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That one I can blame on my cellphone's autocorrect, other times it is more my fat fingered typing and lack of typing skills :)

Finally off work will see if I can get a PC into digital form this evening along with a bit of backstory

Will flesh out more, so in short yes it's made up. On a quick perusal of the planets it somewhat fit with what I had in mind. Will write something for it up better later this evening, I'm at work right now.

Feel free to shoot it down if it doesn't make any sense at that point, right now it falls to an idea from this section tied to an idea from that section to a character in a game. Hopefully the long version is better written.

Was just making sure I was reading correctly, granted I'm not fond of negatives so he got points back from the 10 bonus......course just one of those to Int and I have a 14 for +2 and no bonus to the charisma skills. Choices choices :) will iron things out another skill point can be out to good use I believe.

Morning all, GM thanks for the invite.

Thoughts are running towards an operative, somewhat along the lines, or at least as I remember them, of Thane Krios from ME2.

Began life on Verdes as a contract killer for one of the houses. Skills came from that early time. A contract was their bond, however with time the sense of self-worth caused the android to question their targets. And a failed contract due to morale issues caused them to leave Verdes.

Feel free to critique or offer suggestions.

Question to all about the android, between the charisma penalty, -2, and their sense motive penalty, -2, they effectively start at a -3 to sense motime correct?

This may be answered elsewhere but difference between classic and core? Core = CRB only

GM, If this is a continuation of Sky Key from what was played earlier, are you good with Tsadok and Pea'nut continuing the path?

Ah yes forgot about the blade singer part read the overview of it wasn't thinking of it being a wizard in the mix.

Not up on my multiclassing, so take this as it may.

But aren't Paladins and Sorcerer both Charisma based casters? Would that not make for an easier match? The divine casting perhaps reactivates a family's long dormant spell casting lineage?

Would ease the ability need to bring up Int for a wizard, also no RP need for the intense arcane study by a divine player to make the switch.

it has, I can post a link to the copy of the PDF updating it, if needed

I had bits of him planned out but I'm easy to get along with; the written part was put together during the last hour. I'm far from being able to know what he'll be in 3 or 4 levels I tend to try and fill in gaps and my character change as the story moves forward.

The Bladesinger sounds cool, what's everyone else doing, Spaz mentioned Mystic or ranger variant, and Kubular mentioned having something up tomorrow. I'll kick around a couple other ideas and if need be go with your warlock it's a valid start and I'll fill in a gap. Got to crash for the night will check back in early am.

Gail Grey/ Malthorn Redemption:

Malthorn stumbled as he trudged through the forest. How could he have been so stupid, he was lucky all they did was tied him up and leave him to his fate. Joran had whispered in his ear before they left to just be patient, so he'd waited and before long the ropes fell from his wrist as if by magic.

The older human had taught many apprentices over the years and had taken Malthorn under his wing when he came back from his last trip home, last year. That trip had become a whirlwind of memories none of which Malthorn could completely put in order; but best he could remember. His dad had over the dinner table, told him of the deal his great-great-grandfather had made, and later come to regret. Had warned him that the haunt that plagued his family had returned. And the house had burned down, from which he run with only memories of something dreadful; his family lost forever. Distraught, when he'd reached his wits end that night he cried out to the gods for revenge, and something had answered him in a whisper.

He was granted powers with promises of more to come should he learn to use what he had, and they were helpful; flames of fire from his hands, bolts of pure force at his beck and command, and the abilities to understand anyone talking around him or find their weakness and know where to attack them. His superiors had trained him to infiltrate the enemy, and his spells gave him the fighting chance to escape should he get in a bind.

It had been going well up until about two months ago. He'd got the feeling something was following him, not a great feeling when your the one supposed to be sneaking around unknown. He'd looked behind him several times noticing a shadow on the wall, yet when he arrived nothing could be found, no footprints and no light to have thrown the shadow. but gods last night he finally acted on the impulse to act when he saw the shadow. He's turned and a fanged creature's shadow was upon the wall and moving closer; he'd readied a blast and when something material finally showed itself he closed his eyes and loosed the bolt. Only to open them and find his captain laid against the wall knocked out cold and his sergeant looking at him with mouth agape. He'd tried to plead his case but to no avail, he was released from duty and left tied up in the field they'd camped in the night before. Warned not to follow them.

Howls rang out through the woods, some close by and other farther away answered them, although they all seemed to be drawing closer. He knew better than to press on through the night but desperate men man stupid decisions and this might truly turn into his worst. Loosing a bolt at the bushes nearby that were sporting eyes, he was rewarded with a yelp and the sound of a hasty retreat through the foliage. Ahead there appears to be firelight, a welcome sight that was. Yet would he be welcome? Black hair, yellow eyes and red skin many avoided him as a devil and stumbling into a camp after dark he might well be sporting a crossbow bolt as opposed to a wolves tooth in his backside.
"Hello in the camp, weary traveler seeking safety from the wolves..."

