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Gallo wrote:
What kind of bear? Grizzly, Polar, Brown, Black, Sun or Moon? If it was a Koala Bear then the lion wouldn't have a chance. (And yes I know koalas aren't actually bears)

Just think of the carnage if a drop bear showed up.

I'm still sad about the lack of a pants slot in 3.5 and Pathfinder.

Male Tiefling Rogue 3/Transmuter 8/Evil Genius 4

Sorry for my absence of posts recently. The end of the quarter is coming up so work on projects is at an extreme, almost unending pace, leading to me almost forgetting about this excellent PbP. If it's no trouble, I wouldn't mind my character being GM controlled. Otherwise, my quarter will be over next Tuesday, at which point I will be free from daily 13-hour coding marathons...

Due to lack of time for gaming and lack of spare money, sadly I must cancel all of my subscriptions for now.

Male Tiefling Rogue 3/Transmuter 8/Evil Genius 4

I'm enjoying it thus far too. Baker's death was certainly surprising - and quick!

Male Tiefling Rogue 3/Transmuter 8/Evil Genius 4
The Keeper wrote:
Concerning the Blackberry: I'm going to allow it's use on a case-by-case basis - in situations where the knowledge that would be gained is unbalancing or would otherwise destroy the dramatics of the story, it will mysteriously run out of signal. For most other things, I'll probably let it slide.

Sorry, just noticed this now... I really dont' intend to use it to any great extent. It's really just how my character is supposed to stay in touch with his superiors at the company he works at. But, I totally agree with you.

Male Tiefling Rogue 3/Transmuter 8/Evil Genius 4

Could my character have made a more in-depth internet search on Dr. Brewer & the Sanatorium before coming?

Also, does my Blackberry have a signal? (Bobby's checking it in the game thread)

Male Tiefling Rogue 3/Transmuter 8/Evil Genius 4
The Keeper wrote:

Welcome to the Sanatorium's Out-Of-Character thread, for all of your discussion needs. Please keep your arms and legs inside the thread at all times, and keep your tray table in the upright and locked position until the In-Character thread has been established.

Also, check your e-mails. Aldous Brewer has a role to play.

Neat. Back from my trip just in time. Can't wait!

Just a heads up.. I'm currently out of town for a wedding this weekend, so my net access is limited. (posting this from my PSP with what little time left til i have to pay for additional net access in my hotel room...)

I got the GameMastery Guide, which is smaller than the Core Rulebook, in a box. So, the Core Rulebook probably will come in a box. Unless Cosmo folds space-time and sends it through a wormhole right onto your bookshelf.

Mine's evilgenius8000 (gmail).

Jelloarm wrote:
You're planning on going out to the island for about a week - pack accordingly.

I'll add a piece of luggage and some extra changes of clothes... and a toiletry kit.

ZebulonXenos had a good question... If it's the '90s rather than 2010, it would really change my character around.

Jelloarm wrote:
Ok, assuming I don't hear anything from TenOfWar soon, I'll probably get us started in here pretty soon. Questions/comments/concerns?

Sounds good. I'm pretty much finished with my guy besides a little bit of background writeup. Need to do equipment too, but not sure what he'd have with him besides some clothes, laptop, a briefcase...

Kthulhu, where might I find the character sheet you're using? Looks handy.

Jelloarm wrote:
EG, you're totally invited, but I'll warn you that the facility will probably be pretty isolated; keeping the real world from intruding too much on the island. What if you're going there in order to install computer capabilities on the isalnd?

I figured I was heading to setup or repair computer/network equipment or something of that sort, so your idea works. Perhaps I'm heading there to assess the viability of running cable lines to the island for internet/phone/tv capability, or maybe installing ethernet cables throughout the facility to set up a network, or something... Either of those work?

If there's still room, I'd love to play. I've got a copy of the 6th edition CoC book on my shelf but so far haven't had a good chance to try it out.

