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Welcome to the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild!

The Guide to Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play contains everything you need to know to explore, advance, and participate in the Adventure Card Guild and is available as a free download!

The Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild is a worldwide organized play campaign that brings the fun of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to game stores, clubs, and conventions near you. To play, all you need is a Class Deck, that contains a set of characters and cards that'll carry you through an entire adventure path.

Play is organized into Seasons, throughout which the adventures and achievements of you and your fellow Pathfinders create an ongoing storyline. Each season consists of around 30 scenarios (short 90-minute sessions) set in a variety of exotic locations across Golarion. Scenario bundles will become available for purchase near the end of each month. Season 2, Season of the Runelords, is underway right now!

Join the Adventure Card Guild and register your character now!

Get Involved!

Interested in running Adventure Card Guild scenarios? Learn more about volunteering and get in touch with the local coordinators in your area. Retailers can sign up to run Adventure Card Guild organized play in their stores by registering their store on


Purchase Scenarios as they're released for home play, download the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide, or browse products that explore the world of Golarion and the Pathfinder Society as the Adventure Card Guild grows. Check back regularly for the latest adventures!

Resources and Free Downloads

Download pregenerated characters, card lists, templates, and more! This content is designed to help you engage in Adventure Card Guild organized play, or add your own flair and flavor to your character or copy of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

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[PFSACG] Pre-Gens for Class Deck Characters

Season of the Runelords (SotRu) Schedule

What shirts and messenger bags grant rerolls?

How do you build your Feiya? (Strategies and opinions)

Paizo Blog: Season of the Runelords—The Story So Far

RotR loot and SotRu

PACG for the special at Gencon

2-4B Change

are these worth the money?

Joining in Mid-Season

Season of the Runelords (SotRu) Schedule Discussion

A note on Season of the Righteous and Season of the Runelords Adventure Path pages

2-4E A Shadow Of Wrath

Solo 2-2B: Very difficult

Are Rewards "Separate and Identifiable"?

WotR OP Misprint on Adventures

Defining a "replay" in Organized Play

Multiple Characters in Solo PACG Guild Play, if Prior-registered?

2-2E A Bad Day To Be Good: How'd you do?

PDF Changes for Adventures?

Fluff request - Season Art

Pregenerated Credit

Scenario Tracking Sheets for PSACG?

Play-By-Skype and organized PACG Guild play.

Tick tock on the clock

From Fun to Frustration in One Card - Demonic Horde

Is 2-2C supposed to be a loot run?

ACG at Gencon

SotRu Adventure 2-3

Season of the Righteous Complete Set

Origins PACG

Play Mats and Card Guild

1-6B Question (Pathfinder Society, Unite!)

I don't understand how to upgrade my deck for organized play

Chronological Order WotR / SotRi without spoilers

Goblin Class Decks and Goblin Mini-Season

Strategy & Opinions on Brielle (Barbarian)

Inaugural Season of the Runelords

Runewell's Echo

2-2A Tricking wording

Looking for a Guild in the Bay Area or near any BART station!

1-5D Gods, save the Queen! - How did you do?

Adventure 3


2-2D Seems to have a fundamental error

Season adventure card question

Season of the Righteous cards on Drivethru Cards?

Add new character on web site gives error: That is not a valid avatar name

Rewards and resurrection questions

2-1F How did you do?

2-1E How Did You Do?

2-1B, 2-1C, 2-1D - How did you do?

HawkCon V: Hopelessly Hawkless (now surprisingly Hawkful)

Idol of Sycorius (Season of the Runelords)

Barbarian Class Character Sheet

paizocon and adventure 3 season 2

Will Season of the Runelords have a demo scenario like Righteous and Shackles?

When will the next season start please? (Magic the Gathering, Friends or Foes?)

Questions about P:ACG Organized Seasonal Play

ACG Gen Con Open Tournament questions

PACG OP Society - Character Tracking System Broken

ACG Shirt Rerolls

2-1A Goblins? Gross! - How did you do?

new class deck character sheets

PACG-ROTRL Ally card Clockwork Spy

Print on Demand card sets

2-2D am I reading it right?

Die Bump Question

Physical Scale of Remembrance card?

1-5C Pulura's Fall - How did you do?

2-2 Available for purchase

Goblins Invade Sale includes Adventure #2-1

SS OP Files released in January 2016

Wraith of the Righteous Adventure Path OP question

Can I replaced banished cards with cards from AD-2?

SotR Questions and Tier Clarity

Box sets and Iconic Heroes Set 1-3 cards for sale

Sticky for our Society Champion characters?

Will there be PSACG play at PAX East?

Who rules hell harbor question.

Characters used between different seasons

Tiers beyond 6

0-2B Yo Ho Grindylows - How did you do?

0-2A Love's Labours Lost - How did you do?

Reward for 2-1F

HawkCon IV - Role Cards and the ever persistent quest to find Lem's flute

Review of 2-1: More proxies, please

When will Season of the Runelords adventure 1 be available?

Scenarios 2-2A, 2-2B and 2-2C to be released when?

1-P questions and strategy

Are There Pre-Gens for Other Classes?

0-1F Treasure of Jemma Redclaw - How did you do?

0-1E Nature's Wrath - How did you do?

0-1D Salvage Operations - How did you do?

Brine Dragon Hunt - How did you do?

The Lone Shark - How did you do?

1-5B: The Tower That Would Not Die - Scenario Rules???

1-5A question about villain

Ghosts of the Deep - How did everyone do?

Season of the Righteous - Survivor thread

1 to 100 of 557 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | next > last >>
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