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Im still in, looking forward to play the new game. Even more excited to be part of this community and very happy with the support and dedication you guys have for us. Thanks

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2) Is there an online database of the pathfinder cards? I've been playing the LOTR LCG for a couple of years, and there are some very nice online sites that are useful for deckbuilding.

Thank you.

There's a reason it's called an Adventure Card Game as opposed to a Deckbuilding game or an LCG. The deckbuilding mechanism isn't quite like you think it .

That's the thing I really miss about playing this game over deck building games. There are cards that I really want to play but have to wait and get them through playing. Yes it's fun to play and get them as you go through the game but I also wish I could build up a few characters with what I want.

Yeah I've had a tough time beating her I'm 0 and 4 with this scenario.

Yeah see I kinda knew all this and it does help to mentally place an or between the options but it makes me think when something like this comes up and wanted to ask again to make sure were all on the same page. Thanks to all that responded.
I've failed the first scenario of the 3rd AP 4 times now cant seem to get Mammy. That first encounter as undefeated is diabolical. Those jerks at Lone Shark!! ;)

For some reason this one always throws me. If seoni try's a check do defeat of explosive runes it say use intelligence arcane but her arcane skill is in charisma. Would she roll her intelligence die or arcane charisma die +2?

Yeah I wonder if there will be a card that let's you look at your draw deck. That might make him more useful.

Yeah your all right. I mean if we were talking real world I could push it off the bell tower but I have to follow the mechanics of the game. So if I want that chest open bad enough I need to use blessings or see the card before it's explored and get my best character to explore and open it. Some times you can't just blast through the scenario because you might miss something like I did with the chest. And thus as others have posted is the dilemma risk over reward besides there will always be more turns that is until there's not.

Ok thanks this make me feel better on getting it straight. Thank for being patient with me.

Ok thanks I've been playing mostly right but just as an example, on the blessing card Blessing of Iomedae is says to discard the card to add two dice to a noncombat Charisma check. Normally I would think this would be for acquiring an ally for example but could it be used to add 2 dice to defeat Iesha Foxglove? I guess according to Q3 I can.
Sorry little slow on getting this. Only playing a couple games a week and just got to this scenario. Had a tough time beating it. Foxglove is brutal on your health and also getting a little forgetful.
And then to top it off in her case you need to some how come up with a magic trait.

Err no I think my last post was wrong. Example Iesha Foxglove needs a Charims Diplomacy Divine check to beat but it's still considered a combat check right?

Could you use a weapon on the barrier large chest? I would think yes if you used the str/mele check.

Ok so I think I was playing this wrong. We'll not wrong but i wasn't taking advantage of some blessings. I assumed that all checks to defeat was combat even with skill listed But not so. As per q3 you can modify the roll with blessing cards that say non combat and what ever skill you using. But you still take combat damage Good post h4ppy way to stay on it.

Nathaniel Gousset wrote:

I would also love to have scenario cards be bigger or even have a scenario leaflet with ample description of the story and a glossary of the significant character with a litlle bio. Even a single page by scenario could be

I agree with this statement 100% a leaflet would go a very long way in my enjoyment of the game. It wouldn't take much to pull off either. Let's face it we could play solitaire if we wanted to play cards but most of us playing the game love the story and background of what we imagine is going on.


Am I the only one that finds this funny? Also nice comeback TClifford.

Right any bane that is undefeated is shuffled back in the deck.

On page 10 it says "if you have a power or card that let's you evade that card, you may immediately shuffle it back into the deck; it's neither defeated nor undefeated. I think maybe your wrong it gets shuffled back into the deck because it wasn't defeated.

Personally I have taken Ezren (who has completed all the scenarios) on a couple of earlier scenarios with some new characters just to help them out. Honestly playing him felt like being a BA. I got a lot of enjoyment helping the newer characters out. Isn't that what this game is about leveling up your characters and feeling some accomplishment. I'm not one of those who think this game is easy so when I win and do it comfortably I'm having fun! Still friends... Right?

Just checked package tracking and got this:
Projected Delivery Date: Nov 7 2013

Yeah I get it for some reason I thought you were adding the + 1 to the combat check. And yeah that's a good point getting closer to a higher chance of recharge is better on your health. I also play Ezren, I get nervous laying out those 6 cards.
Looking at my Ezren I chose:
+1 recharge
+1 strength
+1 intelligence
2 weapon cards

Looking back I wonder if I waisted the strength and weapon choices. I made the choice before they changed the Arcane Armor card errata.
Anyone have any good advice on weapon choices for my setup?

FAQ reads:
If I've already played a spell on a check, can I play Arcane Armor or Mirror Image to reduce damage?
Generally, you can't play a second spell on a check unless it says so. However, damage-reduction spells (and only spells, for the most part) should usually say so.

Resolution: On the spell Arcane Armor, add the following at the end of the first power: "You may play this card even if you have played another spell on this check."

