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As of last night, my group has officially begun the Kingmaker AP.

Here are the PCs:

Nysar Taemarvia, NG male elf enchanter 1
Kichakit, CG male tengu inquisitor of Gorum 1
Ferros Aldrantes, CN male Taldan cleric of Gorum 1
Hamish the Quiet, N male half-orc ranger (spell-less variant) 1

And their various animals:

Scrub, wolf companion of Hamish
Charlemath, heavy warhorse (steed of Ferros)
2 light horses (belonging to Hamish and Kichakit)
Ted, pack mule

Chapter 1 - Blood and Beginnings

Kichakit happily accepted the charter granted to him by the Swordlords. An unusually free-spirited tengu, he had grown tired of putting the flock before himself. Now, he had a chance to write his own story - a story of battle and glory, one that might even get him into the Pathfinder Society. At the very least, he would be able to put his sword to good use in the name of Gorum.

An elf by the name of Nysar also was granted a charter at the same time as Kichakit. As luck would have it, Nysar was also something of a scholar, though he was more interested in documenting the peoples of the Stolen Lands rather than his own exploits. But, Kichakit knew better than to turn down a potential ally, and so they set off down the South Rostland Road towards glory and adventure.

It was dusk on 6 Pharast. Nysar, as usual, commented on what a lovely day it had been, and Kichakit wondered if the elf was blind. Every day of the journey had been chilly and damp, and mud was everywhere. There was no time to correct the elf - not that he would acknowledge any opinion but his own - for both travelers caught sight of what appeared to be the sparks of a large bonfire rising over a slight hill down the road.

Hurrying up the hill, the pair caught sight of a bloody battlefield centered upon a burning wagon. Lifeless bodies were strewn about the field: dozens of small, green creatures Nysar knew to be goblins, numerous humans who presumably were part of some caravan, a number of horses, and a half-orc clutching a longbow. Not all of the goblins were dead, though, and a wrathful howl drew the adventurers' gaze towards an iron-clad warrior holding a bloody greatsword above his head. The warrior seemed unafraid, despite being surrounded by a half dozen goblins, including one astride a most hideous dog.

The goblins converged upon the warrior, and the mounted one managed to connect with a swing of his strange pole-axe. Kichakit, eager to join the battle, leapt off his horse and ran down the hill. Nysar, not so eager to run off into danger, stayed back and reached into his spell component pouch for some sand. He muttered some arcane syllables and tossed the sand towards the goblins, successfully putting two goblins and the disgusting goblin dog to sleep. The dog's rider toppled off and landed face first in the mud.

Some of the goblins, shocked and frightened to see a "bird man," turned their attention to Kichakit, while another goblin couldn't resist messing with his sleeping buddies. Their leader, however, wiped the mud out of his eyes and attacked the mysterious warrior again. It looked as though the warrior was about to succumb to his injuries, but he stepped back and shouted a prayer to the Lord in Iron. The warrior laughed heartily as his wounds began to mend themsleves. Apparently, this was a fellow clergyman of Kichakit's.

Kichakit landed a vicious blow against the lead goblin, and finished him off. Nysar, seeing that the mischievous goblins were waking each other up, extended his hand and produced a blinding cone of colors, causing the goblins to fall upon each other like limp rags. Seeing that his fellows had all been defeated, the final goblin - himself wounded by a savage peck by Kichakit - attempted to run. The iron-clad man would have none of that, however, and hacked the passing goblin in two with his greatsword.

The warrior, covered in blood and breathing heavily but still alive, thanked the two but quickly set about to check his allies for signs of life. All were dead save the half-orc, who somehow was clinging to life despite a grievous neck wound. A healing spell stopped the bleeding, but it appeared the half-orc's throat was permanently damaged.

The warrior introduced himself as Ferros Aldrantes. Apparently he and the half orc had been part of a group also granted a charter to explore the Stolen Land. They had decided to travel with a caravan to Oleg's Trading Post in favor of larger numbers. Now they were the only survivors, the caravan being too inviting a target for hungry goblins. With a common goal, Kichakit, Nysar, Ferros, and the half-orc Hamish agreed to band together and continue south.

Now this is going to be good. Great job on an introduction to the story and characters.

Silent Man wrote:
Now this is going to be good. Great job on an introduction to the story and characters.

Thanks! I expect many interesting things will happen in this campaign. My campaigns are typically a little less serious than most, though...

The goblin encounter described above was a way to get the party together, using goblin warriors and the goblin commando from PF#1 (updated for PFRPG on d20pfsrd.com). The half-orc ranger is a DMNPC, so his neck injury is a way to let the other PCs do the talking :) He mostly just sniffs and/or tastes dirt and points at tracks he finds.

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