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Customer Service

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January 2020 New Releases and Subscription Shipping

December 2019 New Releases and Subscription Shipping

November 2019 New Releases and Subscription Shipping

Cancel Suscription

Order 8216444 lost?

Order 8175805 lost?

Account Deletion

Requesting a Account Closure

Update Payment Method - Help

Reset Organized Play Number

Trouble shopping

Multiple Charges

Terrible website design and your charging me mutliple times

Pending orders

Order 8385231

Re: Order 8216945

Adding to order whatever it is.

Transaction declined... except not.

Poor quality book cover?

#8219913 Shipment

Gift voucher invalid?

Character Operations Manual won't download

Pending Order

Order 8205867 - Wrong Item Sent

Order 4546960


Unable to add item in my cart

Order 8207680

December Subscription Shipping Delay Request


Please pause my Lost Omens subscription

Subscription issues

Cancel Subscriptions

Subscriptions, Side Cart and Store Credit

cancel subscription

Order 8199425 - Battles Case

Missing Pathfind Battles

Order #7751069

Pathfinder 2 Society Quests part of PF2 Society subscription?

Organized Play ID change, help needed

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game packaging error

Updated payment method, cant find order

card declined but money taken

Canceling A Subscription

Order 5064093

Cancel Subscriptions

No October Society Scenarios

Order 8082343

Paizo Advantage missed for Quests and PACS

Please help me cancel my Adventure Path Subscription

Please cancel both of my starfinder subscriptions

Please cancel Order 8222415 and subscriptions on Order 8197869 .

Sidecart Luddite, please assist

Cancel subscription after 6 / 6 age of ashes.

Did Not Receive October SFS Scenarios

Suspend Subscription Shipments

Cancel subscription request

Missing SFS / PFS subscribtion scenarios

order 7711510

Unable to download some files

Did not receive complementary PFS or SFS scenarios in October

Customer Service MIA?

PFS Scenarios 1-06 and 1-07 Not In Downloads

Non-Mint First Edition prices?

Canceling Subscription

Order 8183321

No Paizo Advantage discount for quests 2 & 3

Have not been receiving PFS bonus subscription items.

PF Battles & November Subscription

December order missing on My Subscriptions page

Remove Item From Side Cart

Organised Play session

Order 7955866

October 2019 New Releases and Subscription Shipping

Subscription troubles

September 2019 Society Scenario Subscriptions

November subscription shipping

Paizo Convention Play Voucher Question

Should the PACG Subscriber discount apply to PACS scenarios?

Can't update payment method

Problem with Adding anything to cart....

Adventure path

Pathfinder Accessories Subscription & Sidecart

Starfinder Society subscription not showing up

Missing society scenario: PFS #1-06: Lost on the Spirit Road

Order 8224107

Starfinder subscription question

Order 8180912 - subscription discount?

Order 8181293

Cancel Order # 7966999

Missing Downloads

pdf request "produced an error"

Order 8227431

Order 8216399

Please cancel my subscriptions

Payment methods

remove item from sidecart

Can't add new payment method?

Please cancel the following subscriptions:

Cancel Pathfinder Subscriptions

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