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Where can you check the class? It is not in the SRD yet, is it?

About Aroden's spellsword... which is the duration? Depending on this the spell is interesting or not.

It says something about making it permanent with permamency?

Crimlock NL, could we get some feedback about how your final build finally fared in real gameplaying?

Arcane accuracy is a Magus Arcana that lets you add your intelligence bonus (which could be +4/+5 with rolled stats) to all attacks of the round spending a point of arcane pool. With rolled abilities he could be doing this 5-6 times a day. But I am afraid that he need at least level 3 to pick one magus arcana.

I find that, generally speaking, there is little explanation about the planes in pathfinder material. I have my players regularly using expresions like: "We travel to the plane of Iomedae. I have no idea of what is "the plane of Iomedae" is or if it is some section of Heaven. What is Heaven like? (in more deep than several paragraphs, please)

Every ¨continuous¨ magic item is still functioning, so yes, pretty much all those bonuses, except if the natural armor is gained from your original form.

Depends of the focus of your Druid. Tipical melee shapechanger would like to have:
Amulet of mighty fist +1 (4K)
Belt of giant strength +2 (4K)
Ring of deflection +1 (2k)
Cloak of protection +2 (4K)
2 pearls of power lvl 1 (2k) - convince a friendly caster to cast you Mage armor with these (those are 12 hours of mage armor)

Jeraa wrote:

The cone of colors is just fluff. IF you actually had to see that to be affected, it would say so. It would also say that darkness, being blind, or shutting your eyes would protect you. But it doesn't.

Errr, being blind actually protects you, as per description. I would argue that a blind creature is a sightless one.

CampinCarl9127 wrote:
It simply allows the monk to use something like a bite or tail slap in place of an unarmed strike during a flurry. The benefit of this is that you are allowed to apply your unarmed strike feats to the natural attack, possibly causing it to be more powerful than it normally is.

The real benefit is to change into something big meant to have a single powerful blow, and multiply those attacks through your flurry. Like the T-REx monk or the behemot hipopotamous monk

With 12 people at the party he will be useful just by being there and inspiring courage.

He could fire a bow or something like that but, honestly, if he does nothing but inspiring he will be amazing good. Just do the maths....

Heal and Harm would be the only spells that I would prepare in your case.

If you can spontaneusly cast Cause Light Wounds and you have Quicken Spell feat, you can chain Harm with Quickened Cause Light Wounds.

And Heal... well, is a quite interesting spell to have.

Reach is powerful, specially in the hands of a martial. Beware!

The problem with the efreeti as I am portraying them is that they are the representation of tyranny. They have a lot of slaves and they want to rule.

To be forcefully imprisoned (after suffering enervations and curses to reduce saves) into the book and then forced to comply to orders of humanoids is very humiliating for them.

They won't collaborate if they can find a way not to. That makes diplomacy difficult.

Hi Ashiel,

I just wanted to tell you that I have used your "Tome of Soul Binding" in one of my homebrew games and it was tons of fun. I would like to hear your opinion about how I ruled the object and about a complaint from one of my players.

My players decided to imprison a Efreet, because it was cool with the story and also because they saw a weak will save and no SR. They researched to get the name of the least powerful and more "friendless" efreet they could get.

They got him into the book and, at first, they tried to call the Efreet only for wish-granting purposes. He perverted all their wishes to the non-harmful limits of the text of the Tome of Soul Binding. For example, one player wished to see his charisma permanently increased as much as the Efreet could with his three wishes. He gave the player a +2 inherent bonus to charisma and with his third wish, he changed the player permanently into a gnome (for another racial +2). This leaded to a lot of funny and a bit frustrating situations (for the player).

Anyway, when they saw that it was exasperating to get what they wanted this way, they tried to bribe the Efreet with more freedom and more time out of the book. Finally, the Efreet managed to convince an NPC (a waitress that he seduced) to say the words "I wish that we were free to run with each other to the desert" when he was not depleted of wishcrafting power. So he casted the wish to liberate himself as the text of the book says, and... he passed the saving throw! After that, he plane shifted away with the waitress in front of the wrathful owner of the now useless tome.

My player tells me that acting in this way should be considered acting against the owner of the book and, thus, forbbiden.

I can see this point, because the liberation caused, if not other damages, an economic damage because now the book is useless, but it is not my interpretation of your text.

Since in this case the author of the magic item is available for commenting the RAI of the matter... I though that I could ask. Was I unfair to the player?

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If you spell combat, buckler does not provide shield bonus.It is like using a weapon with it.

I like the summoner, but the sorcerer is a close competitor.

I am also enthralled with the building possibilities and the easiness of play of the kineticists. Unfortunately, it is a class that would need a lot of love to be at the same level of options that others. And I don't know if that will be the case.

OMG! You have broken the book in a record time!

How long till they publish a FAQ correcting this imbalance?

Where has been clarified precise strike?

The Necromancer should have a decent charisma anyway, so that is another option.

I would say:

An Alteration focused battleshaper wizard that should function as the most tanky of the four: high physical stats, Shield, Armor, Mirror Image, Alter Self or Monstrous Physique.

A Conjurer able to summon creatures and use other battlefield control spells.

A Evocation Admixture blaster, with the usual Spell Focus + Varisian Tatoo + Spell Specialization (Fireball).

A Necromancer that combines undead animation and control with buffing and utility magic.

Davor wrote:
Actually, I've ruled that spells like Glitterdust allow you to pinpoint invisible foes' locations, but doesn't remove the concealment portion of the effect. Knowing where your foe is doesn't make him visible, unless it specifically says it does (which Faerie Fire does).

