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Now I gotta start over to focus on explosives, repair, and unarmed.

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Shiny and chrome.

I also want a flame thrower guitar.

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I have completed Fallout New Vegas.

It had everything! Even a surprise twist at the end where it seemed Veronica had died in the destruction of the brotherhood bunker, but then as I was about to take Hoover Dam she showed up again, I would've hugged her if the game would've let me.

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It's Complete! Veronica Lived!

Even better, she joined me for the assault on Hoover Dam, after i already had Raul with me, whom i got after i had assumed Veronica died. So it was like the epic super group, with ED-E along, truly an epic rampage, although i talked the legate into giving up, and the General of the NCR walked away like a b@$+*, still Mr. House got what he wanted and i evidently get to live the swank life by being Mr. House's Jiminy Cricket, not too bad for someone left in a grave to die.


Also, Boone essentially told me to f~@# off, so now it's Raul and I, with ED-E, of course.

Oops! Took Veronica with to self destruct the bunker, she didn't make it out, I even tried not to kill everyone, ED-E on the other hand is a cold ass m@*!$#%$+%@+, and he took out half the bunker in my mad dash.

Ha! Stupid a*&+~!+ White Leg dumb f*+$s.

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Caesar's camp was an awesome time, I went in hot with ED-E and Veronica, had Christine's Rifle equipped, popped some steady, while wearing Ulysses duster and doctor Mobius's glasses (to look smarter) and just started drilling headshots.

When I got to his tent, I burst right in, hit vats as soon as possible, decapitated him with a head shot, his body slumping in his throne, while his bodyguards, stunned, ran forward, only to meet an angry Veronica, and her super heated death punch.

Note to self: junkies aren't the best people to get to sabotage weapons.

Oopsy doodle!

That guy wasn't going to quit anyway.

Might just punch him dead, it worked for Benny...

I still have Delphi's laying around here somewhere...

I meant the other casinos, with a high charisma and Vera's dress I think the weirdos will give me the time of day. :-)

Christine's Rifle is hands down my favorite gun, I was sneaking thru Caesar's camp and there's this guy standing guard, with another guy right next to him doing pushups.

So I shoot guy standing guard in the head, he explodes in a shower of gore all over dude doing pushups... who keeps doing pushups.. until I was able to reload, after that I wasn't sure which pieces of gore were whom.

I love walking in to Caesar's tent, cracks me up every time. :-)

Also took me a bit to remember we beat Benny to death in New Vegas. :-)

I'm around 35th level, loot isn't as much a factor anymore.

Think I'll make taking Caesar out my next objective.

Funny thing is, the NCR hated me so much beforehand, even after nuking Caesar, I'm pretty sure they're still sending hit squads after me (sneering punk is my status). And now Caesar most likely will as well.

I wonder if I can catch them in a crossfire...

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After that, hitting Ulysses with a Fatman and unleashing hell onto the marked men with Thump-Thump seemed almost... hollow.

But that didn't stop me from nuking the Legion, the rest will sort themselves out after me and Dave Foley Bot take s&+& over.

I walked out of there with 60 hit points, and minus god knows how auto inject Stimpaks, and using a confirmed 17 during my fight with Rawr.

Badger would be so proud of the fight he gave me. :-)

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I killed Caesar, but not until I had my most memorable rampage in a while.

A good long run off the Boxwood Hotel, that amazingly enough, saw me go toe to toe with Rawr... and live!

Basically, I'm sneaking in, explode the warhead above, equip my flare gun, and let loose. So far, so good... wait a minute, my foot got stuck after equipping Annabelle... wait how did his flare go out so quickly, no prob, I'll just equip again... holy f~~~ing s%$&, he's right on top of me, how did he move so fast!... argh! This isn't my flare gun, this is That Gun! Why do they look so similar!... gotta keep popping Psycho, keep popping Psycho... why won't he run away now, I let him on fire, with my flare gun... oh, now his foot is stuck... there's Annabelle, too close now.. F@~# it, it's a good day to die!....

im nuking Ulysses at the end, ED-E won't be an issue.

*bangs head against side of broken dreams, and a building, at one time, before I came (evidently)*

So g$++%@n f&~!ing long! And now I lost ED-E, so I gotta stash some s#~* in a crate, while I get jacked on Buffout and whiskey to head back to the wastelands to stash my storm trooper duster armor.

I think it's time Esther came on to the scene.

Oh fun, I'm in tunneler hotel, God I hate those dicks, I don't deal the most damage with flare guns.

I guess this is where All-American earns his keep.

Hmm, the NCR has been pissing me off, might have to nuke them, but then Caesar is such a piece of s*&$, I certainly can't let him live, looks like it's me and robot Dave Foley against the world again.

This time, no mercy.

Probably... maybe..

Red Glare is somewhat underwhelming, I wish they did more damage, this time tho I'm way better off financially, so I might get some upgrades to go with my special snowflake rockets (like high explosive or hive).

I'm pretty sure my number of rockets is in the hundreds by now, and because I've been looting the s$~% out of everything and flipping ot regularly at commissaries, my Mininuke collection is beginning to enter Jerry Seinfeld orbit, I have all kinds, you want Tiny Tots, got several dozen.

Yeah! I am f~*~ing s$!~ up this time, ain't no b*@%# ass deathclaw gonna get the drop on me!

It would seem I wasn't as straight with the NCR as I thought, g~#+!!n dick bags sent a hit squad after me, they are annoyingly tough too, looks like I'm just gonna have to take s&$$ over myself, none of these other a+@#@*!s can be trusted.

But first I'll work on the Khans, get them on my side.

I think I'll stick to the wastelands, and whatever Rex and my armor do to me in my sleep, that I can only assume Veronica is taping.

