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D&D was banned at my school in the 80's because of "the scare" so we resorted to playing behind the school in a doorway where we'd huck our dice craps-style.

My parents were pretty cool about it, they bought me the game books and let me spend my allowance on modules and miniatures but also got me the Mazes and Monsters novel, I suppose to represent both sides.

I've pre-ordered this for PS4, psn: Artavan

CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Anyone else picking this up? I'm getting it for PS4. I had it as a preorder as a system launch title. Been looking forward to it.

Me also, pre-ordered and paid since last Fall. Can't wait to play.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, first or second editions not familiar with third, might capture the grim setting well.

I've been playing a Swordsman/Sorceror dual wielding Warp Sword and Scimitar or Heide's spear and shield and having a lot of fun. It took me awhile to realize you need 1 and 1/2 stat requirement to properly enter the dual wield stance and so I did that wrong for quite a bit.

I had at least as much fun playing Origins as I did the previous games. The Deathstroke fight wasn't too challenging to me, but was very satisfying.

I really loved the Initiation dlc challenge maps and was pleasantly surprised to see one titled "togakure ryu".

I just beat the main story and had at least as much fun with Origins as I did with Asylum or City. Some flaws were camera issues and the overpowered electric charged fists. Diving into new game plus now (ps3).

He'll need all the help he can get to survive the keel hauling for killing a crew member.

Saw it, didn't care for it. I feel like it didn't deliver on the hit girl action like the first movie and the scenes with the over sexualized high schoolers were repulsive to me. Wasn't terrible, but mostly a disappointment.

In our group, 1 person just really wanted to be captain, the others were too apathetic to share an opinion so that guy became captain. Unfortunately the player was disinclined to actually take on the role of captain, our game became directionless and recently halted.

If your group is generally resistant to declaring anyone else as leader over the others like ours, the GM may want to have the crew voice an opinion about who they would accept as a leader.

I currently own an xbox 360, with no kinect, I play a lot of games, some co op, but often I play single player games offline to avoid interruptions like chat messages and seeing people come and go online when I'm going for immersion.

(I'm aware the xboxone does not need to be online constantly)

Unless Microsoft has some amazing exclusives (I'll buy xboxone if it has an exclusive, good Tenchu game for example) then PS4 is speaking to my current wants/needs. I just don't want the non-optional features that Microsoft is presenting us with and I don't like their "just deal with it" tone. We'll express ourselves ultimately with our money.

Great post! I'm finding this very useful as I'll be soon introducing a new player to the game via a 1 on 1 session.

The number 1 suggestion reminds me a lot of the "yes, and..." principle of improv comedy.

yellowdingo wrote:

First Trailer

Kick Ass was the music too...I hope it is awesome as ever.

Looks really promising.

UFO's are seen all over the world, including series of sightings over an area that last some time like the Phoenix lights but in Belgium or Belize. Jacques Vallee is a good author for investigations of non U.S. sightings, particularly in Europe and South America.

Vallee has some unorthodox views, he doesn't think the evidence points to visitors from other planets but rather an unknown phenomena connected with the human consciousness or they may be inter-dimensional. He connects the phenomena with religious apparitions and the fairy lore of the celtics, changing and adapting with human cultural progress. It seems whatever they are don't pose any real threat so far, but they have a propensity for deception.

If the objects perceived are inter-dimensional then the assumption that the object flew off into outer space rapidly and vanished, might actually be the object receding from our perceived dimension. Other reasons he points to this hypothesis is the shape changing aspects and apparent passage through solid objects.

I think it's interesting the seeming mind reading capabilities unidentified objects have exhibited when engaged by air force, as in Iran and Peru. The U.S. has engaged UFO's but doesn't want to talk about it, as they have a habit of hovering uncomfortably close to nuclear sites unimpeded.

That's enough crazy talk from me :)

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
My players LOVED Conchobar and made him friendly by giving HIM Rosie's fiddle so he could get on her good side.

In our game we did the same thing, plus we've saved his life twice now.

