Character advice for a Druid

Return of the Runelords

My party for this AP looks like this:

Human Sister in Arms Cavalier
Ratfolk Vexing Dodger Rogue
Changeling Invoker Witch

For the fourth spot, my player wants to run a Druid.
She's interested in focusing on Wildshape, because she loves Druids, but has always been more of a caster focused player in the past.

Any advice on something that would be thematically appropriate for this AP?

Thank you.

Well, if she's not attached to either an animal companion or a domain, the Feral Shifter archetype will let her lean a bit further into the shapeshifting aspect.

Natural Spell will let her cast spells while she's Wild Shaped, meaning she won't have to choose whether or not to be caster-focused or wild shape-focused. Druids have a pretty good spell list, too, especially in battlefield control.

Definitely download the Player's Guide, which should have a lot of good recommendations, especially for animal companions, if she goes that route.

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