Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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Lureene bites her tongue hard, nearly drawing blood (not a mean feat considering her extra-planar nature.) She glances at Arion unsure of what he really knew of the events that occurred in Dunwaar.

"Sash, Lord Poe is referring to those who killed poor Chivane."

Young Noble


Alis gave a long sigh and looked toward the young magus.


Young Noble

Even as Sasha grimaced, and eyes pleading in disbelief, Poe held up a finger.

Hearing the Princess sigh, he met her gaze and asked, "Please forgive me, your Highness, I must be further into my cups than I realized. It sounded like Lady Ourson named the assassin Shivone's late sister."

"That," she hesitated, heart going out to the embarrassed red head, "would be because she did. Sasha's great grand-mother was the very Wasp who tried to kidnap me. My prior bodyguard, a marine by the name of Malandraenas, struck the killing blow against her."

Lureene pulls Sasha close into a comforting embrace. "I...I apologize for saying that out loud. I...I know how it feels to be...hurt like that."

"Wow... well you know, I mean a girl can pick her friends but not her family right?"

She gave a nervous, almost manic laugh, avoiding eye contact with the others. "Yep, no accounting for having a crazy family. Say since we're sharing and all, I've got a big creepy tattoo on my back. Oh, and yeah my crazy Mom melted the face off my old friend and killed my pet snake and boyfriend too. CRAZY all around, weee!"

With a shrug of her shoulders, she picked up the decanter of liquor Giles had gotten out earlier for the nobles and popped the large crystal stopper, pouring herself a tall glass with hands shaking even as she asked cheerfully, "Sooo who wants to go next, huh?"

There was a barrage of choking after she tossed back the tumbler, armor clanking as she pounded her breastplate, tears in her eyes. "Wow, that's got some kick straight up..."

LK Calendar: Uniens 22, 4210 — Rosday
Time: 4:30md (afternoon, 4:30)

"A date, I see..."

When Giles followed Darvesch into one of the stately black carriages that stood at the ready in case it should be needed, he thumped the side wall twice to get the driver's attention. It was only when he said, "The Harbor, 1st pier," in common, that it occurred to Darvesch that the two had just naturally been conversing in the familiar tongue of their people's homeland.

As they got underway, the older dwarf commented. "We are coming upon the supper time customary amongst Aramol's noble houses."

Smoothing his mustache by spreading his thumb and forefinger as he thought, Giles continued. "The sailors have been long at sea and this is their... fourth day in port. If Prince Tyralor is the man I think him to be, his crew will chiefly be taking their shore-leave, not dining in the galley. If the woman you are meeting has a duty to cook, I could satisfy that obligation in her place if her master and you permit it, Sir."

"As to the other matters you weigh, there are spices sufficient for this hour's need in my trunk aboard Her Lady's Grace, but the palace kitchens are hardly serviceable yet."

"My humble suggestion, Sir?" He waited for Darvesch to bob his head. "You have been given leave of your duties today to visit this woman. Do not shoulder additional duties in their place. If this woman was drawn to a knight, show her an adventure, not a cook."

Lureene watches Sasha start drinking herself slowly into insensibility, knowing it was due to her own slip of the tongue which precipitated this.

When will I learn to hold my tongue? It seems to me I am more tongue tied than poor Felmor ever was! Still...I have no regrets about killing Chivane. She was close...MUCH TOO close to killing me, Yvonne, Fel and the others. She was a heartless soul...so NO Sash I do not regret killing her, not in the slightest!

She takes a long drink of her wine, polishing off the remains in her glass and then rises to her feet (albeit shakily). Nearly falling back down on on her rear-end due to her high-heels she manages to balance herself out by adroit use of her wings.

Maybe some fresh air will help here...plus I don't think Sash wants to be near me now.

She curtsies to Princess Alis, still somewhat unsteadily. "May I be excused, your Highness? I believe I could use some fresh air and a chance to stretch...my legs." The slight hesitation at the end of her request leads Alis to believe Lureene wants to be alone for a while. She glances back at Sasha and adds gently "Can you please make sure Sash makes it back to our room this evening?"

Arion caught himself staring at Lureene and Sasha, his mouth widely opened, "............?"