Edit: I'm thinking my character will be a computer repairman (occupation being hacker/consultant from the list)

Here's some new ones:


... Yeah, I used a nonsense word generator.

Gary Teter wrote:

What, can't a guy make a giant public mistake and clean it up before anybody notices anymore?


So there's no secret meaning or cryptogram? You could be bluffing! ;)

Is it just me, or did a bunch of posts from last years Gen Con just appear? Maybe there's a hidden message somewhere...

Okay, so nobody liked "sparkly sword-swingy guy".

How 'bout:

* fightmage
* swordy spellflinger
* magical battle-brawler


Seriously, though, I really don't think there's a single word that accurately and succinctly describes a fighter/magic-user that doesn't require some extra explanation and/or isn't setting specific.

Sparkly sword-swingy guy.

Swamp gas.

Orthos wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Orthos wrote:
ArchLich wrote:
Electron Golem
Electrum Golem
Elektra Golem (sais not included)

Elekk Golem

I think we've played this one out

Election Ballot Golem?

Orthos wrote:
Calzone Golem

You mean, Pathfinderize the one from the adventure Something's Cooking?

To go along with the calzone golem, here's a few more:

Baked potato golem
Hot dog golem
Chow mein golem
Steak golem
Popcorn golem

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
This is isn't Pathfinder: Space, or Pathfinder: Pirates

But, it could still be Pathfinder: Space Pirates, right?

Blazej wrote:


Edit: Space Travel is on the list twice.

Edit: Edit: There is nothing wrong with that though.

It's space travel... times two!

Also, there's always the gnoll pimp.

He could be a monk with fly clothing... Pimp slaps are definitely unarmed strikes. Also, pimp cane = quarterstaff or hanbo (from the AA), both monk weapons.

Edit: oops saw that you wanted some caster levels... I'd probably say bard or cleric of lust.

I kinda see the alchemist as a Batman-style class, like the rogue. They typically bring skill and utility (belts) to the party rather than pure combat ability. Of course, Batman himself brings utility and combat skills, but PCs have to strive towards something, don't they?

Tessius wrote:
Evil Genius wrote:

Vader stays inside his sweet ride, the Executor, and shoots at Drizzt from hundreds of miles away with giant lasers. Vader wins.

Also, this probably marks me as a Star Wars nerd, but:

Abraham spalding wrote:
Force Choke and Force lightning... verses melee buffoon? Gee that's a hard one.
Vader couldn't actually use the lightning due to not wanting to fry his own circuits.
Yeah, they have him using it in games for the cool factor but either Lucas or the writer for the Dark Lord novel which followed EP III, said Vader actually can use it but it would fry the prosthetics in his arms.

Yeah, he surely can use it - I mean, even Luke ends up using it in one random book - but look what happened when old Palpy hit him with it. Messed his respirator & life support up enough to kill him. Vader's smart enough to lay off the force lightning.

The lack of lighting doesn't alter the outcome of Vader v Drizzt at all, of course. Drizzt = smoking crater. That is all.

Vader stays inside his sweet ride, the Executor, and shoots at Drizzt from hundreds of miles away with giant lasers. Vader wins.

Also, this probably marks me as a Star Wars nerd, but:

Abraham spalding wrote:
Force Choke and Force lightning... verses melee buffoon? Gee that's a hard one.

Vader couldn't actually use the lightning due to not wanting to fry his own circuits.

I had one named Stone Dirtigan once... He never wore shirts.

grasshopper_ea wrote:
Golbez57 wrote:
I am putting my bet in now that it it also Huge or larger. And has Trample.

But is he immune to poison?

step 1 Cloud kill
step 2 contingency when I cast cloud kill cast wall of stone surrounding the cloud in a hemi-sphere
step 3 wait til you're sure it's dead
step 4 um...
step 5 PROFIT!!!

Yeah, I'm thinking the expected strat for that baddie is to apply magic.

