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DM Barcas - First Steps (PFS) (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

A group of Pathfinders embarks on their first missions, discovering that things in the Society are not as simple as delving dungeons and discovering treasures.

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Just treat it as a dagger.


Male Human Rogue 1 (Knife Master archetype)

Are the sheets still on the bed Kehl is standing at the foot of?

Silver Crusade

Male Half-Orc Oracle 1

Just wanting to apologize for my absence. I am withdrawing from all my Campaigns due to a personal issue that has kept me from posting 'till now, and probably will for a while.

Thanks to everyone for the time I did have with ya'll, and good luck! To the DM, thanks for keeping my spot open so long. I appreciate it.


Hope it works out! Sorry to see you go.

Hope all works out well, Zavac. You can always lean on the Lord.

Sorry for the delay. My father-in-law was in town to meet his grandson this evening, so I did not have my usual opportunity. I will get us back to the lodge ASAP, and onto the third encounter. Anyone have a preference for which?

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

Dasiji will suggest Salhar next, since it wouldn't do to disturb someone late to ask a favor, and they don't know how long Karela will take.

Grand Lodge

Male Human Cavalier (Order of the Star)/1

Astyannax would go for Karela to get in a little more practice working together before tackling Salhar, since VC Valsin emphatically told us not to embarrass the Society.

But he'll be fine with Salhar first if that's the way it goes.

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

Let's duke it out IC! Better than sitting around waiting for a deciding vote. ;)

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

A little puzzled how we ended up going to Karela instead of Salhar, after all that was said and done, but I'll roll with it.

Hole in the space time continuum?

Wait, wrong genre.

I checked our DM's posts, and as I expected, he's just beat. Hang on, guys! I'm sure that he'll be back soon.

Had another Wrath of Ashardalon session. The dice resembled the paizo roller and after much hanging on we had a TPK (granted, two characters) a few tiles before the goal.

I don't have the patience, steady hand or time to paint minis. But I bought a couple from the Pathfinder set and some of the actual D&D ones (it comes with one-color minis cast from existing molds).

Wrath looks a lot better with color minis on the tiles.

I noticed that quite a few of the Pathfinder minis would match up with the Castle Ravenloft game.

As I mentioned, Wrath is a fun, less complex RPG. Good way to kill an hour or two. It also needs a little houseruling, which is fun.

BTW, I went with pulling Kehl back because:

1 - I do think Ast or Quintus could make DC 5 checks (although with the paizo roller, I wouldn't bet money on it). But one of us (presumably Quintus) would be out of combat while holding the pulleys. And if he was hit, probably lose the pulleys;

2 - I'm not at all convinced Ast or Quint could roll a DC15 (possibly more than once).

3 - If Kehl fell on the crate, it went in the water, which could sink the mission. What's inside could be damaged, swept away, etc;

4 - If Kehl and the picked up crate fell, it could screw up whatever we're here after.

So I figured getting Kehl back above the floor (and hopefully free of the rope quickly) and killing the rats was the way to go. Then we'd shoot for recovery after combat.

Just a little tactics discussion.


Male Human Rogue 1 (Knife Master archetype)

Oh it definitely makes sense.

Kehl is just very itnent on getting that case safe, (and trying to figure out what is in side it)

A question: Does the player declare before making an attack that he's using CLEAVE that turn?

The language doesn't say (according to my read).

If it's automatic, that means sacrificing 2 AC kinda involuntarily.

Just curious.

Yes, you must declare a Cleave attack prior to taking it. It is a standard action. If the first attack hits, then you take the other. You risk taking a penalty without any benefit.

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

I take it from my lack of an AoO against rat #2 that I failed in my attempt to tack a free action onto my readied standard action. Oh well, it was worth a shot. ;)

Lucerne hammer doesn't have reach, does it? The rat took the most direct route, which triggers no AOOs.

DM Barcas wrote:
Lucerne hammer doesn't have reach, does it? The rat took the most direct route, which triggers no AOOs.

It does. Lucerne Hammer

Thanks for the Cleave answer. That's a good example of the difference between playing a tabletop(or PBP) RPG vs PC (i.e. Neverwinter Nights 2). On the PC, it seems to always apply the cleave when applicable, but doesn't show whether or not it's reducing the AC. It probably is doing the latter, but behind the scenes.

Playing 'live', you have to make the call.

Which I like. Minimal vs. lots of role playing is another difference between the two. The generation of MMO-raised RPGers approach the game differently than tabletop folks like me.

Oops. I got it fixed.

Sovereign Court

Male Human (Taldan) Bard 3

They also changed Cleave from D&D to PF. In D&D you just got an extra attack if you dropped something. I didn't know it had changed before you asked about the AC, so thanks! :)

Oh. So I guess in NWN2 it is using it every time. Pathfinder made the change to calling it first.


