and not geared so much toward Mythos horror (with the exception of sanity rules, which I assume will be reprinted in the Strange Aeons AP).

I understand that there is limited official information out there at this time, but I am looking for opinions.

Thank you, and remember - do not call up, that which you can not put down.

I am getting a group together to start a campaign set in the world of Midgard (Kobold Press). I plan to use Zobeck and Tales of the Old Margreve to get the party started, and then introduce Halls of the Mountain King as a sort of "going back home" for the Dwarves.

As I begin to plan, I am wondering what kind of interesting background I can use for the party. Dwarves tend to be loyal to their clans, so what would make them leave home?

I considered having them be outcasts or exiles, sent away for something their father did. Then they could return later to restore the family name, etc.

I am looking for suggestions...
Thank you.

I have just recently discovered the awesomeness of Kobold Press material and I am planning on switching my gaming group over to a Midgard campaign.

I know in the past there have been various sales on Kobold Press merchandise - does anyone know if another sale/promotion is coming up?
I have a lot of books to buy.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription.

Thank you.

My players loved Kingmaker.

It was their favorite AP so far, and I enjoyed running it. It took me back to the days when I was in high school and had the time to craft my own world and GM "on the fly".

I keep hoping to see another from Paizo. Numeria? The "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" AP?

Is there any other published campaign (that is Pathfinder compatible), that would have the same sandbox feel?

I am aware that Fire Mountain Games is releasing Throne of Night later in the year (an underground sandbox style AP). Any others?

Thank you for any info/advice.

In her discussion with the Pc's Sheila tells them "The shards are linked in sequence, with each shard pointing the way to one of that shard's oppositional school..."

The second shard is Pride, the third is Lust (NOT an opposition to Pride)

I'm having difficulty explaining how Sheila just cracks a couple books and lays out all the knowledge on how to find and assemble this Artifact.

How are you handling it in your games?

Oriana's stats appear to be too high.

I calculated with a 15-point buy, +2 to a single stat for human, and 2 +1's (4th level and 8th level increases). Still, she appears to be built with at least 20 points.

Am I missing something?

This order is listed as "pending".
On 2/7 I received an email saying it would ship in a week or so.
On 2/11 I added items to it.
Now, on 2/21, it is still pending. Is something wrong with the order or is there an item holding it back from shipping? A few of the items are gifts and I am hoping to receive the order in time. Please let me know whats happening. Thank you.

I have a question about one of the "Flagship Boons" in the Fleet Battles rules:

"Loyalty" reads - Whenever you recruit a new squadron, all squadrons gain a +2 on morale checks (this bonus does not stack if multiple squadrons are recruited).

I'm having trouble understanding the mechanics of this. Does it mean that every time I recruit a new squadron I raise the morale of my other existing squadrons by 2? Or does it mean that every time I recruit a new squadron, the new squadron itself gains 2?

Also, I didn't see a Fleet Battles questions thread. If my question belongs somewhere else, please move it. Thank you.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription. I want to skip the Beginner's Box.

Please cancel my Module Subscription.

I have a very small group that consists of 2 players.

I am currently running Kingmaker for them and the party is made up of their characters and 2 NPCs that are managed (played) by me.

The only problem I have with this is that I tend to lose some of the NPC's personality because I am juggling them as well as the other NPCs in the world around them.

In the future, I am considering dialing it back to 1 NPC in the party.

How I would need to modify the AP so as not to be too overpowering for them? Or, would the increased XP gain from only having 3 party members offset the issue?

I have been reading a lot of threads regarding magic items, how to reign them in, make them more unique / special / rare, etc.

I like the ideas, and I want my next campaign to have a better feel to it (no Bob's Magic Emporium).

With regards to "Stat Boost" items, I had the following idea:

Remove items with statistic enhancements, and rather than give characters a stat increase every four levels, give them an increase every two levels.

It seems that this would allow them more flexibility in how they progress and keep them from needing the items.

Have any of you done something like this in your games?

I GM for a very small group - I have 2 players.

I don't have a problem with that as I usually run 2 NPCs to make up a group of 4. It worked well through Rise of the Runelords and is fine in the Kingmaker AP as well.

My concern is after reading the first book in the Serpent's Skull AP, I see a large focus on NPCs. I don't want to manage an island of castaways in addition to my 2 NPCs in the player's group.

Can anyone tell me if, as the AP progresses, the NPC demands get lighter?

My players and I are absolutely loving Kingmaker.

Based on the success of the Kingmaker AP, can we expect another "sandbox style" AP in the future?

I had hoped that there may be a pirate themed Kingmaker/sandbox in the future, but I have seen in another thread that there are no plans for any pirate APs.

I am hoping that we can see more sandbox style APs though (please).