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Darkness surrounds the land where the peoples of Volcano, River, and Forest live under a Fallen Sky.


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So to reconcile all the siblings I have a clear idea about:

--Samoon is the eldest - if Wamblee is 30, does that fit with your approximate age of Samoon (say 31?)

--I'm thinking the first three siblings are very close in age, which would help with the idea that Samoon and Marianne had a shared circle of friends. I think that could work with Marianne being 27 - which means she's been thinking about leaving town since around 16 or 17. Reasonable?

--I think it would be interesting for there to be a gap between Marianne and Samen Vloe (or is it just Samen?) making Samen around 20. This could also account for Samen's awkwardness (lwo charisma) around the rest of the family and town.

--It could also be cool that, if I'm reading the histories right (and I do need to double check and take notes) that the two elder brothers left the family, whereas the two younger siblings stayed (though that was not an entirely happy decision for Marianne)

None of this is written in stone, just thinking out loud about how to start sewing together the different ideas I've seen.

Did you miss Sisifo, or did I miss him dropping out

Edit: 16 seems like a decent time for Marianne to come up with the idea of seeking Fallen Sky.

Hey, I think that’s the first time I’ve been ninja’d. I like that idea, makes that whole group even more awkward.

How would you two feel about Albreane and Joseph being siblings? It is a really good point that there are likely very few sylph families in town (maybe only the two families).

Re: Sifiso

I haven't closed submissions yet per se, but Sifiso just didn't quite fit. I sent him a PM to that effect.

Cool, as long as Samoon is on board as well, that will be a fun dynamic between the two of you.

@Axolotl did you take the sylph alternate trait that gives you sonic instead of electricity resistance? No big deal, the traits are definitely fair game, just curious.

Vloe is a middle name. He responds to Samen just as well as Samen Vloe. Our parents must have really hated themselves for having a child named Samoon and another named Samen.

"Me? I'm pretty sure she's mad at you!"

And yet, I know families who name their kids alliteratively...



@Axolotl - would you say Samoon studied at the city of Light, to the east? That's where Joseph, from Marianne's background, went: could be the two of you took off together (or you left and he followed, etc)

@Decimus: Would you say Wamblee traveled to the West Tribe for his studies? That is the major tribe that has the strongest presence of monasteries, though you could easily have gone to a minor tribe instead (let me know if you want some names of minor tribes that would have Root monasteries)

@Dotraj- favored enemy: darkspawn is just fine. I think in a broader sense they are roughly "aberrations", but honestly the myraid types of darkspawn pretty much replace the role of aberrations (no such thing as beholders, mindflayers, etcetc)

Re: Heirlooms:

--I've got a detailed woodcut for Samen (discussed changing from snow globe)

--A scroll for Marianne

Let me know if I overlooked Samoon's and Wamblee's heirlooms if I missed them. If you have ideas, let me know. Alternatively, I could introduce them into the narrative when we start, since I am planning on starting the story as Samoon and Wamblee are returning to town, then holding the funeral shortly after.

@Himyulmaion: Where do you imagine Samen the materials to study languages, magic, and the planes? Did he scrounge up what he could from the elders of the town? Go on trips to Forge with his father? Or ask for Father to bring him books back but not go on the trips himself?

He would've gone on the trips with his father to Forge, and would've spent his time there far away from any business dealings. Ideally, he would end up squirreled away in a place where talking was discouraged (like a library).

Yes, I took Sonic Resistance. Samoon is apparently a dry poison wind in Arabic. I think.

The city of Light sounds fine to me, and it sounds plausible that Samoon and Joseph would have headed off to study together. No doubt with some interesting conversations...

Whoops, I hadn't decided on an heirloom. Samoon will inherit a Jacob's staff, or cross-staff, used for geological surveying. He's sure that at one point they were used by referencing the now unseen stars...

I neglected to choose an heirloom. Let's say a spherical crystal, a "perfect" one.

To the west tribe sounds most likely.

Awesome! I'm very excited about the progress we're making.

Since we have oreads and sylphs:

--The father was an oread, a strong miner

--The mother is a sylph

--To account for Marianne's fiery hair, one of the grandparents will be an ifrit. Let's say the maternal grandmother. I haven't decided on how many of the grandparents are still A) alive and B) in town, but I'll keep you posted.

Alrighty! I haven't seen any other submissions, so here is our roster:


1) Those of you who haven't made an alias yet, please do so.

2) Check to make sure there aren't any remaining questions I've posed or missing info in your profile

3) Please use the following template for your tagline - I've found it helpful for my DMing


4) Finally, feel free to continue discussing any details between siblings (like Samoon teaching Marianne archery, I like that)

5) [b]Depending on when final aliases are submitted, I'm planning on starting the Gameplay thread Monday or Tuesday night!


Here is Wamblee Firenze's alias. I have still to work out equipment tomorrow but I think that will be about it.

Gameplay and Discussion threads have been created - feel free to dot in when you get a chance.

Planning on Monday evening for an official launch - any questions anyone has in the meantime.

I have had some super busy work days, so I'll get a character alias generated as soon as possible!

Ok, here's Samoon, still a little rough around the edges!

I appreciate getting him put together! I'll take a final glance at everyone's sheets, taglines, etc throughout the week. Very happy to have started Gameplay!

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