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Aratorin wrote:

The Alignment of a Devil or Demon is an inherent part of it's being. If they ceased being Evil, they would cease being a Devil or Demon.

The champion's Fiendsbane Oath seems to suggest otherwise:

"You must banish or slay fiends you come across as long as you have a reasonable chance of success; in the incredibly unlikely event you find a good fiend, you don't have to banish or kill it."

Not only is it possible for a fiend to become good but it appears they still count as fiends if they do.

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I'm so excited for this one, brings back a bunch of my favorite races AND evil champions.

I'm glad to see aasimars and tieflings become available to all races instead of just being various shades of humans.

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Luis Loza wrote:
We're trying to get everyone's favorite ancestries into second edition as quickly as possible, but that will be an ongoing process for a while. Let us know what ancestries you want to see and we'll do our best to get them in as soon as we can!

One of my most wanted, lizardfolks, is already on the way so I'm hoping to see tengus, kobolds and ratfolks next.

Unlikely as it is, I'd also like to see gnolls ancestries. I don't really think that would be a very popular choice though.
I've also had a weird fondness for troglodytes since I saw the one playing dice on the Monster Codex's cover, so I guess I'd like to see that too.