James Jacobs wrote:

As it turns out, if everyone plays the same race, then balance is hardly an issue. The GM can adjust the game as he needs to challenge any type of character, but it's easier when all of the player characters have a similar baseline of powers. All of the core races have that similar baseline. If you run a game where everyone's playing drow (as in this case), you STILL have a similar baseline (in fact, it's an even EASIER baseline to account for as a GM since you only have one race to deal with).

The same-race party is something I'm planning for my next campaign after Kingmaker. It's going to be based on Dwarf Fortress and involve a bunch of dwarves going on and establishing a fort using your kingdom rules (of course!) but altered a bit for cities built in mined-out tunnels and dangerous caverns. I can't wait to see the interactions & differences between the various dwarf characters. I imagine the intrigue amongst an all-drow party must be quite intense.

Anyways, all the talk about Irish v Scottish reminded me about another less serious, Irish related thing at my game table. There's a long standing, unwritten rule in my gaming group that involves players with Irish blood (which turned out to be over half of my players) having a special once-per-session reroll power, but they can only affect other people's rolls. Of course it all evolved out of a situation where one player was rolling poorly and I had to help him somehow, but now everyone's always begging each other for the luck o' the Irish when their dice become cursed...

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:

And booze! Don't forget about the booze. Though Comrade McCreary is always at least a little buzzed.

(Paizo Publishing does not endorse drinking and gaming or any form of inebriated die rolling. Game responsibly.)

I'd fear for the others at the gaming table if I had a bottle of Guinness in front of me... Bad Irish accents would be inevitable. Oi.

I've been watching this series on Netflix and I must say it has me highly entertained. It's a mad concoction gratuitous sexuality, violence, & scheming, and each episode (as Zuxius said) raises the intensity and entertainment even higher.

When I first started watching it, I tried to guess what was going to happen. But, the plot has been nowhere close to predicable without going so far as to be confusing, so I am highly impressed. And honestly, the fight scenes are so gripping, it's hard to look away from the screen.

All in all, great show. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for an entertaining series and isn't bothered by hyper-violence (we're talking anime level blood & gore) and occasional scenes which border on soft-core porn.

Silent Man wrote:
Now this is going to be good. Great job on an introduction to the story and characters.

Thanks! I expect many interesting things will happen in this campaign. My campaigns are typically a little less serious than most, though...

The goblin encounter described above was a way to get the party together, using goblin warriors and the goblin commando from PF#1 (updated for PFRPG on The half-orc ranger is a DMNPC, so his neck injury is a way to let the other PCs do the talking :) He mostly just sniffs and/or tastes dirt and points at tracks he finds.

Don't forget magic leg warmers when going into arctic climes. Or, long johns of cold resistance.

As of last night, my group has officially begun the Kingmaker AP.

Here are the PCs:

Nysar Taemarvia, NG male elf enchanter 1
Kichakit, CG male tengu inquisitor of Gorum 1
Ferros Aldrantes, CN male Taldan cleric of Gorum 1
Hamish the Quiet, N male half-orc ranger (spell-less variant) 1

And their various animals:

Scrub, wolf companion of Hamish
Charlemath, heavy warhorse (steed of Ferros)
2 light horses (belonging to Hamish and Kichakit)
Ted, pack mule

Chapter 1 - Blood and Beginnings

Kichakit happily accepted the charter granted to him by the Swordlords. An unusually free-spirited tengu, he had grown tired of putting the flock before himself. Now, he had a chance to write his own story - a story of battle and glory, one that might even get him into the Pathfinder Society. At the very least, he would be able to put his sword to good use in the name of Gorum.

An elf by the name of Nysar also was granted a charter at the same time as Kichakit. As luck would have it, Nysar was also something of a scholar, though he was more interested in documenting the peoples of the Stolen Lands rather than his own exploits. But, Kichakit knew better than to turn down a potential ally, and so they set off down the South Rostland Road towards glory and adventure.

