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Just a quick question

- are there any podcasts about this game?

most other games I know of with content coming out this often seem to have at least one, but I've not found anything for the Pathfinder ACG.

I did listen to an episode or two of "Know Direction" but that seemed to just be about the RPG (which I don't play, so not really of interest)

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I don't think there are any.
It would be a difficult subject to run a podcast with. But I am certain, the right people could pull it off. The more pertinent question is, is there anyone who would want to start one?

Know Direction has occasionally covered PACG too, though it isn't their specific topic so the coverage isn't regular.

I think one could be interesting, assuming the person/people doing it had the right personality and skills for it. But something weekly might be difficult to have enough content for, so you might be looking at something monthly.

I listen to quite a few RPG podcasts, a podcast for this wouldn't be quite as fun as it's very rigid and structured and not as ad-hoc and freeform. There's some YouTube series videos of people playing it (the Grey Elephant stuff comes to mind). But it doesn't seem like it would lend itself quite as well to that format as a real RPG.

I think a YouTube series would be better (I think there's another thread of someone wanting to do it) as being able to see the people playing and the cards works much better for this type of game since there's so much of the game dependent on the exact text on them.

I was wondering if it'd be worth doing something with my wife. We're both small-time board game players, but big-time PFAG fans. I was trying to decide if there was enough material out there for maybe a once a month thing. We're still playing a few times a week, hungry for scenarios wherever we can find them.

I think so, you guys have a good rapport, and the little I've heard you talk about PACG was what piqued my interest in this game.

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Here are three.

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We did a single episode a few months ago at:
Meeple Nation Covers Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

We might do one more with the Skull and Shackles set sometime in the future. This has been a very popular game in our group.

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Mike and I are usually happy to podcast about card game matters when our schedules permit, for what that's worth.

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True! I did two tonight!

It would be a rather boring podcast if you just did play-by-plays of a game. However, if you covered things like:

Paizo News/Upcoming releases
Card previews
Interviews with the Devs
Reviews of Accessories/Miniatures/Mats/Box Additions
Class discussion/strategies
Individual card ratings & combos
Organized Play/Metagame
RPG Background of scenarios & adventures
Q&A from listeners on rules questions

There's probably enough there for a podcast every two weeks, and definitely enough for one a month.

If you're setting one up give me a shout, I'd be happy to help.

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