He had been reaching for another glass of wine when the surprises of the afternoon diverted his attention. As the back of his hand swept the glass from the tray, Arion nimbly repositioned and caught it before it fell. Suddenly he realised this could expose his skills and devices, beyond those of a mere scribe. In the momentum of repositioning he quickly pivoted in such a manner as to conceal the near accident while maneuvering the glass towards his lips and then calmly enjoying a sip. Fortunately his cover remained intact in the midst of the sudden drama.


Reflex DC 15 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (12) + 12 = 24

Poor Sasha, I know exactly how she feels...

None the wiser to the close call behind her, Alis rose to her feet. "Yes, I think it's probably high time we all stretch our legs. Lord Poe, thank you for coming to me with the information you uncovered. I may have a task for you and your companions in the coming days. Until then, farewell and I shall expect you at my investment."

Perception DC 22 (Amhranai):
Although cleverly hiding his near mishap behind the back of the Princess, Amhranai at least noticed the surprising finesse the younger scribe displayed in averting a fumbled wine glass.

Perception Checks
A 1d20 + 16 - 5 ⇒ (3) + 16 - 5 = 14 distracted
M 1d20 + 15 - 5 ⇒ (19) + 15 - 5 = 29 distracted
I 1d20 + 13 - 5 ⇒ (5) + 13 - 5 = 13 distracted
L 1d20 + 9 - 5 - 2 ⇒ (12) + 9 - 5 - 2 = 14 distracted, tipsy
S 1d20 + 12 - 5 - 2 ⇒ (15) + 12 - 5 - 2 = 20 distracted, tipsy

P 1d20 + 6 - 5 ⇒ (17) + 6 - 5 = 18 distracted

Young Noble

Rising to his feet, Poe bowed deeply and kissed the Princess' outstretched hand. "But of coouurse, your Highness. Perhaps Dame Amhranai may yet soon be joined in knighthood by a magus."

Hesitating for a moment as the sound of Sasha stumbling and knocking over the carafe with a mild curse reached him, he asked in a low whisper, "I saaay, is it wise to keep that woman as a ward of your house, Highness, given her familial ties to those Wasp scoundrels? I should hate to learn she took revenge against you when I might have done something to avert it."

Looking toward the 'scribe' behind her, Alis tipped her head towards Sasha, lips pursed in concern, before turning her attention back to Poe. "Ms. Nevah is not a ward. To the contrary, she has proven herself an ally and a friend to both Lady Ourson and myself many times over."

Dipping her head, tone even yet imperative, she said, "Good day, Lord Poe."

Young Noble

"Ah, indeed indeed..." Holding his hand upright, the young elf gave a reserved wave to the rest of the room, merely pivoting slightly at the wrist without moving his forearm. "Good day, one and all, good day."

Finally, with a low bow to Princess Alis, the ego-centric young magus finally departed, heading back towards the atrium to await his aunt Elendreth.

Isaac gave a low whistle as he got back to his feet, gingerly smoothing his hair back into a more presentable form as he walked over to steady Lureene. "If it's any consolation, Sasha, I don't think Lureene was trying to hurt you. I'd forgotted until you were telling your story, but you kind of let the deal about Chivane slip back on the Zephrys."

He scratched the back of his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Mind you, it was late at night, and we'd been drinking together, so you probably forgot, but I can see why you would have been tight-lipped about it. Still, at least now you don't need to concern yourself with such a secret around us anymore, right?"

Her Highness' signal. I should assist her friends' recovery after the day's encounters. Already my first day in this new location seems like several have passed.

Arion returned the half finished glass to the tray, slipped his Journal into the pocket of his garment behind his back and concealed his writing Quill. Moving quickly to the side of the Huntress he extended helping arms. In a calming tone he offered, "If it pleases You, Ms. Nevah, I would assist You."

As he cordially transferred the balance of weight from Sasha, helping her elegantly long legs to recover and her head to regain a more upright composure, he smiled warmly and softly chanted,
"As I contemplate this day, I've reaped better than I sowed
We drink deeply to the dregs, and my 'Cup' has overflowed
Your heart be eased tall Lady, though our pasts were steep and rough
Loving ones are 'round You now, that makes us well rich enough"

And more quietly he spoke unto her, "As for myself, Your secrets are safely kept without dishonour."


Diplomacy check 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (19) + 13 = 32

As the ebb and flow of conversation struck up around her, Amhranai found herself trying to recall any small bit of information about lycanthropy she had come across. To the best of her knowledge, the spell she had cast should have halted the curse, but she had a feeling the next few weeks would prove interminable. Not much to do now but wait I suppose. We'll have to keep an eye on him til then. What's this?

