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Customer Service

May 2019 New Releases & Subscription Shipping + PaizoCon Pick Up Thread

Cancel Subscription, please!

Paizocon Event missing from final schedule

Shipping time issue with order 7816022

Order 7884129

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription


cannot add tickets to cart

Order 7865185

Why no single chapter PDFs

Problem with Paizo Order # 7865820

Syrinscape serial code not retrievable

When will the preordered Pathfinder Card Game be shipped ?

Cancel Subscriptions

Order 7865729

Order #7816282 - double charged a week or so later

Cancel subscriptions

Best way to pre-order Pathfinder 2E to get rules before Gen Con

Paizocon ticket transfer

Order 7863698

As a Starfinder AP Subscriber - if I preorder Beginner Box, will I get PDF free?

Checking on status on books for Order 7823629

Customer Service Closed 1:15 - 2:15 05 / 17 / 19

Possible Shipping issues

Multiple charges

PDF download issue

Combat Tiers Family Pack

Please Cancel My Subscriptions

Please cancel my subscriptions

Order 7864650

How do you cancel subscriptions?

I realise now is not the ideal time, but...

Paizocon Pickup

Order 7875111 PaizoCon Pickup or Shipping?

Order #7816570

Cancel Sub

Never given the PaizoCon Pickup option

New Kingmaker for PF2 issue with shipping costs

Orders 7753839 and 7672929

Possible issue with a Paizo order

How to see subscription shipping costs

Inner Sea Races

New PF2e subscription with added PF1e book

Please cancel Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription

Please Cancel my Starfinder AP Subscription 2019-05-11

Order 7864510

Trouble starting the Card Game Subcription

Question about being a GM at Paizocon

paizcon - weird night slots in my schedule

Order 7847115

Order 7864069

Combining Orders

Order # 7818125

Modification to order 7807112

Order 7863095 question

Cancelling all my subscription

Cancelling part of my subscription

Order 7709838

Cancel Order 5255223

the cart page 3 is not changing the card # when update the card

Questions about subscriptions as they roll into second edition

Paizocon 2019 Event Page Not Working

Order 7632520

Missing sidecart

Humble Bundle Miniatures

Please hold my May subscriptions

Cancel Subscription

April 2019 Organized Play Subscription Thread

Cancel All Subscriptions

Please cancel my subscriptions

Order 7731874

Mistake in Purchase

Order 7824393

Not seeing the discount from starfinder advantage

Please cancel the following subscriptions

Pazio Comics Pathfinder RPG Material Anthology

May Subscription HOLD

Paizo Order # 7745133

Pathfinder campaign setting request

Please cancel the following subscriptions

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscription Question

I want to cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure path

Please Cancel my Subscription after the end of Tyrant’s Grasp.

Subscription Confusion - Pending stuff I don't need Pending

Map packs for the Starfinder AP's?

April 2019 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

PF Battles subscription cancellation request.

Default Payment Method Change?

PFS Subscription miss

Misprint in AP 141

Please Cancel my subscription

mythic monster manual

Just got ready to ship email from Paizo Order #4535788 Shipment

Ordering from UK

Please cancel my Pathfinder AP Subscription at the end of Tyrant's Grasp

Old Campaigns.

Unable to purchase paizocon ticket

Order 7850278, 7844246, 7850266

Needing to Cancel my Subscriptions

Cancelling PACG subscription

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