Cleaving Finish from Ultimate Combat does what the old 3.5 Cleave did.

Maybe I should revise my opinion of disliking Ultimate Combat (and UM)

All of us out of initiative. Got it.

Hmmm, should we play pinata with Kehl? Though it would be more like tetherball if we used a mace....

I jest!

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

I finally got around to breaking down my starting gear from the dungeoneering kit and Pathfinder's kit. I mean, I did at the beginning to account for weight, but now it's in my profile.

I was checking in during yesterday afternoon and no posts showed. Then this morning, I see the two from then. This happens semi-often to me. Odd.

That happened to me before. Turned out that I wasn't logged in during work hours.

I was checking my bookmarked campaign tracker from a wireless access point that had a splash page (for accepting their terms of use) that didn't work in Firefox, so I was using IE. It didn't say anything about new posts, but then when I went home (or stopped on the way at a nearby restaurant with wi-fi), there they were. One day I went to review a PM, saw that it called me Guest, logged into my Paizo account, and bam. Problem solved.

Any of you Heroes of Neverwinterers on facebook? I've only recently accepted Facebook as a necessary evil and, surprisingly enough, HoN isn't blocked at work. I played at lunch today and it's a fun little game. Of course, it ended with a 2/3 party kill.

I will gladly HoN friend any of you for in game use.

This morning, the first post at the Black Gate website had links to my Sherlock Holmes sites. That is cool!

Black Gate


Male Human Rogue 1 (Knife Master archetype)

Just fair warning: I will be out of town for Thursday through sunday, with little to no access. sorry for the inconvenience

If Kehl gets bitten by the snake while you're gone, we'll pack him in ice and...oh, whatever you do for snakebites.


Safe travels and Happy Easter.

We are nearing the end of the scenario! I apologize again for my frequent absences. It's been a trying period these last few months.

No deaths and only half the party turned blue. Woohoo!!!!

So far, that is...

Damn you, ambush avoidance!

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

Well, it was a pretty obvious setup. ;)

Poor unsuspecting ambushers.

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

Sorry for all my rookie mistakes. Looking forward to seeing the resumption or reboot of your Kingmaker of Korvosa game.

'It leaves a small bubbling hole in the stone as it eats away at the building.'

Nice sentence.

Well, Quintus is out for a few. Now it's two on two.

I know he's out, but I have an image of Quintus laying on his back, eyes closed, mumbling, "Oooh, pretty colors...."


Male Human Rogue 1 (Knife Master archetype)

using intimidate in combat is a standard action? Free action as its speech? I cant find it in the PRD

It's a standard action to demoralize an opponent.

FYI: still checking in daily. I hate getting a rapier in the neck. It's so unmanly. Now, a broadsword to the leg....

Sorry for my sudden disappearance. I've been hard at work (at work), and have been less than fully accessible. The only day I got to post, the site went down.

I decided a while ago that I was going to have this be the only module of First Steps that I was going to DM, as it needs to be at a faster pace than my schedule can offer. However, I was recently contacted by someone who offered to take my place for Part II. He's definitely got my blessing if he has yours.

Grand Lodge

(HP 22/22 | AC 18 | T 12 | FF 16 | CMD 17 | F +5 | R +5 | W +2 | Init +2 | Per +6) Male Human (Ijo) Ranger 2

We're nothing if not patient. ;)

As for Part II, PFS being what it is, some shuffling of players and GMs is to be expected. (And we could really use a healer to replace the one we lost right away.) Just being able to keep the four of us together would be more than I honestly expected. :)

Stats: GMed 8 PFS PBPs; Played 18 PFS PBPs

Hello all, I am the GM mentioned above. I understand that you are a good group and thus I would like to offer to take you four through the First Steps 2, and perhaps 3 after that. This is my first foray in to PBP GMing, but I have a good amount of real world experience and I have been studying up on the style, and playing my own PFS character in another PBP session. Honestly, if you all agree to continue on it save me from needing to recruit anyone. Oh, and I have already recruited an Oracle to round out the party.

If you are interested in playing the First Steps 2, Please post your interest in this thread: Dungeon Delving with the Brute Squad. If you are not interested, post that too. This scenario should be finishing up soon, so I hope we can start next week sometime. I will be looking to move at a faster pace than has been you experience with the hope/expectation of daily posts from everyone. If that is an issue, please let me know that as well.

I look forward to GMing for you all. Bonus points for anyone who gets the alias reference. :)

Stats: GMed 8 PFS PBPs; Played 18 PFS PBPs

Any chance this will wrap up this weekend? We are starting to get into the swing of things in Part 2 and I want to make sure these players are able to shop for new gear before they have the need for it.

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