The arrival of the desserts was met with disinterest from the elf as she was still full from the earlier meal. Instead, she shifted her stance once again, redistributing her weight and silently watched the proceedings with little desire to engage in them. In particular, she studied Arion, whom she had assumed was part of Alis' retinue, but was now learning that this was not quite true. Just a scribe then? Scribes are rarely just scribes though, aren't they? He seems to possess some level of discretion; perhaps an information-gatherer like Sin?

Amhranai smiled absently at Arion's request, feigning distraction over Darvesch's departure to cover her non-answer. Feigned distraction turned into shocked amusement. Sasha has elven blood? And that ancestor tried to kidnap Alis? What a tangled web! I don't know who to feel worse for-Lureene or Sasha. I hope they can ascribe it to the liquor; neither look too happy now.

As her eyes swung away from the two women, not wishing to add to their embarrassment, the elf spied Arion drop a glass of wine, only to deftly snatch it out of the air, without a drop spilled. More than a scribe indeed. The commotion seemed to go unnoticed by the others, busy with rising from their seats and making their goodbyes. Perhaps I'll find more answers at tomorrow's gathering. "I do believe I'll try to attend your meeting with Sin, Your Highness. Until then, if you require nothing further, I think I have some matters to attend."

In spite of the fact that the day and its opportunities had been chiefly squandered by her estimation, Arion and Isaac's softer sides restored a measure of the spirit in Alis' smile.

A scholar and a poet? Arion's going to have Sasha eating out of his palm at this rate. What a difference from how gruff and querulous Mal was. I hope that Elorin, at least, is working out for 'Sis...

Nearby, Amhranai's quiet voice stirred the Princess from her thoughts and she was met with a bemused grin.

"I'm happy to hear that, truly. With any luck tomorrow will be," she glanced towards the teetering succubus and the distressed ranger, "less tumultuous than these past two meetings. By the way, I– no Dafar owes you a debt of gratitude for your assistance this past Alsday. I'd like to see you better armed, so please contemplate what sort of enchantments and gear I can task my smiths with for your reward."

Giving the tattooed knight a nod, she said, "May The Dreamer keep you in his gaze, Dame Amhranai."

Although she was stumbling, the weight of her ceremonial armor hampering her movements as much as the great quantities of wine and spirits she had consumed this evening, with the help of the soft-spoken poet, Sasha did not fall. Instead, leaning heavily upon him, she placed a hand on his chest, lips close to his ear and whispered, "Wish I could rhyme as good as you, did you make that up for me? It was pretty. I don't feel so good, maybe I should get this armor off so the old dwarf doesn't have to clean it again if I get sick..."

With a soft groan, she slumped against Arion, resting her forehead on his shoulder. "I just want to go sleep, but maybe if they don't lock me up we can..."

Whatever the huntress had intended to say next was lost as she buried her face in his shoulder, mumbling softly, one hand stroking his long, blonde hair.

Lureene is about ready to walk out of the study, wondering where she could go for some privacy when she sees Sasha nearly collapse in Arion's arms. She pauses, a look of concern on her face. She then walks quickly up to Arion. "Please take good care of her Master Arion. She is a good friend and I care for her deeply." She smiles at him and touches Sasha's hair. "Sleep well, my beautiful Sash."

The mention of enchanted smithing led Arion through brief wishes of witnessing such events. Sasha's hand drew his attentions back towards her whispers. Sedulously supporting Sasha, Arion sincerely nodded, acknowledging the beautiful Lureene's enjoinment.

"Lady Ourson, may You be relieved of burdens or cares and find rest in mind and body. Angelic wings wend Your way back soon to ones who wish You well."

The caress upon the red tresses led his thoughts back to Sasha on the edge of consciousness.

It seems such armour is alien to the Huntress. However illustrious among intoxicants she has proven in her past, I wonder if her constitution suffered this day, so sapped in spirit by what was said. It might be that carrying her to an antechambre is required soon

"Your Highness, Your friend is nearly couchant here. Are there ladies in waiting to be called? What would the Princess recommend?"

Alis got a mild chuckle out of Arion's question.

"An honest question considering your short time in my service thus far, but ironic just the same. You were just speaking with the only lady in waiting I retain," she said with a smirk.

Isaac couldn't help but be a little overwhelmed by how horrid Alis' lunch in was. "Well then..." Isaac said, watching everyone either take their leave or get overly drunk.