This is my reading of the rules too.

In any case, pinpointing is the hard part. If you can attack a 50% miss chance is only duplicating the time to down the target.

Does this interact with bodyguard feat? Seems quite synergic

I have uploaded one of the characters of my campaign. Originally was an NPC but now is played by one of the players.

The campaign is about an evil party uncovering the secrets and treasures of a two hundred years old dead/disappeared secret organization of demon worshipers that was created by an archwizard called Harun.

I don't know how to link it. It is in the submissions folder. Its name is "Invidiak".

If you are a lich drow... are you destroyed by sunbeam?

Lich is not especially vulnerable to light but drow is...

Undead are inmune to an awful lot of things. Do not let one of your players become undead ever....

It seems that according to RAW, it does not since only affects creatures. But I cannot find a logical explanation of why not. A crushed undead is a disabled one.

I think that it would be a well selling miniature. I don't know why Paizo has not created one yet for its WizKids line...

There was a DnD miniature, but now is not available at least from Paizo Store.

Hound Archon is probably one of the best options for Summon Monster IV in Pathfinder, so I am surprised that they have not created any miniature for it. I suppose that is one of the most commonly summoned critters.

Ashiel wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
110 hp is not really a big problem even without heals forthcoming. A full party will still be largely functional and ready to massacre the daemon.
True this. It's worth noting that a wizard with a +7 Con modifier should have about 72.5 base HP + 140 bonus HP = 212 HP. That's also not counting any spells like false life or vampiric touch.

+7 con modifier??? OMG. What was that? A Scarred Witch Doctor?

Christopher Rowe wrote:
The Asura from Bestiary 3 are all kind of edgy, I think.

OMG, Asuras are reaaaaaally evil....

If you regenerate, will you die with a failed check in a coup the grace?

I think that is not supported by RAW. But let's accept that can be done.

Who will make the Spellcraft check? I would insist in using the lower spellcraft check.

Furthermore, can be considered a non distractive situation to work in a creative project with other two people without overlaping the time dedicated to that? In other words, can you take 10 in that situation?

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I add +5 DC for each component missing (V,S, M) to identify the spell, so a spell like ability is usually +15 DC.

Obviously a house rule, but since this thread is not in the rules forum...

Thalin wrote:

And Magic Jar + Blood Money is a non-bo because of the wording; so luckily even in the worst case you need a 15 Str (you can go to 0 during the casting).

Could you elaborate on that?

Also... with 0 strength you are unconscious and the spell is not cast.

A tale of the last battle with all the juicy details seems appropiate.

Lord Pendragon wrote:
Grick wrote:
Lord Pendragon wrote:
Apparently it's stupidly bad for magi and whoever put it on our spell list to begin with should be kicked in the crotch. Daily.
Why? Almost half your spells have no material/focus/divinefocus components.

Re-reading it, I think I may have over-reacted a bit, I have to admit. I don't like the idea of having to drop my component pouch, cast, then pick it up again, but that would cover the spellcasting.

The loss of armor will hurt as a d8 melee class though, very much cutting into the usefulness of the spell line.

Take Elemental Body I for instance. You lose your armor, which at that level is likely to be 4-8 points of AC, for +2 dex or strength and +2 natural armor, darkvision, and resist fire 20? For a 4th-level spell?

What if you were a Kensai? Pretty different then...

Bilbao, Spain

Divination plus locate object sounds fairly good. Thanks!

Pretty much that. You know the object, somebody stole it. You don't have a clue of who or where does he/she have. Perhaps in this plane or in other.

Is there any way of directly locate it other than a wish?

Uhh... Sending? 95% chance of success.

Ravingdork wrote:

Cyndel Ghydel, formerly a Fighter 9/Rogue 2 now has a variant character sheet, where she is simply a Slayer 11.

Which do you prefer and why?

Why adamantine chain mail when you can wear an elven chain and continue benefiting from evasion. Evasion is simply too good to let it go that way...

My GM is ruling that since they don't do it naturally they cannot be affected by sleep effects. I'd wish that this point were clearer in some point of the rules.

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Bestiary states that they don't need to sleep, but does that mean that they are also inmune to sleep effects?

Mechanically I think that monk is the best TWF if he only uses a monk weapon (temple sword) and flurrys with it.

Think about it. You pay for the sword once and uses it twice. You don't need a feat for full strenght in "offhand" attacks. You have full BAB for that purpose. And you get a lot of other fancy abilities (you don't need to spend all your resources and fears to get that iteration of attacks)

Sohei lets you do that with any weapon.

Best TWF is one handed. Sad but true.

Caster is invisible (level 2 invisibility) at 5 ft of martial character. Martial is aware of somebody being invisible in the vicinity.

Caster cast a spell. Does the martial gets an attack of opportunity? My GM argues that that is what happens.

He says that if an attack of opportunity hits a caster while casting, it can disrupt the spell. Then the attack of opportunity comes before the end of the casting but it is called as soon as the caster start casting. He says that as soon as the caster starts casting the offensive spell, he becomes visible.

Is that true? Can I show him rules that say otherwise?

Dimmension Door is not a grapple saver if you use concentration rules. It is quite difficult to cast anything in hands of a good grappler.


Also, spell focus and greater spell focus duplicate their bonus to DC through Spell Perfection.

Rynjin wrote:
Go Sorcerer, pump all your extra Feats into Expanded Arcana, pretend you're a Wizard with extra spells per day.

This! Although that lizzardfolk is already doing the same thing.

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Martial with maxed use magic device and antimagic scroll.

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