Customer Service

Order 5125027 canada postal service strike

PACG: Skulls and Shackles - Missing cards

About spanish translations and PDF

Adventure Paths PDF Interactive Maps

Campaign status changes

Can you cancel my AP sub

Cancel Sidecart

Cancel Starfinder AP Subscription

Cancel Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription

Cancel Starfinder RPG Subscription

Cancel subscription

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel Subscriptions

Canceling Pathfinder Player Companion subscription, Reactivating Starfinder Roleplaying Game subscription

cart trouble

Change address for order Order 7548253

Class Deck Boxes Missing Cards

Couple of preorders

Customer Service Closed: 1:30pm-3pm Monday Nov 5

December 2018 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

december order or even subscriptions showing up yet

Delete / inactivate my account please

Download issue...

download missing

Issues with Order 4352989

Items from previous order added to sidecart in New order automatically

Just checking on status on Order 7518456

Just purchased PDF....but they wont download ?

Missing / Lost some cards.

my sidecart

Needs Minor Correction

New PFS Scenario descriptions error

Next Pathfinder Battles Case?

November 2018 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

November Pathfinder and Starfinder Society Scenarios

Odd subscription

OGL query regarding PRD

Order # 7547081

Order #7547152

Order #7574772

Order #7580787

Order 3876070

Order 4498846 Partially Delivered

Order 4618213

Order 5356109

Order 7527382

Order 7530926

Order 7532020

Order 7544228 - store credit declined?

Order 7547358

Order 7548391 & 7553511

Order 7549584

Order 7556144

Order 7559466

Order 7565127

Order 7565127 wrong product sent

Order 7574154

Order 7580861

Order 7581623 and sidecarted Order 5380641

Order 7581666

Order 7586062

Order 7607036

Order not processing

order not showing shipping discount

Orders 7493286 & 7437284

Orders over thanksgiving weekend

Paizo Customer Service Closed 12pm-1:30pm

Paizo Order # 7547845

Partial Download error repeating

Partial downloads only

Pathfinder Advantage Missing

Pathfinder Advantage not applying to paizo pdf

Pathfinder Battles Subscription

Payment method screen is near useless

Pending orders for me, please try payment method again.

Placing an item in my sidecart

Please cancel my Game Mastery Maps Subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder Maps subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder Pawns subscription

Please cancel my starfinder Adventure Path and Starfinder Core subscription

please cancel one subscription and some sidecart items

Please cancel Order 7575432 .

Please cancel Orders.

Please cancel Pathfinder Battles subscription

please cancel subscription and alter pending order

Please change credit card for orders #7591296 and #7581024

Please refund Order 7544494 and Order 7515636

Please remove duplicate Tavern Multi-Pack from sidecart

Please resubmit the payment for order 7547012

Previously purchased books

Problem downloading latest SFS Guild Guide

Request to cancel Starfinder subscription.

Skull and Shackles Interactive Maps

Starfinder Core Rulebook spine falling apart

Strange December subscription order

Subscription cancellations

Subscription Change

Subscription Order 7550860

Weird shipping - order 7547442

Worldscape humble bundle not shipped

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