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Kwiz manages to jump out of the way as the surprise of these odd creatures starts to sink in.

Ok going before the Pallones are:
Then the Pallones, then everyone else.

There are currently 6 pallones floating in the sky.

Jake manages to get a solid hit on one of the pallones, earning some cheers from the villagers who are stabbing at the beasts with their rather primitive weapons.

A couple of the pallones keep their attention on their original targets, a few others move over a bigger threat, a new arrival to the scene, YOU.

One swoops down towards Jake, another towards Voss, and a final one at Larsis. They are low enough that you are able to make counter attacks.

It's going to be rough for me to post until the weekend is over. If you want to roll and do your first round actions, we can sort it all out on Monday. Sorry for the delay at an exciting time.

Kwiz, your character is a hoot :)

Patel rushes ahead of you, brandishing a weapon on the charge. The villagers seem to pay you no mind as you approach and plead innocence. The whole scene seems very out of place and confusing. To make things even more bewildering, the villagers start stabbing at the sky with their weapons, and Patel starts to do the same thing!

Suddenly, a very thin, almost invisible disk of a creature swoops down out of the sky diving at Kwiz'mie.

Kwiz, make a defense roll, everyone else roll for initiative

A quick look around puts the pieces together, these mysterious creatures are the Pallones that Patel warned you about!

A few hundred yards later into the False Woods, you discover a clearing that appears to hold the remains of a small village: three triangular structures that are made of a living substance similar to the mesh above. These are clearly dwellings, and a quick inspection of the site shows that there once were nearly a dozen more similar structures, which have since been destroyed. A number of people are in the area, rebuilding the structures, cleaning up, and gathering weapons. As you arrive, the villagers suddenly take up arms, mostly long spears and staffs of metal and synth.

The scutimorphs takes the hit from Bobby and lets loose a horrendous insectoid scream, it then rushes back into the "forest" in retreat.

Patel quickly comments, Let it go! If we follow it, we might anger more of them, let's keep going, quickly!

Jake and Galtar miss their attacks. This time around, Voss strikes true and delivers a blow that cuts through the scutimorph's tough outer shell.

I'm fine if everyone sort of posts their actions at once, then I'll resolve them in order as I have been doing, as long as that works for everyone else.

The scutimorph remains for another round, angered, shaking those huge pincers.

Patel yells We've injured it! Keep using the heavy weapons, most of these things will run if they take enough of a beating!

Will get an updated post in the morning... Busy time for me, haven't forgotten you.

Round 2 so far:
Bobby : Intrusion taking his turn
Jake : Not yet acted
Laris: Drawing the attention of the scutimorph
Kwiz : Attacked with 'magic.'
Larsis : Not yet acted
Scutimorph : Attacks Laris and misses by lowering the attack
Galtar : Not yet acted
Sal : Attempted to distract the scutimorph
Voss : Not yet acted
That look right to everyone?

Jake: Sal is correct, you hit the Scutimorph, but you didn't get past its armor. You do avoid the hit from the pincers with your defense roll.


You are suddenly struck with violent nausea and a headache. You see Seria in between flashes of pain behind your eyes, and feel a deep connection between her and these woods; you spend the second round in shock and pain.

Sal: The scutimorph shakes its pincers at the debris but quickly turns its gaze back at your party, your distraction didn't last long enough to provide much advantage.

Kwiz: The rabbit connects this time in an explosive display, the scutimorph is taken back a step and shakes it's head, it appears as though you have done the first bit of damage to the creature.

Laris: The scutimorph turns its gaze from the larger group to focus on you, seeing your impressive display, it looks as though it is going to attack with those pinces. Go ahead and make a defense roll.

So the order would be:

Bobby lets loose an arrow, but in his rush to get a shot off, the arrow goes wide of the target.

Jake (Not sure what you meant by auto-intrusion)Swiftly moves in and attacks with both weapons, unfortunately, the scutimorph's tough outer carapace is able to able to absorb the blow from both blades.