He cleared his throat and looked towards Alis, "Um, your highness... As much as I'd like to continue this..." He paused for a moment, his left eye squinting slightly "interesting conversation... I heard I had missed your discussion about what to do about the natives. I have an idea and a person that would interest you."

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11 Bluff

Those who notice, can tell Isaac is trying his best not to be rude. Though it's very difficult with the poor display of Alis' companions (Before he came along) that he and probably many others weren't too impressed. He's trying very hard to change to topic to something with less drama in it.

Lureene pauses again, her face turning a pleasant shade of red in embarassement. She straightens herself and starts to help Sasha back to her feet. "Forgive me, Arion, Princess. I should take Sasha back to our room now." As she struggles to lift Sasha up so she can support the lithe redhead on her own shoulder, she asks with a note of plaintiveness. "Uhhh....Arion? Would you be so kind as to give me a hand here?"

Good going El. You have ONCE again embarrassed yourself. To think, leaving someone else to clean up your messes. You need to grow up, you are no longer a child!

Sense Motive 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19

Although Isaac was doing his best to not be rude, it was plain on his face to anyone still conscious that he was disappointed in how this afternoon had turned out. Alis merely shook her head, running her fingers thru her hair to relieve some of the stress that had built up. "Interesting... that's a good euphemism for this afternoon, isn't it?"

She gave a short laugh and looked to the scribe, wincing as Lureene tried to help him with the comatose ranger. "My guests have witnessed enough spectacles for one day, I'd rather they not see another. Arion, just rest Sasha on the divan for the time being. I should be able to get her armor off without too much trouble."

As the light-haired elf moved to obey, the Princess nodded to the Marshal. "Who is this person of interest, Isaac?"

Sense Motive Checks:
A 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (6) + 25 = 31
M 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26
R 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (10) + 14 = 24
L 16 + 3 = 19 Eric's roll

"Yes, You see, Lord Poe had brought it to my attention that you and Amhranai had mentioned finding someone to represent the Zuck people. I had mentioned to the young lord that I knew someone who could do a good job at that. Her name is Amelia Echorn. She's a little on the strange side, though the Zuck people are very fond of her. They see her as a Seer and a medicine woman. Her twin sister works for me, so it wouldn't be to hard to arrange a meeting with her if you were interested." Isaac suggested, hoping that he had not misheard anyone, or if Poe was being full of himself... again.

Alis noted that Amhranai paused silently by the study's exit at Isaac's revelation.

"Yes," Alis responded, nodding thoughtfully, "we can use every ally we can get. Thank you, Isaac."

Isaac nodded to her, "When would my lady want to arrange a meeting with Amelia Echorn?" He asked, looking as though he was more than willing to go out if she needed him to find her as soon as possible.

"And um, just a warning... she's kind of got that voodoo vibe about her, so she's a little... unsettling at first." Isaac warned her quietly, not really sure how to describe the Twin sister of Amoya.

Dwarf Lightbringer
Giles von Hearthwick wrote:

LK Calendar: Uniens 22, 4210 — Rosday

Time: 4:30md (afternoon, 4:30)

"A date, I see..."

When Giles followed Darvesch into one of the stately black carriages that stood at the ready in case it should be needed, he thumped the side wall twice to get the driver's attention. It was only when he said, "The Harbor, 1st pier," in common, that it occurred to Darvesch that the two had just naturally been conversing in the familiar tongue of their people's homeland.

As they got underway, the older dwarf commented. "We are coming upon the supper time customary amongst Aramol's noble houses."

Smoothing his mustache by spreading his thumb and forefinger as he thought, Giles continued. "The sailors have been long at sea and this is their... fourth day in port. If Prince Tyralor is the man I think him to be, his crew will chiefly be taking their shore-leave, not dining in the galley. If the woman you are meeting has a duty to cook, I could satisfy that obligation in her place if her master and you permit it, Sir."

"As to the other matters you weigh, there are spices sufficient for this hour's need in my trunk aboard Her Lady's Grace, but the palace kitchens are hardly serviceable yet."

"My humble suggestion, Sir?" He waited for Darvesch to bob his head. "You have been given leave of your duties today to visit this woman. Do not shoulder additional duties in their place. If this woman was drawn to a knight, show her an adventure, not a cook."

"Good point." Darvesch says, still as clueless as ever. "Sure, I have the dinner thing down, but what else after or before? I sure have been with the humans too long." He sighs. "Let's go then."

