Customer Service

October 2018 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

Worldscape humble bundle not shipped

Customer Service Backlog Response Time

Errant Email Regarding Pathfinder Battles Subscription

September 2018 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

Merge two accounts

Updated Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path modules?

Order Problems

Urban Flip-Tile Starter Set

Order 7454439

Order 7443232 and 7511926 (replacement)

Something odd is going on - several missing (?) orders

Have not has a subscription order shipped since gencon pick up

Resume my subscriptions

Order 7508801

Orders # 7476322 and 7500623

Order # 5385418 pending

PbP Campaign Gameplay thread won't work

Problem with Ordering from Cart with Store Credit

Order 5131734 substitution

Order 7454604 Issues

Please close my Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription

Please close / delete my account

Please cancel my subscriptions

Order 7454508

subscription cancel

Order 4940224

Hold subs until after the weekend.

Need to cancel some subscriptions please

Order 5377938 - Shipping?

Is transaction for Order 7500242 okay this time?

Order 7456208

Please cancel Campaign Setting subscription

October subscriptions didn't spawn

Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Owlcat) Imperial Edition Content...

Order 4749586 (again)

Order 7450314

Cancel Subscription Starfinder Adventure Path

Looping Order Confirmation

Order 5385683

Complaint regarding order #7461605

Misprinted Leather Rulebook

Order 7453340

Order 7471105 shipping query

Cancel Starfinder AP subscription

Order 7499018 - Shipping discount?

Order 7499859 - Please cancel

Paizo Order # 7496809

Can't Download Digital Content

No indication of September Subscription Order Shipment

My Account

Seeking refunds

Pathfinder PDF's from ulisses to paizo

Order 7493540

AP subscription - Return of the Runelords #3 pending, 1 & 2 not yet shipped

Order 7493024

Paizo Order #7453951

Starfinder Core Rulebook Binding

INFORMATION about 8 of my orders

Order # 7454696

Order #5279427

Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition for FG

My card was declined, so why do I have $319 in holds?

Order 4526587 - ACG Second Printing Wrong Cover

cancel Starfinder Maps subscription please

Order 5321752

Faulty discount code?

Accidentally Charged 13 Times (!)

Order 7462427

Charged Twice for Order 7434226

Order 4939107 again

Order 2294941 - Please cancel

Suspend subscriptions

Order 4939107

Starfinder Core Rulebook Pawn sheet misprint

Order 7500100

The "Glitch" that ate my subscriptions!

Customs due on AP shipment to Canada

Cancel Subscription

using my store credit

Order 7496668

Would like to subscribe to A but it is not listed when adding subscription to cart

Orders 7458503 & 4789612

Fantasy Grounds question.

Case incentives

PFS Star Update and Downloads

Order 7464744

when am I going to get my august subscriptions

Missing Fifth Star

Order 5298747

Problem with Starfinder book

Cancel Subscriptions

Order 7441056

Paizo Order # 5136338 not in sidecart

Cancel Subscription

Paizo Order # 7487413

Order 7488440

Pathfinder Battles October Subscription?

Cancel PF Battles subscription

Subscription cancellation

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