Kwiz relies on an impressive display of his nano powers, but fails to affect the beast.

Larsis pokes at the scutimorph with his rapier and finds the same problem as Jake, that carapace is just too hard to be punctured with the light weapons.

The Scutimorph turns its head and attacks with its pincers on Jake. Jake you will need to make defense roll. If you beat a 9, you will take no damage, less than that the pincers tear into you for 4 damage

Galtar releases an arrow, it makes a 'chink' sound as it bounces off of the Scutimorph's armor.

Sal turns and slashes with a dagger, making a scraping sound as is slides off of the carapace.

Voss appears to wield a huge weapon effortlessly but misses.

I'm here! Holidays = lots of delays getting to post, will get to is ASAP!!!!!

The closer you get to, and the deeper into, the false woods, you have a growing sense unease, which turns to nausea, which adds a headache. Though you have no idea why, you feel this is a result of your contact with Seria

Your attentiveness and state of alarm pays off, as you progress through the False Woods, a scutimorph runs in front of your path, waving its pincers and moving somewhat erratically.

Patel jumps back and assumes a fighting stance. Something must have agitated this one, we must take care of this quickly and hope we don't disturb the others!

So for initiative, you need to make speed rolls. There will be a group of you who can act before the scutimorph, and then a group of you who will act after scutimorph. If you would like to include your first round action with your initiative roll that's fine with me.

Did you see the spoiler for you above Larsis?

The "trees" are left over from the past, but their previous purpose is unknown. They are all hallow, and the interiors of some of the tubes have small cutouts, forming ladders of sorts. The mesh above the tubes, once some kind of protective roof, now hangs down in long strips and is littered with debris,both natural and artificial.

Patel looks to Sal, My family is on the other side of the woods, we'll have to go through before we get to them.

Really need Larsis to check in... If he doesn't post today, I'll have to change his spoiler to someone else.

The Scutimorphs are mostly interested in self defense. If you leave them alone, they should leave us alone. My sister is the only one that I know of who has been able to ride one. Most of them would make themselves slippery to avoid holding a rider, and then if pestered further, would attack.

Just a head's up, I probably won't have time to post much over the weekend again. I sort of put a lot in that last post, so if we need to deal with it in chunks, i'm ok with that. I imagine Larsis in particular will need to take a little slowly.

How is the pacing for everyone? Am I going too slow, or too fast?

Patel hangs his head and shakes it, She is the one that needs your help... It appears she has exerted her influence over you as well...

Seria smiles and looks to Jake with a big nod. She begins heading of the direction that was pointed out to you earlier, as she does, she reaches out and puts a hand on Larsis Thank you for listening to reason, and being so brave in helping my family. I wish the best With that she removes her hand and bows, but...

I am using a GM intrusion (CRB p108), you gain 2 exp, but you must immediately give one to another player, and justify the gift in some way. When Seria touches you, you hear her utter something guttural and lyrical. However, the sound is only your mind. You feel as though you now have an odd connection to her.

With that you head out towards the False Woods, Patel was correct in that it takes about a day and half traveling conservatively by foot. If you would want to go faster or whatever, it doesn't make a lot of difference, so I am sort of handwaving the travel scene, if you object to this and want to do something meaningful here, let me know and we'll hold off what is below.

From far away, the False Woods appears be an actual forest, probably one that was cultivated. All of the large trees appear to be the same diameter and the same height. Only when you get closer do you discover that the name “False Woods” is more than apt. This was once a sort of structure, but now it appears more like a grove of trees. However, the trees are not trees at all, but a field of synth tubes covered in a living mesh at the top.

Each brown-grey tube begins about 2 feet (0.6 m) above the ground and rises 20 (6.1 m) feet into the air. The tubes are about 10 feet (3 m) in diameter and hollow on the inside. A large scutimorph wraps around each tube, and the creature’s rough and cobbled brown exoskeleton makes the tube look like a real tree trunk.

