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Customer Service

Order (7961895) & AP Subscription Cancellation Needed

Order 4059903

All Good Things... (Subscription cancellations)

shipment charged that was not part of my authorization??

Please cancel a subscription

Combine Order 7982979 and 7982984

Restarting my old subscriptions with order #798824

Items that were set for GenCon pickup are no longer showing as GenCon pickup?!?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription starting product

Question about pre-order / subscription;

Information about order 7870829

cancel subscriptions: AP and core

Order 7916623 not processed

Order Cancelation needed - Order 7742851

So I think I'm supposed to have access to four star scenarios?

Order 7968654

Pathfinder Adventure Path

Wrong Item indicated as starting product

PF2 Rulebook Subscription

Accidentally removed subscription book from sidecart

Items on Sale not showing any discount in the shopping cart when going to purchase

Please Cancel Subscription

Complimentary Society Subscriptions question - and potential issue?

Please cancel my Pathfinder AP subscription

Order 7918086

Order 7935073

Pre-order Cancellation

Please cancel some subs

Order # 7969186

Please cancel my Starfinder AP subscription

Paizo Order # 7961729

Problem with Paizo Order # 7919889

No Subscription Shipping Authorization yet?

Order 7948817 and Order 7917347

Convert Core Pathfinder 2.0 book order to subscription?

Manual and Quick Start Guide not included in Adventure Card Game Core Set...

Order #7968218

Order # 7761134

Dearest Paizo

Gencon Pickup list empty

My order doesnt seem to have paizo advantage on it

Order 7965329

Another "Price in Cart not showing sale price" thread

Price in cart not calculating correctly.

Please cancel my Campaign Subscription

Will PF2 pre-orders be able to ship from my (L)FGS so I have them August 1st?

Please re-add Adventure path #144 to my subscription

Need help resetting a password


Order # 7932603

Order 7970613

Order 7961754

Order 7863540

Please cancel Paizo Order # 7967404 and my all of my subscriptions

Subscription Order #7955851

AP subscription cancellation


Tyrant's Grasp and Subscriptions.

Paizo Advantage

Order 7967560, AP subscription cancel

Order 7741415

Order #7967226

PF2e Preorder confusion

Cancel AP subscription AFTER last volume of Tyrant's Grasp (not before)

Please cancel my subscription

Order 7965328

Order # 7920485

Order 7771279

Scenario Subscription Question

Please cancel both scenario subscriptions.

Order 7943108

Order 7918813 Changes

Order 7887594

New Payment Method

Order 7973948 - Wrong Starting Products

Subscription Order Issue / Question

Order 7958812

Paizo Order # 7962188 Errors in Confirmation Email

Order # 7917857

Order #7930374 - change requested

Order 7968564 - No Paizo Advantage on anything but Adventure Paths

Pathfinder advantage not applied to my order

Order 7921800

Campaign Gameplay thread is broken

Order 7963649

Campaign Setting Subscription Change, want Lost Omens World Guide, but not Druma

Cancel my subscriptions please

Cancel Subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder AP Subscription at the end of Tyrant's Grasp

Can't download AP 145

Duplicate items in Order 7916925?

Switching subscription, checkout problems

Order 7738023

Order 7894379

Cancel 2E Subscription

My change requests from Saturday has been missed

Order 7906140

Order Something or other.

July Supscription PDFs will be available on August 1

July 2019 New Releases, Subscriptions, & Gen Con Pickup

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