It was a nearly a mile from the lush gardens of Villa Sempronius, past the tall, white-stone walls of the palace, to the foot of Sentinel Bridge, the long span that joined the main body of Port Eldarion to its more rustic Elvish Quarter. As the driver turned the carriage to the south, warning bells could be heard from a tall tower over-looking the river, and those crossing the bridge hastened off as the twin bascules comprising the center-most span pivoted upwards to allow a tall ship from the Ilmarondi convoy to pass up-river.

"This city does not lack for skilled engineers," Giles remarked quietly.

Past the city's Port Authority the bustle of trade and commerce grew louder, the pace slowing as the driver carefully navigated on Trade Street. As the horses plodded along, the sound of men laboring and working stone could be heard. There, on a promontory bounding the northern edge of the harbor, laborers were still hard at work clearing the rubble and the shattered corpses of slain inmates from the remains of the ruined penitentiary.

It was shortly thereafter that the carriage drew to a halt just outside the long wharf at which was docked the largest ship currently in the city. Prince Tyralor's great galleon, The Zephrys. Clearing his throat, the butler reached into his coat and withdrew a bouquet of flowers which he handed to the younger dwarf. "I believe you will be needing these, Sir."

With that, the old dwarf hopped out of the carriage more nimbly than one might have expected, and set down some steps for his charge. With stevedores and sailors looking on, he announced to the soldiers guarding the approach, "Kindly inform your master that Sir Hellhammer of her Royal Highness' household requests permission to come aboard. There is a young lady we are calling upon, Ms. Torwald."

Isaac Hlokenar wrote:
"When would my lady want to arrange a meeting with Amelia Echorn?"

"Well if we happen to find your lady, I'll be more than happy to ask her. As for myself," she said with a smirk, her attention focused on unbuckling Sasha's cuirass, "perhaps it would be best to let her seek me out on her own time. Have your corporal give Amelia a pass to seek me when she is ready."

Isaac Hlokenar wrote:
"And um, just a warning... she's kind of got that voodoo vibe about her, so she's a little... unsettling at first."

The Princess gave a short laugh as she looked up from unlacing a pauldron. "Introducing me to the evil twin are you? Well at least I'll be in good company."

With Sasha's pauldrons finally off, Alis quickly removed her gorget and nodded for the scribe to lay the unconscious ranger down. "There we go, and a little pillow for your red head... Arion, provide the Major with a token so that Amelia may call upon me, please."

Arion rapidly drew out his Tome and Quill. Opening to a marked position near its cover he unsnapped a pocketed binder of forms.

"At once, Your Highness."

Arion quickly filled the proper portions upon a long piece of parchment. Handing the document to Lord Hlokenar he bowed as a compatriot, saying,
"May Stëora bless the good Major's Elven Sabre, protecting the Realm and his own."

Arion bowed to the Princess, holding forward a vial of warmed wax kept closely within its own pouch, adding,
"The Invitation awaits Your Royal Seal, Your Highness."

The Document was written in two languages side-by-side throughout, Elvish and Zuck, and read as follows:

(upon one side) wrote:

     By Invitation of Her Royal Highness, Acting Governor of the Protectorate

As recommended of Lord Marshal Isaac Hlokenar, Son of Arvandur; the Lady Amelia Echorn hereby has leave, within the span of one Month and one Day, to seek audience with Her Highness Alissariel Kirmoon at time and location approved by Her Highness or through proxy of her choosing.

Dress: Informal attire shall be allowed as befitting counsel addressing the Royal Court.

(upon the obverse) wrote:

Placed into the hand of Lord Marshal, Major Isaac Hlokenar, Son of Arvandur upon the twenty-second day of Uniens in the year 4210 of the Lay of Kamína.

With Sasha now resting quietly upon the divan, the Princess looked over the writ and nodded in approval. "That should be fine.

Hopefully she won't dress too informally. The last thing I need is the contempt of the ministers.

Without much ado, Alis rolled the document up, drizzled wax across the overlap, and set it with the seal from her signet ring before handing it to the Marshal. "Thank you for your suggestion, Isaac. Hopefully Amelia and Amhranai will be able to help bring greater balance both within the council chambers and without."

The missive safely in his keeping, she glanced back towards the great hall and sighed. "I suppose I should at least bid my guests farewell for the evening, shouldn't I?"

