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1 level of crossblooded sorceror dragon/orc then switch to admixture wizard so as to get an additional +2 on my dice for the fireball spell. Seems to good to be true.

Of course, since sorcerer and wizard levels don't stack for purposes of spells, you'll spend an extra level getting 3rd level spells. If you're doing the level dip into wizard, you'll be 7th level by the time you can cast fireball. The two extra dice (average 7hp extra damage) won't be that big a deal.

I think the wizard admixture school ability only works when casting spells as a wizard.

Wizard/sorcerer builds are hard to work out because you are splitting your main stat between Charisma and Intelligence.

I think the Sage bloodline lets you use Int as a Sorcerer though.

Silver Crusade

So I take 1 level of CB orc/draconic to get the +2 per dice and then do admixture wizard the rest of the way, yeah I will be 1 level behind but the extra damage more than makes up for it.

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Sure, if you think it's worth it. I mean, you've given up another point of base attack, gained a better Will and worse Fort and Ref saves. In exchange, you get +2 damage on the most common energy type in the game, and you're 1 level behind on your casting. It's alright, but it's hardy optimised.

EDIT: Or I guess you can get the bonus damage on another energy type and use the admixture school power. Acid's probably a better bet.

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you can make up for the caster level with a trait.

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If you're a wizard with only a one-level dip into sorcerer, then yes your spell progression is slowed... down to the same progression as a straight sorcerer. Oh noes?

I've played alongside one of these in PFS. A 7th-level PC (sorc1/wiz6) was nuking everything in sight with cold fireballs for (7d6+14)x1.5 (Empower through a rod). That's quite the damage for a single 3rd-level slot.

Personally, I don't like it, though it does partly have to do with disliking the Orc bloodline in general. :/

Scarab Sages

It is +2 per die. So Take one level of Sorc, Mage Tatoo, be a Gnome with the Pyromancer alternate racial trait, An Evoker (or Admixturist) and the trait that makes up the Cl loss..... then at 6th level when you gain that fireball, it does 8d6+18 damage. Not too shabby. Or as I like to do, apply the trait to sorc instead of Wizard. You loose 1 die of damage but you have some low level spells for times when you want to fire something off but do not want to bring out the big guns or waste low level spells slots. I go with Burning Hands for 5d4+12

As mentioned above when you need something other than fire damage, you loose some punch. But with the Admixturist you can memorize all fire spells and then change them when you run into those situations. The above mentioned Fireball would turn into a 7d6+2 "AcidBall", which is exactly what the damage would be without the level dip.

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I'm not saying it's a bad choice, but it's hardly OMGWTFBBQ awesome. As I'm sure you're aware, damage is a decent thing to do, but it's not the best thing to do.

Then, if you're dealing damage, having your mainstay be an indiscriminate spell like fireball is also ok, but there are times when it's hardly ideal.

Finally, you're taking a hit on all your saves compared to a straight wizard - Fort and Ref due to multiclassing, and Will due to crossblooded (even after the stacking bonus from two good Will classes, you still end up 1 point of Will save down).

So yeah. Decent, but nothing to write home about compared to some of the stuff you can pull.

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Ninjaiguana. wrote:


I agree with you. Cross-blooded makes for a great blaster, but it is far from overpowering and as always blaster mileage may vary.

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I will make it legal

-Darth Sidious

Silver Crusade

So If I take 1 level of sorceror and switch to wizard I advance on the sorceror table

Silver Crusade

What? No...


You would have the casting powers of a 1st level sorcerer at level 1. From 2nd level on you would retain the casting powers of a 1st level sorcerer and progress as a wizard gaining BAB as a wizard, saves as a wizard, spells as a wizard, etc...

That would be like saying, "So, if I take 1st level Rogue and then switch to Wizard I advance my sneak attack righ?" The answer, in case there is any confusion, is NO.

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Sorry about that I briefly went into space

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Welcome back to Terra Firma.

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They were saying if you dip one into sorc then go straight wizard you would be getting access to higher level spells at the same rate a straight sorceror would just because of the silly lag in sorceror advancement.

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