Which would be the best parties made of iconics?

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There are 31 iconics today and there will be 37 iconics by the end of the year. If there were a comic book line for all of them and they wanted to keep divided by six-persons parties, then there would be 6 comics lines for parties and a solo adventurer comic line. What would be your choice of parties compositions ?

We already have Seoni (Sorcerer), Valeros (Fighter), Kyra (Cleric), Meisiel (Rogue), Harsk (Ranger), and Ezren (Wizard) in the core party.

We could name Sajan (Monk), Amiri (Barbarian), Lini (Druid), Setyel (Magus), Lem (Bard), and Seelah(Paladin) for the alternative party (they lack a trap-springer and a full arcane caster, but the first party was power hungry and got both). Seelah mighty have trouble adventuring with Setyel, but would be interesting story-wise.

Then we have the APG party: Alain (Cavalier), Damiel (Alchemist), Feiya (Witch), Alahazra (Oracle), Balazar (Summoner), and Imrijka (Inquisitor). They only would need help with traps.

Now the trouble comes. Between the Ultimates Iconics, the Advanced Class Iconics and the Occult iconics, we have to make three parties that lack a lot of essencial roles.

I would make the Hybrid Party with: Kess (Brawler), Shardra (Shaman), Enora (Arcanist), Quinn (Investigator), Hakon (Skald) Adowyn (Hunter), and have all bases covered.

The the hardcore outcasts party: Hayato (Samurai), Oloch (Warpriest), Crowe (Bloodrager), Zadim (Slayer), Reiko (Ninja), and Lirianne (Gunslinger).

Name Jirelle for a solo comics.

But a party made of the Occultist, Medium, Kineticist, Spiritualist, Psychic, and Mesmerist seems to lack a true melee type, or a dedicated healer. Can they survive ?

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Actually, according to the TVTropes character sheet on the iconics of pathfinder, Seltyiel and Seelah get along, though it may(an probably will) end badly.

As for the Occult Adventures group, sure they can survive. With proper planning, you don't need a healer, or a dedicated melee. Get the drop on the enemy and blast them with 4 or five fireballs at once, they aren't going to want to get up usually.

Personally, I'ld like seeing a party of Reiko, Seoni, Feiya, Alahazra, Amiri, and Alain. Take the most chauvinistic of the Iconics, and put him with a number of the characters who would take his attitude most poorly. Any bets on how many issues before Feiya's fox starts chewing on his dead body?

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Seelah and Seltyiel have been in an iconics party before - the very first PF RPG adventure path, in fact, Council of Thieves. I'd personally see Seelah as taking Seltyiel on as a redemption project, with Seltyiel allowing (at first, at least) as a cynical attempt at watching the self-righteous paladin fall on her face.

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Seelah/Seltiyel OTP (love odd couples).

I got some vibes of Harsk/Ezren on the comics. Tea buddies.

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I've actually thought about this as well (since they started introducing the other characters in the comics), but I probably wouldn't separate the character's by what book they appear in, especially since Seltiyel was first the iconic EK before becoming a Magus.
The party I'd like to see is

Alain, Damiel, Freiya, Lem, Alahazra, Amiri.
Poor Alain is everyone's whipping boy (and deservedly so). With Alahazra and Freiya it could be interesting having these characters that have these great powers from a force outside of deities (as far as they know) and how they interact with a world that may have a more limited view on magic sources.
Most likely leader: Freiya or Alahazra

Sajan, Seelah, Seltiyel, Imrijka, Balazar, Lirrianne
I'd be interested in seeing Seelah and Imrijka interact or Sajan and Seelah interacting (their views on redemption and their stance on being "lawful")
Most likely leader: Seelah

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