Prince of Redhand-Seriously offending Zeech

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Silver Crusade

Players are finally at Zeech's Banquet The fabler announces

"My lords, ladies, and other honored guests. Prince Zeech bids you welcome, and I trust you will enjoy the hospitality of his humble home The strange little man looks around, leers at some of the guests, then flaps his free arm and lifts the mummified raven up on his shoulder. Using the dead bird as a ventriloquist's dummy, he chirps out in a raspy voice: you may now present your gifts to honor the prince and then steps back, giggling quietly as the other guests reach into folds in cloaks and pockets."

The Guests line up and begin presenting gifts, My Cleric of Obad-hai insists upon being the last. He saunters down the red carpet and presents a walking stick made out of a black dragon spine from the traitors graves and says something to the effect of " You are an Oaf and Tyrant"(I don't recall the exact words as your poor DM was at a loss) and breaks the stick throwing it at the Princes feet.

I ended the session right there and assured my cleric that it was not his fault. But that I needed time for a proper response.


First off, I would assign them some of the reputation points or whatever they're called from that adventure.

This will cause stories to be told about them, absolutely.

Second, they should presented with an overwhelming encounter. Zeech will try to arrest them for certain, and possibly execute the cleric after a show trial.

Should the party allow this Lashonna can make contact with the imprisoned party and offer to pull some strings, to get them out, in exchange for going and doing chapter 9.

If the PCs resist the party devolves into a melee. This should be an encounter with overwhelming odds, with Erinyes showing up in waves. If you let them kill Zeech it's hard to fix the finale of the adventure path, but maybe Lashonna can take over rulership and sell the ziggurat as a tomb for Zeech rather than a monument. If the fight goes on too long, eventually Baldumek the Pit Fiend may show up.

Make sure the party has adequate routes of escape. Make sure they know they can use them. Don't be afraid to kill a few of them in this case. This was a monumentally stupid decision that they made worse by fighting.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the reply, I have already dealt with this though. First thing I did was give him an action and then I had everyone roll init, this included all the party guests. Zeech replied "Thank you for noticing. Anything else, or are you done making an ass of yourself?" The way I figure is Dismissiveness oozes authority and power. Of course, he won't forget the display - but dealing with it publicly implies that his authority could actually be challenged. Dismissing it is actually more terrifying. He also mentally signaled for all 15 erinyes to show up.

The other players were holding actions as they were unarmed and well smart. I had the erinyes arrive and surround Zeech readying to t-port him away if necessary. My cleric on his action accused Zeech of being in league with the Ebon Triad and then unloaded Holy Word.

After losing alot of erinyes, one of them t-ported with Zeech to a safe space and the party got away....But Zeech is not done by a long shot. When the group returns to Alhaster they will not be well received by the people of the town as Zeech will have anyone and everyone the party interacted with, along with their families crucified and placed outside the gates as a warning. He also has clamped down on the town more than before naming the PC's as the reason. The people they encounter will be saying things like "An awful lot of blood just for pissing off the rightful ruler of a country. Was it worth it, good guy? Did you accomplish something? No? Well, maybe think again next time before you send 60 people to death for... yeah what exactly? So Along with the normal encounters they will have the erinyes to deal with.

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