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Game Master Camris

Six people find themselves deep in the outer rim with nothing but blank memories, looted clothing, a stolen ship and more questions than all put together.

Two-Three players are needed for Star Wars-The Covenant of Shadows game.

The setting is The Old Republic, a couple of years after Darth Malak's defeat at the Star Forge.
Our heroes have just awoken in anonymous high tech pods, missing memories and clothing.
Having fought their way free from deep underground, they steal some swoop bikes from some gangers, then steal their ship as well as the mysterious base explodes behind them.
Now in orbit around a primitive planet deep in the Outer Rim, they are left with a handful of clues and far, far more questions than answers.

If this appeals to you, submit your character concept here.

1> Rule System is Star Wars Saga system from WotC.

2> Main book is the Saga Edition Core Book. Additional book is the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign guide. Those are the main two; others may be drawn upon as needed.

3> Character generation will use the Planned Generation system (aka Point Buy).

4> Races are those found in the Core edition and Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. Gungans and Ewoks are not races found in this period normally; so, will be out of play.

5> Characters will need to have some level of technical understanding of society to function in the campaign; so, no primitive backgrounds or species that haven't learned to function in Republic cities.

Current characters in game are:
- Feeorin Soldier
- Zabrak Soldier/Scout Sniper
- Human Jedi Hick

I would love to participate in this - Saga Edition is my favorite rules set.

A character concept for your review: a smooth talking twilek Scoundrel/with a sprinkling of Scout steering toward Bounty Hunter. I see him as a charmer, quick to offer a smile but always with his hand resting nonchalantly on his blaster pistol.

Mechanically speaking, in combat I'd like him to drive foes down the condition track rather than deal dizzing amounts of damage. Out of combat, I'd be happy with him focusing on whatever skill set the party feels it needs - whether that be a pilot, medic, computer expert, I could really work with anything.

I only have the core book, so I'm not familiar with any rules or options out of the Old Republic setting.

This pbp or chat based?

It's PbP-based.

If you want to take a closer look, here is the game thread and the discussion thread.

Let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to get a couple of excited players on this thing.

@ Dal Selpher, i think you'll mostly be fine with just the core book, but I'm sure we could figure outa way to get you access to the other .pdf if you are interested.

If Camris picks you up for the game, we'll definitely help you flesh out the character's abilities and what-not to compliment the group. Honestly, though, Camris seems mostly interested in you having a character you like... which is good.

Is this still open? I'm keen. How about a Duro noble with maybe a lvl in soldier? Focusing as a field medic with more of a support role in combat?

Bit of a Chatacter outline (I saw in the discussion thread that every one was at least lvl 5 sorry if that's wrong)

Baniss Nootka Lvl 5 Duros Noble

Str 8
Dex 16 (13+2) (inc at 4th lvl)
Con 8 (10 -2)
Int 16 (14+2)
Wis 16 (increased at 4th lvl
Cha 12 

Talents :

Born leader
Bolster ally


Weapon Proficiency Pistols
Weapon Proficiency Simple
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot

Bonus feats:

Skill focus Treat Injury
Surgical Expertise

Trained Skills:

Treat Injury
Use Computer
Gather Infomation
Knowledge Life Science
Knowledge Physical Sciences
Knowledge Galactic Lore

I sort of half built the scoundrel/scout I had in mind - 3 skills are still open for me to pick as being trained and I haven't done anything with credits or equipment.

It looked like Desh was level 6, so I made him level 6 - easy enough to switch if I get picked up and need to adjust it.

I read through the thread, and I have to admit, Camris I love how you did that speeder bike chase. All the combats in general really. It was a fun read.

Thanks for the consideration!

Hey, two good submissions! Glad to see there is some interest.

@dal selpher/Jeriko: I see you embraced the 'in-theme' profile format. Definitely not needed, but I love how it looks and supports the game.

@Kip: Good to see your submission, too.

We'll just wait to see if Camris has any thoughts or questions, now. Excited to see what he says.

There, all done except for Hit points and gear. Also leveled up to 6. So hoping to play, the game looks great Camris!

Looked like fun. Though I only have the revised core rulebook. Saga edition is to expensive for me to procure. Oh well. I have my own Star Wars games to run. Have fun guys.

I've taken a look at the submissions, and I really like what I see.
Barring any objections, I say welcome to:

Jeriko, played by John Hathaway and
Baniss, played by Kip84

Welcome to the game!

Now, how to introduce you.
We can have you be prisoners found aboard ship here, we can have you all meet at the next stop, or we can retcon you in when you woke up in a pod. Any preferences?