On the spell Mirror Image, change the first power to the following:
"If a monster deals damage to you, you may display this card, even if you have played another spell on this check. Roll 1d4; on a result other than 1, reduce the damage to 0. Do this each time a monster deals damage to you. Discard this card at the end of the turn."

h4ppy wrote:
You can do that if you like, but deep down you'll know you're cheating ;)

Hilarious :)

You know I’ve cheated a little, maybe peaked at a card or maybe played some card after I saw a previous result but hey were all still friends’ right?

Well I for one am thankful for all the help you guys (TClifford, H4ppy) are giving to these posts. Really like playing the game then reading all the post when I'm at work. Also enjoy the occasional disagreement.

Yeah a little upsetting I can't even get package tracking info yet.

You know it bothers me sometimes that I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

Really cool write up thanks for sharing. One question though what do you mean when you added +1 to recharge. I think that add is only for the recharge check.

Your right but now its so much clearer. Thanks for all your work h4ppy and of course Vic and the rest of the team. I play Lord of the Rings also so I know the timing is critical. I downloaded your timing doc also. Just knowing your playing it right makes the game so much more enjoyable.

So yeah this actually works because with the new encountering a card rules the recharge is the next step called Make the next check so the one card per step starts anew.

Very nice got it. I like the part about 6 actions in the Attempt the check part. Makes sense.

H4ppy wrote:
"Take Damage, If Necessary: If you fail a check to defeat a monster, it deals an amount of damage to you equal to the difference between the difficulty to defeat the monster and your check result. Unless the card specifies otherwise, this damage is Combat damage. For example, if the difficulty to defeat a monster is 10 and the result of your check is 8, the monster deals 2 Combat damage to you. See Taking Damage, below and remember that each player cannot re-use card types or powers that they already used during this check when reducing damage."

I really like what h4ppy is saying here. This make perfect sense to me. T hoes little nudges and reminders really bring the point home.

Also its confusing when you say 1 card for each step... well when does the step begin and end. I know not each bullet is a step.

I'm assuming that the whole new Encountering a Card + Attempting a Check = 1 whole step. so one card each for this step. I'll probably get hammered for this post but I think this is important enough to risk shame.

Thanks Chad for the peak. This kind of stuff is why I visit this website everyday.

I don't own the character add on. btw. Is this something that I should look into?

OberonViking wrote:

I've found that in practice it works well, and feels like RPG. This is the best equipment I could afford that was available.

As for trading from the box, we are out adventuring - there is no shop/box on hand to trade with... Make do both what you've got.

Then you get to the Local Heroes scenario and your deck gets a lot better.

Yeah this is how I play no shop/box. I like how you worded this just thought I'd let you know.

I always play 3 characters solo. This for me seems a good balance. Easier remembering what's happening and gives you some tactical options as we'll. I like to take my time I hate it when I forgot some text on a card and then realize a couple turns later. I also have 6 characters at different completion levels that I swap in and out. Not sure how many they recommend you keep but this works for me. I have had two deaths so far. It takes me about an hour and a half for setup and play with three characters.

I know right Bing sucks I was just playing!

I like many others would have never got to play in the Pathfinder world if not for this game so just for that thank you Mike. I also feel that what we have seen so for is just a glance at what is to come with the expansions. To borrow Sonys slogan I think greatness awaits. I Binged PACG cards and got a small glimpse of a few cards in future packs which got me excited again to be part of this from the beginning. I love the character discussions and group comrodere I get reading all the post and the fact that Mike and Vic are sharing that with us. Maybe this hasn't been done before because it was to tough to do but you guys pulled it off. Thanks

Noooo I was down to the last 3 cards of the last open location. Drew the henchman doppelgänger so I lost an ally. I knew he was up to something. I was on the waterfront location and beat the combat check by 1. But alas no I just realized I had to minus one for each dice which put me down two. Then I realized I didn't have any cards to draw so Valeros dies. No this can't be. Stupid shapeshifter. Unknowingly I blew to many cards. Stupid shapeshifter!!!!

Oh I like that, hand a card over with a recharge and it could wind up in the draw pile if other characters give some cards also. I like that a lot.

Yeah that's what I figured. I had a character that didn't have anymore cards to draw so I wanted to add cards to add to his health but if you put them in his hand he still has to discard down to his legal hand size. Thanks for the fast reply.

Tried the first scenario twice and had to bail out. A lot of monsters and that mountain peak is rough. This scenario really goes through the cards.

During the Give a Card step can the receiving character put that card in their character deck?

Ok the paragraph I was referring was on page 9 under explore I took it as meaning only one extra explore per turn.

I thought you could only explore 1extra time no matter what. Don't have the rule book with me but if I'm wrong I've been playing that way.

I'm pretty sure you can attempt a check with no skill but you have to use the d4 dice so to answer the question you would roll 1d10 and 1d4. The 1d10 coming from the card.

Good answer that kinda fits. Because as a fighter you can't carry the spell to the next adventure. Thanks for the input.

Good question about the spell. For some reason I thought you banished it when you first explored the location and it came up. So anyone can use it but your probably going to waist it with low dice and then banish it!

Just wondering what all the play testers on page 22 caught. It seems to me that there are a lot of nagging questions. Great game btw been waiting for this for months now glad to be a part of it.