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Sorry for butting in on everyone's conversations, but I did want to list some suggestions in line with the thread's spirit. I apologize in advance if some of these were mentioned or addressed already.

Specific things:
1. Thundergauntlet slot # is possibly incorrect. Wielding two of them in order to use their ability would require 4 upper limb slots, which no upper limbs have.
2. As mentioned before, heavy biped and hoverpad legs are missing HP and HP progression.
3. I feel as though the laser rifle should be able to be wielded by the upper limbs. As of now, it can only occupy frame slots.
4. The "low" damage of the alloyed sword seems a little too low.
5. The Furyjumper frame's operator count seems to be a typo.

General ideas:
1. Unarmed strike for mechs?
2. Other long-range weapons (sniper rifles, etc.)?
3. Burrowing mechs?
4. Upgrade for increasing STR?
5. Transforming mechs (a la Macross)?
6. Combining mechs (a la Getter Robo)?
7. Living mechs (a la Evangelion)?
8. Rocket punch (a la Mazinger Z)?
9. Funnels/Drone weaponry (a la Gundam)?
10. Secondary arms/Sub arms (a la Gundam)?
11. System for piloting a mech with the operator's movements (a la Daimos/G Gundam)?
12. Something that allows certain class features (gear boosts, combat feats, etc.) to be used with a mech?
13. Possibly changing the operator count of Gargantuan mechs to something like 1-3 or 1-4? (Many Gargantuan mechs in fiction do not require more than one operator, but benefit from more)

So Eldritch Secret is effectively taking a spell from another spell list and making it part of the witchwarper spell list (for that individual, at least).

Thanks. Don't know why I didn't interpret it right sooner.

So, with Adaptive Casting, a witchwarper with a 1 level dip in Mystic would be able to make use of some higher level mystic spells (i.e., if he could cast 4th level witchwarper spells, he could use Adaptive Casting to gain some 3rd level mystic spells as spell-likes).

Is that right?

So, Eldritch Secret allows a witchwarper to add a specific mystic or technomancer spell to their list of witchwarper spells known as per its rules:

Eldritch Secret wrote:
Select one spell from the mystic or technomancer spell list. It must be of a level no greater than 1 lower than the highest-level spell you can cast. Add this to your list of witchwarper spells known.

In addition, the Adaptive Casting feat allows a caster to choose spells from a class spell list that they can cast spells from, and gain some as spell-likes.

Adaptive Casting wrote:
Select three spells from class spell lists you can cast spells from. They must be at least 1 level lower than the highest spell level you can cast. Once per day, you can cast one of these spells as a spell-like ability. Each time you gain a caster level, you can change which three spells you have selected with this feat.

My question is, could this allow a witchwarper to learn mystic spells as spell-likes gained via Adaptive Casting? For example, if a witchwarper uses Eldritch Secret to learn Mind Thrust (the Mystic spell), can they then use Adaptive Casting to select other Mystic spells for use as spell-likes?

TLDR; Does Eldritch Secret allow a witchwarper to use Adaptive Casting to gain mystic spells as spell-likes?

This was probably addressed at some point in the past, but I was having trouble finding previous discussions about it.

Certain familiars require their masters to be of a specific alignment in order to obtain them. For example:

Lyrakien wrote:
A chaotic good 7th-level spellcaster can gain a lyrakien as a familiar if she has the Improved Familiar feat.

What if, later in the campaign, the spellcaster were to have a change in alignment? For example, the CG spellcaster decides that being a rabble-rouser is getting them into too much trouble and they start to become NG?

Would the spellcaster retain the familiar because they were CG at the time they gained it, or would something else happen?

The rules text for Solar Shield makes reference to the rules for shields in general, so that's a good place to start.

Shields wrote:
Shields are a new category of equipment.

This would mean that shields do not count as weapons. As far as I can tell, the unarmed attack is not a shield bash, but rather an unarmed strike made with the limb that the shield is attached to. In the rules text, this is referred to as the arm that the shield is "wielding", so I can understand why it's unclear.

You're right. I was thinking purely in terms of vision.

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Reincarnate wrote:
The condition of the creature’s remains is not a factor. So long as some small portion of the creature’s body still exists, it can be reincarnated, but the portion receiving the spell must have been part of the creature’s body at the time of death.

I think the dust is viable.

The rules text for smoke grenades seems to assume that all creatures use visual senses when it says "smoke obscures vision, granting concealment to anyone within it."