I just want to make sure that I have this right...

Everyone is going with Patel to the False Woods?

Patel nods at Sal. Yes, our home is in the False Woods, my family will be there defending it from the Pallones.

Seria then shakes her head, Do not listen to him! Can't you see he is injured? Go with him and help our family, I can make it to the Cylion Basin.

Patel answers Jake's question first, My home... I am not sure exactly... Traveling quickly by foot would likely take about a day and a half or two days... The scutimorph was able to get us here much more quickly, but I doubt that will work for the lot of you.

Seria then turns to Larsis. I... It just... I'm fine. I can make it to the Cylion Basin by myself, go with my brother and help him and my family deal with the Pallones.

Patel shakes his head in disagreement, looking at Laris Please, my injuries are not life threatening, and I do not have time to waste here. I will be fine to make it to the False Woods and help my family with the Pallones. As you have discerned... My sister is special, she needs protection. Please take her to the Cylion Basin and do not worry about me.

Seria, the only time she is vocal stamps a foot, Patel, you are being foolish. I am fine, and able to take care of myself. She steps away from the scutimorph who gives a wide look over everyone, then rears up, turns, and runs the direction from which it came. Please brave people, help my brother in the False Woods.

Patel turns back to Jake after the scutimorph has left. The false woods are that way He points to the Northeast the Cylion Basin is that way He points to the Southwest, and then puts pressure on his wounds, wincing a little.

Pallones are disclike creatures, ranging from 2 to 5 feet (0.6 to 1.5 m) across, and as thin as the thinnest blade. They reflect light, have no discernible features, and are semitransparent, similar to how a jellyfish looks in the water. When seen from the side, they are nearly invisible.

Not really magic... but somehow, the girl is 'controlling' the beast

The boy riding in back slowly lifts his head and looks out at the lot of you. Hello... he says weakly My name is Patel, this is my sister Seria. Our family was attacked by a group of pallones. Please... Take my sister to the Cylion Basin, she needs protection. I must return and defend my family from the attackers.

With that, both of the riders dismount. Seria helps her brother approach, and he quickly puts her in front of his person and urges her towards you.

Scutimorphs are level 3 creatures, Scutimorphs look like huge brown centipedes or millipedes. Mostly passive, they prefer to defend without attacking. They spend most of their lives coiled around large tubes or trees, absorbing nutrients from whatever liquids and creatures get stuck to their sticky surfaces. Although they typically inhabit areas in groups, each scutimorph usually has its own tree or tube.
When the creatures stand, it’s apparent that they have hundreds of legs, each as big around as a man’s wrist. Their standing heights are 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m), and their bodies are typically twice that in length. Scutimorphs have a pair of large front pincers that protrude when the creatures feel threatened.
Oddly enough you feel that the small girl is the one controlling the scutimorph. You also detect a third presence, a second rider hidden from view from afar.

Not sure about knowledge checks either :P But, here's some info I figure you might know: Scutimorphs look like huge brown centipedes or millipedes. Mostly passive, they prefer to defend without attacking. They spend most of their lives coiled around large tubes or trees, absorbing nutrients from whatever liquids and creatures get stuck to their sticky surfaces.

As the scutimorph gets close, you notice that it carried not 1, but two riders. There is a boy sitting behind the small girl, crouched down, clearly injured, and hidden from view from afar.

Neither of the riders bare any of the marks Peregrines, and their pants are not stained with the telltale blue-green hem.

The scutimorph slows and stops at your 'welcoming party.' The scutimorph brandishing large pincers from from its front if anyone comes close to it or its riders.

Ok. Sorry for the weekend delay :)

Oh yes... Quite certain

The beast approaches quickly, and soon you can tell that the old woman is correct, it is indeed a scutimorph with a small girl riding it.

Unfortunately all of the people in the cairns give just as conflicting information as was relayed to Voss. Even the mech-eye witness seems to give contradict herself in providing you her first hand accounts. By the time the conversation starts to wind down, you are fairly certain that some people have died, and probably were not all natural causes. The night drags on with these stories and rumors, until most of the people in the cairn are more than a little spooked.