Looking at the few who still remained with her, Alis smirked and said, "As much as I'm sure you would all love to come with me, I'd like at least one of you to say here and look after Sasha, please."

Gods, I hope Darvesch is faring better than we are right now...

Arion had studied well the standard guard rotation and knew that several were within call nearby. He had rather enjoyed studying the various personalities of the officials and courtiers, while standing at due vigilance during the festivities. Yet, he also longed to return to other studies. The opportunity to delve into what was also required reading within view of the scarlet-haired beauty resting upon the couch well pleased him.

Arion bowed to the Princess and offered, "Your Highness it would be my honour to remain here on watch. I indeed have much to study yet concerning this Protectorate. May it please Your Highness and Lady Ourson, be at ease without worry about the welfare of Your friend."

Lureene gazed at hr sleeping friend, a look of tenderness on her face.

I have hurt her SOOO much...she really deserves someone better than me. Still, I should be the one to keep an eye on---

Arion's words shake her from her reverie. She turns her gaze to the pale-haired elf a look of curiosity on her face. Still she could see no harm in aloowing him to stay here.

"Yes, Arion your offer is graciously appreciated. Please make sure she is comfortable for the rest of the evening." She smiles at him reassuringly but she cannot keep a note of regret from her voice.

As she turns to walk out of the study with the Princess, she spares a final glance at the huntress. I need to do something to make it up to her. I wonder if a gift would help. Maybe 'Lis has an idea... She grimaces as she looks over the great hall.

I hope that Lord Gallo is passed out by now...I do NOT want him to slobber over me!

"That sounds fine, Arion, I doubt this will take very long." Turning to Lureene, she asked, "Ready for one last hurrah, El?"

"Yes, your Highness. I am as ready as I will ever be." Though she tries to be cheery about it, Alis can easily tell the succubus is upset with herself over Sasha's condition.

Poor El...

Alis gave her friend a sympathetic smile, "There's no need to be so formal in private, you know."

She pulled her friend into a warm hug, and stroked Lureene's curls with one hand. "Sasha's tough and she doesn't stay upset for long."

In a slightly teasing tone she added, "I'm sure we'll all look back on this soon enough, laugh nervously and change the topic."

"Come on," she said, taking hold of the winged wizardess' hand, "we can think of some way to make it up to her while we walk."

With that, she touched the sleeping huntress lightly on the brow to help ease her condition before setting out for the main party once more, Lureene and guards in tow.

Spellcraft DC 16 (Arion, Isaac, Lureene):

Alis used restorative touch on Sasha

R 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20
I 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22
L 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (14) + 13 = 27

"Felicitous salutations, Sir Hellhammer! Please, avail yourself of our hospitality, it is the least I can offer to one so dear to our illustrious Princess' magnanimous heart."

From the deck of the Zephrys, the Prince of Del Synar welcomed Darvesch in typical grandiloquent fashion. "Nim, be a dear and apprise our intrepid Greasha that she has an esteemed gentleman caller this day. Oh and trouble not over dinner preparations, I am quite capable of fending for myself, you know, although if a fetching beauty such as yourself was to accompany me, I might very well be inclined to make a night of it on the town! Huzzah!"

"Right away, my Lord Tyralor," Nimniel answered dutifully. "Also, I feel that I would be remiss if I failed to remind you that I have already arranged reservations at The Dryad Rose at Eventide sharp."

Nodding to Darvesch, she said, "If you will excuse me, please," before heading off to fetch Greasha.

"Haha, she said yes!" The Prince gave a boisterous laugh, pumping his fist in the air with enthusiasm. Giving an expansive sigh, the excessively tall half-elf looked after the departing form of Nimniel before wagging an eyebrow at his much shorter visitor. "What is the saying, my noble friend, I hate to see her go, yet I love watching her leave? Tell me, how go the affairs of state? Would that I could be of greater aid to your fair cousin, but it would be negligent to tarry in Port Eldarion over-long whilst there may yet be time enough to sew crops for a new colony if we can make Wildethar in good time."

For a moment, it seemed to Darvesch as though he could see thru the Prince's foppish facade, a hint of regret over what-might-have-been touching his eyes as he mentioned Alis. "I believe Alissariel mentioned her twin sister shares a similar endeavor, does she not? I should hope to think that we might ally ourselves with one another that the synergy of our successes might redound to the greater good..."