To stay on topic, no pc death's yet (2/3 through first book), but the npc Crimson who we took with us was critted horribly to death by the Rahadoumi captain, who was then in turn horribly critted by my corsair.

That's awesome! A friend just lent me the series and I just started watching it for the second time a few weeks ago. One of our regular players is preparing a Bab 5 campaign :)

"She had been insane to imagine that he had met up with his ex-wife or estranged wife or whatever she was."

Quentins by Maeve Binchy

We had a no combat session in my last campaign, 2 of the pc's were twin brothers and it was their birthday. The town had a little celebration, pot-luck and the stable master put on his locally famous horse show with obstacle course events. Event winners won a riding horse and the brothers were also gifted with horses. Gifts were exchanged. Good times and no combat were had.

Cord Parker - Human corsair fighter from Katapesh
Gorri - Human conjurer wizard
Ankim - Human cleric of Abadar, missing his tongue
Bad Luck Chuck - Human rogue, pickpocket type

I've been listening to these from the beginning, I listen to other Earwolf podcasts and was very excited when this started. very funny.

ngc7293 wrote:
The Saltmarsh 6 wrote:

Hi all just a quick survey about the type of gamers who are on this forum

1. How long have you been gaming
2. First game system you played
3. What are your 3 favorite systems
4. Fate of your first character
5. Do you still game with any of your original group
And finally why do you visit these forums
Thanks all

1. Since '79, 33 years

2. D&D basic red box
3. D20, 3.5, Pathfinder
4. Don't remember, probably died in Keep on the Borderlands.
5. I've long since lost touch with the kids I first played D&D with.
6. I visit Paizo forums mostly for inspiration for gaming. I enjoy reading the threads on books/movies/gamertalk because generally people who post here are pretty intelligent.

"No man ever steps in the same river twice" We and our world are constantly renewed.

"And by observing the spaces of time betwixt the several stages, he easily guessed how long the man was to live who wore the shroud, for when it approached his head, he told that such a person was ripe for the grave."

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies -Robert Kirk

In the homebrew campaign I'm running which is almost finished, "Tomb of Khazek":

Kaniji: female Gnome from Avistan, she's a rogue who poses as a bard and earns decent coin at the tavern. She has a shortbow of speed and a pet onyx dog she calls Shadow.

Migalito de Sato: a Human Taldoran fighter who left his noble family when they asked him to do something evil. During the course of the game Migalito slew his brother Pepe in a duel to the death. Died once to an Orc chieftan.

Zalie: a female Half-elf sorcerer/ranger who was estranged from her family for committing too much arson. Zalie communed with a sentient oak to receive a special weapon to help defeat a white dragon. Died once due to Stannis' friendly fire(ball).

Frennis Kibann: a male Human cleric of Sarenrae who is currently overseeing the building of a temple to Sarenrae, discovered he may be harboring agents of the Cult of the Dawnflower. Frennis has a lustrous beard due to a cursed Belt of Dwarvenkind.

Stannis Kibann: a male Human enchanter wizard and brother to Frennis. A suspect in the death of his former master, Stannis fled to remote reaches. An odd behavior for a wizard, Stannis often mixes it up in melee combat.

Perhaps a benevolent but powerful npc wizard or cleric has somehow gained possession of the jewel, and enlists the adventurers to research a way to destroy or contain it. Likely at some stage they end up fighting their insane former employer unless they can find a way to save him.

I enjoyed the 2009 film with the Rifftrax.

For effective spells black tentacles (said before +1) and shout with a fortitude save and deafness effect.

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I'm running a game with a location that sounds similar to yours. I didn't really have puzzles, but I used magnetic ceiling trap, wall pulverizer traps in hallways, clockwork soldiers with halberds, an armory with its locking mechanism accessed from a different room, along with the electrified floor inside. Also used a mirror of opposition trap and a CR7 mimic disguised as an armor stand with a jewel encrusted breastplate, then the bodaks appeared. Also used a stone golem sentry. Finally I threw in a haunt with an eyebite effect that was appropriate to the history of the place.

