Ironclaw: The Will to Power

Game Master UltraFennec

An Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle game set in the environs of Triskellian, with potential to expand further. Focused on the intrigue and violence surrounding the conflicts between the rising Guilds, with a lighthearted base tone.

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Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Both; if the tower is being dismantled by disgruntled animated mops as well?

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

I had something to put here but I forgot what it was. :I

I get the feeling it was important too but...nope. Nothin. Brain killed it.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

I did not plan for Quinn to have to do all the negoiating or to have this happen in a flash, but the scheme was to get her our noble recognition.
After all, if a major noble house does deal with a Zhonggou group as a noble house, then the Zhonggoese is a noble house as far as anyone else is concerned. (And it looks good for the minor house that brings it up too.)

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Fair enough, plenty yet to do. Though I have planned to advance time by about a season or so at the end of this adventure because passage of time is important and...well, just crushing the whole plot back-to-back annoys the hell out of me in all other media so why would I do it here?

Quinn should be safely "noble" once we're done with this haunting/evidence/investigating business, if not before.

And if this shows up after another similarly themed but bigger post then screw you Paizo why u haet mi?

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

As mentioned in IC thread, tell me there or here where we're going next. It doesn't HAVE to be together unless you wanna tackle Delroy's lead. Warnin' ya up front that one will have combat, and against some thing that'll need magic aid to fight, so splitting up is not an option for survival.

The other ones don't really need combat expertise but you may get more mileage out of the bookseller scene if everyone's there together.

As for speaking to the Rinaldi about their vassals...mostly I just figured everyone would clamp onto the only Rinaldi any of you personally know so that's kinda optional group make-up.

Male Wolf

Ugh life sucks. When I finally shove myself back into this fame, veallach is going to have been on yhe longest bender/soul searching journey ever.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

It's...only actually been like a day at most since the party. Another part of why I'm goggling at the time it's taken to get to this point. I forget how slooooooooooow PbP is.

But uh...y'know, really long bender works. Maybe there was an illegal backstreet brawling tournament and you became the champion?

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Natalia: Sorry about not replying to your querry: I got excited as I read further down and it all slipped my mind, The bat will have her answers soon.

Female Red Fox

So, without observe, do I default to just mind?

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6
Paladin Javiera wrote:
So, without observe, do I default to just mind?

Just mind, unless your species has the correct scent associated with it.

Red Foxes have Listen and Smell. It's up to UF when they apply.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

I'm gonna go with just Mind in this case. Clouding of Minds (the "invisibility" spell he's using) should IMO block or deter most sensory stimulation except tactile.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Kinda waiting on your roll, Javiera. And also figured there'd be a response to Delroy from...anybody, really but if there isn't anything by evening my time I'll put something in.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

I should perhaps make it clear that getting Luigi to come to your aid is not really a big deal, and could probably be done by having the Constabulary summon him officially off-screen.

The big choice at this exact moment is whether dealing with those bats is more important than dealing with the assassin in the city. If you do your damndest to get the bats to face justice (whatever that may be given their status) then it's possible Gang Fei will find his target before you can get to him.

Vice versa, if you go after the assassin now it's entirely possible that your deadline for the Zvonimir will pass and they'll be free before you can return with the THUNDAH.

The lead from the ghost in the warehouse is more "patient" than these other two and can be safely pushed off and tied up concurrently with whichever thing happens second. I'll...figure that out when we come to it.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Or we can split. Perhaps not smart, but someone (namely me) can try stall tactics on the assassin if it reaches that point or preferably find out about assassin and target, while the others deal with evil bats.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Stalling tactics in this case should probably be re-branded as "risk getting one-shotted every turn" because he is capable of that if the dice go well his way.
You'd need some extremely inventive distractions to keep him off the target (assuming you figure out who it is and find them *before* he kills them), and if you can't keep him from doing the deed or somehow actually manage to overmatch him, he's going to do everything in his power to flee and leave the country.

Which he's very good at, being a Forest Ghost.

My point is that fighting him solo, or even with just two of you is a VERY RISKY IDEA because I specifically designed him with a full party of 4 or 5 people in mind.

Going to the Constabulary about the bats with less people is...somewhat more viable I guess. There will still be THINGS going down there but none of them are as crazy as the assassin, and could possibly be avoided or subverted. Spoiler alert: the Guilds aren't the only people Marsilio is after.

...It's a question of motivations, I think. Take a step into your characters' heads everyone, and ask them what they really would consider a bigger priority, and cast your die that way.

But you know what? If you think you can survive and find him then by all means, go for it. Whatever gets us done with this quicker and on to the next level of dealings. I'm ready for a scenery change, as it were.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

TDelroy has to weigh his Duty vs a murder about to happen, which is not what he's been invested to investigate. I think Del would ask Jackrum to try to stall the Bats until he can get back. He just does not want to know someone died and he could have done something. This isn't Duty be damned, this is just a young man's idealism.