"Ah, but I get ahead of myself as ever. Pray, Sir, would it please you and Ms. Torwald to accompany dear Nimniel and I this evening? I shan't be offended if it does not, but it would be a boon unlooked for if I might in some small way repay the graciousness and good will extended to us by her Highness and her household."

T Bluff 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (8) + 16 = 24

D Sense Motive 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (11) + 20 = 31

Dwarf Lightbringer

"No, but thank you for the offer. I have plans already, I apologize." he replies to Tyralor. "Though, I do wish you and Nim a wonderful evening."

Darvesch stands like a statue, holding the flowers, as he waits for Greasha. "Plans? Really? What plans? Get with it Hellhammer!"

"As far as Alexis goes, perhaps you should speak to her yourself about that. I tend to keep to myself." he says plainly, trying to fill the silence. "Though, do say hi for me. It's been a while since I've seen her."

"Ah, then I shall wish you and Ms. Torwald a memorable evening, and convey your greetings to Alechsularis whence we meet."

Spotting some movement from behind the dwarf, the coppery-haired Prince gave a nod towards the aft and said, "Lo there, it would appear dwarven women have a great many secrets they keep from their elven and human counterparts. Why how is it they can ready themselves in so short a time yet still come out gleaming like a chest of jewels and electrum. Some bit of dwarven magic, perhaps?"

The sound of a woman chuckling, turned Darvesch's head, and he found Greasha standing there. Rather than wearing a demure dress or the stained apron of a kitchen wench, her curves were now accentuated by a form-fitting, sleeveless coat of polished scale mail that glittered like diamonds in the sunlight. Beneath it, she wore a shirt of deep crimson, its broad, bell-shaped sleeves came down to her elbows and were partially open on the outside to show off her fit arms and keep her cool. Her knee-length pants-skirt was in the same style, and both were decorated with silver crewelwork in the same motif of House Amthyrian — a gnarled tree forming a firebird beneath Brightpool.

Although the tassets she had mentioned a few days ago were now absent, there was a sturdy mace slung on her right hip and a buckler on her left. The Lightbringer could also make out greaves on the front of Greasha's dark brown boots, and the glint of metal studs along the knuckles of her matching, long-cuffed gloves.

"We dwarves do have our secrets, your Highness, it's true. But I may have had some help this time."

Looking to Darvesch, a mischievous sparkle in her dark blue eyes, she gave a slight curtsy which caused her braid of thick, black hair to slip forward, the faceted silver ring at the end sparkling as it swung back and forth. "It's good to see you again, Darvesch. A little birdie told me you and your Frænka have some wild times when you're out on the town, so I figured a girl had best dress appropriately."

LK Calendar: Uniens 22, 4210 — Rosday
Time: 6:00et (eventide, 6:00pm)

Although the days were nearly at their longest back home in Chalësidhea, here beneath the sparkling bands of the Lanscarilma, the sunrise and sunset varied far less. As the setting sun bathed Villa Sempronius in hues of red and gold, Princess Alis' studious 'scribe' could hear a soft groan come from the divan across the room as Sasha stirred.

"Oh man," Sasha murmured quietly, "I thought for sure I was going to be sick..."

It wasn't until she sat up to a quiet room, seeing her armor stacked neatly on a nearby table, that the huntress sprang quietly to her feet, suddenly and fully alert. From somewhere distant, the sounds of conversation and music could still be heard, but somewhere closer was the subtle sound of a man breathing and of a page being turned.

Okaaay, so they didn't leave me alone, but who would read without lighting a lamp?

Frowning in agitation, she cast about until she was able to pick out the same handsome, pale-blonde elf that had been rhyming to her earlier.

Oh wow, it's him? He was really nice to me, but I bet I look like crap right now...

Quietly, Sasha inspected the dim reflection of her hair and makeup in a pauldron before shaking her wavy red tresses a bit to give them more body from where she had slept on one side. She was just about to set her improvised mirror back down when she got a good look at how covered up she was in the gambeson she still wore. Biting her lip slightly as she checked to see if he was watching, she quickly undid the top few buttons before shifting the padded garment a bit to show off her recently-acquired cleavage a bit better.

There, that's the stuff!

With a short huff of determination, the ranger belted her sword about her trim waist and walked over to greet the intriguing elf, humming quietly so as not to startle him. "Hey guy, where did everyone else go?"