Nonvisual senses should be considered, as HammerJack implied. For example, a khizar has blindsight (life). A smoke grenade would not prevent a khizar from perceiving or attacking a living creature, as blindsight is a precise nonvisual sense.

I know it makes smoke grenades useless against a variety of creatures, but it falls in line with blindsight senses being "precise like vision but creatures can use them without needing to see". They appear to be the exception to the smoke grenade/line of sight question.

The only way for us to know if what was written is wrong is for a dev/designer to tell us. I'll do my part and hit FAQ.

I know this thread is a couple of months old, but I just had a PC in one of my games get disintegrated. He's back... sort of. While Raise Dead is not an option, and Wish/Miracle/Alter Reality are high level, Reincarnate is a viable option.

Reincarnate is a 4th level spell, but some its rules are restrictive:
1. PC has to have been dead for less than 1 week.
2. PC has to come back as a member of a different race (most likely).
3. PC gets 2 permanent negative levels.
4. Elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can’t be reincarnated.
5. You need a 1,000 credit totem (a small price to pay, in my opinion).

One way to get around some of these restrictions is to get in good with the Church of Hylax. The Vessel of Hylax lets a character be reincarnated without the 2 negative levels or the totem, but they must come back as a member of an insect race.

If you want a revival of the original character as the same race though, you'll need the higher level stuff, or a very generous GM.

RAW is that making the save does not negate the staggered condition for the single creature.

However, I have to agree with what's been said. Cellion is right about this being ripe for possible errata, as stagger can be a devastating condition regardless of level.

I'm imagining a witchwarper being given an extra standard action by an envoy's improved hurry, and then staggering more than one enemy per turn.

In games that I have GM'ed and played in, the consensus was that the smaller-scale answer is B.

The raxilite would take up the space of a medium creature while wearing the suit as per "A suit of powered armor has the listed size, so you may take up more space when you’re wearing it."

The existence of gargantuan powered armor makes me believe that the "cockpit" setup is intended, but yes, clarification is still needed.

Pantshandshake wrote wrote:
It would mean that every race smaller than Medium can never wear a power armor

Actually, I do assume that smaller creatures can wear larger armor without problems, as the rules say "you may take up more space when you're wearing it.". Sorry that I didn't clarify.

I think HammerJack is asking the opposite: can medium powered armors be scaled up to fit large creatures, or are large creatures simply unable to use medium powered armor because of the armor size restriction?

I do agree with you that it's probably the former. Barring large characters from an appealing set of medium armor seems restricting.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

For some reason, it wasn't registering with me that this was just ability score adjustment negation.

Makes sense. So, the question becomes:

Should Bookish Skittermanders actually be getting +2 Intelligence and -2 Charisma instead of the listed +2 Dexterity?

There was an older thread here that discussed this issue once.

Question 1: The first part of that quote, "A suit of powered armor has the listed size", suggests that the answer might be C, but a GM could certainly allow it to be A.

Question 2: I second B. Size categories have a range that they cover. Unless Bob is the absolute max of size large, B should be fine.

I'll FAQ regardless.

I remember seeing this back when COM was first released. You're right, it's definitely a holdover from the playtest.

I don't know the answer, but I'll be hitting FAQ.

p.134 describes alternate ability adjustments for Skittermanders. The text describing Bookish Skittermanders reads:

"Skittermanders generally receive little formal education; they do not rear their young, and the Veskarium has little motivation to provide a well-rounded education. Some bookish skittermanders experience formal tutoring and study away from the Veskarium, however, though this increased education often comes at the expense of developing their natural communication skills. A bookish skittermander’s ability score modifier is +2 Dexterity."

Unless these Skittermanders were reading paper books and had to learn to flip pages very quickly, it seems to me that the ability score adjustment should be +2 Intelligence, not +2 Dexterity.

Also, the phrase "at the expense of developing their natural communication skills" suggests there should be some kind of negative adjustment to an ability score somewhere. Any thoughts?

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I just got Near Space (PDF version), and I've noticed something. On p.129, the section describing Ghoran alternate ability adjustments states:

"Ghorans have begun to see varying phenotypes among their kind. These alternate ghorans have the listed ability scores and size, rather than a ghoran’s normal +2 Charisma, –2 Intelligence, and +2 to Strength or Dexterity (for Medium oaklings and Small saplings, respectively)."

p.57 of Alien Archive 2 says that Oakling Ghorans get +2 Charisma and -2 Intelligence as stated above, but that they get +2 Constitution, not +2 Strength. Is there a discrepancy here, or was there a change made to Oakling Ghorans that I missed?