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Challenging Taargicks Legacy


A brilliant end to a path about one of my favourite story threads!

The fact that the final evil to defeat in the path is not some outside enemy of the dwarves but instead the actual legacy of the dwarves and their sanitised history is what really makes this special. Looking forward to running with this my group which includes a Toragdan cleric who will have to grapple with all of this!

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A delight


Rpobably one of my favourite Lost Omens books to date. In a landscape saturated by grimdark, having a faction of people desperately trying to be good and learn from their mistakes is heartening and lovely to read.

The knights are given depth and care that good factions are often not afforded, the new deity options added and their write ups are stellar. The Kazutal and Arazni set up got me pretty emotional.

The exapansions to the archetypes are also fantastic and dancing shield is a game changer! I recommend this to everyone I know <3