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FREE online class about Storytelling.

It starts Oct 25th and goes for 8 weeks.

I figure this is something that would interest some of us gamers. (I can't wait... it looks like fun.)
It's almost like they made the class just for us gamers.

Sign up here

There are some other classes there too that look cool to tryout.
Some of the classes are not in english, it looks like they have many international students.

I've also created a G+ community to talk about stuff about the class. (If anyone want me to post the link, I can.)

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So, my party, Team Home Invasion, went to the castle. They split the party, half in the front gate, half to the back of the castle.
The slime really did a number on a couple of party members be Trogomor showed up. The party was about to retreat when he showed up and after turning one of them into stone they bolted. The other half of the party and got themselves whooped on by the horned devil and a trio of barbed devils. (This half of the party had only the gunslinger's sight on his rifle as a way of spotting invisible creatures.) They barely survived. They retreated too. [This is where the game session ended.]

Now, my thought is to have Trogomor and a group of devils go after the PCs the next morning. Basically giving Trogomor time to get back his spells and some muscle. Maybe even have another monster besides a devil join him.

[If they defeat him they can go back to the castle to deal with big bad devil.]

I just don't want them to feel comfortable having one battle and going to rest. There just wouldn't be time really. I'm using the rest period to get spells back for my bad guy and change some of them.

They already defeated the efreet.

Does this sound like a decent plan?
What would you do?

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Here's my Jabberwocky that my friend painted.
It is SO cool!

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Thanks paizo!
I'm sure these are going to be a BIG hit with the people around here.

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Why do some gaming pdf's not have covers and not come in/with a color version?

What prompts this question, I saw a book and loved the design and I wanted to pick up the pdf until I buy the hardcover. The pdf had no cover and the interior was black and white. It really killed the design aspect, the colors dead. It has made me not want the hardcover as much now. (Though I'll be getting it anyways... but still.)

I understand people want to print these out and save money ink and print a black and white version. Some of us don't. If they book is in color why not put the color pdf with the b&w pdf? It's an extra couple mouse-clicks worth of work.

And I know that some products make the book cover and the inside pages as separate files and maybe they just post the inside pages. It is not much work to put the cover in the pdf with the interior pages.

Maybe I'm spoiled by paizo and their pdf's.

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I'm curious as how you handle game maps that are BIG? (see my Scarwall map thread for an example.)
Do you keep washing and erasing a battlemap? Print it out? What?
I'd like to know how this is handled by y'all.

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4 people marked this as a favorite.

Here's a pic of the map I made for my CotCT game.
That's my little girl helping me to show scale, she's 3'3" tall.
I plan on making the other floors before the next game.
102" x 110"

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"In 1993, Dungeons & Dragons manufacturers TSR released the role-playing board game DragonStrike, which was designed to introduce D&D to a wider audience. DragonStrike came with this unintentionally hilarious instructional video. It's the best of the worst of video ephemera.

The 33-minute DragonStrike tutorial video featured extremely Nineties computer animation, hammy acting, and cornball fantasy dialogue. Furthermore, all of the characters refer to each other by their classes (i.e., "Refrain from disturbing his personal effects, Thief! At least before he is dead!"), which makes the story all the more leaden. Recommended in a group setting."
- - -

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Interview Here
This part made me post it here:
You've got such an amazing collection of wild genre films, and Season of the Witch seems to fit right in there. What was it about this movie that made you want to get involved?

Well, first and foremost it was a Nicolas Cage movie. I'm a total fanboy when it comes to his body of work. There isn't a more original and unique actor in the world right now, I think. He's not like anyone else. He brought this kind of wide-eyed magic to so many other roles over the course of time. I knew he was involved in the project before I read the script. Then when I started reading the script, and realized what they were asking me to do, which was be his best pal and comrade in arms. We make our way through this whole journey shoulder-to-shoulder and we have this wonderful rapport. We've both looked into the jaws of death a million times. There's a camaraderie and an unspoken bond that exists between us, which was really cool to wallow in for four and a half months of making this film.
- - - -
How cool is that? They made their character backgrounds! Too cool!

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Today I had one of the raddest things happen in a game ever!

