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Redgar's ACG Characters wrote:

I believe it is possible to pass on scenario rewards?

If so, Lem will pass on the Scenario Reward this time.

As I understand it, yes, but the only reason to not take the reward would be if you planned to replay this scenario later. You can only replay it while you are within 1 tier of the scenario, so once you tier up to tier 6, you wouldn't be able to play it again.

If you want to not take the reward, just let me know.

Grazzle chose ally for the Concordance's Favor in the chat.

Stained Glass Elemental:

MM Ally C
Traits: Elemental Electricity Veteran
To Acquire: Charisma Survival Arcane 9
Reveal this card to add 1d8 and the Electricity trait to your combat check. If your roll exceeds the difficulty of the check to defeat by 3 or more, discard this card and the top card of the blessings deck. Recharge this card to add or subtract 1 plus the adventure deck number from the result of your check.

Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Lem would have named "spell" at the end of his turn and drawn the last card,leaving the location empty for Radovan, who recharges 2 cards to close the last location.


You do take the damage from the failed check before you attempt the recharge check.

Reiko needs to summon and encounter a Silver Chain Smuggler still.

I forgot the adventure reward, which I added to gameplay.

Adventure Reward
Choose 1 trader that you have been rewarded with and record it on your Chronicle Sheet. For the rest of the Adventure Path, your trade cost for that trader is reduced by 1 card (to a minimum of 1).

I've also setup the basic scenario intro and given Yewstance access to the game to run it as needed.

Random location: 1d17 ⇒ 3 Canny Jackal

Development and rewards posted. Sorry for so much delays. Work has just been unbelievably busy. I'm going to go ahead and give Yewsatance access to the game so he can manage it as needed. I should have the next scenario up this afternoon.

1d20 ⇒ 9
1d20 ⇒ 8

Merisal the Risen
1d20 ⇒ 7
1d20 ⇒ 12

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Thanks Tyranius and MorkXII. And thanks to our RPG friends for pulling off this special at the request of the ACG side. We really appreciate it and our players had a lot of fun.

Rewards for Hawkmoon269
1d20 ⇒ 14
1d20 ⇒ 17

Hi all. Thanks for being patient with me. I just dropped an update. I'm more than happy to add 2 more.

I'm more than happy to continue to be the BR. What I can do though is if I have an absence give Yewstance access to the game as well so he can update it. Does that sound ok with everyone?

You can only defeat a card you encounter, so Staff of Heaven and Earth will only defeat a barrier you encounter.

Sorry all. I've gotten very busy with Cosmic Captive and other non-game stuff. I'm dropping an update now. Please forgive my absence.

The Zombie Horde on top is left over from the prior turn for the Zobmie Minion Celestial Seoni still needs to encounter. If she defeats the Zombie Minion, the Zombie Horde is banished. If she doesn't defeat it, then explore the Canyon randomly with the Zombie Horde still part of the deck.

Zombie Minion:

Henchman 2
Type: Monster
Traits: Undead Zombie
To Defeat: Combat 9
The Zombie Minion is immune to the Mental and Poison traits. Damage dealt by the Zombie Minion is reduced by half (round up). If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close this location.

Seoni gets a random weapon closing the Watchtower. It is a Sling.

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The ACG tables are forced to do Earth as their first success. That's why the heavy amount of reporting of Earth.

Do whatever works for you. The important thing is that if there is an "unresolved" action for someone else that will affect what you are going to do, wait for everyone else to catch up. But if what they will do doesn't impact you, you don't need to wait.

1 Grazzle MorkXII
2 Zarlova GMAndrew
3 Seoni Merisal
4 Seoni Iammars

I don't see any other trade requests. Here is what I have right now:

Qualzar Crowbar
Estra Spear of the Watchful Guardian
Estra Akhentepi's Armor
Estra Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh
Estra Neferekhu
Estra Camel

If anyone else wants anything, put it on the Swaps page of the campaign sheet. I'll post the scenario in about 4 hours one way or another.


I want to setup a Google Hangout to facilitate communication, as it really helps. Mostly just "My turn's done, Grazzle is up next." Or "Seoni encountered a weapon that she can't acquire without help. I wanted to make sure no one else wanted it before I just failed the check." So, please send me a PM with your email address so I can add you to the hangout.

Iammars, please let me know the character ID for your Seoni when you have a chance.

Also, since I think I've missed out on playing with you at the last 2 PAX Unplugged Conventions, really glad to have you at my table. I do have to say I'm a bit sad you aren't playing Yoon. :)

Yes, we'll need to pause this table during the special if you are planning to use this character in the special (which will be good for me anyway so I don't get overwhelmed with tables).

Any other traders besides Hadden?

These will be added to the update in the next post:

Thriae Dancer:

Henchman 3
Type: Monster
Traits: Thriae Bard
To Defeat: Charisma Diplomacy 10 OR Combat 16
The Thriae Dancer is immune to the Poison trait.
All damage dealt by the Thriae Dancer is Poison damage.
If each character at this location reveals the henchman Stolen Larvae, you may evade Thriae Dancer.
If defeated, you may examine the top card of any location deck.