If you have xbox 360 there's an arcade version available.

1. On Her Majesties Secret Service, 2. Nobody Does It Better

Sometimes I like the electronic Bond theme covers too.

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I have sat down and watched many kung fu movies, and I own many now. Drunken Master II is one of my favorites. I really miss the old days when they showed "Black Belt Theater" on the weekends.

I attended the first session today, played Kyra the Cleric of Sarenrae as a pregen (7th level), it was my first time attending a PFS session and I had a good time. I'll likely see you guys next month.

I'd like to chime in with a thank you to Kyle as well. I'm getting a ton of use out of Combat Manager, I'd hate to do without it at this point. Thanks Kyle!

Eric Brittain wrote:
Athurva Gore wrote:
artavan wrote:
I'm not (yet) a member of pathfinder society, but I live just over the 805 from Game Empire so I might just show up!
Please sign up here if you plan to come: http://warhorn.net/warlords/
Please take the time to register and sign up on the warhorn site above. This helps us ensure that we have enough judges for the players that show up.

Done and done.

I'm not (yet) a member of pathfinder society, but I live just over the 805 from Game Empire so I might just show up!

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A simple campaign start I have planned for my next Gamma World campaign: the pc's are acquaintances who work/play together among their little mutant community, one night a fireball streaks across the sky and explodes on the horizon, the community is curious and supports the pc group to embark on a journey to find out what it was and if anything useful can be recovered.

Alitan wrote:


See, from an ecological perspective, MOST adventuring parties are the PRACTICAL equal of a plague of locusts: their moral or not-so-moral imperatives DON'T MATTER. The RESULTS of their presence are the extermination of the local ecosystem of apex predators and the siphoning off of valuta.

In a less-flattering mode, most adventurers behave like a band of roaming Kender.

"Kender will take anything that's not nailed down, and Kender with claw hammers will get those, too." [Or words to that effect... been a while.]

Watching a Pathfinder/D&D game in progress is like watching Knights of the Old Republic over somebody's shoulder: everything of value, or potential value (via salvage) is stripped out of the location, the critters that live there are slaughtered, and the "heroes" wander off calling themselves Jedi.

So, yeah. The very nature of the game is organised, sanctioned banditry.

There are many examples to the contrary. One Eberron campaign I ran ended with the paladin pc sacrificing his life to save a couatl and pretty much the world. The pc was rewarded after a fashion for his heroic act (became the equivalent of a mythic guardian), but the player didn't know that and chose to do it because it was in character. As for wealth, he had none, wandering the world as a pilgrim, aiding and inspiring others.

I'm more accustomed to the kage no gunden type of ninja, appearing as anything but capable, hiding in plain sight. Even if the authorities were told you were part of a ninja clan, they wouldn't believe it.

From my experiences, I'd cast my vote for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, criticals were brutal, if you survived you had to convalesce for weeks.

I'm enjoying the soundtrack to the game "Bastion" for Pathfinder and Gamma world mostly for exploration/combat. Likewise, the Firefly series soundtrack.

For sci-fi I listen to the Deus Ex game soundtrack and Tron: Legacy Reconfigured soundtrack, not the first Tron Legacy soundtrack which was kind of dull.

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If the GM created such an effective experience that your character has grown an attachment to a magic weapon, then good for the GM. If that GM then can create a visceral experience that results in causing you to grief the loss of said item then good for the GM, you're in his world after all, he is Thulsa Doom to your Conan. If the player is so engaged then the GM has been effective. Now you as the player should recognize this other human being has taken you for an effective emotional roller coaster ride, well worth admission, you're in capable hands.

I feel this way too, but it's easy to forget sometimes how much pressure and work it can be to run a campaign. When I start to pine for GM'ing it's helpful to remember the negatives, kind of like thinking of a past girlfriend. It's a lot more relaxing to work on future campaign ideas while you're a player, and your time will come soon enough.

Thankfully, I'm in a group with 3 total potential gamemasters who rotate campaigns.

