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I Eat Cannibals

This will happen to each of you individually

You are awakened by a dousing of water on your naked body surrounded by fiends laughing and leering at you. They quiet quickly as a heavy thudding noise grows louder, coming through the only door in this 20'x 20' square room is a truly horrific site. A snake bodied fiend topped by a womans torso with 6 arms. She glares at you as if appraising a piece of meat and speaks to you in a surprisingly pleasant voice.

The rules here are simple, you will do what we want, when we want and how we want it done any questions?

I Eat Cannibals

We is open for business

You are hereby sentenced to live the remainder of your miserable lives at prison #14, there you will reside in the misery of your thoughts until such time as you die, may the gods have no mercy on your soul

This was your last memory before you passed out and and awoke at prison 14. This will be a chance for 5 irredeemable prisoners at freedom...if you can survive the dreaded Tomb of Horrors

Character Creation:
25 pt buy HP max at first and then 1/2+1

9th level and starting gold of 46K

2 traits, no drawbacks and no crafting feats

Books: All Paizo material, No 3PP this time

Classes: No guns, tech or trip, sunder, grapple stuff

I am not a creative writing expert and I do not expect that out of you, Just tell me what got you condemned to the worst prison in existence

House Rules:
There are no class skills
There is no taking "20" and no tripping, grappling, sundering etc.

Other Stuff:
Do not hesitate to make powerful, effective characters. If you are all about combat this adventure is probably not for you

Please be familiar with the rules and know your character

I am going to hold you to the same standard as I hold myself: I plan to post at least once a day on weekdays adjusting to the pace of the group as set by me. When you do post, I expect you to push the action/story/RP or leave/pick up RP hooks. If our pacing changes to the point of negativley impacting your ability to keep up, I hope and expect you to contact me earlier rather than later. I promise to do the same if our positions are reversed

Let's see anything I forgot...I consider myself a players DM, I want you to win, The rule of cool is in effect. However I will pull no punches.

I Eat Cannibals

You are awakened by a dousing of water on your now naked body surrounded by fiends laughing and leering at you. They quiet down quickly as a heavy dragging sound approaches.

Coming through the door is a truly horrific sight, a snake bodied fiend topped by a womans torso with 6 arms. She glares at you coldly and unemotional and begins speaking in a language you understand.

The rules here are simple, you will do what we want, when we want and how we want it done" Any questions meat?

Note each of you will be brought in alone, but this scene will be the same

I Eat Cannibals

Hello and Welcome: IHIYC, Orthos, TCG and Tordek

You are hereby sentenced to live the remainder of your miserable life at Prison 14, there you will reside in the misery of your thoughts until such time as you die, may the gods have no mercy on your souls

This was your last memory before you awoke at Prison 14. A no escape work camp with a reputation for housing higher level offenders that run afoul of the law. The warden and guards treat this as a military front-line. People are not executed as a matter of course but are worked to death. You prayed to whatever evil deity/demon you worship to be released and for your sins, your prayers were answered.

Everyday life in this camp includes beatings, torture, snitching and engaging in conjugal activities for the guards for their own amusement.

The guards at this camp are demons of various sorts and the warden whom no one has seen and lived to tell is named Estidian. So this game is basically a mashup of WotW and ToH. You will start off in prison get to know one another and will be asked to go to The dreaded ToH. I have 4 players signed up and need 1 more. Characters are barbarian, dragon disciple, eldritch knight and an alchemist/summoner

Character Creation:

Starting Level: 9th

Alignment: Evil

Ability Scores: 25 pt buy

HP: Max at 1st, players will roll for the rest(you will get a minimum of 1/2 + con)

Traits: 2 traits, no drawbacks, No crafting

Starting Coin: 46,000gp(you will start with nothing, but will eventually get your stuff back)

Races/Classes:No guns, tech or psionics other than that All Paizo, 3PP available upon Review(I have 2 players playing 3pp so it is possible)

You may put as much as you would like into this, keep in mind you are the absolute worst of the worst so i will need to know what sick twisted crimes had you incarcerated at this prison

Other Stuff:

Do not hesitate to make powerful/effective characters.

I expect you to post as often as is needed, adjusting to the pace of the group and when you do post, I expect you to push the action/story or leave/pick up RP hooks when you do. I plan on posting 1/day weekdays at a minimum. The weekends you are free

Silver Crusade

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You know besides being pregens in PFS. I am seeing these threads trumpeting the arrival of new iconics and frankly I just don't see what all the hoopla is about.

All you holier than thou players listen up, you know you want to win the game i.e you want to complete the campaign/AP without dying and slaughtering every obstacle in your path.

Silver Crusade

We are looking for 1 maybe 2 players in the east SF Bay area for a home game in pleasant hill, ca. Pathfinder rules light game, custom world, mid magic game. To many features to list here. we are a group of 40 somethings non smoking at the table. Send me a PM if interested

After seeing a plethora of threads involving what I consider rules minutia. I'm looking at you "scry and fry", "ice tomb hex", sno-cone wish machine". It got me thinking, do you need an "official" response or can you make a decision yourself.

But, but what about new players, how will they manage to run a game if one of these ultra-rare situations happens and what will they do if they go to another table and the rules are different.

I don't know play whatever is fun at your particular table and When you go to a table with different rules, make your desicion about whether that game is for you.

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Was it a favorite character? Maybe the avatar you chose? or something you came up with after a few beers( me raising hand).

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So a friend and I were discussing the possibility of a character being able to cast enervation on the bad guy and transfering this excess power to one of our good guys. Is this possible?

