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I put together a quick How to video for those who wanted a little bit more info on how to 3d print Dungeon terrain..

Go to Tutorial video..

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Deadalready wrote:

I have a journal of similar design, which I use as my "happy thoughts" journal. While I love the thing, my biggest problem is the catch is bulky and really gets in the way when trying to write in the book (probably not a problem for righties?).

You definitely can't write on both sides of pages though.

actually i saw he had some that opened on right and left... but i guess that makes sense sense lefties would find it easier..

the paper seemed to be rather thick.. when i talked to the artist he did tell me he makes his own paper.

I cant wait to use it as a prop also

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For those who missed origins 2016 ..
check out these awesome leather journals i found .. I am thinking about getting one to use for all of my campaign notes and maps

there was just something about the feel and smell of a leather bound tome.. and then i talked to the artist and found out they are handmade in NY from recycled leather
I had to pick up a few for myself and my daughter

Go to Video link.

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Ive had a few folks lately ask me how i create a good bit of my custom minis ( ones i have converted from various sources to be used with RPG games)

SO i put together a quick you tube video on how to convert them to D&D or pathfinder. and some different ways to source them for 10 cents each or less

-super cheap_

so here is the video

Go to You Tube video link..

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it takes a little bit of prep.. but its worth it when you see them scour the bag to make sure they didnt miss anything..

and you can hear the clink of the bag as you toss it on the table

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So lately i had a few folks on my you tube channel ask me...

how do I hand out treasure in my games. I figured i would put together a quick video showing how I handle treasure.

Go to GM-Tips - Handing out treasure!..

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tiefling ( can be combined to make a Ganzi)

share the wealth
custom order
mounted tradition


heck i dont know... make an offer

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well a large part of the AP is not on a ship...

but you could easily do a campaign where a ship crashed on a distant planet ( maybe even a small moon) .. and thats where the party comes into the quest

I'm not sure if you have read thru iron gods yet ( i dont wanna give away too much)

but you can def go with a old school spelljammer feel !

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updated my trade list......

I now have

mounted tradition
custom order
share the wealth
Expedition Manager
Long Distance Support
Mendevian Weapon Training
Spirit of the Shadow Lodge

looking to trade for other race boons....

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Aasimar x 1

Tiefling/Child of Chaos=1 (allows you to combine tiefling and aasimar boon to create a Ganzi, Distant Shores)



Gen Con 2015 gm boon= (rebuild,Skinwalker ,changeling,samsaran,grippli)

gen con 2014 gm boon =(rebuild ,grippli ,vishkanya,suli ,undine,oread'ifrit,slyph)

Mounted Tradition (unusual mounts for unusual races)

share the wealth
Expedition Manager
Custom Order

looking to trade for anything unusual...
I rarely play and spend 99% of my time being a GM

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Sounds like the GM at that table needs to man up and boot them..

Dont be afraid to stand up and Say " NO !"

if they dont want to make skill checks then they stay behind in the quest.. if the player tries to laugh it off tell them " NO" let them know you aren't going to put up with that BS...

I dont mind players who are under optimized ( non power gamers) ... but when they wont follow simple rules then you gotta boot them from the table . Remember you are doing it to make sure the rest of the group has fun.

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Nefreet wrote:

Have: Fiend-Blooded/Child of Chaos

Want: Heavenly-Blooded

Only interested in trading physical copies; no scans, emails, or PbP boons.

If my son decides he isnt going to use the one i received i may trade it away ( after x mas)

My boon collection is piling up again..

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Hi guys DM MArk here...

i now some folks already know we have created a huge group of gamers over on Facebook for our RPG - sell & trade group. There are tons of awesome deals on RPG's, minis, and terrain..

so feel free to check us out on Facebook and save some $$

Go to RPG sell & trade Facebook group.

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Ok i finished up a bunch of trades recently ....

updated list

have the following..

Gen Con 2015 GM boon - Skinwalker,changeling,samsaran, grippli, rebuild
Gen Con 2013 GM boon-grippli, vishkanya, suli, oread,ifrit,slyph,undine
2015 GM boon-angel blooded - aasimar
origins GM boon - taint of lower planes - Tiefling
share the wealth x 2
Debt to Society
Mounted tradition
custom order
CincyCon - oread

interesting boons or ?

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that's right C&C renegade is back

a fan based group has re-released the game as Renegade X using the unreal engine( see video below)

did i mention its free ?

Go to Renegade X.

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at this point tiefling boons are just about as rare as graveblooded boons...

they haven't released tiefling boons in a few years ( thats why lots of folks made a lvl 1 tiefling to lock in a character for future use )

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if using store credit paizo is getting more business ( and we all want to support paizo so they keep making great products )

other than that... not much

personally i dont care if someone sells their boon for cash .. its none of my concern

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I GM at many Cons ( Gen Con ,Origins, Cincycon an others) so i get many boons that i don't use ( i gm only and rarely play)..

now that being said- i have no problems trading a boon for store credit... heck when you gm at gen-con the give you some store credit as a thank you.

I have traded boons for minis,books,store credit before in the past.

I am always happy if i can trade a boon away to someone who can put it to good use.. and if I am traded a book or store credit ( so i can buy more scenarios or modules) then i can GM even more..

now that being said.. i dont like people buying boons with cash...
but i do understand that folks pay $$$ to go to a CON ( gas...hotels..ect)

ok.... end of rant

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OK update on boons i have left...

i have a Gen Con 2015 GM boon tier 1
rebuild, skinwalker, changeling, samsaran, grippli

i also have a 2013 GM boon - vishkana, suli, ele races

1 oread boon
1 tiefling boon

2 custom order boons
2 mounted tradition boons

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i have a bunch of boons.. i only GM

grippli, suli,vishkana, and all the ele races

i also have a bunch of non race boons.. i will go thru them later and make a list

id trade some for MINIs ? or ?

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Core is all I GM...
our local con next month is going to be half core tables..

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just b/c you found it does not mean it should be cheaper..

its still the same item with the same value...

Now a wand with less charges is partially used ( so that is within reason)

that being said there are a few items are priced below market value that can be found on chronicles.

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Its already been addressed above...

If you use gold from in the game.. then you spent gold.. thus it is subtracted from your earnings

It is that simple.. if you dont like it feel free to FAQ it and get the same answer

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It is only avail via boons..

there are a few types of sky metal that are available via a module and a certain scenario.

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Yes PFS planning for CincyCon has begun...

Planning is underway for BattleCon is april also...

BattleCon is planning lots of PFS...