Fair tactic that shouldn't be over used. In my current game, the fighter got his magic blade sundered, but he had nothing to complain about after claiming the magic admantine longsword that did the sundering.

Our group is similar to a lot of yours. We usually pick up some Carl's Jr. or some carne asada burritos, sit around, eat and talk life/games/sports/politics for awhile until everyone's arrived and eaten.

Eventually, someone will say: "I heard there's a D&D game going on somewhere?" "Yeah I think I heard that too..." then we begin.

In the game I'm running, set on a frontier subcontinent of Golarion, the pc cleric of Sarenrae is gradually developing a temple, exiles of the cult of the Dawnflower have been sent to him for refuge from the mainland, some bearing scars of torture. In this way he is learning of the politics of his religion. Later, the brother of another pc, a LE Taldor noble with designs to claim the land shows up with his retinue of soldiers. The Taldor noble considers worshipers of Sarenrae to be no better than terrorists due to their interference, so he blocks the temple construction and begins an investigation of the acolytes. This got the pc involved in defending the radical Dawnflower movement before he really had any understanding of their motives.

Aero Grachus wrote:

PbP GMs, when you open recruitment and state something like, "a great concept and brilliant background will trump everything" else in the character's application, what are you looking for more specifically? And more generally, what are tips for creating great character concepts and backstories?

I've never participated in a PbP, although with my schedule, I would like to. Recently, I submitted a character who was declined in spite of the fact I thought he was a fresh concept, at least in terms of what I am capable of creating. Going back to the drawing board for the next PbP application process, I'd like to have a better idea of what sort of character concept and background would be accepted.

Personally I like a background that provides seeds for the GM to fill in without the player providing all the details, the pc may perceive that something happened without understanding the full context, this allows the GM freedom to get creative and surprise the pc with some interesting twist. The pc presenting the background can't know all the motivations or intentions of others involved. The answer to your question is really going to depend on the GM though.

Dust Raven wrote:
One way to avoid things like this in the future is to call for both a 5' and 10' wide marching order, including spacing between characters, and assume that unless you are otherwise informed, these marching orders are how the group is arranged when moving. Then you can simply place the minis where things happen.

I agree, before they get to the bridge or any trap/ambush and start crossing, ask them to confirm their positioning in marching order. Your party will likely be paranoid enough to send the rogue ahead to check for traps on the bridge, if not then place them in marching order on the bridge as they say they're crossing and activate the trap.

Edit: the bridge trap may have been blown this time (although they may come back that way later and forget if it wasn't triggered), in the future consider sowing doubt even where there isn't a trap or ambush by asking for specific party formations at odd times. Use vague or misleading language to keep them guessing (you do not find a trap, instead of no traps, etc.)

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I think some players are less motivated to play heroic characters in settings that already have a pantheon of heroes far more powerful than they are, the Middle Earth setting and Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms are examples. Dark Sun in contrast, was a campaign setting where being a hero was a real challenge.

I usually set up my heroic games by presenting a situation where there is an immanent threat that needs to be stopped and no one else is really capable of stopping it, even the pc's are a long-shot. Flesh out the npc community and "friendly" areas to give the pc's something worth protecting. The npc's should also be reacting to the pc's efforts in a positive way, throw a celebration for them or award medals for successes, show concern for the pc's who are gravely injured or killed. Develop relationships.

In another game I played in, the pc's held public offices in town and had responsibilities to handle that made us feel very engaged with the future of the place and its inhabitants.

One time, the Combat Manager application randomly rolled the same initiative as 3 of the 4 pc's.

Also, a baby once barfed on our GM, the mother was holding her baby near him and kind of making her dance, I could totally see that coming.

My campaign is close to wrapping up, I have a plan for after the BBEG falls where the pc's will get a chance to use their new toys and abilities on an army of allies the BBEG had drawn to him, basically a fun final encounter with over powered pc's taking out a small army of orcs, ogres and giants.

Along the way I've also enabled them work on meeting class goals like stronghold, men-at-arms, wizard's tower, temple, guild, etc. so those should be realized by then, if they wish.

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