Still, in the end, everyone sleeps, as they must, and there are not a few who find themselves surprised to wake in the morning whole and unharmed. There is something delicious about opening your eyes to a lifting light and realizing that it’s neither the glow of the afterlife nor the shine from the falling blade of a knife. The realization gives the morning’s activity a boisterous and comradely feel.

As you’re breaking camp, there is the sound of hooves in the distance. From far away, it perhaps sounds of an army, a huge number of creatures making their way toward the hollow, although there is no sight of such a thing, not even from the augmented eyes of the mother. Eventually, however, she makes out that it is actually just one creature, a scutimorph, coming across the sands from the direction of the False Woods at a superb pace, carrying at least two riders. There is a low murmur from the group at this news—herds of scutimorphs fill the False Woods at the northern edge of the Fifth Stretch, wrapping their segmented bodies around the heat-conducting trunks. No one rides the creatures.

You sure what you’re seeing, mother? asks the young man, only to be shushed by the others who strain their eyes northward.

Voss Nerik wrote:
Then turning to the old man "Rumors often possess a mote or two of truth... these deaths, how and how many?" his tone is relaxed by his gaze is direct.

All at once you get more than one answer, one voice says "bah some poor sap kneeled over all on his own, bad ticker I imagine. Another voice shouts out "At least 7!"

I suck, don't fire me! I left my flashdrive, with all my numenera stuff on it at home today. So it won't be until this evening when I am able to post.

So sorry :(

As you continue your introduction, and start to take notice of your surroundings, you notice that the camp is mostly peaceful, with about a dozen travelers sharing the sleeping and cooking space. There is no light swarm, but there are stars and glowglobes and a little drink, and the weather in the lee of the structure is dry and passable. In the early evening, you hear some disgruntled talk about the lack of a light swarm and a few whispered tales of the Iron Wind coming into the area. But it’s only when the conversation turns toward a recent rash of deaths in the Mouth Cairns that the group grows restless.
Rumors , insists one old man, both palms and the exposed length of his arms covered in elaborate bloodscar. My mother saw it with her own eyes, says another, younger man, who points at a woman sleeping along the edge of the hollow and then makes the circle of augmentation with his fingers. She has mech eyes, and trust me, she sees everything. There is nervous laughter from the group. Most everyone has a mother, after all, and remembers her impossible eyesight, augmented or not.
Likely not human at all , says a third traveler, and a fourth and fifth agree.

Yes, let's do what Laris has advised with the Flex skill. Good question and better solution.

Just letting you know I am here, and have read up.

I'm holding off on the next post from me, it looks like you're still doing some introductions and what not, and I don't want to rush things. I'll keep my eyes here throughout the day :)

Everything has moved to a discussion and gameplay tab. Have fun everyone.

You all have gathered at one of the Mouth Cairns tucked in the shadow of a hulking metallic structure along the Wander. These shallow, circular hollows— each marked by a short, round wall built from the jaws of dead Peregrines—are considered among the few safe places along this stretch of the route. Those who enter a bone circle must give some promise of their good intent to the slain lest the dead mouths awake and cast their retribution. Even those who don’t believe in the so-called Slaytongue may find themselves at the end of a weapon if they try to break the peace here.

RP intro time. Why are you on the wandering walk?

If I am keeping track of things correctly, it looks like I am still waiting on a "ready" from Bobby, Spaz, Klokk, and Voss?

If I am wrong on that and missed someone, just let me know.

I am going to put up the first bit in the game play forum, and it will just be some RP introductions. So, for those joining late, it won't make a very big difference.

Hope you all have fun, and don't feel bad if you have suggestions or comments to make the game more enjoyable. I have an open door policy and open to constructive criticism.

As you post in the game play forum, try to have a connection to the Wandering Walk, which can be found on the campaigns info page.