It was dusk on 6 Pharast. Nysar, as usual, commented on what a lovely day it had been, and Kichakit wondered if the elf was blind. Every day of the journey had been chilly and damp, and mud was everywhere. There was no time to correct the elf - not that he would acknowledge any opinion but his own - for both travelers caught sight of what appeared to be the sparks of a large bonfire rising over a slight hill down the road.

Hurrying up the hill, the pair caught sight of a bloody battlefield centered upon a burning wagon. Lifeless bodies were strewn about the field: dozens of small, green creatures Nysar knew to be goblins, numerous humans who presumably were part of some caravan, a number of horses, and a half-orc clutching a longbow. Not all of the goblins were dead, though, and a wrathful howl drew the adventurers' gaze towards an iron-clad warrior holding a bloody greatsword above his head. The warrior seemed unafraid, despite being surrounded by a half dozen goblins, including one astride a most hideous dog.

The goblins converged upon the warrior, and the mounted one managed to connect with a swing of his strange pole-axe. Kichakit, eager to join the battle, leapt off his horse and ran down the hill. Nysar, not so eager to run off into danger, stayed back and reached into his spell component pouch for some sand. He muttered some arcane syllables and tossed the sand towards the goblins, successfully putting two goblins and the disgusting goblin dog to sleep. The dog's rider toppled off and landed face first in the mud.

Some of the goblins, shocked and frightened to see a "bird man," turned their attention to Kichakit, while another goblin couldn't resist messing with his sleeping buddies. Their leader, however, wiped the mud out of his eyes and attacked the mysterious warrior again. It looked as though the warrior was about to succumb to his injuries, but he stepped back and shouted a prayer to the Lord in Iron. The warrior laughed heartily as his wounds began to mend themsleves. Apparently, this was a fellow clergyman of Kichakit's.

Kichakit landed a vicious blow against the lead goblin, and finished him off. Nysar, seeing that the mischievous goblins were waking each other up, extended his hand and produced a blinding cone of colors, causing the goblins to fall upon each other like limp rags. Seeing that his fellows had all been defeated, the final goblin - himself wounded by a savage peck by Kichakit - attempted to run. The iron-clad man would have none of that, however, and hacked the passing goblin in two with his greatsword.

The warrior, covered in blood and breathing heavily but still alive, thanked the two but quickly set about to check his allies for signs of life. All were dead save the half-orc, who somehow was clinging to life despite a grievous neck wound. A healing spell stopped the bleeding, but it appeared the half-orc's throat was permanently damaged.

The warrior introduced himself as Ferros Aldrantes. Apparently he and the half orc had been part of a group also granted a charter to explore the Stolen Land. They had decided to travel with a caravan to Oleg's Trading Post in favor of larger numbers. Now they were the only survivors, the caravan being too inviting a target for hungry goblins. With a common goal, Kichakit, Nysar, Ferros, and the half-orc Hamish agreed to band together and continue south.

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blackrose_angel wrote:
Parachute pants that cast feather fall 3/days when you fall

Parachute Pants of Depantsing

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Name Violation wrote:

We have headband/helm, eye, throat, shoulders, body, cloak/armor, belt, boot, and 2 ring slots, but why no legs slot? is everyone runnin around like in reign the conqueror and 300 with speedo's on? where are magical pants and a pants/legs slot?

I too find the lack of magic pants disturbing.

faustusnotes wrote:

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you all enjoyed the read.

Kolokotroni, I have since checked with a Japanese friend and confirmed that yes, the language that Japanese nerds use is just as weird as the language English-speaking nerds use, which is why I find the guys so much harder to understand than some of my other friends. I think my non-nerdy Japanese friends might also find them hard to understand.

brent norton, the GM described our world as "basic fantasy," so I think for them that is like importing a cultural trope wholesale. All the Japanese-made games they played featured Japanese high fantasy (with schoolgirls!!) so were obviously set in their own cultural mythos. I imagine that if they chose to import cowboys they wouldn't be able to resist embellishing them somehow :)

Japanese gamers seem very fond of Warhammer, probably because it's European and, despite the English-speaking world's fondness for claiming otherwise, the centrepiece of Japanese adoration of the west is Germany. For example, the wikipedia Japanese entry on RPGs has a picture of Germans playing a German game, along with a picture of D&D. So I think they really like the dark, gritty Europe of Warhammer. That's probably the best example of importing a cultural phenomenon wholesale.