Here's the set up:
Party, 12th level, on the back of a huge eagle, the party druid using wild shape, flying over a lake towards a castle in the middle of a crater. A group of gargoyles attacked from the castle. (Arial combat can be fun.) The fighting noise attracted a huge umbral dragon.
At one point the party had a couple of gargoyles behind them and the dragon behind the gargoyle. The rogue wanted get on the dragon. He jumped off the giant eagle, landed on a gargoyle and jumped again onto the dragon's head. He stuck the landing. The druid then circled around and the fighter also jumped on the dragon. (Mostly just stepping over on to it.)
The dragon didn't like having riders so proceeded to climb in the sky. Fighter fell onto the castle. Rogue held on. At the end of the climb the rogue pulled out 2 immovable rods. (I made him make Dex checks to get the rods and stay on his feet.) He then stabbed the dragon in the eye with an immovable rod and hit the button.

So awesome!

The dragon took 25d6. Then the dragon could not make the Str check to move the rod. However the rod had a weight limit of 8,000 lbs. So the dragon and the rogue slowly fell straight down. The dragon was never able to make the Str check and then the rogue used the 2nd rod to back of the dragon's head. I ruled they were descending at 40 feet. So the dragon took an extra 8d6.

Also since the dragon was pinned he was denied his Dex bonus. The rogue proceeded to stab the dragon and get his sneak attack during the descent.
The druid was helping out with some called lighting and ball lightning when he made his caster level checks. I had the rogue make a hold on check each roundon the way down. Rogue was hitting about half the time. Then he got hit with an enervation, he started hitting less. Once the dragon "landed" the rogue and druid finished it off.

I had to share. I love being surprised by my players like this.

(This was playing Pathfinder rules D&D in the Skeletons of Scarwall, book 4 of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path.)

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Made me cry... again.

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Podcasts of actual city/character creation phases.

Actual People, Actual Play
Episode 32 - city creation
Episode 24 - a talk with Ryan Macklin

The Walking Eye Podcast
Dresden Files Actual Play Session 1 - city creation
Dresden Files Actual Play Session 2 - character creation

The Walking Eye Podcast
We Are All Mad Here 1 - city creation
We Are All Mad Here 2 - character creation

Thanks to all the podcasters for making these. They helped me. :)

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My vote:
Jason as Damiel, the iconic alchemist.

All are awesome!

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Where can we preorder it?

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4
pic 5
pic 6
pic 7
pic 8
pic 9
pic 10
pic 11

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I've been running my game there for 2 years and they're closing at the end of the month.
I have a lead on 2 other places and info on a third so I hope to find a new place by the next game.
Just sad to have yet another game store close.

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So, I went and ordered this already.
Linkie here
You get the pdfs now and the final pdf when the books ship in June.
There's going to be a short story by Jim Butcher in it too.

I've just browsed the pdfs so far. They look cool. Lots of markings/notes throughout from Harry, Billy and others talking about the game itself. It's a really nice touch.

Anyways... go get it. :)

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I'm on Chapter 34...
Ok... Daaaaaaaaaaam is Harry is in a messed up position!
I was really hoping that

He wasn't going to kill that guy to become the Winter Knight.
I kept thinking something was going to happen, like Father Fornel coming in and waking him at the last moment.
I'm really curious to see how he comes out of this. With all the stuff that has happened to him... wow.
I am glad that Butters didn't die, which was a surprise too.

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Dang. Just noticed that the hp are not correct. (I didn't roll them/recalculate.) Please do that if you use it. Sorry about that...

A slight correction is order, my sense are slightly addled by a beer or two more than my usual. Please take note of the following:
Ursion Voralius the Zealot - human cleric
I will, more than likely, make another error at some point and I will let you know when I notice it.
See! I just remembered that those creatures were belkers. not barghasts.

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Ok, my party, Team Home Invasion Local 63, went through the place and confronted Bahor. My fighter decided to end the conversation and Initiative was rolled. I don't think I've ever seen so many 20's in one battle. SR was overcome all 3 times too.

So, anywho... the party wants to rest before going

into the dungeon.

Bahor's sister and the other raksasha know he's dead. If the party leaves to rest, does the manor 'reset' with reinforcements? Or does Bahor's sister just bail and take Vincarlo and the senshal with her?

I have some time to prep for the next game and would love some ideas.


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I am want to add more outcomes to the list

Current list:

centaur, but would be a Medium sized
Skaven, rat men
fey, not sure what kind

Any ideas in what else I could add?


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Fred has a text list of most of the products you get and a post about it... Here
That list was added to since it was posted.
Try not to download everything right now as their servers are getting slammed... try to wait a bit. You can get your stuff in a few days.