We'll keep the pbp here. Thanks for the input.

It looks like everyone is ready to go, if I can get a "ready" from everyone, the first gameplay post will be up by sometime before Monday evening. Hopefully Sat/Sun.

Galtar, if you want to roll for them like Jake did, between myself and other group members we might be able to get them to you faster.

How do you all feel about running this game in tavern-keeper?

Jake, roll 2 1d100 for your cyphers and another for your oddity. That way, if you, or anyone else has the CRB, they can go ahead and tell you what you got.

Ok, let me just make sure that I have everyone, and what everyone needs to finish character creation. Then we can do some rolls for stuff, and if I am not able to look it up, someone else can tell you oddities and cyphers, and I will shoot for starting on Monday.

Kiwz'mie : Finished and ready to go?
Bobby Diamond: Needs a connection with another PC?
Spazmodeous: Ready to go?
Klokk: Ready to go?
Galtar: Cyphers and Oddities?
Sal Arch: Cyphers and Oddities?
Laris: Cyphers and Oddities?
Voss: ?
Jake Dash: Cyphers and Oddities?

Is this everyone, and what does everyone need?

Filios I will let you be the last one. And then we'll get started.

I will get cyphers and oddities to you all soon. I have a busy couple of days coming up, but I haven't forgotten you. It's easiest for me to post during the day, but left my CRB at home :\ So I will get it, patience with me for a couple days :)

Zizazat wrote:

Galtar - a mystical jack who explores dark places!

FYI - I used the iPad Numenera character creator app for this.

** spoiler omitted **

Cool, I'll get your oddities and cyphers tonight.

Would like 1 or 2 more before we start.

That works

Kwiz, we'll do you connection once I have all the players.

Sorry, completely blanked on the oddities.

Kwiz, you have:
a) Metal and glass disk that, when pressed against flesh, instantly etches a tattoo of a black scorpion
b) Sphere that produces vigorous bubbles when placed in water

Klokk, you have:
a) Blob of clay that takes on various mysterious shapes when left alone

Spaz, your oddity is:
a) Shirt that displays your muscles, bones, and internal organs when you wear it

Bobby Diamond, your oddity is:
a) Egg-shaped device that temporarily negates all odor within 3 feet

Klokk -remind me of the item when it gets closer to starting and I know all the players.

Spaz, your two cyphers are:
1d100 ⇒ 99Water Breather
1d100 ⇒ 53Memory Lenses

And Klokk:
1d100 ⇒ 13Detonation
1d100 ⇒ 18 Another detonation, rerolling
1d100 ⇒ 50 Magnetic attack drill

I'll take up to two more players before we start.

At least yours has shipped

Think the Player's guide is all you need.

(Hoping I did those cyphers right. Might double check me)

Bobby Diamond wrote:

Bobby Diamond is a Tough Jack who Carries a Quiver. He's got a cheesy oversized mustache but a stylish leather coat and a great sense of humor.

Your two cyphers are:

1d100 ⇒ 8 Chemical Factory
1d100 ⇒ 18 Detonation (matter disruption)

Kwiz'mie wrote:
This is Graynore. My submission is a Mystic Nano who crafts Illusions. Kwiz'mie walks around in a suit and top hat while carrying a sword cane. He is a bit social inept and at times laughs for no apparent reason. In his small oddity, he has seen a character called the "mad hatter" and often thinks that they are companion spirits.

Your three cyphers are:

1d100 ⇒ 39 An Image Projector (oddly appropriate)
1d100 ⇒ 90 A teleporter (Traveler)
1d100 ⇒ 43 Instant Shelter


I will get you two your cyphers tonight.

Looking for 3-4 more players!

sawbones wrote:
Paizo has simply lost quality of service completely. A victim of their own success I expect, but they seem to be doing little to address service issues to t5heir subscribers

I agree. I can buy the card game that I subscribe to from Miniaturemarket, available today, for 13.99.

Starting to wonder how much the promo cards are worth to me.

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