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Yes I know...Is it legal for play?

Silver Crusade

1 level of crossblooded sorceror dragon/orc then switch to admixture wizard so as to get an additional +2 on my dice for the fireball spell. Seems to good to be true.

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Looking for a game near concord, martinez, walnut creek. I am in my mid 40's and would prefer a group around that age. I have a friend who might be interested also.

Any Questions PM me

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Hey I just got through looking through a heated discussion on 3PP hate or like.

Personally I have taken a tour through the 3PP stuff and have not seen anything that thrilled me. Granted it was not an indepth tour, That being said I am open to further explorations on the topic.

So What 3PP Race, Class or setting or anything really do you like?

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So I have seen a couple comments on the feat Spell Perfection being "overpowered" and "Should be banned".

For the record, I have no problem with it especially considering the prerequisites.

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So,I am looking for a some background flavor.

Our story so far..

Elves, ok we know a bunch of arrogant treehugers right...However, On an island hidden by ancient and powerful elven magic( I am kind of picturing the island from "Lost") there exists a breeding program/ academy designed for the protection on the elven race. These "students" are evaluated and trained in a specific school that that matches their particular strengths.

Even if this runs contrary to perceived Elven beliefs. These "War Wizards" are to be used in times of great need i.e. threats to elven independence/eradication.

So my question is What would you call this academy and/or group of students?

Also this is my prelimanary background story, if you have suggestions to add on that would be appreciated.

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Simple, do these stack?

Would you consider this uber/semi or mild cheese even if the character had a great background story?

I would love an "Official" answer to this.

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So, I am loving the idea of a blaster wizard based on Brewers guide. I will run a savage elf with the magical lineage trait: Fireball, School: admixture.

A little background, I am new to pathfinder although I played d and d from 1980-1998. I had to move due to a job and yadda yadda yadda. I found my way back home only to discover my beloved game has changed significantly.

Ok, change is inevitable right.

The last game I played was with a 2E Maxed out barbarian, So upon my return my friends preroll me a half orc-barbarian just to reintergrate me into the game. It's cool and all but I love spellcasters and have a halfling master summoner prepared.

And before I get all the hatemail I mean prepared I have all my SPA and spells already on 3 X 5 cards. so as not to slow combat down to much.

I recently read "Brewers guide" and am totally digging the idea. So much so that I might ditch the the idea of battle field controller summoner

So the question put before you is this what is the the feat tree you would choose to lay out uber fireballs. With the caveat that I DO NOT WANT TO "DIP and/or multiclass"

Oh yeah, here re my base stats

S 11
D 17
C 16
I 12
W 13
CH 18

These were my halfling MS stats before adding in racial bonuses. You can switch the stats however you want.

If you have further questions feel free to ask.

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I am not including the ones you get as bonus feats and I will not ever summon my eidolon into combat. After my last few characters being killing machines I want to play a battlefield controller/shaper/buffer you know the guy every fighter type wants around.

1. great fortitude (to even out the saves)
3. superior summoning
5. extra summons
7. iron will
9. Expanded arcana( lots of good 3rd level spells)
11. same
13. ?

we usually game to about 19-21

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Simple question is it worth it and if it is how many times. I am building this character to be a battlefield shaper/party buffer. Not the dude who summons a bunch of creatures and sits back. Also I will never summon an eidolon I don't like the concept.

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So I was thinking, How about a thread that lists your favorite contributors to these threads.

Perhaps, if you have a question you could reference their personal sites and get some good wisdom.

i know I'm asking alot but please no negativity. You don't have to agree with their stance just respect it.

Me personally, I like Blueluck, Adamantine Dragon, DM Arkwright, Thalin, Ciretose, Lamontius, Ravingdork..

I am sorry if I spelled your "name" wrong.

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It is a beautiful day here in the bay area and it got me thinking about putting a list together of your favorite contributors to these threads. Believe it or not the trolls are not as prevelant as you might believe. You can list as many as you wish! I figure this belongs in the advice section as you can visit their individual sites and seek out wisdom.

Let me apologize in advance if I spell your "name" wrong. For me I have found these folks advice to be helpful

Blueluck, Adamantium Dragon, Thalin, DM Arkwright, Leisner, Lamontius, Ravingdork. I know I am missing a bunch

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Good Afternoon All,

Just curious would Spell Specialization(Ultimate Magic) stack with Varasian Tattoo (Inner sea Guide) i.e. I could potentially cast 1 spell 3 levels higher?

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Good Day All,

Where can I find this feat? I have looked in the CRB, APG, UM and U

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A little background, I just started playing pathfinder after taking a 15 year hiatus from RPG's. Well A new campaign is starting up in about 3 or 4 months and after an extensive search through the various classes I will be running a fetchling master summoner. My character will not be summoning his eidolon due to factors in his background story and I find the idea of the eidolon a little cheesy.

So I have 2 questions

1) As I understand it every class gets a feat every other level and a ability increase every 4 levels?(I suppose this belongs in the rules section)

2)I am looking for a good set of feats to compliment my class and race, yes I want to stay hidden and also I do not want to "dip" into other classes.

Thank You

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A long time ago in an edition far far away, I ran my group through a campaign that I not only wrote but had a soundtrack for each session.

Do other folks do this? If so what kind of music do you use to enhance your gaming experience?

For me, I enjoy the conan soundtrack, pink floyd or dead can dance for times when the party is exploring or some minor skirmishes.

However, for big boss battles I find heavy metal does the trick. Any thoughts?