Note to self: next time I see one, pick up a teddy bear for Rex.

So what's up with the Westside, is it all whore houses and farmers, seems like they got s!@@ figured out.

It turns out the stealth armor upgrade test is way easier if you destroy all the robots and turrets first.

So far my favorite stealth armor quote "please take this, I don't want you to die" oh, Betty, you crack me up.

I might have a large supply of Med-X built up.

Curse chems and their weightlessness!!

Absolutely, I love it's chatter, I'm just afraid she'll burn they my Stimpaks, which is cool when I'm back with civilization, but doesn't help stuck out here with these f!#%ing nutjobs.

By the way, I've named her Betty.

I must say, after the frustration from last time, this is a marked improvement.

For science!

What a difference an extra ten levels (25th yo!) And a shotload of ordinance will make, plus after pumping my barter at Dead Money I totally mooched a bunch of caps and some gun with a dog on the side, currently bunking in Higgs village.

gonna see how Big Mountain goes with a decent supply of weapons and ammunition on hand.

I have been thinking about paying them a visit, on account of them not hating me or thinking I'm a sneering punk, take that NCR ultimatum b#$+@, there's your good deed, wasn't very hard or take much of any effort, just a couple nukes and a dozen missiles, topped off with 3 Stealthboys.

The thing is, the NCR is right not to like me, the only thing I haven't done is nuke them (yet) I also could've went all doomsday device on them (always next time) but then the only reason the legion goons aren't hunting me is I'm still carrying his stupid mark, but even they aren't long for this world, and of course now we went all turncoat on the Brotherhood.

Pretty much the only people that like us are the Boomers, and Novak, also Primm and Goodsprings.

But none of that matters, cause I'll either back Mister House or take over myself.

Haven't decided yet, nor will I soon, I have DLC and other stuff to do first, so much other stuff (just nothing in casinos, for a while at least.

Honestly, just trying to keep them off my back and keep busy at the same time, plus after so long at the Sierra Madre, and then vault 34, we crave wide open spaces, Annabelle, Esther and I.

I've taken out the NCR before, and that was before Esther joined the mix, and boy is she ready for action.

Still, with my recent discovery of plenty of Rad-X and Radaway has me thinking that irradiated area on the way to the riverboat could use a good scrubbing.

With Annabelle.

A word of caution when finally unlocking the door in the armory of vault 34, I don't recommend opening it then firing your grenade machine gun blind inside the room, sure the 5-10 (hazy blur!) grenades will pulverize everyone inside, but it makes finding all the guns and ammo a tedious (and radiation filled) affair.

Bring lots of Radaway and Rad-X, lots!

In fairness to myself, that tactic worked brilliantly in the cafeteria and entry way.

Went in with 97 25mm grenades, by the time I made it to the armory, I was down to 57.

S*@~! When I was jacking up my implants forgot the armor, it's a good thing I'm still loaded with caps from flipping the vault 34 armory.

Wow! The Brotherhood is going down!

Murdering doctors? Too far!

Also the NCR gave me three days to help them out otherwise they're throwing down as well.

But.. I.. I just got back!

Done with Vault 34, I think I missed something, a named gun, Wikipedia: 5, a Fallout high, still doesn't compare to the frustration caused by the million and seven ways we can complicate a puzzle because NERDS!! of Skyrim tho.

Sadly, Esther needs room and fresh air to breathe, and really do her job well.

Two things Vault 34 is very much lacking.

It's a good thing there's plenty of radioactive ghouls for Veronica and Rex to rip and punch apart.

I have Esther now, helped Veronica tell what's his face to shove it.

I'm not sure she'll like how Elijah turned out.

We'll see how all that turns out after I get the kids to bed tonight.

I had my suit of power armor waiting for me. Kept one of Vera's dresses tho, gave it to Veronica.

I'm keeping the lingerie.

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Only took 5 tries total to escape, once I got caught up on something and ran out of time, once I used a super Stimpak, and thrice I fell from poorly timed jumps (have I mentioned how much I hate jumping games!!!!).

A few highlights of my end run

1. Dumped my Reinforced Sierra Madre armor in favor of gold, sweet,sweet gold. I then forgot to equip stealth armor, which prevented me from sneaking out. I then proceeded thru the entire battle, which consisted of me shooting Elijah 4 times in the back of the head before he could turn around. See b+*%@! It's not so fun to have your head explode is it! Where's your previous save now m@~@%$$!@~%!!!. Anyway, I made the whole run in my underwear.

2. Sucked my whole life at games requiring timed jumps, would've made it my first run, if only I didn't have to jump so much.

3. Liquor doesn't stack, buffout rules, bring lots of buffout.

4. Thank god I have a great innate sense of direction, otherwise I would've been f*@&ed, as it is I could hear the head explosion was imminent as I missed then hit the elevator button, Tiny T-Rex even exclaimed "that was epic!" afterwards.

5. The first thing I did when I got back was shoot the radio in the bunker, I'm not going back.

Epic indeed


But I'm still nuking someone.

I just want out (of course I'm not telling Elijah that).

Things not to do when you get to the main vault in Dead Money

1. Read the holotape telling Vera not to read the trap for Deen, then reading the trap for Deen.

2. Drop any alcohol whatsoever, turns out they stack with each other, diversify yo!

3. Accidentally take a super Stimpak right before giving Elijah his head shot.

4. Make a wrong turn/get hung up on a girder.

5. Almost make it your first try, with increasingly diminishing returns with every try afterwards.

F*#$ you Dead Money!

F#@~. You.

Of course, the most impressive part of Dead Money is, even through all my frustration and (mostly dramatic) anger with the whole ordeal, I still find myself with a laundry list of s%$& to do differently next time.

... that must be the Stockholm Syndrome talking again...

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