The bundle will be available through January 31st.

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Anyone know what the breakdown of NPC levels would be regarding the city's population?

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Yes, this is a serious question.
I'm curious.

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Hey gang,

I find myself needing to know some 4e stuff.
Is there a Primer or Cliff Notes or Quickstart version out there?

If not, what are the basics I should read up on? (I can borrow the core books easily. I need to know what sections to cover.)


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Are YOU ready for some football!!!

Paizo Pigskin
League ID#: 772279
password: pathfinder

Ok gang! Let's do this!
I got 9 openings ready to be filled in by some of you fellow football losers, er fans.
Live draft is set for Sept 4th at 8pm PST. (You can rank your players in advance if you cannot be at the live draft. (Which is what I will be doing.) Or you can leave the rankings as is and see what happens.)

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To Paizo and Kobold Quarterly/Open Design

Totally awesome!!!

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Confirmed with 3+ people.


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Check this out.

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I'm wondering if there is a template (or something) that allows you to combine two races of that gives a PC the shapechange ability, like the Changeling.
Do you know of one? or both?


I do like the winning design, though it seems to me that they just grabbed the "&" and slapped it on the shoe. (I haven't really looked into it to see how it was done, this is just a guess.)

D&D shoes $99 + they don't have my size = FAIL

The 2nd place is ok... would have been better with Pathfinder goblins...

Can we get a Pathfinder shoe now?

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I'm curious to see what people think about these books.

Scarab Sages

I'm curious to see what people think of these books.

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Here's my answer:

We usually let the group do whatever but when things need to go a certain way we have a NPC who is named the Clue Master. He shows up in any game and he always looks the same. Wide brimmed hat, long duster cloak, white shirt and white gloves carrying a fine silver tray with two envelopes on it. The PC's pick one and then he leaves. Most of the time the PC's take the clue... most, not all. :]

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I was running my own D&D game at a game shop that didn’t participate in Free RPG Day. (They are mostly a board / card game shop.) The closest game shop participating was over 1.5hr drive away. Bummed me out. But our session was really fun and I got 2 new players. :]

My questions for y'all:
-What was given away?
-What did you get?
-How did you like it?
-Is anyone else selling their product like paizo is doing? (If yes, got a link for that?)

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was meeting everyone.

I walked into the con with little mental pics of everyone's avatars walking around with stick figure bodies. Now that I have a face and voice to the people I am hearing their voices in the posts while picturing their faces over their avatars.

"Hi" to everyone!

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I don't see a level requirement for this event.
If we don't have a PFS char we can make one and bring it to the event? Or will they be provided?

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I just got this and paged through it to see who it is and couldn't find her...
Help please. :]

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What's the LA of a Vulpinal?

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(Reposting from the KQ9 thread as that has become a bit full...)

Question for everyone:
Would you like to see some indication of what the edition breakdown of an issue is?
Like in the product description text:
Article Title/description - 3.5
Article Title/description - 4.0
Article Title/description - Pf

Or just a note in the description saying, "This issue contains 3.5, 4.0, Pf material."

Would you like some kind of description in the magazine itself, like an icon, telling you which edition the article supports?

-Kobold Graphics

Pf = Pathfinder

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My party, "ACME Destroyers Local 242", went into the hospice. They actually used stealth and guile, one disguised as a queen's physician and the other as a blood veil victim. It worked well for several minutes. (The rest of the PC were outside waiting for "the signal".) They got a layout of the place and kept the act up for a while until the failed bluff check. Anyway they were able to take out the bad guys and capture the good Dr. They left with the Dr and the party Boy Scout (paladin) bound and gagged. The paladin had been charmed by the Dr. It was a great battle/role-play. The Dr hasn't given them any information. He doesn't see the PC's killing a helpless person.

Anyways... I'm trying to think what to do. They got the people out on the first floor but not the 15 upstairs.

My initial thought it that the bad guys just 'bug out' and torch the place.
But that would really kill a bunch of the story. My other thought is they reinforce their position. (Have the 15 turned into some kind of undead by Rolth.) I am wondering if the Nosferatu would even want to leave in the first place... or would he care...

I'm wondering what to do and would appreciate any ideas.
(I have 3 weeks before the next game to prepare.)


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See the difference between the quotes?
and like my email addy...
it changes to this sometimes:
[at] gmail [dot] comdot-matrix printouts

Anyone else see this happening?

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