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Pyre, as noted above, is about fighting against fanatical and blasphemous cults.

Chaos cults! There is no difference for them between demon lord's cult and chaotic-good empyreal lord's cult. Also, foreign cults (of any orientation) is the same heresy for them. Even if they are lawful.

Just saying, I generally agree with everything. I love the hellknights theme. Cool concept, unique.

Я повторю запись т.к. появилась профессия.

Имя игрока: Игорь (Mystery Cult)
Имя персонажа: Диарэль Изо (просто Ди)
Номер PFS: #1198870-12
Фракция: The Concordance
Заработок: танцор: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (11) + 13 = 24

Персонаж специализируется на шпионаже во имя высших сил. Социалка плюс разведка - его всё. Плюс умеет в некоторые диванные заклинания - круг защиты от зла, коммунальное сопротивление энергии и т.п. В бою, увы, почти бесполезен, зато вне его - блистает.


Player Name: Mystery Cult
Character Name: Ди
PFS Number: # 198870-12
Faction: The Concordance
Day Job: -

This may be an unusual post, but there is no problem anymore. I want to say a big thanks to Paizo company and the whole team that provides customer support! After the post lost my order, Paizo made a complete replacement. The order was quite big, with a large number of hardcovers and pawns so it was pretty generous. Special thanks for how quickly I received the answer and the decision was made. It's very professional. I'm your client forever ;) Thank you very much!

1. No.Otherwise, you have the ultimate weapon for killing by hexes that act for days. Besides, in this case, it is not clear how often to do damage: once per round, once per minute, and so on.

2. A very controversial issue, but I would say that you need to rule in favor of the witch. The damage that is being done by cruel hexes is a significant before level 3-4, so it's more roleplaying feature. I don't think that one of the most useful hexes must stop working because of this.

Good day! I would like to know what is happening with my order. I ordered back in late September, but it is still not sent! I will soon have a long trip and I need my order before departure. Please clarify this issue as soon as possible. Thank you!

I apologize for my absence. This is the second time, and I hope that the third time will not happen. Sorry...

Exactly :) Plus, Binkilink is the most brutal gnome of the Inner Sea. At least, in his own eyes. Plus, he is a dread gnome. It's a serious buisness, you know.

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Player Name: Mystery Cult
Character Name: Binkilink Zilmorn
PFS Number: # 198870-7
Faction: LE
Day Job: n/a

GM Ietsuna,
1. I'll change a character (not a cavalier)
2. I have played this scenario before
3. I'll post in the gameplay thread today

dot! Lvl1 cavaler

upd: Looks like we have 2 tables here in a few hours... ;) usual!

*raise dead*

One more questions on the topic!

At 5th level, whenever the sword binder casts a spell with a range of touch from the wizard spell list, he can use his bonded sword to deliver the touch attack, including expending a daily use of hand of the apprentice to make the touch attack at range. This occurs as part of the same action as casting the spell. He gains all the attack bonuses that apply to his sword (including enhancement bonuses and relevant feats), but does not add his sword’s damage or effects to the touch spell.

The text does not say directly what kind of modifier should I use for my attack. On the one hand, the text mentions to use the Hand of the Apprentice to count the number of times per day for this ability. On the other - there is no saying that it works "exactly as the Hand of the Apprentice". It just says "touch attack at range". So the question is what ability should I use for this attack? Intelligence or str/dex?

Can't wait for PDF!

Awesome! With a great pleasure! Especially considering that I played Before the Dawn—Part II (with another character) and Beyond Azlant Ridge & By Way of Bloodcove with that warpriest :)

UPD:By the way, what is planned pace of the game? 1 post a day? Without pauses?

Hi all! I have a free lvl 6 Warpriest. If the game will be played at subtier 6-7, I would like to take part in it. Thanks!


Falth! Like him.

UPD. By the way, his character sheet looks bit stretched and hard to read. With the sheets below it is not so.

I will be glad to join! Would like to play for 322, but ready for any other character. Also, I've never used Roll20, but I think that's not a problem.

It sounds great, GM Evil!

I'm in! Will post here with my tengu character in 24 hours. I think it will be someone with divine magic - cleric, warpriest, druid etc.

If Maladash could see this he would be very touched. Beautiful music, my friend. Gracias!

I think I'll pass. Thanks )

Thank you for running this, Chyrone! Though Maladash died, it still were a great games.

No, I have not studied your whole account, I specifically about this character. I've never heard of Kelinahat before, and I liked the combination with the Sanctified Slayer archetype. I started to think about it and then THIS happened, lol )


However, it not necessarily tied to the moon. I just could not find other associations to "light in darkness" - in some kind of natural form. On the other hand, Benorus is the patron of the all good creatures living in the dungeons. But under the ground there is no moon.

Chyrone wrote:
Maladash, have you considered making his brother Naladash, crusader of chaos?

I'll never again make such pretentious names for the character. Never.

The story is - at the beginning of the first game (here) I wanted to remove the part about the "paladin" and then I realized that I can't do it. I think - what is it? And it turns out I didn't correctly read the 'red text'. I thought that after the tenth message you can't change the avatar, but it turns out that it was about the name.

So no more "crusaders of epic bloody something".

And, yes, technically I made a new First-Line-Oracle, but there is another race and completely different character and behavior. I have even managed to play with him in a 'live game' first time yesterday.

Chyrone wrote:
As you guys are nearing the final chamber, i'd like to ask if anybody is up for a 3rd party adventure, before updating to lvl 2

Not about the new "not-PFS" game - I'll decide to join Mercutio in his opinion. In the sense that I too would like high level in addition to unusual races that you are allowed (thanks for it btw).

The characters of the first level are VERY similar. It's hard to play something different not only in pre-history but also in the mechanics of the game.

P.S. ...Well you see by the amount of text that I missed you all, Yes guys? )) Lol )

It's absolutely true, though it's been a while.

The idea was (and remains) that all my characters are connected. They are not just individuals, but all are part of the same Cult, in different positions (so my main character has a Cult Leader archetype). And I started with Nocticula, right. But later I decided that it is too dark to do as the main theme, and besides, all the characters will be the same aliment (СN).

According to this, yes, I have changed the alignment and partly history (but only partly) of Kaleb (leaving however the mention of Nocticula - but in the opposite direction) and the "focus" of the entire Cult.

P.S. To my shame, even finished (in general) with the ideology of the new cult, I'm still working on its name. Can't think of anything interesting. Description of cult is here. The name is temporary and I would like to change. If someone has ideas - write. I would be grateful ;)

P.P.S. Incidentally, Asterion was one of the masterminds of this idea. Without knowing it :)

Nutellash, Dark Sweetness of Chaos

Hi! Very interested in this module. And I can easily write 2-3 times a day (that's what I usually look for in a PbP).

The only thing to consider - I can enter the game only on Sunday. On Saturday planned two live games, after which my character will be fourth level. If it's OK to wait until Sunday then I'm in. If not - then no problem with that :)

Character - male human, the cult leader, rogue and the inquisitor-heretic. Bright, memorable and extremely useful to the party in many aspects guy!