We're kind of doing him a favour right now anyway… Del could say "What're you waiting for? There's a dangerous killer in the city! You go get him, I'll go deal with the ones in your cells like I'm supposed to." :P

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Right, stall tactics and diversions generally avoid all out fights when being used on individuals. Really there is a couple of folks it might be as target and if it is the old man Quinn talked to (not an unlikely target) then Quinn has a vested interest in keeping in him alive.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Those would need to be some serious stall tactics. Like of the more than talking kind.

So. Firm decision on scene(s) and split/not-split? Please? Really don't wanna write more than I have to, these'll be long enough as it is.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Nerd 5/Expert 1

This could be a good spot for my return. I'm built for murder after all.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

We could split, then. Thanks, Quinn, for helping me with that hard call.
Let's hope this all works out.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Let's hope you can be creative with your "stalling tactics" then, because he's a doozy. I'll hit something up this evening my time (CDT) when I'm more clearly focused and can mull over my notes a bit.

Of course, in the end it's up to the dice. Combat saves are pretty damn awesome though, if things go badly for you!

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

That's why this was a hard call for me...

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

That roll is very poor, considering all the dice rolled...

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

And sometimes that happens. But! You have two other people who can roll and possibly pass things on! Or just not care and charge ahead!

Male Wolf

Now how to reappear...

Female Red Fox

By being awesome?

Male Wolf

Ripping curtains might not be awesome, but it is in character. Btw, def not paying the monkey.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

He may not be alive to receive a payment if things go south, so let's hope that doesn't happen, hmm?

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

I'm moving this bit over here, as not to clog up the gameposts so much.
As far as I can tell, and read in the rules, there is no 'higher die' in Attack vs Resistance as there is in Attack vs Defense.


The attacker declares an attack that is resisted.

The defenders will resist. There is no defense against a resisted attack, only resistance.

The attacker rolls their Attack Dice vs. 3. The attacker counts all dice showing 4 or better as a success, and counts the successes. (If the attacker scores no successes, stop now – the attack was a
dismal failure.)

The defender rolls their resistance dice vs. 3, and counts their successes.

If the defender scored as many successes or more than the attacker, then the attack failed, and nothing happens to the defender.

If the attacker scored more successes than the defender, then the attack succeeded. Because the attack was a success, the defender is sent Reeling.

Next, subtract the defender’s successes from the attacker’s, to determine just how well the attack went.
For example, if the attacker scored 5 successes, and the defender scored 3, then the attack scored (5 – 3 = ) 2 successes.

This was one of the reasons I chose Move Air rather than the more damaging Create Air, because Create Air highest die wins, and in Move Air, number of successes wins (I was hoping I had more dice to give me more successes).

And I don't think that Natalia's personality of Inquisitive could be used for an attack either.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

DERP. You are right. I just reflexively used the other rule because it's used so much more often in the game than the straight "count successes" type.

I will determine his Soak now and be sheepish while doing so.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

I forgot to make this clear, but it's totally you guys' turn again. The Sage is basically gonna cower and take Cover since he doesn't have his implements, and Immortal Magic is kinda bad for fighting things anyway without collateral damage.


Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

This has been kinda hard to word right, and I make no promises that I've gotten it where I want it. It's probably still whiny-sounding and I HATE that but in the end most of this is just my personal opinions and annoyances to fix, not anything about anyone else.

I'm not really happy on my end of things here. The game's pacing feels terrible because I built it like I would a live game, and that hasn't worked out. I said I'd fix that after the first adventure took so damn long...and I basically fell right back into the same pattern. We spend months on roleplaying encounters and teeny weeks or days on the action, which isn't really great for the people who actually want action and are built for it. I get the feeling that even the people who like the heavy RP are getting annoyed at the drag.

The other issue is...more uncomfortable to broach and will *certainly* sound like me being a bit prissy I think.
The pace of the game is...not good, for me. If we keep going like this it'd take another three to five YEARS to finish everything I had in mind, and that's allowing for the side treks and personal arcs for characters and altering things as time goes on. I know that real life gets in the way...just...

Posting once a week or even more infrequently, as happens often here, isn't good. Being inactive because you're sure there's nothing you would say isn't cool to me. Playing a character with social status and a big social skill and avoiding all the IC social interactions without pushing works in live games because the social table aspect is in play. In PbP, it really isn't, and so it's not really acceptable to me.

Does that sound like me being an ass? It probably is, I suppose. Tear into me if you will, that's kosher, but I won't dance around how much it annoys me.

My point, I guess, is that I'm unhappy with how this attempt has turned out, and I want a fresh start.

To that end, I'm going to attempt a "refresh" of this after this arc ends. I'm going to move to RPoL, where all the rest of my PbP games I play are, to make sure I don't forget this as much on my end. I prefer its amenities, and I use Paizo for nothing but this game now.

RPoL uses an application system for its recruiting, if any of you guys think I'm being a f*+*wad and you think you can keep up with the pace I list in the pitch over there, go ahead and apply. I don't hate you guys, but I AM going to make sure I play the kind of game I enjoy.