@The Pale King - what are you kicking around?

we can work with that....

Here's the rough outline of my PC, working on the background info.

Thoughts on the character, he was a scout in the military, however the family curse has caused him to act a little strange which got him relieved of his responsibilities within the unit - something about letting loose an eldritch blast against a shadow that no one else saw....

Currently he works as an adventurer, with the others in the group.

Niles is the Gold Dragon Warlock Patron variant ok for use?

Scout background - custom
Proficient Skill: Stealth, Deception
Tools/Languages: Thieves Tools, Cartagraphers Tools
Benefit: ???

Background includes being trained as a scout for local militia. However the family haunt has begun manifesting itself, causing his unfortunate withdrawal from the force.

Kind of a mixture of several just not sure what benefit would be appropriate. Suggestions?

I'm thinking of perhaps something like a battle scout he will have good deception and intimidation skills with the charisma side and looking at support so ranged attacks mostly but able to attack in melee as needed.
Stealth - ok
Support - good
Party Face - good with deception and Intimidate

Still playing with the array, I hate negatives. Like point buy even if lower top number on one of the skills

Congrats to all, those who didn't make it this time, look forward to catching you in another game.

Thanks Niles. Welcome all. The dice roller typically hates me so Niles how about rolling me some stats from your dice roller, 1st PC with natural 18's, all 6 of them. :)
JK I'll use the standard array.

Kubular if you aren't dead set on the warlock I'd like to give that a shot - kinda like the battle mage idea, otherwise I'm good filling any slot as needed.

gothic trinket: 1d100 ⇒ 45

45–46 The wooden hand of a notorious pirate Anyone know any pirates missing their wooden hands??? PirateDevon can I see your hands, NVM wrong group, off to research pirates...

Anyone else have a character idea they are interested in playing?

Nice pirate :) Yes good luck all!

Hello all, sorry for the late hello in the recruitment thread.

How experienced of a PbP player are you?
I've been playing PBP since the September of 2014, I wouldn't say I'm near as experienced as many I see on the boards, but not a complete newbie. I was though when Niles took me in for his Iron Gods game, thank you. Still a great deal to learn with both systems.

What is your preferred post rate for games?
I will post usually 1 or more times per day, in all of my PBP games, yet there are times I'm waiting for others to post - personally I may feel I've been hogging the decision making, so waiting for others to chime in or waiting on the GM to update to know what is happening.

What is your most active posting times?
My most active times of the day to post are from about 2pm - 10pm EST, however I am checking the campaign page throughout the day for new post to see what is going on. And as someone posted earlier, if I can get a 5 minute post in during work I will.

Are there days/weeks where posting is impossible for whatever reason?
No normal day of the week is impossible to post, however while I'm at work most times I am only able to read what others are posting and then catch up in the afternoon/evening when I get home.

Let me know a little about you, why would you be a good fit in my game?
I am always up for a good story and a team player. I am learning with each of my characters, as so far have yet to play the same thing twice. Building the character and seeing where they end up keeps me with the game.

What type of game are you interested in, Paizo AP (using 5E rules) or WotC AP or something else.

I haven't had the pleasure of playing most of the APs/modules whether they be Pathfinder/5E, so as long as it is a good story I welcome the challenge and plan to enjoy the ride.

It's a lot of work, and I can totally understand if RL and GMing are at odds with each other.

I was unsure how to continue as we were leaving town as ANka walked back into town, seemed a bit strange to say "Welcome back, oh and by the way we're leaving again." yet that was where we are.

For myself I keep an eye on the campaign screen and when something pops up I'll see where we are.

If this has become terminal, I would look forward to catching another tale when time and RL permit, kinda like Ulfgar and curious to see where he might go :)

Granted though I'm not bowing out just yet, I'll wait on the other to chime in and you to make your decision. Thanks for the invite Ridge.

Thanks for the sheet, looks good.

Just looking at the blurb about the PDF in the store sounds like the Bard would be better suited to this story, any objections? Will go back and review it for updates, have only played him once.

Bregan Lastflower

Good luck all it has been a great process I look forward to playing with you either in this PbP or another on the boards.

So far the character concept is coming along, however the numbers game is driving me a bit crazy.
14 - 13 - 14 - 10 - 16 - 13
Standard order s/d/c/i/w/ch

I have a strong aversion to single digit ability numbers and the negatives they bring ;-).

Took selective channeling which necessitated the 13 Charisma.

As a human I get another feat, suggestions?

With multiple front liners would seem to be a need for a buff style of cleric more than battle cleric. So was thinking the extra channeling feat to bump that a bit more freeing up spell slots for group buffs.