Thanks porpentine! ganbarimasu!

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement everyone!

I must admit I've always been curious what sorts of campaigns/game systems our Asian counterparts are interested in. One of my high school friends is living in Beijing for the time being, and I've been trying to get him to join a tabletop gaming group to see what it would be like. I'm especially curious about what sorts of adventures gamers over there are interested in... Are they similar to the adventure paths/kill bad guys & get loot that are common here?

Your descriptions of the difference in rules grammar make it seem quite a challenge to keep everything straight, especially if you have an idea how the rules work in the English version of 3.5/PFRPG. Looks like you managed to not be completely confused, however, and managed to bring to us this enlightening look into how this Western-born (well, AFAIK) hobby is played in non-Western settings. Thanks!

I would say put the phylactery INSIDE a powerful good dragon. Preferably without him knowing. Contingent enchantment spells will be useful to hinder adventurers attempting to convince the dragon that there's an evil artifact in his belly.

Tessius wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

HA! Noober.

Good times.

Was the technicolor NPC who foreshadowed Neverwinter Nights actually named "Lord Foreshadow"?

Edit: Also love how Bioware dropped a Minsc/Boo reference into DragonAge's loading screen :)


In Mass Effect 2, you can purchase a space hamster for the captain's quarters of the Normandy. When you examine it, it even makes the peep noise Boo would make if you looked at him in Minsc's inventory. I thought that was really neat.. My friends and I could never get enough of Minsc/Boo.

I do believe a Noober-like character will eventually appear at Oleg's... Let's see if my Gorum-worshipping party can stay their blades. Besides that, I think the NPC guide might be serving as a source of random NPCs for the PCs to encounter.

Dhampir984 wrote:
Gary Teter wrote:
We might rename that sometime to better differentiate between it and the Pathfinder RPG forums.
Maybe the Golarion Discussion forum? 'Come discuss the Golarion Campaign Setting and all the bits related to it!'

I think that's kinda what I was looking for. I always thought the General Discussion forum was for Paizo things in general, especially since it's right at the top and everything. I think a forum where Golarion setting material (not focused on a specific product line) can be discussed would be nice.

Usually I DM, but occasionally I take a break and someone else runs a game. So, during one of my times out of the DM seat, my friend ran the 3.5 version of MST. My group is a little smaller than usual (at that time, there were only 3 players total, so 2 PCs), so our characters were boosted a bit above the recommended level. My character was a necromancer/cleric of sorts while the other player had a warlock, and we were accompanied by my character's various undead minions. While many of my spells proved to be useless against the tombs guardians, a combination of the warlock's blasting, my gray render zombies' muscle, various utility spells, and sheer luck led us to the end of the tomb without either of our characters dying (though we came close numerous times).

And so, here we were alive and well at the end, when the warlock decides to...

MST Spoiler:
put on the necklace of strangulation before we managed to determine what it does, thus leading to him dying AFTER we made it past all the danger and right before we took the boat out of there. Highly unexpected, but also pretty funny!

All in all, MST was a great time.

Wow, I really am blind. I completely missed that. Thanks, though.

Is there a forum dedicated to the campaign setting & related "fluff"? Am I blind, or do discussions of that sort belong in one of the product forums?

Vic Wertz wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
... [braille name] ...
While it's *possible* he's going for the braille for "hgh", I think he's really going for "LOL" in connect-the-dot form.

He could be a blind bodybuilder, though. The rage and anger towards poultry could be a side effect of the juice... Chances are low of this being the case, of course.