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Nishah Lharast wrote:
So what is everyone most excited for out of the book?

Can't wait to see the finalized summoner class, summons and minions is always something I gravitate towards.

so excited for this one
I don't know why undeads are so interesting to me

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I am ready to pounce on the PDF purchase option like a tiger the moment it's available.

Do the new ancestries get cultural equipment and weapons in this book?

I'm planning a gnoll oracle of battle and I was trying to decide on what weapon group to focus on and wondered if the flindbar was making a return.

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Ezekieru wrote:
Gnoll: +STR +INT +Free -WIS

Oh wow, that INT boost for gnolls is a real surprise, I would have bet on STR and/or CON any day. This opens some interesting character ideas.

I really can't wait for this book to come out.

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I can't wait to get info about the playable gnolls, they've always been one of my favorite monsters but I feel like they've been done dirty in RPGs over the years compared to a bunch of other monstrous humanoids who have been raised into more fleshed out ancestries and complex cultures.

I'm looking at you D&D 5e gnolls.

Also, is the special edition of the core rulebook also in a 2nd printing?
Is the special edition even getting a second print actually

Ah, thanks for the answer, I had been waiting for the biggest changes and corrections to be made before getting a physical version of the book

so is the second part of the errata already corrected in the second printing or is that stuff that's been found out after it was printed?

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The climb probably would’ve been easier if he hadn’t eaten so many skewers, but what was he to do?

Finally a truly relatable hero

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I've only just met Korakai and I would die for him.

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I'd love it if we got a preview/teaser of the coming ancestries on the Paizo blog like there was for the Lost Omens Character Guide. I cannot wait to get some lore on a bunch of them.

Aratorin wrote:

The Alignment of a Devil or Demon is an inherent part of it's being. If they ceased being Evil, they would cease being a Devil or Demon.

The champion's Fiendsbane Oath seems to suggest otherwise:

"You must banish or slay fiends you come across as long as you have a reasonable chance of success; in the incredibly unlikely event you find a good fiend, you don't have to banish or kill it."

Not only is it possible for a fiend to become good but it appears they still count as fiends if they do.

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I'm so excited for this one, brings back a bunch of my favorite races AND evil champions.

I'm glad to see aasimars and tieflings become available to all races instead of just being various shades of humans.

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Luis Loza wrote:
We're trying to get everyone's favorite ancestries into second edition as quickly as possible, but that will be an ongoing process for a while. Let us know what ancestries you want to see and we'll do our best to get them in as soon as we can!

One of my most wanted, lizardfolks, is already on the way so I'm hoping to see tengus, kobolds and ratfolks next.

Unlikely as it is, I'd also like to see gnolls ancestries. I don't really think that would be a very popular choice though.
I've also had a weird fondness for troglodytes since I saw the one playing dice on the Monster Codex's cover, so I guess I'd like to see that too.