Rutseg wrote:

Regarding divine casters

There are good opportunities for clerics of Abadar, Serenrae, Gorum and Pharasma to tie up with Cauldron society (have a look at the Cauldron at a glance section for each of those churches). The church will be involved in some of the events of the book. Also the capacity to prepare divinations and other non combat spells will come handy during down-time when interaction with other citizens and research will be relevant.

If you decide to go instead for oracle, you will find better roleplaying opportunities through the campaign if you follow the line of the 'dream hunted' or 'scarred soul' traits, or even the 'touched in the head'. If interested on things related to the Heaven or the Abyss I can also help you set a good background that will relate to the campaign.

Thank you reviewing both right now.

With Ken looking at a dip in cleric will that present any future problems group wise if I go straight up cleric? Looking to be a bit of both between the frontline and the ranged spell casters; more battle cleric than heal bot.

Ranger what are you leaning towards more the Paladin or Urban Ranger?

Following along with the discussion unfortunately work 'prohibits' Paizo site for the gaming tag on it. Will chime in better this evening.

Thanks I'll take a look at it, have glanced at them before but not read up on the class.

Seeing the heavy lean toward magic between the sorcerer and wizard I had backed off of the magus as I don't think it's the best front line option, especially early on, perhaps one of the cleric/cleric archetypes, to assist with the healing and tank a bit???

Welcome Hayato, the two groups are to form 2 independent groups, atm, who will work together to create a PC group capable of accomplishing the things the GM has mentioned, as well as stay together for 20 levels to see this AP through to the end.

As I understand, the GM will will choose one of our two groups for his campaign and then from the other group pull in 2 additional PC's to complete his 7 for the AP. Building the groups will allow the GM to see how we work together and our group dynamics in responding to adversity, the I didn't get the character concept I want or can you swap that planned trait/skill/feat to cover an area our group is lacking in, kinds of adversity. How we respond to those and other issues creating our party will help him make his final decision.

Joint work between the two groups will be a good thing as well, for we all should get to know each other, so that the 2 who are chosen later will be a known quantity coming to the new party

So far on this side we have possibly ...
a sorcerer
dwarven spellslinger
bard/urban ranger
monk/bard/barbarian/bard again.

Magic looking well covered at first look, healing a bit light, and front liner questionable

edit***and my slow typing bites me again Ranger and Rutseg already answered my comments :)

Appears it was a bad day to be understaffed at work. Congrats all on your selection. Sounds as if you have several good ideas brewing already, off to see what we are coming up with.

Governayle, thanks for reaching out earlier today.

Thanks JamZilla, looking forward to working with all of you as well.

Evening all, congrats on making it this far.

I am one of the less experienced prospects Rusteg picked. I am looking forward to the process and the learning I will get to do along the way, as well as getting to know another great group of players.

First thoughts ran to a magus with the city scoundrel trait. A little melee, a little magic, the city scoundrel trait brings in disable device as a class skill. Able to do a little of everything. However all that said, like Dow I don't have my heart dead set on it; and will gladly take advice on ways to build up a group that synergizes well.

So far if you look at my aliases I have played as a bard, a rogue who had to step into the meat shield position, never a good thing :-) , a ranger, hunter, and war priest. The war priest is out, per rules above; but I'm open to suggestion.

What kind of player you are? Like Tyranius above I am new to Pathfinder and PbP, but thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to play. I have been playing since Sep 2014. Don't have the breadth of experience many of the players here do, but I believe in being a team player both with the other PC's as well as the DM, understanding there are times railroading is necessary. My characters tend to be thoughtful, if a bit rash in some of their combat choices

What is your favourite campaign setting?
Pathfinder is the only campaign setting I've played with any consistency, first experience with D&D world being 1st or 2nd edition, when I was a lot younger.

Have you ever played or read partially or completely the Shackled City before?

What made you decide to apply?
The invitation got my attention, thank you; but once I had the time to read the GM expectations as well as the recruitment thread and the player guide I definitely want a chance to be in this group. Definitely would be a great chance to grow as a player.

I will be looking to join a game. Looks like the PbP method will work well with my rotating schedule.

No, I didnt create an account just for that post :-) I had a table top game that had gotten placed on terminal hold due to players schedules and living 3 hrs or so apart. And it had stalled just prior to the fight with the warg in Hollows Last Hope.
Brother-in-law suggested PbP, so I began checking the board to see how to go about it. And as I said have thoroughly enjoyed the read and watching the character and story development. Just wanted to give props where they were due. Enjoy!

Have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your last year or so of game play over the past week. Started reading to see another GM run the only module I've run, once started couldnt put it down. Keep up the good work, you have a good group here Niles.