Awesome! Thanks. Prisoner aboard the ship or meet at the next stop sounds good to Baniss. Im at work right now. I'll roll my Hp etc when I get home. Thanks again

I don't know if you're actually asking me, but I don't really have a preference as long as they're tied to our little mysterious mission. Could they be working together in an attempt to accomplish some specific goal on the mining facility? Something that will give us a reason to want them to come with us? Just spit-balling.

Or I guess I could have a little faith in Camris... he's usually already thought through this stuff when I ask these questions. :)

Also, Baniss and Jeriko, you guys have any questions about skills? Or do you know you're going to fill those last few trained skill slots out?

Hp roll: 5d6 - 5 + 17 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 6, 1) - 5 + 17 = 31

@Desh, All Baniss's skill slots are already full. He's geared towards knowledge skills (the Education talent allows him to make all knowledge skills untrained) and healing, but if something needs covering I'd be happy to swap out any other skills

@Darth Camris, When you have time, what should we do about gear?

Ah, fantastic news!

As far as my 3 open skills still go, I'm open to fill them however would benefit the group most. I had a "extra" feat which I spent on Improved Defenses - I'd be happy with swapping that for a skill focus. If I took training in pilot and skill focus (pilot), for instance, I'd be at a +16.

Baniss has Treat Injury covered in spades, and he seems to be a pretty good diplomat too.

I could focus on pilot and pick up training in Stealth (so Six doesn't have to go sneaking off without backup)? Use Computer's generally a pretty handy skill too - I dunno. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Baniss wrote:
@Darth Camris, When you have time, what should we do about gear?

This is my question too. Not sure how many credits to start with or what's available for purchase. Are the blaster pistols in the Old Republic setting different from those in the Core Book?

Really all I'd be looking for are a bunch of sundry items, a baton, dagger, and a heavy pistol.

Also, what about destinies? Do you have secret destinies chosen for us, Camris, and we discover them as we go or should we just pick one from the book?


As far as introducing us to the group, I think our paths crossing at the next destination is the most organic, but I'm cool with waking up in a holding cell.

EDIT - actually, i'm moving this post into the Discussion thread.. you two join us over there. :)

Still got an opening? I should have a character to submit in a few hour when I get home from work and back to my books.
Any roles need to be filled?

A male Cathar with carefully styled mane and thick moustache offers his business card.

hired gun
discretion guaranteed

Bolchar Trancho “Bolt”, Level 6 Cathar (Scout 3, Scoundrel 3)

Str 10
Dex 16 (13 +2) (inc at 4th lvl)
Con 10
Int 8 (10 -2)
Wis 12 (increased at 4th lvl)
Cha 16

Trained Skills: (5 +Int)
Use The Force

Feats and Talents by Level
1 – Force Sensitive, Scout Starting Feats: Weapon Proficiencies (pistol, rifle, simple), Scout Talent: Evasion.
2 – Scoundrel Starting Feat: Point Blank Shot, Scoundrel Talent: Knack.
3 – Force Training (Battle Strike, Negate Energy), Scout Bonus Feat: Precise Shot.
4 – Scoundrel Bonus Feat: Vehicular Combat, Ability Point Increase: Dex and Wis
5 – Scout Talent: Acute Senses
6 – Force Boon, Scoundrel Talent: Lucky Shot

EDIT: I'll have to swap Vehicular Combat out as I dropped Pilot along the way. Thinking that Skill Focus (Use the Force) will fit nicely.

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In a deep voice he rumbles quietly, "You look like you could use another gun, someone who shoots regularly. I can aid a party like your in some other ways too, without trying to take over."

Bolt slips his card into your jacket's top pocket. He stares deep into your eyes for a moment, then turns to go get a drink.

Alright, Bolt, played by OberonViking is in as well.
Get your character worked up and join us in Tattooine!

With that, we are at the maximum and recruitment is now closed.

Bolt ROARS with excitement. Beaming his appreciation he purrs loudly.

Full character details on the way - well, when I get back to my computer

Hey guys. Sorry if this is inapropriate, but I was wondering if I could come back to you? I know you just closed recruitment with three new players, but I just had to ask.

I find myself with some time on my hands and wanted to check with you guys before I went game hunting.

If the answer is yes then I was wondering how you'd feel about someone who fought for the other side on Malachor V? A mandolorian? Mechanically he'd be much like Vash without the force.


Does that mean you're not coming back as Dax Oan?

I wanted to try out a non-force user character, I know it would be allot simpler to wake up Dax so if it doesn't sit well with you for me to bring a new character to the scene we could do that :) I just want back in ;)

Welcome back Sigz! Your concept is cool with me.

Now I really have to close the door on any more new players, we're stretching it as it is.

WOOT! I'll hammer out the crunch!

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