*flame-retardant suit ON* Come at me, bros.

Male Wolf

Well, you already know how I work. to the game on Rpol?

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Here is a helpful link to the game's new home.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Already there, Boss.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

To be absolutely clear, before I get questions and rage-letters about this: I'm not guaranteeing ANYONE a spot when I reboot this. I meant it when I said a fresh start. This is a retry, with the only caveat that it follows on from the original, and its xp levels.

If anyone can still stomach me after all this, go ahead and hit the RTJ up.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Im not gonna hate on ya.

Im not much of good player when it comes to pbp, but it is my only available way to play right now, and my life is rockier then a mountains backside, so I understand.

I play on rpol too, though I dont know if Ill try to get in your other game yet, though Ill certainly finish this here.

Male Wolf

I apply already. Can't have nobody taking my shtick.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Ive been having connectivity issues and they seem to be getting worse, and with extra work recently, I have yet to figure out why but Ive had entire days of no connection yet my grandparents roku seems unaffected, just my nook.

In anycase, I have tommorrow off to try to find out why and maybe fix it. After that for fri, sat, and sun, I will be doing some special work and wont be able to post whether I get my internet problems fixed or not.

Hopefully, Ill have internet fixed by monday.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

Two things I should ask.
"Restart": that means back to the base character, without experience and gifts?
"RPoL": That means you play connected, on a certain day, at a certain time, as if you were face to face, correct?

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

No, I mean to keep going from here, this point in the game and story. I'd call it more a "refresh" than a restart. I want to re-evaluate what I'm doing plot wise and straighten some things out, like posting rates and such. Lack of substance will be alright as long as people post relatively frequently and make sure to tell me when they can't post for awhile. No more Rosza incidents, lol.

RPoL is a PbP website purpose built for it with some amenities Paizo doesn't have, and it's where all the PbP games I play in are. I prefer it.

So if you want to apply for the game, go ahead, though please be aware that I AM going to actually be watchful on who's keeping up this time around.

I haven't guaranteed anyone a spot, but frankly it's easier to deal with people I already know how to react to, so you've got a better chance than some of the new interest I've garnered who...may not understand how to write. :\

Female Weasel Dilettante

Well, I finally moved into a place with decent internet again, but it's been almost three months, and I see that my absence has been a problem. Again.

Long story short, in mid-May a neighbor burned most of our apartment building down. Moved in with family who didn't have internet, and we didn't have funds to quickly replace computers (other things took priority). Then moved into an apartment of our own and found out that 'has internet' meant 'has internet when the stars are right which is effectively never' because landlady had installed wireless router behind a metal bookcase and didn't have the necessary English to understand why that was a bad idea...And refused to change it. Finally moved into a place with a decent connection last week and have been trying to find my old games by googling character names...and here I am again.

I'm sorry, folks. I have missed playing with you guys. This game has been one of the most fun RPGs I've ever been in, online or off, at least when I was able to participate. I want to thank you all for that, and particularly you, UF, and I appreciate your previous patience with me...but at the same time it's obvious that my ongoing rotten personal luck is screwing up things for other people and as much as I'd hoped to find the game was still running, I am kind of unsurprised at the decision to revamp things and to require a certain level of participation. While I can participate pretty regularly when things are alright...Well, I guess we've seen that life has a way of messing with me.

I think that it's probably best if I just voluntarily drop out of this while you're in the process of re-creating/refreshing/whatever so as to prevent future problems.

My apologies to everyone. Thank you all for a really wonderful game this last year-and-a-half.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

That sounds like quite an adventure you had.
I for one would welcome you back. This game needs your sort of pinache.

But if you must go, I wish to thank you for the wonderful memories and the many laughs no doubt shared.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Woah! You're alive!

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Well, if you do pick up on this, I PMed you Rosza.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

Has everyone left here already?
I want to find out if we can really catch this assassin.

(And, unfortunately, my work computer which allows me to get to Pazio won't let me get to RPoL.)

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

RPoL is home to many dangerous things, I didn't think about that when I moved everything there, I'm sorry. :( There is a lack of people running about. I was waiting on something from Quinn but perhaps his/her/its internet issues are continuing...Ceallach I dunno, he usually checks Paizo every day for his other games, and Delroy's not even involved in this scene right now...

So it may indeed have fallen apart prematurely, which I risked by setting up the RPoL game earlier but I didn't think we'd just peter out completely since...y'know. He might get away! D:

I'm still monitoring for anyone that's actually here though. I wanna finish it toooooooooooooooooooooo.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

I can get RPoL at home, but it was sort of fun to check in on Pazio at work.

Male Wolf

I'm still here. just waiting to see what the air blast does!

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Finally did everything to get a complete factory reset.

Didnt help. :(

My mother (lifelong it expert) thinks my nook is just getting old.

In any case itll be while before I get a replacement, until then Ill post when I can.

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