A friendly, yet nervous laugh escaped Sasha, and she sat down on the edge of the desk near Arion, crossing her long legs, black tights showing off her shapely calves and thighs. Although she sought to disarm him with a smile, feigning interest in what he was reading by arching her back to peek at the cover of a tome he had set aside, it seemed to the young intelligence officer that the attractive woman was far more interested in learning what intrigued him.

"So, reading something good?"

Bluff Checks
S 1d20 + 10 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 10 + 1 = 17 seductive

Sense Motive Checks:
R 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17

The research into the recent history and the political and social dynamics of Dafar had led Arion through two possible methods of espionage which might assist the Princess in gathering vital information from around her new domain, even within the deepest shadows of the tall jungle trees at the far bordures of her Protectorate.

Shaken from his contemplations by Sasha rising; in the fading light of the hour of sunset he alternated glances between his book and glimpses of her use of the armour as a mirror. An amused smile grew on his face which he re-focused upon the book. Concentration to force out a spell in combat was one thing, however he found it more difficult to concentrate upon his book with the rustlings of such an attractively alluring female warrior so nearby. His tertiary glance to his left chanced to centre upon unexpected treasures as he realised she'd leaned forwards while she was in the midst of adjusting the exposure of her neckline. Her eyes rose in matched timing with his, up the perfect angles of her chin and jaw, along the pale highlights rolling over her well sculpted cheekbones up to those eyes, which shone more of a creamy jade in the amber sunset. The emerald gems glinted and for a moment frozen in time they searched his. He resolved to try to give her some semblance of privacy, even in the close proximity. He heard her questions as he returned to his book, and, spying what seemed to be her desire for deeper interaction he gently set the book into a satchel and spun to face her.

"Indeed, something I hope might aid our young Ruler to eliminate obstacles to her governance."

Arion removed his spectacles and they rested upon his chest, suspended from their golden chains, as he continued, "From my research and these recent experiences, I've suddenly found myself admiring and truly respecting our Princess." His eyes watched scenes from memories far off for a moment as he said more to himself, "Reactions no doubt strengthened by gratitude for her unexpected kindness and generosity."He returned and, facing Sasha, divulged, "So great an admiration and gratitude that those few warriors I've encountered HERE" as he nodded to indicate Sasha among those, "whom our Princess calls friend, I accept immediately as friend also."

Sasha smiled and nodded as she listened to Arion speak about his findings.

Something to eliminate obstacles? I wonder if it's a really powerful spell... or maybe some kind of big weapon...

As the scribe's talk turned to Alis and friendship, she sat up and interlaced her fingers as she pulled up one of her knees, brow knit in thought.

Wow, he must really like Lissi a lot I guess. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, I mean she is hot and rich so...

"Yeah, I'm kind of surprised how nice she's been, especially considering–" she rolled her eyes and shrugged, "well, what Ellie spilled about who my great grandmom was."

I wonder if that's why Mal didn't like me...

Suddenly an urge to watch the unfolding ebb and tide of life around them, rather than further studies through the abstracts and representations of his books, inspired Arion to stand and hold out his hand to Sasha while he raised his satchel and looped its strap over his head, across his body. "Surely a true Ranger would prefer to breathe more open airs. Shall I fly the friend of Alissariel Kirmoon up to this rooftop above us, for a more spectacular view, no doubt, of our new environs?"

Arion's sudden movement and enthused words snapped Sasha out of her thoughts.

"Oh wow!" A flush of excitement came to her cheeks, emerald eyes a-glimmer in the dim study. With one hand she flipped her hair over her shoulder and asked, "So you're a mage then? Yeah, that sounds like it would be fun!"

To his delight, Sasha's smile and enthusiastic nod aroused his own reaction to smile and nod. The tall and shapely Huntress received the offer of his opened arms and pressed closely to his side as he held her tightly. A wind arose and grew more greatly while he began to chant words which were outside the experiences of even so travelled a Ranger. It seemed to her that the voice came more from the sky above the chamber, from the below their feet, from some being more deeply within the Scribe. A second voice emerged, parallel with his own, resounding like a dragon's thunderously powerful words,


As his strong right arm hugged her more tightly to his side, she noticed his left fist touched his own lips then the hand opened into a palm as if supporting the breath released from his mouth.
Arion casts the Spell: Fly upon himself

She held him more tightly as both of them began to slowly rise above the ground, hovering higher and higher with the breeze mingling their hair, White-Golden and Red, matching the hues of the horizon.

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