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Worst. Alias. Blitz. EVER!

Worst. Poem. Ever.

I'll have you know..,

That I have a first-edition copy of the original white box still in shrink wrap, along with a sealed piece of Gary Gygax's feces I acquired at GenCon X

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I shall now commit seppuku because my game has been forever ruined!


Seppuku means "eat several tacos" in Japanese, correct?

Am I naked?

Worst. Post. Ever


Worst. Alais blitz. Ever

Avengers movie ...

Head explodes

I can't seem to find Altlantic Giant seeds in my local gardening stores. I guess I'll have to try the Interwebz. I wanna beat my 100 lb pumpkin record this year.

Oooh! And maybe we could all chat about our entry into RPG Superstar! That could be super interesting! I went with Benwa balls of levitation, think I have a chance?

I'll have you knooow that that is a limited Edition Radioactive Man in which he dies, then is resurrected by an EMP detonation

Justin Franklin wrote:
Gary Teter wrote:
The thing about cheeseburgers is, they're fun to say, and delicious. Cheeeeeseburgerrrrr. Cheeeeeseburrrrrgerrrrr. Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!
What about otterburger?


Worst. Burger. Ever