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why choose as tactics, low light vision instead of darkvision? darkvision covers more disadvantages than low light vision.

according to the rules, the area of ​​influence of the capital structures extends to all hexes of the kingdom. So what is the point of counting the area of ​​minor settlements if it is enough to have a particular building in the capital to benefit from it everywhere?

Hi, where i can find 5ed conversione for specific magic items like Briar o Irovetti polearm?

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Hi, I have a problem. my players want to switch to 5ed to continue the campaign. the rules for managing the kingdom attract them a lot, compared to the old system, but they have doubts about how to manage magical items. in fact, in 5ed, the arbitrary purchase of any object is not envisaged. therefore there are no tables with costs or requirements. Does anyone have a solution to this, or do I need to eliminate building bonuses for magical items and keep only generic stat bonuses? Thank you so much!

Hi, I'm playing this campaign by a well-established group that has already completed Dead Suns, Devastation Arc and Signals of scream.

I'm at the second book and the characters are wondering if there is a common thread that will lead them to the conclusion. I have already read all the following books quite well, but frankly I also struggle to find some kind of motivation to justify the advancement between the various books.

Something like the search for the Dead Suns or the source of the Signal (signals of screams). It just seems to me that they are a series of jobs where Kalistocracy or the golden league pop up every now and then. To finish then with the last two books with the comparison with the single "Boss".

For now, the various "adamantium Scale", the drift towards the submarine platform or many small jobs, seem to me to be fillers without a sequel.

Do you have any ideas about a type of bond and motivation to move forward? other than "work and get rich". Which can be fine for about ten sessions, but then it becomes boring in my opinion ...

very very ty for advices!!!

simple question, can i use Defensive roll feat when an enemy hit me with a natural 20?

Simple question. In oliphaunt hangar, PCs find also schematics for Hybrid null space cargo hold. What prohibits players from selling them by making copies?
They can virtualy gain billions of credits. Also resell oliphaunt to someone that with reverse engenering, can find how it work...

A question. How big is Ark Prime?

No table with change cost for weapons and medicals?

Hi, if i read correctly TIM, if a solarian is in the group, the ship may be equipped with a weapon that is not limited by the BP limits by the new options. And all this for a ridiculous amount of BP.
an example, for 3 BP of the cost of the TIM, a group of 10 lvl, can mount a 22 BP weapon without pay the weapon cost...
Isn't that a little OP?
not taking into account that the weapon can vary according to need, making it extremely versatile

I've found some errors. A9, hollow tavern isnt marked. I think was located in A8 between a15b and a11.
Next, A16 stairs, description says that connect all three floors but in lower floor dont appear any stair.
Another one. The two stairs at a11, have 2 doors. But i dont understand how can be possible. A10 is above, under or at ground level?

Hi, How fast have you finished it?
My Group is on book 6 after 34 sessions. Never have a so Quick AP

if someone is under the effect of a slow spell, can use a round of boots of speed to counter slow effect or he can negate slow only in round of wich boots are active? (ex, if im under a slow spell casted by a 20 lvl mage, i can negate only 10 round, then in 11 round i'm slowed)

(sorry for bad english, it's not my Language :-P )

ty for answer!!!

in my last session as GM, one of my player turn to stone a dragon.
TS failed with 1 and succes to bypass SR and so 350 hp vanished in a second...
My questions are:
a petrified monster is a statue of stone in a way that stone shape could kill it??
has a hardness score?
how many hp have a petrified npg? same as before?
can a petrified dragon be killed with a slash of a adamantine sword that cut his head off?
can a petrified monster take critical hit from a weapon?

it's a bit overpowered if so?

ty for response :-)

Simple question, can someone with hide in plain sight ability hide use it at ground then fly (with spell for exemple) remaining hidden?

Exit from stealth in melee or in ranged give only sneak attack bonus once and at first strike ? And if first attack miss can i add sneak attack to follow attack ?

hi, ive some simple question.

I've hide in plain sight from shadowdancer. Can:

1) use stealth to go behind target, then attack him with sneak attack in same round?
2) i'm in melee with a target. My round, i use stealth (with HIPS), ?then make one attack with sneak attack bonus ?
3) i'm in melee, i make one attack then use stealth (with HIPS)?
4) use HIPS in bright light room?

very very tnks!!!!

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
you're trying to target a specific spell effect, and not a creature in general... which means you roll dispel check of d20 + your caster level vs. the spell's DC (i.e. 10 + spell level + casting stat bonus of whoever cast the magic weapon spell... DC 12 if it came from an Oil of Magic Weapon)

ok but i want to know if i cast dispel magic without target a spell in particular on a warrior for exemple, with bless on himself and magic weapon cast on his weapon, i can dispel only dispel or i can dispel bless or magic weapon? to dispelling magic weapon i must target his weapon or i can target creature wield it?

is channel negative energy an evil act?
or cast a spell with "evil" descriptor?

If i cast dispel magic on a npc with magic weapon spell cast on his weapon, i dispel magic weapon or i must target his weapon in order to be effettive?
Same with greater dispel...

are various "incense of" single use item or they can be used over and over?

GhanjRho wrote:

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It would seem that the second augment is the source of your confusion. Well, at the root. The "divided among all targets healed" line is in reference to use of the second augment. Note that without Spirit of Many, it is not innately a [Network] power, so the power description ignores any Spirit of Many effects. But the second augment lets you affect multiple creatures in a small area, so the rules say it's divided, not multiplied in that circumstance.

but isn't a bit OP compared to mass heal? 1 psp to heal 110 hp divided among Whole collective?

Vitalist using Heal Injuries and spirit of many, heal 110 hp on EVERY target or 110 hp divided by power description?

Simple question. Vitalist from ultimate psionics using Heal Injuries and using spirit of many, cure 110 up on EVERY TARGET or is limited by power description to divide healing?