Thriae Soldier:

Henchman 3
Type: Monster
Traits: Thriae Soldier
To Defeat: Combat 13 THEN Combat 13
The Thriae Soldier is immune to the Poison trait.
All damage dealt by the Thriae Soldier is Poison damage.
If your check to defeat exceeds 17, you are dealt 1 Poison damage.

1 = Alchemists
2= Thriae

Which way will you go?: 1d2 ⇒ 1
Alchemists it is.

I half expected you to go that way in character with Cogsnap and Skizza.

So, the next scenario involves a choice of how you play it. I've posted the details for it. Let me know if you want the info about the locations (I just listed their names) but the locations are the same in both versions.

Figure out which one you want to do. If you have to, take a vote. If that comes out tied, we'll roll 1d2 to see which one.

Sorry. Took some cough/cold medicine last night that knocked me out. When I get time during lunch this will be my first update.

Sorry. I've been fighting a bad cold the last few days. I'm catching up on everything today.

ACG Tier 5:Gameplay Thread

We'll also assume you didn't guess Blessing of the Ancients, and put that on the bottom of your location deck.

  For weeks the astronomers of the Inner Sea region have been abuzz. Millennia ago, the twin planets Damiar and Iovo exploded, creating an asteroid belt known as the Diaspora. A few of those asteroids orbit the sun more erratically, and one of the more famous of these is called Aucturn’s Tear, which flies through the solar system every 56 years like clockwork. For some reason, the asteroid has flared to life in the night sky, as though releasing vast quantities of gas.
  Most would be content to just watch the asteroid and wonder—but not the Pathfinder Society. Agents have been furiously preparing for some kind of expedition that involves portals. Could it be that as Aucturn’s Tear travels overhead tonight, a mystic doorway to a hidden treasure might open? Perhaps that’s why so many agents have gathered around the Spire of Nex, a towering siege fortress rumored to contain untold magical power. Perhaps the Master of Spells Sorrina Westyr will make an announcement soon.

•At the start of this adventure, choose whether you wish to count the adventure for purposes of tier advancement. If you choose not to count this adventure as tier advancement, you do not gain feats as provided in the Guide, but you do gain scenario rewards and deck upgrades as normal.
•Do not read any scenario’s villains or henchmen before playing it.
•If you die and are not returned from death before the end of a scenario, you may play another character for the next scenario.
•If you fail a scenario, immediately replay it.

This will be the discussion thread.

This will be the gameplay thread.

I'm ok with continuing. I'll setup the next one and we can start once Cognsap takes his upgrade.

No, because Silver Forge says "Summon and acquire a random armor from the box" so it is acquiring.

Rahali - Witch- Matsu Kurisu wrote:


Can you confirm my understanding that anytime you gain a boon you can use the scenario power to put it in a location

It is only acquiring if the word "acquire" is used. For example, succeeding at a check to acquire a boon is acquiring. Drawing a card from a location, box, or anywhere else is not acquiring. See this comment. So, the Altar's power is not not acquiring.

Hey all. Sorry. Holiday things got busy. I think we'll look to start on or around 1/2/18.

The above is that status after resolving the Sandstorm on Seltyiel's turn. Defeating the villain will not empty or close the Quarry right now because of the Conflagration. If you want to roll back and not explore, that is fine with me.

2 things:

1. Adowyn encountered the Blessing of Wadjet that Grazzle took at the end of his turn. It looks like the solution is to have Adowyn remove the Blessing of Wadjet from her cards and put the Blessing of the Elements she used to explore Corridor Dart Trap back in her hand. (i.e. Free exploration would have been Blessing of the Elements, Snow Leopard would have explored the Corridor Dart Trap.)

2. Athnul would have triggered the Third Law (no card left in location, so the d6 would definitely be higher). Athnul either banishes a card or everyone buries one.

That's an armor 5.

Fire Gecko (Ally B)

Reed Snake Armor (Armor 3)
Shield Cloak (Armor 1)
Aegis of Recovery (Armor 5)

Blessing of the Lady of Graves (Blessing 5)
Blessing of the Ancients (Blessing B)

Corrosion (Spell 2)
Good Omen (Spell B)

Iceblade Spelldagger (Weapon 5)

You've got an armor 1 and an armor 3 from those.

I'm updating now...

No time constraints on my end. I have a busy weekend too (I'm at PAX Unplugged), but i can update in the evening.

Sorry everyone. I got busy with holiday stuff. Updated posted. FYI: I will be at PAX Unplugged Friday through Sunday. I should be able to get an update in either in the morning or evening each day though.

The earlier one is correct. I forgot to update it in the db. Sorry.

Unfortunately, no, this game is not eligible for boons as Gameday has ended.

Rahali - Witch- Matsu Kurisu wrote:
BR Hawkmoon wrote:
I just double checked and I think the reward Raheli is looking at is from Plundered Tombs. It doesn't apply to this table because we are playing Factions' Favor.

Hi Hawkmoon

I looked it up. It is factions favor, 4-3D: A few good punches.
Have PDF on hand if you want me to send it to you

Ah. Ok. I missed it. Ok. If you completed that one, then you are good.

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